The Firm - Part 2


I stood there for a half a minute trying to balance myself with my bound ankles and wrists. Exactly at that fifteen second mark, I heard the sound of a knife cutting and off came the zip ties around my ankles, then the scarf, then my wrist bonds. I nodded a bit of thanks to him and started rubbing my wrists but he slapped my hands.

"No touching. Didn't you read the agreement?" Oh yeah, one line said something like, no rubbing your wrists until he says so or something to that matter. I dropped my hands.

Then the ominous command came. "Take off your clothes."

"WHMMM?" I cried through the gag.

He slapped my shoulder. "You read it. No arguing with me. Take off your clothes now!"

Turning red, dark red, with embarrassment, I dropped my blazer down on the ground. Standing there in my blouse and skirt, I didn't hesitate given his looks and started unbuttoning my top, and that came off slowly but finally my 34C beige bra-covered breasts were exposed, making me flash even more and shiver. Then I reached down and unzipped my skirt. With my outer clothes on the ground, I stood there in my bra, pantyhose and panties.

"Those off as well," he pointed at my nylon hosiery and I slowly peeled them off, revealing my bikini black undies. I have a boyfriend who I don't regularly see because of our different schedules, and I've never gone this unclothed in front of him. What's going to happen now?

The answer came as he pulled me further through the room and into another smaller enclave. With a click, a panel sealed us in. In the middle of the room was a table. It was just a wooden table but had some rings at the far edge and on two legs. Mr. Lane guided my semi-naked self to the table then bend my torso flat down on it.

I couldn't help but cry through the gag as my boobs were literally crushed down. Then I gave a "MMMPH!" as my arms were pulled up and above my head and then "MW!" there were secured by those rings at the far end. I cried again as my ankles were also secured by the rings at the table legs. Then he came forward and peeled off the tape and eased the cloth out of my mouth.

"Drink," he said as a straw was inserted into my mouth. It was indeed refreshing water, but the flow only lasted for a few seconds. I thought of saying 'thank you' but then remember the earlier incident and stayed silent.

My silence stopped as I felt him lower my black panties down. "He..." I started then my hair was yanked.

"Break the code again Kate, and you'll get more than the number of strokes."

Strokes? He then explained that I was to be spanked. Spanked yes, like a girl who broke the house rules, like a student who broke the school rules. Spanking, bare bottom. I should have known it. Yeah stupid Kate, wasn't that in the agreement you signed?

"Ten strokes. You will count each stroke loudly. Failure to do so will result in more punishment. Understood?" I didn't speak but nodded from the bound position I was in.

The first stroke came down hard over my bare ass. I was spanked as a girl growing up by my parents, so knew the sensation but this was far from the over-the-knee spanking I got. For one, those were over my panties, and two, they were by the hand. In this first stroke, it was definitely with some instrument, a paddle as I discovered later.

"OW! One..." I cried, clenching and unclenching my fist.

"What's that?"

"ONE!" I cried, the pain still lingering.

The second stroke came just after. "TWO!" I cried again. I guess I was lucky to be bound or I would have moved like a roadrunner on butter. But that's no comfort.

The eight further strokes came swiftly and before the last, my bum was burning. "Argh..." I cried after the last count. I was kept on the desk for another minute before I was released. Before I could move to rub my stinging bum, he grasped my hands and yanked me along. I was guided to another corner of the room before ordered to stand. Then something was pressed onto my arms.

"Take off your bra and put this on." Take off my what? I saw a flimsy, very transparent gown almost like a nightie in my arms. Sighing, I considered my position - he had made me undress, take off my panties, spanked me, I might as well go nude in front of him. So off came my bra and I draped the "dress" over me. It barely covered my crotch.

"Turn around," he ordered. Ok, you saw my boobs, now..." Open your mouth." Ah yes, another gag. This time it was a longer piece of cloth tied to the back of my head--a cleave gag I learnt. Then, he drew my arms above me and they were bound to some sort of rope hanging from the ceiling. Then my ankles too were bound with rope.

I stood there, arms stretched, bound and gagged again. I thought that was it but no, a suddenly cooling sensation came around my sore ass. "Cream for your buttocks," he announced as I felt the stuff being rubbed all over. How nice, I thought. You made me strip, spank me, bind me, and then rub cooling cream. Was this really punishment?

Well, the strain of my arms pulled upwards was. The spread of the cream didn't last long and he finally stood in front to examine me. "Kate," he said, with a softer tone, "you know you did terrible mistakes. This isn't just punishment; this will help you improve." Wow, spanking, gagging and tying me up will help me improve myself, I thought silently.

