The College Visitation Trip






“You know, Mom, that admissions official really didn’t think that I would have any problems getting a full scholarship for academics either,” a bubbly Melissa Vinuet says as she wheels the car onto Amherst Ave.


“I know, Melissa, dear, but you also have the ability to land that volleyball scholarship at State and I really think you ought to pursue that first,” her mother, Amy, answered closing her eyes for a quick nap, “We’ll talk about this later with your father but do you mind if I take a quick nap.  That motel bed was so hard that I couldn’t sleep very well last night.”


“Go ahead, Mom, I’ll be OK driving for awhile.  You can take over when we get to Jefferson,” Melissa answered keeping her eyes focused on the traffic in front of her.


It was a mother- daughter time on the road.  Specifically Amy and Melissa were finishing up an overnight trip to visit a college in another state.  Melissa Vinuet was an eighteen-year-old high school senior who was visiting colleges that she might want to attend in the fall.  It was a typical and annual ritual for most seniors who were interested in a four-year college education.  Melissa decided she wanted to look at Ashworth College in a neighboring state.  Since her father couldn’t get off of work and there were two more siblings at home, her mother, Amy, decided to accompany her oldest daughter.  For Amy Vinuet, it was final chance to spend some quality time with her first-born before she left the nest for college in September.   


Amy was just settling in a nice little nap as Melissa wheeled the car onto Hwy 120 for a short 10-mile trip to the interstate.  The highway was not heavily traveled so Melissa was able to make pretty good time.  Suddenly she saw a van coming up behind her at an unusual high rate of speed.  The van passed her without even slowing down.  It unnerved Melissa a little and caused Amy to wake up.


“What’s going on, Melissa?” Amy was able to say before it happened, “Oh, my God, watch out.”


The van suddenly braked hard in front of Melissa and she couldn’t stop in time.  Melissa’s car crashed into the back of the van and their airbags deployed.  Both Melissa and Amy slammed hard into the airbags, which saves one life but hurts like crazy.  It temporarily dazed both women but they quickly regained their senses.


“Mom, are you alright?” a still dazed Melissa asks looking over at her mother, “What happened?”


Two men are running towards the Vinuet car to apparently see if they are injured or not.


“We’re all right.  What is that?” Melissa asks and then blackouts.


“Melissa, Melissa,” Amy asks right before she passes out.




Several hours later:


It looked like an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town but it wasn’t abandoned inside.  Several men are busy working on cars and trucks inside the building.  In the middle of the building sits Melissa’s car complete with a very large dent in the fender.  Instead though of fixing the car, a man is in the slow process of dismantling it.


The building was actually a chop shop being run by three local men.  Each time the men walk by the car, they also spend some time with Melissa and Amy Vinuet, who have been kidnapped by the carjackers.  Instead of almost being home, the mother and daughter are standing in the middle of a chop-shop with their hands cuffed above their heads secured to a steel beam about ten feet above their heads.  Their feet were tied at the ankles and knees and they were barely standing on their tiptoes in extreme pain.  All they could do to communicate was with their eyes since they had duct tape plastered across their mouths. 


They still showed a few signs of their violent impact with the airbags.  Melissa had a bruised lip and Amy had a bloody mouth that has since dried on the tape.  Finally Melissa and Amy were wearing only their bras and panties.  Both women were dripping in sweat but were not able to do anything about it.  How did this happen?


It seems that Melissa and Amy had become victims of a ruthless bunch of car thieves who would attack lonely drivers on that stretch of highway.  The thieves used their van to pass their unsuspecting victim and then once they are in front of the target, the driver slams on the brakes forcing the victim to hit the back of the van.  This causes the airbags to deploy in the victim’s vehicle and while they are still groggy, the thieves strike.  Until today, they always just dump the driver out on the road and steal the car.  But today they decided, upon seeing the beauty of their victims, they advanced to kidnapping and now they were going to enjoy the fruits of their labors even more.  


“Boys, what do we have here.  What is this?  I thought we only grabbed cars not their owners,” the man walked in with a police uniform on.


“Sorry, boss, but they were so hot and well, we hadn’t had any women for a few weeks so I guess we decided to bring them along for the ride,” the young bare-chested man answered walking over to Amy and Melissa, “You want me to whack them.  We can bury them out back and no one will find them for years.”


