The Campus Kidnappers



Chapter 1

Following the disappearance of four girls in the last week from St Anne’s girls college campus police issued a warning to all the girls advising them not to leave the campus and if they do have to leave campus for any reason tell a member of staff where they are going and don’t go alone. A warning eighteen year old art student Karen Clarke chose to ignore as she went into town to do some shopping after class one evening.

“I’ll be fine.” She told her friend and roommate Debbie who offered to go with her. “I’m only going to pick up a few bits, the bus stops on campus so I’ll be quiet safe so there really is no need for you to come, you stay here and finish your assignment Miss Henderson won’t be happy if you don’t hand it in on time tomorrow.”

“Ok Kaz but you take care and don’t forget to take your phone” Debbie replied.

“Got my phone right here” Karen said tapping the pocket of figure hugging black jeans. “See you later Debs”

A couple of hours later Karen had finished her shopping and headed back to the bus stop, only to find the last bus back to campus that evening had already left ten minutes ago.

“No, looks a long walk home for you Karen” She said to herself as she set walking in the direction of the college.

It wasn’t long before she began to wish she hadn’t worn her new black leather boots very nice they were but not practical for walking, dressed in only her jeans and a thin white t shirt she also began to feel a chill as the sun began to set.

“Better get a move on girl it will be dark in an hour or so”

After she’d been walking for a while a blue van pulled up alongside of her.

“Going back to campus Karen?” A female voice said.

Karen looked round to Miss Badcock her design teacher leaning out of the passenger side window.

“Oh Miss Badcock I am glad to see you. I missed the last bus….”

“Get in you can tell me all about it on the way back” Miss Badcock said opening the door a sliding along the double front seat making room for Karen.

“Thank you Miss Badcock I’ve been walking for ages my feet are killing me in these boots.”

“You’ll be fine now and please dear call me Amy we’re not in class now” Miss Badcock said patting Karen’s leg.

Karen blushed as she couldn’t help thinking how stunning Amy who wasn’t much older than her students looked dressed in tight fitting black leather pants and jacket she was wearing. Her long black hair which normally hangs loose was brushed back and tied tightly in a pony tail.

“ You know, you really shouldn’t be out here all alone Karen, you know about the missing girls don’t you? You girls really must take that police warning seriously you know it’s for your own good. It’s a good thing I came along when I did or you’d be out alone well after dark.”

“Thanks Amy I'll take that warning more seriously from now on I promise”

“Who’s you’re friend Amy?” Karen asked pointing towards a middle aged dark haired woman in the driver’s seat dressed in what looked like a dark blue boiler suit which Karen thought was rather odd.

“I’m sorry how rude of me dear, let me introduce my sister Carol”

The dark haired woman turned to Karen and smiled but never spoke before turning her attention back on the road.

A short while later Karen thought she heard a noise coming from the back of the van, and another.

“Hey what’s that noise? Is there someone in the back?”

“Noise what noise I hear nothing, can you Carol? Amy replied”

Carol shook her head and carried on driving.

“It’s like a muffled noise; there it is again you must have heard it. Karen said trying to move her head so she could see through the curtain behind her.

Amy and Carol ignored her.

“There is, there is someone back there isn’t there?

Karen was so distracted by the noise coming from the back of the van she hadn’t noticed Amy slipping on a pair of black leather gloves.

Carol turned the van off the main road and onto a quiet country lane.

“Hey this isn’t the way back to campus, where are we going?”

Amy and Carol again ignored her.

“What’s going on? Stop right now and let me out”

Karen reached for the door handle but Carol pressed a button by the steering wheel which locked the door before she could open it.

“Amy what’s going on? Let me out”

Amy pulled her back into her seat and placed her leather gloved hand tightly over Karen’s mouth.  Karen shook her head and tried to cry out, but Amy just tightened her grip silencing the girl.  Carol pulled the van off the road onto a track which lead to an open space in a wooded area and stopped. She pressed the button again to unlock the doors and got out.

