A Spoilt Holiday







It was supposed to be the start of my leave. I've been a prison guard for the past four years, and one of the few female guards in this unisex prison. My leave was something I had long treasured since I haven't been back to my hometown in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire for ages. However...

"Cath, I hate to spoil your plans, but I need you for a sudden mission," my boss, Peter said.


"One of our long term inmates, Robbo has a request: one we're finally granting him after a long time. He has an invalid father in Birmingham whom he hasn’t seen for years. We need someone to escort him to his father and everyone else is on duty. I know it's your leave coming up, and if I could avoid this I would, but..."

I gave a short blink and stood in thought as my boss trailed off. I knew who Robbo was. An inmate imprisoned for computer piracy involving state secrets, he was one of the quieter, and most obedient residents of the prison. Never got into any fights, never argued with any of us guards and was the most polite of the inmates. I've heard about his father but even despite this, he never complained at all when his requests were rejected by the powers-to-be.

"I'll do it sir. After all, he's been such a nice inmate by all standards. I can postpone my leave by a day." Besides, my family was scattered for the holidays - a day later would mean a day more with them when they returned.

"Thanks a bunch Cath. I'll give you a few more days afterwards to compensate."

Thus it was that I made my way though the series of locked doors until I reached the designated cell. The six-foot tall, bearded inmate rose as I unlocked the door. We exchanged some greetings and all went well until I produced the chains.

"Ma'am, are these necessary?"

"Robbo, you know our regulations. You are still a serving inmate and this is a SOP," I replied, putting on firm and formal tone.

"Alright," he said and I cuffed his hands in front of him. Next I linked a chain and drew it down to his ankles, which were chained with leg irons. I proceeded to lead my "target" out and filled up the necessary forms along the way.


Next came transportation - usually that meant a large police van, but to my annoyance it turned  out that everyone else had taken them. "Sorry, Officer Walkin, but there's only the car left," the transportation duty officer said.

"I guess that will have to do." Sighing, I strapped him into the back and checking all restraints were secure, I gunned the engine and sped off. Within an hour, I arrived at his father's house in the outskirts of Birmingham.

"You can't ring the door bell, he's too deaf too hear. There's a key under the mat," he instructed me as we walked up to the old door, paint falling off it in flecks.  I reached under the mat and found the key, opening the door and pushing Robbo in first.

Inside, I finally came face-to-face with an extremely wrinkled old man in a rocking chair.

"Dad? It's me. Rob"


“Dad?" Still no response.

"Ma'am, he's really deaf. Could you release my hands? I want to gently touch him, perhaps that will help," Robbo pleaded.

I weighed the situation in my mind. Clearly it would be a violation to do so but since the elderly man couldn't hear his son, I obliged. The cuffs fell free and I suddenly was pushed to the ground. "Ow!" I yelled and fought back at his assault. The next part was however most unexpected as I heard a new voice saying, "Officer, you won't want to fight back with my son, not with this in my hand."

I looked up to see the old decrepit man had risen with no assistance and was pointing what looked like a Sig Sauer P226 with a silencer on it. The weight of the 90 kg inmate came off me and stood up gingerly--his ankles were still restrained--and stood next to the man. "Thanks, Da-ad," he said before pulling at the back of the man's neck. An adhesive sound was heard and the whole face came off, revealing the face of a young man.

"Thanks a lot Rob," the "Dad"/new guy said and the both embraced. I was still dazed by the assault when the gun swung back to me.

"OK Officer, nice and slowly, toss your little pistol towards me. I don't want to injure you and I'm sure you don't want to take a bullet," he commanded. Seeing no choice, I did so, losing the only means of controlling the situation. Oh shit, I thought, what next?

"The keys Catherine, if you please," Robbo asked in his super polite tone. Oh rats....

"Look guys, this is silly, holding a prison officer is a punishable offence especially if you....” Poof! A bullet whizzed pass me  by inches and embedded itself in the carpet.

"I won't repeat," Robbo changed his tone.

Regrettably, I tossed the keys over, and then asked "So what next, and who are you?" I asked Dad/young man.

"You may just call me John.  Now, if you please, stand up and toss the rest of your belt here," John--I guessed it could be an alias--said. Again with no choice, I did so.

"Good girl. Next, take off your uniform."

"What?!!" I screamed, hoping neighbours or someone would hear.

"Lower your voice and do so or the bullet comes," was his reply.

Argh, how did I get myself into this?! I turned bright red as I undid my uniform  blouse and exposed my black bra. "Nice Catherine," came the remark from my once inmate now turned captor.

B******, I swore silently as my full bra was revealed. My trousers came down too, exposing my knickers of the same colour.

I expected the next part, "Wonder lingerie choice," Robbo commented, tossing  me the handcuffs that once fitted around his wrists. "Cuff yourself, hands behind your back."

And so the one who used to cuff prisoners had to handcuff her own wrists behind her back. "You're going to be in so much trouble," I said, hoping that would somehow make him think twice.