“You kidding.  Why we can probably throw them in with our Mexican clients and make a few thousand more.  What is this a mother and daughter?” the officer asks as he walks over and starts inspecting the Vinuets, “Not bad for a lady old enough to have a teenage daughter.  How old is this one?”


“Her driver’s license says mom’s name is Amy Vinuet and she is 40 years old.  The kid is Melissa and is only 18.  They live in Missouri.  So no one will be looking for them until at least tomorrow,” the young guy answers, “So are we just going to keep them hanging here because looking at them is allowing us to work faster.”


“Well, then I’ll ask this question, Mario.  Why are they still wearing their underwear.  Hand me that knife over there and let’s see what they look like under these clothes,” the officer says as he reaches for the large butcher knife from his partner, “Now which one do I do first, ladies.  Let’s see what mom here has to offer.”


Amy Vinuet screams into her gag and shakes her head vehemently as she watches the man posing as a cop takes the knife and cuts her wet bra straps.


“Ah, yes, just as I expected very nice and mature,” the man says as he pulls the bra off, “Not bad for a forty-year old mother.  Let’s see what her kid has to offer.”


He walks over to Melissa and with one swift cut, removes her bra.  The teenager’s large breasts fall out and dangle.


“Wow, what a pair of nice hooters you have, kid,” the bare-chested man exclaims, “I can’t wait to get to those.”


He walks over, grabs Melissa’s left breast and sucks it hard.  Melissa cries and tries to wiggle away from the guy’s grimy grip but it is useless.


“Ok, that’s enough for now.  Let’s get rid of the rest of their clothes,” the policeman says as he cuts away both of the Vinuets’ panties, “There, now they’re ready for anything we want to do.  Why don’t you guys cut them down and take them over to those beams over there.  They’ll be out of the way until we get done chopping the car up.  I’ll go out and get some sex toys to use on them.  I’m sure they’ll love one of those vibrators in them.  I’m sure we have a whole box of stuff in the evidence room that we have confiscated from some of our busts.  Make sure they’re tied tight enough not to able to get loose.  Better gag them better.  Don’t want them to scream for help.  Here, shove these in their mouths.  They really smell so they’ll like them.”


One of the men cuts Melissa Vinuet down while another one does the same with Amy.


“Ok, ladies, let’s see how you can hop,” the cop says as he slaps both Vinuets’ asses, “Head over to those two beams over there.”


Melissa looks over at her mother just wanting some comfort but Amy had already started the struggle of hopping.  Both women were sweating profusely but it was going to get worse for both of them.


“Go, go, go, mom.  You can’t let your kid beat you,” the men yell laughing at the plight of their two bound and gagged captives, “Oops, don’t fall and don’t stop until we tell you to.”


The men laugh as Amy and Melissa struggle to get across the hard, cold cement floor.  The floor is dirty with a lot of junk on it like rocks, bolts, washers and even slivers of glass which they manage to somehow avoid.  Finally after almost fifteen minutes, Melissa makes it to the large wooden pillars in the corner of the building and soon Amy joins her.


“Very good, very good indeed, I just loved seeing those boobs bounce up and down.  Now stand up against those beams.  Boys, untie them and put those hands behind their backs.  And make sure you gag them better.  We can’t move them until we’re done with car and that won’t be until tomorrow,” the cop says as he walks over by the two sweating women, “You’re going to be the first one that I fuck later, honey.  I just like used cunts better than young ones.”


The man bends down and sucks Amy’s bare breast as one of the other men is tying her wrist behind the pole.


“These are good and hard.  I bet your husband really likes these a lot.”


Amy stands there with her head turned away from the man.  She sees Melissa standing about ten feet away being bound to the pole as well.  Where are they and is anyone looking for them?  What are these bastards going to do to them?


Well, at least some of Amy Vinuet’s questions are being answered.  Her husband is calling her cell phone to find out where they are at.  Amy never fails to call him at least every two hours when she is on the road and it has been four hours since he last heard from her and Melissa.  John Vinuet is getting very worried.


“So you haven’t heard from Amy either, huh mom,” John asks as he speaks to Amy’s mother by phone, “I think I will call the police.  They may have had an accident and are off the side of the road.”