“Right get out” Amy said releasing her hand from the terrified girl’s mouth.

“Amy, why are you doing this?” Karen sobbed.

Amy ignored her pushing her towards the door which Carol had already opened from the outside. Carol grabbed hold of Karen’s arm and pulled her down from the van and forced her up against the side of the van face first. Karen felt her arms being pulled behind her back and her wrists were tightly tied together with rope. She was then turned around to face her two captors.

“Let me go Amy please” She tearfully begged. “I won’t tell anyone about this I promise, please Amy let me go”

Amy clasped her gloved hand tightly over Karen’s mouth again.

Turning to Carol she said. “Quickly get me something to shut her up with”

Carol reached into the black leather bag she was holding and pulled two pieces of white cloth the first she rolled into a ball before passing it to Amy.

“Open up” Amy said taking her hand away from the terrified girl’s mouth.

“Amy Pleasmmmphhh” Karen’s pleas were cut short as Amy stuffed the cloth into her mouth. Carol then passed her the other piece of cloth which she’d folded into a band Amy tied a knot into the centre of the band which she then pushed into Karen’s mouth before tying the loose ends behind her neck over her long brown hair.

Just then Karen’s mobile phone began to ring in her pocket, Amy reached into her pocket pulled the phone out and checked the screen.
“Debs, that’ll be her roommate calling to see where she is.” Karen watched helplessly as she passed the phone to Carol who dropped it on the floor and stamped on it a few times smashing it to pieces.

Carol then slide open the large door on the side of the van, Karen was right there was someone else in the van a blonde haired girl lay on the floor of the van bound and gagged her eyes were red from crying. Rope was tied around her ankles, knees, and thighs, more rope was tied tightly around her upper arms and body above and below her breasts, her wrists were also tied tightly behind her back, like Karen she too was gagged with white pieces of cloth.

Karen struggled as Amy dragged her towards the open door but with Carol’s help she managed to get the struggling girl into the van and climbed in behind, Carol passed her the black leather bag before closing the door.









Chapter 2

“Are you going out this evening dear?” Clare’s mother asked during dinner.

“Yes mum you know that new design teacher Miss Badcock I’ve been telling you about.”

“Yes dear”

“Well she told me I could go round to her home and she’ll help me with my costume designs for my course work.”

“That’s kind of her isn’t it dear? When you’ve finished call me and I’ll get your dad to pick you up when he gets home, I don’t want you out alone late at night until whoever is responsible for those missing girls is caught, understand?”

“Don’t worry mum Miss Badcock says she’ll bring me home. I’d best go and get showered and changed or I’ll miss my bus.”

After showering and drying her short blonde hair seventeen year old Clare changed into her favourite black knee length skirt and white blouse and her black leather boots grabbed her leather jacket from the hanger behind the bedroom door and went back down stairs. Her mum had already gone out while she was in the shower but left her a note by her art work folder on the dining room table.

“Clare I don’t want you going on the bus here is £10 get a taxi straight to Miss Badcock's house. Love mum xxx”

“Aw bless mum”

Clare’s taxi pulled up at the address Miss Badcock had given her and she paid the driver

“Keep the change.”She said to the driver handing him the £10 note mum had given her.

“Thank you miss, have a good evening.” The taxi driver said with a smile as Clare got out.

“Wow this place is amazing” Clare said to herself as looked at the large house that stood before her. She pulled out her camera phone and began taking photos of the house and its beautiful gardens to show her mum. She felt strangely nervous as she approached the large front door she’d never been to a teacher’s house before. She checked her appearance in her refection in the glass window on the door before ringing the bell and nervously waited for Miss Badcock to open the door.

“Good evening Clare I’m so glad you could come, please come in.”

“Good evening Miss Badcock thanks for inviting me.” Clare said as she followed the teacher into the house.

