The Bikini Shot







"Let the beauty contest begin!" The whistle blasted and all the contestants including myself ran for our lives. There were several stations for the whole contest. I was really confident about the bikini section so I stripped off my clothes to reveal my dark blue low-cut bikini. It wasn't exactly the most unique bikini set at the moment--other girls had different patterns and types of bikinis on--but it suited my 32B, 170cm body just fine.


"Picture taking, picture taking!" I heard a moustached man call and I sauntered over to him. "Valarie Yap Wei Ning," I introduced myself.


"Right Valarie, I'll be taking pictures for the judges to decide. Just stand back," he instructed. "Act natural, no hands shouldn't be by your side." I held my arms open but he shook his head.


"No, no, natural," I shifted my arms to fold my hands in front but he said that would block my bikini bottom. "Natural, ah yes!" I held my hands just up, left hand fingers open and thumbs barely touching each other. "Shift your right leg...yes...hold that pose! Keep that smile!" His camera clicked like half a dozen times before he motioned me over.


"You're already the winner," he smiled as he showed me the soft copy of the image on his tablet. That was the last statement I heard before I felt a sting and I dropped to the ground.


"Omw!" I cried as I woke up. Woke up? I tried to get up and cry from the pain in my head but then I realise I couldn't do either. I was laid down on some sort of stretcher, my wrists and ankles bound with cloth--most likely torn bedsheets--and a slightly dirty piece of cloth jammed between my teeth, muffling my cry. I struggled and yelled as best as I could, but couldn't break free.


Just then, I heard some conversation and the photographer and another person came into view. It was Sze Ying, another of my rivals in school, in netball and for the beauty contest!


"Oh, she's awake," she cackled like a hyena. "Poor little Val" an ironic statement since she was shorter than I, "now down on the ground. Well, old friend, you'll be down and out well from the competition, with the good excuse of food poisoning, And then, I'll snatch the crown!"


"Mmbitmmh!" I cried through gag.


"Ooh, girl call me what? Well, that will be you last call since Mr Tan here will dump you where no one can find you for good." With that chilling remark, both of them left. I struggled and cried out again and within ten minutes, found some slack in my left arm and wiggled it free. It wasn't long before I got up but I was still trapped in some wooden hut or shed.


In the darkness, I felt around for some door frame and slowly opened it to find myself surrounded by a jungle, a far cry from the city life I was used to. Trying best to ignore the buzzing insects and thorns, I head for what looked like an open path which led to clearing, with another building, this time a brick shed.


"Hello, is anyone there?" I called into an open window. No answer. I searched around for an entrance and nearly cut my foot over broken glass. Through what looked like a kitchen area, I spotted a lighted room and headed for it, to find a dark-skinned man smoking.


"Hello?" I greeted. "I just escaped from some kidnapper." No response. "Where am I?" He titled his head. "Do you have a handphone? Phone?" I put my hand to my ear. Suddenly, he got up, nodded and motioned me towards another room. I followed but suddenly I was grabbed from behind and another hand covered my lips.


"Gotcha!" I heard both the person from behind and the other man cry. It was that Mr Tan.


"Get the tape!" I heard him yell as I was pushed down on the ground. My wrists and ankles were bound again and he added tape around my knees and elbows for good measure. Then pulling my hair, I had no choice but to open my mouth to breathe.


"Know what this is?" I spotted my own pink G-string panties that I was going to wear under my pageant dress. How the hell did he..."Mmmmph!" I cried as he jammed my undies in my mouth and sealed a long piece of tape which even stuck to my hair! I cried and tried to struggle but this time the bounds were tighter. The dark-skinned man lifted me up and carried me to another room, where this time, he sat by and watched over me.


I struggled and moaned through my new bondage for the next hour or so, wondering why I had to go through this, Suddenly, I had a brainwave and started yelping in the captor's direction. After a few yelps, he came over and finally dislodged my gag.


Spitting out my soaked panties, I croaked. "I need to pee."


"What?" This time he spoke.


"Pee. Toilet, please, you don't want a mess right?" He nodded, and then to my relief, he cut awake my knee and ankle bonds and guided me yet to another area with a squat toilet. I gestured to my still bound wrists, and it took several pleas before he cut my hands loose. Then I struck, kicking him in the balls and punching him in face. As he dropped down in agony, I raced out an...


"You got fight girl," the photographer, Mr Tan remarked, pointing a gun at me. "But you can't escape." I judged the situation and regrettably raised my hands. Back in the room, he made me kneel then tossed a plastic packet with plastic ties. "Bind your ankles and knees." I did so, ow. Then he tossed me some weird-looking device.


"What the..."


"Shut up. Stick or suck the red ball in your mouth and secure the strap behind your head." I would later learn it was a panel gag and boy the ball really tasted awful, even worse than my own underwear. The final act was him binding my wrists twice with two zip ties each, then I was hogtied with more zip ties.


"Aw you're so sweet looking now," he purred. "You definitely are a beauty queen now, bikini girl." He proceeded to take hundreds of pictures of me next, increasing his ecstasy and my own pain. Suddenly, just as he pressed his camera button down for the umpteenth time, somehow struck his head hard. It was the other dark-skinned man!


Both captors proceeded to assault each other and I could only cry through my new gag and barely move as I watched the fighter. Suddenly, the dark-skinned man drew out a knife and stabbed the photographer Mr Tan in the chest! I screamed through the gag and my eyes widen as the man towered over me. "For hitting me," he growled and raised his knife.


Shots rang out and the dark-skinned man dropped to the ground. I spotted the bleeding photographer, Mr Tan, with a literally smoking gun in his right hand and his other hand stretching out towards his camera. The picture on the screen was the first picture of me in my skimpy bikini, smiling hands in front, acting naturally...









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