“Hello, state police, my name is John Vinuet and I want to report a missing vehicle.  It is a 2006 Dodge Stratus with Missouri license tag H56T67.  Yes, my wife and daughter were driving home from Ashworth College and I haven’t been able to get in touch with them for over four hours.  Yes, please check to see if there have been any reported accidents along the interstate or, what was that other road number.  Oh, that’s right HWY 120.  Oh, no reported problems.  Well, then I guess I need to file a missing persons report on them.  No, it is not like them to just vanish without a trace.  Something has happened to them and I have a bad feeling that they are in danger.”





Several more hours pass and it is getting dark outside, but for the kidnapped Amy and Melissa, it didn’t matter what time it was.  They were extremely tired from having been tied standing up for to long.  They were still bound to the wooden poles with their bare bodies shining from all of the perspiration they had sweated as they struggled to get a bit of comfort from the tight ropes and the biting rough wood digging into their bodies.  Amy looked at Melissa and could not believe how a simple college visitation trip could turn into a nightmare like this.  She wished she could comfort her daughter but she couldn’t.  She just prayed that someone would find them and rescue them before these guys did something to them.  Now that it was dark, Amy feared that they were going to turn their attention back to them.  Unfortunately she was right.


“How are we progressing, guys,” the cop asks as he reenters the garage.


 “Well, boss, the car’s completely dismantled and we are almost done filing off the VIN numbers so that they can’t be traced,” Mario says as he walks toward the cop wiping his hands into a rag, “Our guests have been very quiet.  We’ve been catching a feel every so often so that they don’t feel lonely.”


The two men walk over toward Amy and Melissa.


“Wow, you,two are really wet and, P. U. do you both stink,” the cop says as he stands in front of the Vinuets, “I did find some little goodies that I think will really make you both feel better.  Here, Mario, set the kid up with this one and I’ll take the mom.”


Amy and Melissa cry and shake their hands vehemently as they helplessly watch the two men come towards them with large,slender things  in their hands.  Amy knows immediately what they are.  The two men are carrying a couple of vibrators and are planning on inserting them in her and her daughter. 


MMmppphhhh, MMMPPPHHH AWWWWhhHH,” Amy screams as the cop pushes the vibrator up against her crotch and tapes it into place.


She looks over at Melissa and sees her crying and thrashing as Mario puts the vibrator in the same place on her.   Amy is powerless to protect her daughter as both vibrators are turned on and a loud hum emits throughout that area.


“There, now you two can have some fun while we load up the car parts into the truck.  There will be no evidence of your vehicle in this county within an hour,” the boss man says as he stands watching the two Vinuet women jerk uncontrollably, “We’ll get cleaned up and then we can take both of you to bed.  Unfortunately we will have to get rid of both of you later.”


Amy and Melissa were crying so hard that their tears were running down their bare bodies.  The vibrators were doing their job.  Amy hadn’t had one of these in her since her college days while Melissa was experiencing it for the first time.  It was going to be one horrendous day and night for the two helpless women.



“Is this the newest pictures you have of your wife and daughter, Mr. Vinuet,”  Lt. Palmer, of the Missouri State Police, asked as he sat in the Vinuet home, “We will pull all of our available resources to locate them, I assure you.”


“What about Illinois authorities?” John asked showing great strain on his face already, “I mean they may not have made it to the border and may still somewhere in Illinois.”


“I have contacted the state police over there and they are beginning an air search of the area where your wife and daughter were last seen,” Palmer answers trying to comfort the distraught man, “There is a lot of woods and swampy area off of HWY 120 that will need to be searched.  We are also utilizing the services of local law enforcement to help because they know the landscape.”


“Do you suspect foul-play because it is not like my wife to not call me when they have mechanical problems because she knows very little about a car?” John asked.


“Well, there are lot of places where we have seen drivers end up in ditches or the woods because they had a sudden mechanical problem or had to swerve for an animal.  Right now, I would say that foul play would not be my first choice because normally we would have found their car by now.  If they are out there, we should be able to find them within a few hours.”


Lt. Palmer was usually right on the mark with his assessments but he never took in consideration the possibility of carjackers and chop-shops being involved in the disappearance.  That would cost the authorities a lot of valuable time and cause Amy and Melissa a lot of pain and suffering.





It was now well past midnight and Amy and Melissa were exhausted and done.  They had been orgasming uncontrollably for several hours and they are tired.

But their night was just beginning and it would get worse.  The boss man walks back over and checks on their two lovely prisoners.