Clare couldn't help but admire Miss Badcock she looked so stunning dressed in a long black leather skirt and a bright red silk blouse her long black hair was brushed back and tied into a pony tail which Clare thought really suited her.

“Please Clare call me Amy we’re not in class now.”

“Thank you Miss Badcock, sorry Amy”

“That’s better now take off your jacket and I’ll pour us both a drink and we’ll get started, is wine alright? Red or white?”

“Red please, Amy. This house is amazing” Clare said looking round the room.

“Thank you dear I designed it all myself”

“It really is fantastic hopefully I’ll be this good a designer one day. Do you mind if take a few photos to show my mum?”

“Feel free my dear” Amy replied.

Amy placed two large glasses of red wine on the table.

“Now where are these designs you want me to look at?”

Clare took a large drink of her wine before handing Amy her folder she thought it may help to settle her nerves.

Amy pulled the designs out and spread them on the table.

“Can you tell me a little about each one Clare? Clare? Are you alright my dear you don’t look very well.”

“I’m sorry Amy I don’t feel too good it must be that wine it’s gone straight to my head I think I’d better go home.”

Amy helped Clare to feet

“I can’t let you go home like this, what will your parents think of me, lie down on the sofa for a while you’ll be fine in a minute or two I’m sure.”

Clare tried to walk but her legs were like Jelly Amy held her arm and helped her over to the sofa, she began to feel groggy and sleepy her eyes felt heavy she tried to fight it as they started to close.

“Just relax dear don’t fight it and you’ll be fine” Amy said as she laid the helpless girl down on the sofa gently stroking her forehead with her hand. Clare drifted into a deep sleep.

Clare slowly regained consciousness, to see Amy sat on a large leather armchair facing her holding a glass of wine

“Hello sleeping beauty you’ve been asleep for hours I was starting to get worried about you.”

Clare tried to speak but couldn’t something was stuffed in her mouth it felt like a cloth or something she tried to spit it out but it couldn’t she soon realized her lips were sealed with tape. She tried to move her arms to pull the tape off but they were tied tightly behind her back and to the wooden slats on the back of the chair she was sat on. She looked down at her body her legs were tied tightly together at the ankles, knees and thighs. More rope was tightly wrapped around her upper body above and below her breasts securing her to the back of the chair which along with the gag was making breathing very difficult. As she began to struggle she soon realized that there was a piece of rope connecting her ankles to her wrists stopping her from kicking her legs out.

Amy got up and walked towards her.

“Relax dear it’s no use struggling you’re not going anywhere, calm down or I’ll have to give you something to make you sleep again.”

The telephone began to ring, Amy picked it up and walked behind her bound captive and clasped her hand tightly over Clare’s gagged mouth.

“Not a sound dear” she whispered in Clare’s ear before answering the phone.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Sweeney, Clare didn’t arrive at my house this evening, I wouldn’t worry Clare’s a bright girl I’m sure she’s fine she probably bumped into some friends on her way over here and decided to go with them instead you know what teenage girls are like.”
It’s no trouble at all Mrs. Sweeney call me and let me know she’s got home safely won’t you? Good bye now”.

She removed her hand from the sobbing girl’s mouth

“Good girl, now to get you out here”

She picked up the telephone once again and dialed a number.

“Carol get the van over here I’ve got another one for you.”










Chapter 3

“What time are you in class this morning Becky?” Sharon her roommate asked.

“I have no class until this afternoon, design with that nice new teacher Miss Badcock I told you about.” Seventeen year old Becky Thomas replied while brushing her blonde shoulder length hair in the bedroom mirror.

“How about you?”

“I've got that geography field trip today remember? The coach leaves in ten minutes so I’d better dash?” Sharon replied.

“Enjoy your morning off, catch you later you lucky thing”

“I will, bye Shaz enjoy your trip” Becky shouted back from the bedroom.

Sharon picked up her bag and left the apartment closing the door behind her.

