The Step Mum From Hell






Chapter 1

It had been three years since their mother tragically passed away, and eighteen year old Kerry Stewart and sixteen year old sister Becky were beginning to think they’d never see their father happy again, that was until he met their new step mum Amanda. Their father had only known the bubbly young beautiful blonde for a few months before he proposed to her and they married a couple of weeks later. Amanda was only in her early thirties which made her around twenty years younger than her husband. At first the girls couldn’t see why she would want to marry a guy so much older but the age difference didn’t seem to bother the happy couple, so the girls were happy too.

“You girls will be alright for few days with Amanda while I’m away won’t you? I don’t like leaving you at such short notice but the New York branch of the business is terrible trouble I need to go there straight away”

“Yes dad don’t you worry, we’ll be fine won’t we Becky?” Kerry replied looking at her sister.

“Yeah. Amanda’s nice I like her, she’s more like a big sister than a step mum, and anyway it will give us chance to get to know her a little better with you out of the way the dad.” Becky laughed.

Dad gave his two daughters a hug just as step mum Amanda walked into the room.

“What’s going on here then a family huddle without me?” Amanda asked.

“I was just saying good bye to the girls, my flight leaves in couple of hours the taxi will be here any minute.”

“What about me William Stewart you weren’t going to leave without saying good bye to me were you?”

“Of course not dear come over here, I’m so lucky to share my life with the three most beautiful women in the world. You three take care I’ll call just as soon as I get to New York.” William said as he hugged Amanda and the girls and kissed each of them good bye

“You take care too dad.” Kerry told her father

“Good bye dad, take care have a safe journey.” Becky said giving her father one final hug.

“Take care dear I’ll miss you,” Amanda said as she threw her arms around her husband’s neck and give him a big kiss.

“That must will my taxi now, Good bye I’ll see you all soon, look after each other” William said as he picked up his case.

Amanda and the two girls waved from the garden gate as dad’s taxi drove away.

“Right what have you two got planned for this evening?” Amanda asked once they’d returned to the house.

“I’ve nothing special planned, what about you Becks?” Kerry replied.

“I’ve a bit of homework but that can wait if you two want to do something.” Becky answered.

“How about we send out for pizza and open a couple of bottles of your fathers best wine and have nice cosy girlie night in, and a chat?”

“Sounds good to me Amanda.” Kerry replied.

“And to me but don’t tell dad I’ve been drinking will you, especially on a school night he’ll go mad.” Becky laughed.

The following morning Kerry and Becky came down for breakfast a little worse for wear after drinking the wine the previous evening.

“Are you girls alright?” Amanda asked with some concern

“I’ll be fine after a coffee.” Kerry replied.

“What about you Becky?”

“I’ll be ok by the time I walk to school. Good night last night wasn’t it? Thanks Amanda we should do it more often.”

“I’m glad you both enjoyed it, I hope you enjoy what I have in mind for you this evening just as much.”

“What’s that Amanda?”

“I can’t say it’s a surprise but let’s just say you’ll be going on a little trip.”

“I’m intrigued; I can’t wait until this evening I must dash now my bus will be here shortly.” Kerry said finishing off her coffee.

“Wait I’ll walk to the bus stop with you.” Becky told her sister as she put on her navy blue school blazer over uniform.

“See you this evening Amanda.” Both girls said.

“See you later have a good day girls.” Amanda replied.

“I like Amanda she was really funny last night wasn’t she?” Becky said as they walked down the road to the bus stop.

“Yep she fun, I wonder what she’s planning for this evening?”

Amanda watched the two girls from the window of the house once she was sure they were out of sight she took her cell phone from her pocket and dialled a number.

“Hello is that Slave mart?”


Chapter 2

That evening Kerry arrived home from university a little later than normal; she’d spent most of her journey home wondering what the surprise was that Amanda was planning for her and her sister.

“Amanda I’m home.” She called out as she entered the front door of the house.

“We’re in the lounge dear.” Amanda replied.