“Oh, my, you’re both very, very wet and ready for action,” he says as he runs his hand down between Amy and Melissa’s bound legs, “But I’m afraid that we may be discovered here soon by the state police so I think it is time to move both of you to a more secure location.”


The boss man and his head crony start untying the two naked women from the poles.  Soon Amy and Melissa are sitting on the concrete floor with their hands and legs still bound and their mouths are still gagged. 


“OK, they’re ready to roll.  Let’s get them out to the van and drive them to another funhouse,” the cop says as two of the men pick Amy and Melissa up and sling them over their shoulders, “Just wait until you two get a look at  the next place.”


Before they carry the two helpless women out to a van, the men take the parts of their car out to a truck and have one of the men drive it off taking the evidence of the chop shop with it.  Amy and Melissa are put down on their stomachs on the carpeted floor of the van.  One of the men starts putting the mother and daughter in a very, very tight hogtie with their legs bent so that their hands can be bound to them.  Both Vinuets are crying and struggling against their bonds but there was nothing they were going to be able to do.


“Good job, I don’t think either of them will give us any problems on the trip but you better put some tape around their fingers so that they can’t reach the knots.  We don’t what them to even be able to move let alone untie themselves.  Also blindfold both of them so that they don’t know where the hell we are taking them,” the cop laughed as he climbs in the van, “Let’s just say, ladies, that we are going to have a helluva a good time for a nice long time.  We’ve never seen  a hotter mother and daughter combination in a long time so we are going to savor every moment we have left together.”   





Dawn breaks and the law enforcement is out in heavy force searching for the Vinuets and their car.  They are still convinced that they have had a bad accident and not met with foul play.  John Vinuet isn’t convinced.  He has taken matters into his own hands by recruiting some of his friends and co-workers to help in the search for Amy and Melissa.  He thinks that they have been abducted and he is looking and asking questions of anyone who might have seen them.  The dawn breaks into a sunny morning and John and his little band of investigators are closer than they could even imagine.  They are within two miles of the cinder block building that Amy and Melissa had been kept captive in.  Unfortunately there is no evidence of there ever being there by now since the kidnappers left under cover of darkness and now in a new location.


“I can just feel that Amy and Melissa were here,” John said as he entered the small building with his boss, “Oh, my God, what is that on the floor?”


John bends down and picks a small piece of metal off of the concrete floor.


“Call the FBI, this is Melissa’s charm from off of her bracelet.  They were in here and I don’t like what I am thinking,” John says fighting back tears, “They are in big trouble.”


If only John Vinuet knew how much trouble his wife and daughter are in.  He might have found out where they had been held but he doesn’t know where they are now.  Amy and Melissa are not even in the county anymore.  In fact they have been driven almost hundred miles away into a very rural area of Illinois.  Their ordeal was just beginning.


The van slowly goes up a windy dirt road about two miles off of the interstate.  They have been traveling for hours.  The van even stopped to fill-up at an all-night truck stop but no one even knew that the missing mother and daughter were lying in the back of the van.  They had been covered with a blanket and had even went to sleep in their hogtied condition.


Now they were within a few miles of a old country cabin that belonged to the sheriff as a hunting post.  This cabin was complete with everything that some sadistic bastards would need to ravish two women.  It had a large poster bed, a large porch with poles and a large yard that already had stakes driven into the ground the perfect spacing for a spreadeagle.  The Vinuets were in big trouble and unless someone found them soon, the plan was to kill them by nightfall or at least by morning.  John and his friends better find them soon or else it would be too late.


Melissa and Amy have been released from their hogties and carried into the cabin.  They have been deposited into a couple of wooden chairs.  Their kidnappers have finished tying the two women to the chairs so that they could not move around much.  But the men did remove their gags for the first time so that Melissa and Amy can whisper to each other.  Amy had to try to calm her beautiful daughter down while keeping her own poise.  And it would be hard for Amy.  She was terrified herself and was praying that someone would be able to find them and quickly.  Amy knew that there was only one reason that their kidnappers drove them out in the middle of nowhere.  They were planning on killing them and doing it slowly.  Amy figured that they had the rest of the day to be rescued or else it would be too late.


“Mom, I’m scared.  What are they going to do with us?” Melissa whispered in a broken voice trying to hold back her tears, “Are they planning on killing us?”