Becky dressed in only matching pink lace bra and panties was looking forward to a nice lazy morning on the sofa catching up on her favourite TV. programs she’d been recording. She poured herself a nice big glass of fresh orange juice from the fridge and grabbed some munchies before curling up on the sofa with the TV controls. The first episode of 24 was just starting when the doorbell rang.

“Damn this always happens.” She cursed.

“Just a minute.” She called as she dashed to the bedroom to put her dressing gown on.

She checked herself in the mirror before opening the door, she was greeted by a slightly overweight middle aged woman with short black hair wearing a dark blue boiler suit, Becky couldn’t help notice she was wearing black leather gloves which seemed odd as the sun was already cracking the flags outside even at this early hour.

“Good morning dear I'm from the campus maintenance department I believe you have a problem with your air conditioning I’m here to take a look at it for you.” The woman said showing Becky her id card.

“I’m sorry you must have the wrong apartment we haven’t reported any problem” Becky replied.

“This is definitely the right place” The woman said showing Becky a docket sheet with her address on it.

“Can I take a quick look anyway while I’m here? The last thing you want is your air con failing this weather it shouldn’t take me too long.”

“You might as well now you’re here.” Becky said reluctantly knowing her plans for the morning had now been ruined.

She stood back and let the woman in.

“I’ll just go and pop some clothes on, I’ll be in the bedroom shout if you need anything.

“Thank you dear but I think I have everything I need right here.” The woman said patting the black leather bag she was carrying.

“Very good I’ll leave you to it then”

Becky entered her bedroom and removed her dressing gown throwing it down on her bed in a rage, just as she did the bedroom door opened and the woman stood in the door way.

“Bloody Hell!! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” She snapped

The woman never replied.

“What do you want?”

Again the woman never answered but slowly started walking towards the shaken girl.

“What do you want? Get out” Becky said slowly backing away but into the corner.

“I want you Becky.” The woman said grabbing hold of Becky’s arm and twisting it up her back before she had time move away.

“AARGH!! Let go of mmmphhhh!!” The woman clasped her other leather gloved hand the terrified girl’s mouth cutting her off in mid sentence.

She forced Becky face down onto her bed and sat on top of her pinning her arm bent up her back. Becky was only a very slight girl and the woman was way too heavy for her to throw off. Keeping one hand over Becky’s mouth she fumbled though her black bag until found a foam sponge ball, she grabbed hold of Becky’s hair pulling her head causing the girl to cry out in pain she quickly and efficiently removed her gloved hand from over her mouth and stuffed the ball in before Becky could make a sound.

“Don’t you dare spit it out” She said with menace in her voice.

She reached back into her bag and pulled a long piece of white cloth she’d already neatly folded into a band with a knot tied in the centre, again she pulled Becky head back before stuffing the knot in her mouth she wrapped the cloth tightly twice around Becky head over her hair making sure each time it went in her mouth before tying the two loose ends very tightly behind her head. By this time Becky was sobbing trying to plead with the woman with her eyes to let her go but the woman ignored her pushing her face down onto her pillow. Again she reached into her bag pulling out a length of rope she pulled the sobbing girls arms together behind her back crossing her wrists before tying them tightly together, still sitting on top of Becky she turned to face her feet and began tying her ankles and knees together. After this she climbed off the terrified girl and sat her up on the side of the bed she pulled even more rope from the bag which she began wrapping tightly around Becky’s upper arms and body above and below her bra. Finally she pushed poor Becky face down on the bed again she used a final piece of rope to cruelly hogtie her already helpless captive.

Miss Badcock was in the middle of her morning class when her mobile phone rang.

“Excuse me one moment girls” She said as she left classroom

“How did it go Carol?” She asked.

“It was a doddle, you were right sis she’s a cute little thing we should get good money for her.”

“Very good, I have a break in about an hour, I’ll come and help you get her in the van. You'll be fine until then her roomate's away on a field trip she won't be back for hours. See you later sis.”

