Take a Chance on Me







Author's note: All characters are fictional


The target was perfect. A just turned eighteen girl, fresh out of Sixth Form, planning to take a gap year in a tropical Pacific Island. The island had closed to zero internet connectivity and outside calls were expensive or unheard of, and the island was mile away from a country. So, she would have little chance to escape or call for help.


She wasn't necessarily aiming for any particular job in this resort island, but rather performing volunteer work for some tribal village that occupied the central part of the island. I didn't plan to capture there or risk exposing my cover. Yes, I was also with the trip; my cover was as a historian researching the tribe. I didn't reveal myself to her then since I 'worked' at the far side of the village and she was on the other end. She also was the only 'white person' standing out in the island; my skin and hair colour was almost a match with the locals.


I studied her carefully over days then found my lucky break. She had taken time off her work and as with all teenaged girls, changed to into a bikini--a strapless one with coral patterns--and waded around in the waters near the only beach in the island. I could have captured her while she was swimming, but there was a chance she would suffocate or drown and I didn't want that. I caught my lucky break one day as she was just walking back to the beach, her head looking down and not out for anyone. She was wearing sunglasses and her bra straps were visible in you like to know. Just as she reached beach, I activated my special miniature robot and she cried 'Ow!"


"Hey, you ok?" I revealed myself but still hiding my figure under the shade of a tree.


"I think some creature...ow, maybe a crab bit my ankle," she responded, her face turning red.


"Hang on, let me see," I deliberately inched forward closely.


"It' hurts...ow...my head is throbbing," she cried. She tried to lift her hands up to rub it but instead fell into my own waiting arms.


"Who...." was her last word before she slumped unconscious. I mentally reminded myself I had ten minutes before the drug would wear off. I quickly carried her to my now-erected tent and lay her on the special stretcher, binding her wrists and ankles with tape. Then I hooked up my satellite communications and dialled.


“Yeah, I got the package," I started. "You want to see?" I turned the camera towards the unconscious girl. "She ‘sa real beau right? So, you're giving me the full? What?" I turned to a wet stain on her bikini bottom. "Yeah, it's the drug, man; she losing a bit of bladder control. So, the payment?" I asked again. "What?! You promised me the full. Ok, it better be 500K and in $, not £ man. And send the ship faster. Out."


Damn, half the pay now. Well, it's at least better than jetting around on low-paid robberies or odd tasks. This girl is worth it though. With a million bucks I could settle down somewhere and not worry about anything at..."Mmm...." I heard a groan from my captive. Damn, ten minutes up already. Before she opened her mouth, I pasted a long piece of tape over her lips and around her head, trapping some of her blonde hair in the process.


"Mmm, Mmmmph!" She cried louder, realising the state she was in.


"Welcome back Lauren," I greeted. "Don't worry, it wasn't a crab or insect bite at all. Soon you'll be taken to a magical land where you'll be of great service while I'll be relaxing on a beach way better than this one." She groaned a now angry groan and struggled furiously against her bonds. "Oh, no, Lauren, anger won't get you anywhere." I heard her cry out again, and trying to speak through the gag. "No, it's ok, the tribe has been somehow informed you are ending their work with them; they won't miss you and frankly it is a shit job for a gap year. No, I don't know where you'll be taken; I’m just a courier. Now rest and relax, you don't have any choice."


I turned away and plugged in my iPod but even with music playing, I could still hear her struggling against the bonds and even cursing through her gag. As heavy metal songs drummed through my ears, I slowly dozed off that is until I heard a creek. I turned and to my shock, Lauren had managed to break freak of her bonds and was about to get out. Immediately, I pounced on her and received several kicks and yelps in response. Shit, shit, where was...I found the Glock 17 I brought along.


"Give in, you don't want to get injured right?" I hissed in her ear. Finally, she stopped struggling and I immediately threw her back onto the stretcher. "No, no, no!" She cried, the tape hanging from one end but I managed to bind her back, this time with zip ties. I was told not to damage her at all, but these new bonds were needed. Then, I pinched her nostrils, and with her mouth gaping open, I jammed the rubber tube inside and locked the panel gag behind her head.


"Now, please, no more nonsense. You'll be off shortly so stay where you are," I commented. She gave me a glare and a much more muted gag cry and still struggled until she realised the zip ties caused more pain than tape. I returned to my music, this time plugging my earphones only in one ear and not leave her out of my sight.


I guess it was another hour or so before I heard her yelping again. I ignored it as attempts to escape or ty her luck to talk to me but the cries still continued. Annoyed, I moved over, weapon ready and growled at her. "Plmm, Immmntoppee," I heard her mumble through the thicker gag.


"Bullshit," I withdrew but she cried again. "I know your plan Lauren. You want me to release you. It ain't gonna happen." I received a series cries in return and she jolted again the zip ties. "Plmmmse!" She cried over and over. Damn it, lucky I came prepared and I dug out the slightly crinkly item. Her eyes widen at the sight of it and she shook her head. "Ok, then, wet yourself. Your bikini bottom is already wet anyway," I commented but she struggled again and spoke through the gag about putting the nappy on.


"Uh uh, I said you won't be freed," I said. "Either you let me tape it on, or you just wet yourself."


"Nmm!" She cried.


"So, I do it yah? I'm not going to sexually assault you or anything, Lauren, in fact," I whipped out my medical card and hide my name with my finger. "Icammbeliemmm," She grumbled but I already had cut off her wet bikini bottom, wiped her crotch and taped the nappy in place. I was half thinking her urge to pee was false but the stain on the incontinence brief and her embarrassed cry proved me wrong.


Once done, I tuned in the radio cum video and called my buyer again. "Hello? Hello?" I didn't receive any reply this time. Damn, where could the ship be? I would have checked my watch but that was one item I forgot to bring on this mission. Lauren gave another mumbled comment but I was far focused to respond. I tried calling again every five minutes but still got a quiet response. "Damn, shit this!" I slammed the phone down in disgust.


"Nmmbmat?" I heard her call out.


"You're lucky, enjoy resting here a for a while," I grumbled. Hopefully the 'while' would be pretty short. I tried the radio one more time but still heard nothing. I was sweating now; was my buyer cheating on me? Or worse, was he reporting me to some law enforcement or international agency? Shit, shit sh..."Hmmucwthmpaymngu?" I heard.


"500K," I mumbled, not sure why I gave away such information. I heard her reply something with words like 'pay' and "higher'. Curiosity got the better of me and I reached over and lowered the leather panel. "What the hell did you say?"


"I..." she coughed. "I can get you more money. My biological father left me a good amount in special bank accounts. If you get me back to the UK, I can get access..."


"Yeah right honey, I've heard better stories from royalty," I replied lifting up the panel to gag her again.


"Wait, it's true. Get my stuff from the pile of rocks on the beach, I can...mmmph!" I gagged her again, tired of her tales. Another hour past, and despite more calls, there was no answer and no ship in sight. I peered at Lauren, then peeked outside and spotting her belongings. Finally, I reached over and cut off her wrist bonds, but quickly wrenched her hands behind her back and bound them again with fresh zip ties. I repeated the same with her ankles and only then did I start to unbuckle the panel gag.


"Ok, Lauren," I hissed in her ear. "You are going to explain all about the money you have."


The End.








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