Amy was never one who could hide her emotions from her daughter so she decided it was best to lay everything out for Melissa.


“Yes, probably unless your father finds us.  They are probably going to rape us soon, after all that is why they brought us out here in the middle of nowhere.  Be brave and don’t let them break you even if I’m not around when they do it.”


“Listen, mom, I was able to drop that bracelet that dad gave me for my 16th birthday back in that garage.  I figure if dad goes there, he’ll find it and know that we were there.”


Sh—don’t talk too loud.  Better that they don’t know what you did.  Don’t worry your father will go hell and high water to find us.  Just stay calm no matter what,” Amy says as she turns her head back to the front.


“What the hell are you two doing?” the boss man says as he reenters the cabin, “Hey, bring me in those gags.  It seems these two are doing a little too much talking and plotting.”


“No, please don’t.  We’ll be quiet,” Amy begs as the man awaits his partners.


“You’ll never get by with this.  My father will never stop until he finds us,” a defiant Melissa chimes in.


“Well, he won’t, huh.  Maybe we will find what’s left of you but he won’t ever find this cabin in time,” the man laughs as his henchmen arrive holding two huge red ball gags, “Cram those in their mouths and tighten them as tight as possible.  I don’t want anything coming out of their mouths except drool.”


Amy and Melissa try to resist by refusing to open their mouths but the kidnapper pinches their bare breasts and automatically their mouths fly open to cry out.  That gives the men the opportunity to cram each hard red ball in between their teeth.  The mother and daughter thought their cheeks were going to fall off with the pain of the large mouth-filling balls.  They couldn’t do anything about them, though, since the men quickly start tightening the strap behind their heads. 


“Now that will shut you two up,” the young man says even as the two captives shake their heads trying to dislodge the balls, “Now it’s time to have some fun.”


Amy and Melissa cry when they hear those words because they know that the men plan to do some nasty things to them.


“Which one should we do first.  The hot young one or the experienced cunt.”


The men walked toward the two bound and gagged women.


“OK, sweetie, it’s your turn to perform for us,” the men say as they start untying Melissa from her chair.


The young teen is crying while Amy tries to get them to take her.  She wanted to try and save her daughter from a horrible ordeal.


“Take mom outside and spread her out for a nice suntan,” the leader orders not wanting Amy to see what they are going to do with Melissa.





Meanwhile John Vinuet and the FBI are combing over the garage closely looking for any clues as to where the kidnappers have taken the women.


“Pick up, Jimmy, and question him,” the sheriff says wanting to talk to the owner of the garage, “He’s one of ours, unfortunately.”


“What, this guy is a cop,” John Vinuet yells not believing what he is hearing.


“Well, he used to work for me.  I fired his butt last month because he was padding his check with taking bribes.  He owns this place and I hope he isn’t involved in this but I’m afraid he might be.”


Meanwhile back to the cabin in the woods:


Both Vinuet women are stretched out in a spread-eagled position.  Amy has been laid out in the yard in the rear of the cabin.  She has been bound to four wooden stakes in the yard.  She is stretched so tightly that she can’t move.  Amy feels like her body is going to bust apart from the stringent position she has been put in.  She can hear Melissa’s screaming inside and closes her eyes knowing what her lovely daughter is going through.



Inside Melissa is stretched on an old bed with her legs and arms tied to the four bedposts.  Each of her kidnappers have had their way with her several times.  The poor teenager has orgasmed as much that she is still jerking even though the attackers have taken a break.    


Meanwhile John and the cops are hurrying toward the cabin.  Jimmy was arrested and very quickly gave up the position of the cabin.  John kept wondering why he was so eager to confess and tell the FBI where Amy and Melissa were being held.  It smelled like a trap or something.


What John didn’t know was that Jimmy was able to send a message out somehow to the other kidnappers and they had to get rid of Amy and Melissa quickly?


So they quickly halted the rape of Melissa Vinuet and didn’t even attempt to do it to Amy.  It probably ultimately saved the mother and daughter’s lives.  Both women were removed from their spreadeagled position, retied up in a tight fashion, taken out to an old truck and were driven into the woods.  The idea was to take them out to a secluded pond and throw them in.   