"Oh, Catherine, Cath right? You're just so lovely when you say that. Now kneel," Robbo next commanded and his partner's gun was still aimed at me. Naturally, my legs were cast in the leg irons I placed on him hours ago and now both chains were connected.

"You've learnt a lot," I began, immediately tugging at my chains.

"Time to silence her," John interrupted, tossing a roll of duct tape that landed at my feet.

"I've got a better idea, watch her," he said and I knew exactly what he meant. Minutes later, he was back with what was seldom used on prisoners/inmates, a leather panel gag. Oh super shit...

"Wait!" I called just as he was about to push the tube part into  my mouth. "At least tell me what your plan is..."

"No way darling. Then you'll spill the beans when people find you. Now open your gap." Within the next few seconds, the dread leather gag was secured around my jaw. "Thanks, Cath," was all her said and then they left.

Immediately, I started struggling and Mmmmmppphhh about, hoping someone outside would hear. But the prison fetters were definitely doing their job; there was no way out. Suddenly, I heard the door bang--rescue! No, the large builds of Robbo and John reappeared. "Mmmmmpppph!!" I cried.

"We figured out it would be better if you travel with us for a while," Robbo said, kneeling down and looking directly at me. "But if you give us any problems, we'll dump you. Got that?"

"Mmmmm..." I replied, meaning more to say "I will give to problems you convict."

Next thing I knew, a hood was draped over my head. This again was another piece of custody equipment kept in the car outside. Hooded chained and gagged, they both carried me until I felt the surface of what seemed like a cushion. "Watch her," I heard the other man say. The hood was then removed.

I was right; it was clearly of the interior of some van. A seat belt was buckled over me just as the  engine spluttered to life. Inside the van (it was dimly lit) was a vast amount of electronic equipment. So, he's planning some sort of computer hacking again, I guessed.

"Guess away, Cath," my former convict purred beside me. I tried to flinch from his grasp but given  my bonds and the seat belt, it wasn't really possible. "You've been caught up in the prison day in day out; you'll never understand what we'll be up to." I'm clever, just as clever as you, I thought.

"Mmmppph,, mmph, mmmghh."

"No, no way I'm going to ungag you Miss. You'll only bore me down with how much trouble I'm in escaping and kidnapping you and..." I shifted my feet. "Oh, so you're cold. Sorry, no blanket here. Where we're going, we might make you warmer."

So all I could so was bear the chill of the van as it speed along. Suddenly, it screeched to a halt and the door slide open. "Right, get her out." Robbo started to do so but immediately, my chains rattled. "We can't have her with all that ding dang." Robbo thought for a few seconds then told his partner to wait, closing the hatch again. Facing me, to my surprise, he undid my cuffs.

"Stay there," he commanded. The next thing I knew, he fished a white garment up. Good god, I never knew the vehicle I used had a straitjacket. "Thanks for all these supplies. Now, you know what do..." Within the next few minutes, my arms were tucked tightly in front of me and with the yanking of the crotch strap through my anal cleft, the straitjacket was secure. My ankles were simply bound with new leathery cuffs and the hood was reapplied.

If the inside of the car was chilly, outside was even colder but at least part of my body was wrapped up, though not as I would want it to be. I heard the chirping of seagulls and the splashing of water---we were definitely by the coast. I was prodded and soon found my bare feet shifting from soft soil, to rocks and finally a hard wooden surface. With my eyes obstructed and ankles restrained, I felt Robbo's hand guide me carry me down the remaining sections.

"Mmmmppph...." I groaned as he placed me down on what was ground. The slightly claustrophobic hood was removed thankfully and I was in an extremely small closet. "I'll be back; don' t try anything."

I've watched escape artists on TV before, but this extremely high quality straitjacket was simply beyond any tricks that I may have remembered. “Oh please, let this predicament end” was all I could think as the time passed in the darkness 

What seemed like hours, later, the escaped convict reappeared. "John says, and I agree, it's time to part company."

"Mmmmmppphh!!!" I cried, thinking he was going to throw me overboard or something.

"Don't be silly," he said, as if reading my thoughts. "We aren't murderers." Lifting me up, he proceeded to undo the straitjacket and soon I was flexing my arms, glad to be free of the tight cocoon. "Arms behind you.” Again, I was restrained, this time with plastic ties, ankles, elbows, knees and wrists. He carried me once more up on the deck and I was soon on a small life boat heading to shore--still not know where I was.

He laid me down on some soft grass and pressing his boot against the back of my neck, I waited for him to give his goodbye speech. To my horror, I felt him cut off my bra straps and yank the spoilt undergarment off me. "That's to further delay you from trying to get loose. Well, it's been nice knowing you, Catherine."

I initially lay there, topless, bound and still gagged with a panel gag. It was hours later that I was embarrassingly discovered by a twelve year old who had to get his mother to cut me free and cover me. Robbo and his partner were never heard of again and I got reprimanded for not following procedures. Still, I did receive my leave, albeit only after the New Year.                 







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