“Now then girls sorry about that where were we up to?” Miss Badcock cooly said upon re-entering the classroom.










Chapter 4

Amy Badcock walked around the basement of the abandoned warehouse where she and Carol were holding the kidnapped girls inspecting their merchandise. All the girls had been stripped to their bra and panties and lay tightly hogtied on mattresses on the floor each girl was gagged with a big ball gag some red and blue.

“I think we’ve done well this time Carol this has to be the best catch we’ve ever had, don’t you agree?”

“Yes sis you’ve chosen some really cuties this time we should be able to negotiate a good price with the Baroness.”

“Our work isn’t finished yet though we still need two more to complete the Baronesses order I have two girls in mind really cute identical twins, and I have plan how to get them, come into the office and we’ll discuss it.”

The following morning Amy Badcock arrived at College early and waited in her car for the two girls she had chosen to arrive. When she spotted seventeen year old twins Jenny and Pippa West walking down the pathway she got out of her car.

“Jenny, Pippa, Good morning I’m so glad I’ve caught you I’d like a little chat if you don’t mind.”

“Good morning Miss Badcock, certainly we can chat as we walk to class” Jenny replied.

“Thank you Jenny. I know how you students are always glad of a little extra money, I wonder if you two would like to do some work for me a couple of evenings a week it’s nothing special just a bit of cleaning and general housework at my house, I’m so busy at the moment I just don’t have time to do it myself. I need two girls I know I can trust that’s why I’ve chosen you, I’ll pay you real well. What do you say?”

Jenny and Pippa looked at each other and smiled both girls knew the extra money would come in useful as the long summer holiday was only a few weeks away.

“I’ll do it” Pippa said “What about you Jen?”

“Yes me too. Thank you Miss Badcock”

“Can you start this evening?”

Both girls said “yes”

Excellent come to my classroom at lunchtime and we’ll discuss it more, but please keep this to yourselves the other girls may not like it.”

“Ok Miss Badcock, see you at lunchtime” Jenny said as they left for morning class.

That evening the two girls arrived at Amy Badcock’s house just before six thirty as arranged dressed identically in blue jeans and red and white checked shirt tied up at the front showing off their pierced belly buttons. Both girls wore a red bandana which covered their short brown hair.

“Wow! What an amazing place Jen” Pippa said standing back and admiring the huge house and its gardens.

“I know Pip how on earth can she afford all this on what a teacher earns?”

The two girls walked down the long driveway admiring the beautiful garden when they reached the door Pippa rang the bell.
Miss Badcock greeted them “Good evening girls I’m so glad you’ve come.”

“Good evening Miss Badcock” both girls more or less said together which brought a smile to Amy Badcocks face.

“Please girls call me Amy we’re not class now. Let’s go inside and get you two started the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be finished.”

“Doesn’t she look amazing in that leather outfit” Jenny whispered to her sister.

“Please girls no whispering, not my house”

“I was just saying how amazing you look Amy in leather and your hair tied back like that really suits you”

“Thank you Jenny. Now let’s get you started Pippa why don’t you start upstairs you’ll find everything you need in the cupboard at the top of the stairs. Jenny you start down here you’ll find everything you need in that cupboard over there.” She said pointing to door under the stairs.

“I have a lot of marking to do so I’ll be in my study at the end of the hall if you need me, and there are some cold drinks in the fridge help yourselves girls don’t be shy”

“Thanks Amy” Both girls said together again which Amy found amusing

Pippa went upstairs, leaving Jenny to make a start down stairs.

Jenny decided to start by vacuuming the lounge and dining room floors but after a short while the vacuum cleaner switched off. Jenny looked around to see Amy had removed the plug from the wall.

“Jenny, leave that for a moment I need your help with something in my study.”

“Ok Amy” The puzzled girl replied.