“Sorry I’m late the damn bus never turned up, Amanda what’s going on?”

“Come in dear you’ve kept me and your sister waiting.”

Kerry stopped in the doorway shocked at the sight before her. Amanda was stood holding Becky who was still dressed in her school uniform which consisted of a white short sleeved blouse, navy blue pleated skirt and red and blue stripped school tie, her arms had been tied behind her back, more rope was tied tightly around her upper arms and upper body above and below her rather large breasts which now bulged beneath her blouse, her ankles and knees had been tied tightly together, her school tie was tied in her mouth Kerry could tell from her sisters bulging cheeks something was stuffed in her mouth to make a very effective gag, she knew by the redness of her sisters eyes she’d been crying, tears once again began to roll down Becky’s cheeks as Kerry walked slowly into the room.

“Amanda what the hell are you doing, why’ve you tied Becky up like that untie her at once.”

“I give the orders; now get yourself over here,” Amanda replied,

“What you going to do tie me up too?” Kerry replied looking at the pile of rope on the floor next to Amanda’s feet

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do get over here right now.”

“I don’t think so Amanda, you’re not going to tie me up.”

“Get in here I said I won’t tell you again you wouldn’t want me to hurt your sister would you?” Amanda snapped squeezing Becky’s arm so hard that she dug her sharp finger nails into her skin causing her scream into her gag.

“Ok, ok don’t hurt her. Are you ok Becks?” Kerry said as she walked over.

“MMMPPHH! MMMPPPHHH!” Becky nodded.

Amanda pushed Becky down onto the sofa behind them and took hold of Kerry’s arm and roughly pulled it behind her back.

“ARGH!! You crazy bitch, you’re going to be in so much trouble when our father finds out about this.”

Amanda roughly pushed Kerry face down onto the floor and sat on top of her she began to tie the struggling girl’s arms tightly behind her back.

“By the time your father gets home you’ll be long gone, and so will I with the money I’m going to make from selling you and your pretty little sister here to slave mart.”

After tying Kerry’s wrists together Amanda then took more rope and began to bind her elbows together so tight that they touched, this caused the girl great discomfort.

“You’ll never get away with this, you’re crazy.”

“Who’s going stop me you and your sister? You’re both a little too tied up for that if you hadn’t noticed. You girls didn’t really think I married your father because I loved him, he’s nearly twice my age, good god no I only married him because he has two pretty teenage daughters who my contacts at Slave mart will pay a lot of money for, just like my previous two husbands had.

“Who’ve done this before?”

“Oh yes dear, I’m quite a regular supplier to Slave mart.”

“Crazy bitch let us gooommmpphhh.”

Before Kerry could finish her sentence Amanda took a napkin that was also on the floor with the rope and rolled it into a ball before stuffing it into the protesting girl’s mouth.

“Don’t you dare spit that out.”

Next she unfastened a silk scarf from around her own neck and folded it into long band she forced the centre of the band into Kerry’s mouth and tied the two loose ends behind her neck after lifting her long brown ponytail out of the way. She then climbed off the girl and roughly pulled her to her feet and pushed her down on the sofa next to Becky. Kerry tried to kick Amanda as she bent down to tie her ankles together this earned her a couple of hard slaps on her legs.

“Stop that you little bitch. Keep still.” Amanda snapped as she grabbed hold of Kerry’s legs

Amanda quickly and efficiently wrapped more rope around Kerry’s ankles over her black leather boots binding them together, she then continued to tie Kerry’s legs together at the knees over her jeans. Finally like her sister more rope tied around her upper arms and body above and below her breasts which bulged beneath her black t-shirt.

“Not so mouthy now are you honey?” Amanda mocked as she grabbed hold of Kerry’s face painfully digging her sharp nails into the flesh of girl’s cheeks causing her to moan out loud into her gag which Amanda thought was most amusing.

She finally let go by pushing Kerry’s head back against the sofa, both girls watched as Amanda left the room, a few moments later they heard her talking to someone outside the room and guessed she was on the telephone. After a short while she returned to the room.