So both Amy and Melissa were hogtied and forced to lie on the hard, steel floor of the truck.  The truck was taken over bumps without any regard to the bound and naked women.  The men were on a desperate trip to get rid of the two kidnapped women.  They had hurriedly bound up both women so that they could escape and had not tightened them enough.  Amy found some slack in her bonds and she was determined not to be murdered by these psycho hillbillies.  So she worked hard with Melissa’s help to free herself.


It took John and the rest of the police longer than expected to get to the cabin.  Obviously by the time they got there, everyone was gone.  There was rope on the bedframe that let them know that Amy and Melissa had been there but where had they been taken.


“They’ve been here and they taken them out somewhere,” a more desperate John says as he throws the rope down in disgust, “These guys better not harm them or else.”


“I think I know where they are headed.  There is a pond about two miles away.  They’re taking them to kill them.”


So John and the cops get back in their SUV’s and head for the pond in hopes of saving Amy and Melissa.


Meanwhile one last nasty bump was all it took for Amy’s ropes around her wrists to loosen enough for her to squeeze them out.  Finally she was free but she didn’t want to move around a lot for fear that her kidnappers might hear her and get suspicious.  She quietly undid the hogtie rope and then worked on Melissa’s wrists as well.  If they had chance to escape they would take it but they would do it without communicating.  Both women kept their gags on to keep from talking and alerting the men in the front of the truck.  They both managed to work on their legs successfully untying them and stretching them out.


Meanwhile the sheriff and his henchmen looked out of the front window and saw the helicopter flying overhead looking for them.  Fortunately they were partically covered by thick, ivy-covered trees that ran along the path of their trip.


“Relax, boys, the pond is just a couple hundred yards away by now.  We can dump both of those bitches in there and still be out of here before the state police get here,” the sheriff trying to calm his panicky deputies.


John Vinuet and the state police had indeed gotten a little bit further behind and time was of the importance.  They knew what the sheriff and his henchmen had planned for Amy and Melissa and they had to get there in time to stop them but how.


The truck slows and pulls right up to the edge of the large, deep and very dirty looking pond.  The pond reportedly had alligators lurking in its murky waters just right to dump a bound and gagged body in it.  The sheriff figured that if they threw the Vinuets into the water that the state police would so furious to save them that he and his men could sneak away.  It might have worked except for the first time Amy and Melissa would gain the upper hand.


Two of the men got out to go to the back of the truck and pull the women out while the sheriff would ready a chain to tie around them to send them to the dirty bottom.


The sheriff was busy getting the chain ready that the only thing he heard was the blast from the shotgun and then he saw one of his men stagger around to the side with a gaping hole in his chest.  The man collapsed dead at his feet while he yelled out for the other man.


John and the state police also heard the deafening blast and John feared that it was sound of his family being brutally murdered.  The sound gave the authorities the direction in which to travel and they got right after another blast was heard.


What a sight for John and the state police as they arrived at the sound of the gunshot.  There standing in front of them was his very naked wife and he could also see his equally naked daughter lying in the truck.  On the ground in front of Amy lie two of the kidnappers.  One appeared dead while the other was writhing around in pain having been shot in penis by Amy.  She was still holding the shotgun as she looked up and saw her husband. 


Amy dropped the gun and ran crying toward John.  He held her close not only in love but also to shield her nudity from the police.  One of the cops went over and finished untying Melissa and she soon joined the family reunion.  One of the cops went over and grabbed a couple of blankets to drape over the naked women as the other cops took care of the kidnappers. 


Amy had shot one of them in the head, killing him before he knew what was happening while the head kidnapper, the local sheriff, was the one that she gave a vasectomy to.


The Vinuets were extremely lucky.  They had escaped certain torture and death because of a husband and father who didn’t give up looking for them.  Melissa’s decision to somehow drop that charm so that John could find it and Amy’s ability to not only get untied but to know how to shoot a shotgun, a trait she learned when she was young, all played a part in the largest carjacking ring in the Midwest being captured.


The sheriff, three deputies and ten others were arrested and charged with interstate theft and the sheriff and the deputies charged with first degree kidnapping, attempted murder and attempted rape.  It seems that Melissa Vinuet had escaped her rape.  She told authorities that just as her attacker was ready to penetrate her, the word came that they had to leave.


Melissa and Amy went through several months of intense therapy to get through the scars of their ordeal.  Melissa decided to stay close to home for college and the Vinuets went back to their quiet, suburban lives but the memory of what happened on that one college visitation trip will last in their memories forever.               







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