“What on earth could she want me for” She thought to herself as she followed Amy down the hall.

“Take a seat please Jenny I won’t keep you from your work for long I know you want to get finished and get home.” Amy said standing in the door way pointing to a high back wooden chair that was facing away from the door.

Jenny sat down wondering what this was all about; before she knew it Amy had grabbed her from behind holding a sickly sweet smelling cloth tightly over her mouth and nose.
Mmmphh! Jenny began to struggle grabbing hold of Amy’s arms trying to pull the cloth away from her face but Amy was too strong for her and wasn’t going to release her vice like grip.

“Relax baby breathe deeply and everything will be fine.”

Jenny felt her eyes getting heavier and heavier the room began to spin faster and faster it went, before her arms fell limply by side

“Sleep baby sleep” Amy said as Jenny’s eyes closed and her head slumped forward onto the desk in front of her.

Jenny slowly came too when she opened her eyes and regained her senses she realized she was sat on the carpet in Amy Badcocks large lounge, she tried to move but couldn’t her arms were tied to something behind her she soon realized her arms were tied around her sisters slender waist who was sat behind her still sound asleep and her sisters arms were tied around her waist. She looked up to see Amy and another woman sat on the sofa drinking wine, she tried to cry out but her mouth was stuffed with something all that came out was mmppphh sound which the two women found highly amusing. She looked at her reflection in the chrome fire place next to her she could see whatever was stuffed in her mouth was held in place by the bandana she had been wearing which was now tied tightly over her mouth and Pippa was gagged the same way.
She felt Pippa begin to move behind her and try to move her arms which were tied around Jenny’s waist. Pippa too let out a large muffled cry again to the amusement of their captors who were by this time both a little tipsy from the wine they’d been drinking.

Amy stood up and walked slowly around the two bound girls.

“You haven’t met my sister Carol have you Jenny? Carol this is Jenny and of course you and Pippa here have already met haven’t you sis?”

Carol who once again was dressed in her blue boiler suit smiled and raised her glass to the two girls.

“Let’s finish tying these two up properly and then you can go back and settle the others down for the night.”Amy said pulling more rope from their leather bag.

She passed Carol some lengths of the rope and she began tying Pippa’s ankles and knees together while Amy did the same to Jenny. Both girls were sobbing uncontrollably by now but this didn’t stop Amy and Carol from wrapping more rope tightly their upper bodies above and below their breasts securely tying them back to back.

“Sleep well girls because tomorrow you’re going to meet a Baroness”

After one final check on the girl’s ropes and gags, Amy switched off the light and she and Carol left the room closing the door behind them.

All the twins could hear in darkness was their muffled sobs.









Chapter 5
The Final Chapter

It was Saturday morning and all ten kidnapped girls were now in the basement of the old warehouse, where Amy and Carol were preparing them for when then Baroness arrives at noon.

Each girl in turn was untied and had her ball gag removed before taken to a washroom with a shower unit, under the close watch of her abductors she was allowed to use the toilet before being stripped and made to take a shower. Once she was showered and dried Amy brushed and dried her hair while Carol gave each girl a very quick simple make over. She was then issued with a new white satin bra and matching thong panties, then she was re gagged but this time not with the ball gag, but a piece of white material similar to what her new bra and panties were made out of which was tied over her mouth to hold in place a foam sponge ball. After this she was taken back to her mattress and retied the same as before in a strict hogtie and Amy and Carol moved on to the next girl.

Right on the stroke of twelve noon a large black limousine pulled up outside the warehouse, Amy and Carol watched as woman was helped out of the back of the limo by a girl dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform. The woman was dressed in a long black coat that nearly touched the floor; she also wore a large black wide brimmed hat decorated with a black bow, over her long jet black hair. Her face was hidden by a black scarf which covered her lower face, and large pair of dark glasses. She was accompanied in the limo by two other women with very short blonde cropped hair dressed similarly in black leather jackets and pants each were carrying a black leather briefcase, which Amy and Carol guessed contained the money.