“You’re still here then.” She mocked as she walked in.

She walked over and stood in front of the two bound girls with a huge smile on her face.

“You remember that trip I promised you this morning? We’ll your transport is on its way.”

Kerry looked at her crying sister, and both girls began struggle and thrash about on the sofa in a desperate attempt to get free

“Relax my darlings you’re not going anywhere, at least not until the slave mart girls come collect you.” Amanda told them.

Becky was the first to realize their situation was hopeless, they had been too well tied no matter how much they tried there was no way those ropes were going to loosen. She couldn’t believe how Amanda had changed from being the perfect step mum to the evil step mum everyone reads about in books. Kerry too soon realized it was hopeless and gave up her struggle flopping back on the sofa exhausted. Amanda nervously paced up and down the room every so often she’d go to the window and look outside, then she’d check the crying girl’s bonds and gags.

“Finally they’re here.” She said as she watched a black van pull onto the drive.

Both girls began to scream into their gags, struggling and panicking as the doorbell rang. Amanda left the room and returned with three young women all dressed in a black leather jacket and matching leather pants. Two remained near the door while a redhead who looked slightly older than the others approached the two girls with Amanda.

“How old is this one?” She asked pointing at Becky.

“Sixteen nearly seventeen” Amanda replied.

“She’s too young we have no use for her.” The woman snapped.

“But I’ve sold you girls her age before.” Amanda told her.

“Slave mart doesn’t take them that young any more. What about her sister how old is she?”

“Eighteen.” Amanda replied.

“Stand her up let me have a good look at her.”

Amanda roughly pulled Kerry to her feet and the woman walked slowly around her looking her up and down.

“She’s nothing special slave mart will give you five hundred pounds for her.”

“Five hundred? She’s worth at least fifty thousand.” Amanda cried.

“Not to us she isn’t, we receive hundreds of brunettes like her every week, if she was a pretty blonde like yourself then it would be a different matter. Yes indeed it would be a very different matter.”

The woman signalled to the two women near the door to come in

“Hey what’s going on?” Amanda cried out as one of the women pulled her arms behind her back and the other snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.

“You’re under arrest Amanda Stewart, or should I call you Amanda Barrie maybe you prefer Amanda Pearson.” The redhead said holding a police warrant card up to the shocked woman’s face.

“Ladies read her rights get her out of here.”

The two bound girls had been watching in disbelief while all this was going on each breathed a huge sigh of relief as Amanda was lead away.

“It’s alright girls it’s all over now, you’re safe. My name is detective Alison Parry.” The woman said showing the girls her warrant card.

Two uniformed female officers then entered the room.

“These ladies will untie you. Thank you both for being so brave.” Detective Parry told them.

“How did you know about Amanda?” Kerry asked once the gag was removed from her mouth.

“We’ve been watching her activities and slave mart for a while now.” The detective told her.

“What will happen to her?” Becky asked.

“She’ll be taken to station along with the real slave mart girls who we picked up on their way here.”

“Dad! Someone had better call him and let him know what’s happened he’ll be heartbroken he really loved Amanda.” Kerry told the detective.”

“Don’t worry dear your father already knows what has been happening. Don’t you sweetheart?” Detective Parry called out.

“Yes dear.” William Stewart replied as he entered the room much to the surprise of his daughters.

“Dad you knew about Amanda all along, you let her do this to us. How could you?” Becky screamed.

“Don’t be angry with me, let me explain. Alison here is new love in my life it was never Amanda, when she told me about the case she was working on involving kidnapped girls your age I had to help her put a stop to that evil woman’s activities for good, I’m sorry girls you were to be the bait in the trap, you were never in any danger this house is full of tiny hidden cameras and bugs we knew exactly what was going on and the officers were ready to come storming in at the first sign of danger you were quite safe believe me. Do you honestly think I’d let my two beautiful daughters come to any harm? Do you forgive us?”

Kerry and Becky looked at each other

“Of course we do dad.” The both said together.




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