After a series of brief introductions Amy and Carol lead the Baroness and her assistants down to the basement.

The Baroness walked slowly down the centre of the two rows of mattresses inspecting each of the girls as she did, and then slowly walked back.

“First impression is very good but I need a closer look” She said.

“You” She said to Carol, “Untie that blonde haired girl over there and bring her here to me” pointing at Clare.

Carol quickly went over and untied Clare from her hogtie and helped her to her feet and brought her up to the Baroness.

“Remove her gag I can’t see face her properly with that on.”

“Don’t you dare make a sound” Carol said in the terrified girl’s ear as she removed her gag.

“That’s better” The Baroness grabbed hold of the trembling girl and slowly turned around squeezing her buttocks with her gloved hand as she did.

Clare began to sob as the Baroness pulled the cups of her bra down and began to fondle her breasts.

“Perfect nice and firm just perfect” She said pulling the cups of Clare’s bra back up.

“Take her back to her mattress and retie and gag her.” She instructed Carol.

She then turned to Amy.

“I believe you have some twins for me? Bring me one.”

Amy chose Pippa she untied her and removed her gag and stood her in front of the Baroness who inspected her in the same way she did Clare.

“My word, Miss Badcock you have chosen well for me this time. Take her back to her mattress”

Carol grabbed hold of Pippa and took her back to her mattress

“Would you like to see her sister Baroness?”

“No, no that won’t be necessary, but I will see one more you bring me your favourite Miss Badcock”

Amy walked over to small blonde girl called Tracey that they grabbed the same evening they picked Karen up and untied her and brought her before the Baroness.

“I can see why picked this one” The Baroness said turning Tracey around.

After finishing her inspection of Tracey she ordered the girl to be taken back and retied.

“Would you like to see anymore Baroness?” Amy asked.

"No, no, I’ve seen all want to see but I will have one final walk up and down and then we’ll talk money.

The Baroness sat at the desk in the office opposite Amy and Carol while her two assistants stood either side of the door holding the briefcases in front of them.

“My offer to you ladies for these girls is one million pounds in cash.”

“One million pounds for ten girls. You’re having a laugh.” Amy replied.

“Believe me miss I am not laughing beneath this scarf. I never joke when it comes to business”

“We were thinking along the lines one million for each of them after all you did say they were perfect.”

“Now I am laughing Miss Badcock. I can’t possibly give you that kind of money”

“Then I am sorry we can’t let you have the girls we have other contacts”

“No one will pay you that kind of money for those girls, I will go to two million and that is my final offer take it or leave it.

Amy looked at Carol for advice who shook her head.

“No deal Baroness we all know they are worth far more than that”

"I am sorry ladies that we couldn’t come to some agreement because now you leave me no option other than to take the girls from you” She said pulling a small pistol from her pocket and pointing it in the direction of Amy and Carol.

“Megan, Trixie tie them up”

The two assistants stepped forward and placed the briefcases on the desks before opening them to reveal an assortment of rope and gags.

“You bitch! You had no intention of paying us for those girls had you?”Amy said as one of the assistants pulled her arms behind her back.

“You won’t get away with this” Carol cried out.

“What are you going to do about it, call the police? Girls shut them I’ve heard enough.”

Both Amy and Carol were gagged with a big red ball gag and the two assistants continued tightly tying the sisters to the office chairs. Once the Baroness was certain they couldn’t escape she put the pistol back in her pocket and pulled out a mobile phone.

“Ok Penny move in. The girls are ready to be transported.”

Switching her attention back to Amy and Carol.

“Well I’d just like to say it’s been a pleasure doing business with you two once again and thanks for all you’re hard work.”

She turned and walked out of the door stopping briefly in the doorway.

“O by the way I forgot to mention I’ve arranged for a demolition team to destroy this building in four hours time. Good Bye ladies”.






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