"Stay here," he said, as if I could move anywhere. "See that?" I saw the CCTV camera on the corner of the room. "Iíll be watching while I attend to something." So he exited the room and there I stood in my new clothing and restraints. It must have been over an hour or close to ninety minutes of strained arms and saliva-soaked gag before I heard him return. I heaved a sigh of relief as my wrist bonds were undone, but that was only temporary as they were bound again behind my back. He removed my ankle bonds but before I could move a step, something was draped over my eyes--he blindfolded me!

"This way," he ordered and I was guided, bound and still gagged, out of the chamber. It was a short walk before I felt him guide me into some chair. My wrists were still bound behind my back as I felt him use more rope to secure me to the chair--rope encircled above and below my bra-less breasts, securing them to the sides of the chair, while again, my legs were tied to the different legs of the chair. It was only then my gag was removed.

I felt the same straw enter my mouth and again, it was a brief rehydration. Then I smelt something really delicious--some sort of stew. "Open your mouth Kate," he said. This wasn't for a gag but something meaty was inside. I chewed with delight; I was in fact hungry. Another piece came again, this time with some mush which I guessed was mashed potato. Again, that was really delicious. Piece after piece of food was fed to me, filling my stomach. In a way being helpless and spoon fed was kind of sensual, but another part of me reminded myself this was part of a great punishment, not any sort of adult play.

Again, before I knew it, the final piece entered my mouth. The straw came again but the comment was, "don't drink too much; I don't want to you use the toilet yet." Yet, was the word. So he would allow me to relieve myself later? My thoughts were interrupted again as he undid the chair bonds. The cleave gag came again and somehow, it felt thicker. He didn't blindfold me this time so I could see where I was led to--it was his bedroom. Once inside, he locked the door again and made me kneel down on the ground.

The next set of bindings came--rope around my lower arms to keep them to my sides, rope around my knees and then again my ankles. I then felt more rope being attached to my wrists and then another the sensation of strained arms as the rope was tightened. "This is a hogtie Kate," he explained and I did remember reading about it in some erotic novel my college friend lent me. I was made to lie down on my side but then I felt the restriction of the hogtie.

The next few hours of the evening passed with him watching me squirm around on the floor like an animal tied up---ok I was tied. With the bindings and the hogtie and the skimpy top, there was no way I could not expose my breasts and pussy as the straps and the lower part of the clothing came up as I moved around. He must be getting a huge erection over this exposure, I thought as I rolled around and around.

Finally, he stopped me and undid the hogtie, then the knee and ankle bindings. I was helped up and only then he undid my wrist restraints and rubbed the circulation back--how kind. Again, it was a short relief as he pulled out a role of silvery duct tape from a nearby drawer and wrapped the sticky tape around my wrists in front of me. That's some comfort.

What transpired next was another surprise. I was led to the nearby bathroom, where my gag was finally removed--no longer wrapped around my neck and he picked out a toothbrush, applied toothpaste and brushed my teeth. Ok, so he fed me, my wrists are bound, he might as well brush my teeth for me. But the bigger surprise was after the brushing; it was toilet time. "Sit," he commanded, as if I was some dog. I was immediately curious as I positioned myself on the toilet, the seat already down.

"Pee," he said.

"Wh..." then he yanked my hair and I cried in pain.

"I told you no speaking, urinate now unless you want to spend the night tied to the toilet bowl!" He thundered.

Never in my 24 years of age was I ever addressed like that. But somehow, it was my bladder who obeyed his cry and I peed, the first time I ever peed in front of a guy. It took just under a minute but it seem like eternity and as humiliating as the spanking, him watching my urinate come out. More humiliation came as he wiped my private part for me, lifting my bound hands up. Oh my gosh...

I think I was still red with embarrassment as I was brought out and made to lie on the right side of the bed. My ankles again were bound, with the rope attached to one leg of the bed so that I couldn't easily move out. Then, he ripped off a long piece of duct tape and pasted it over my lips. Only then did he move out of sight to change to his pyjamas and join me in bed on the other side.

The lights of the room were off and he said, "Goodnight Kate. Don't you try anything stupid; I can sense if you try to escape. Sleep and I'll see you in the morning."

I obviously did not sleep well being bound and gagged, sleeping next to my boss who was my captor, or rather the one who controlled me--my clothing, my eating, even my toilet movements and bodily functions! I guess it was around 6:30 or maybe earlier when I felt him shake me.

"Wakey-wakey Kate," he said in a tone almost like my dad used when I was younger. He gently peeled off the tape and yet again water was passed to my mouth, this time through some tube like bottle. My leg and arm bindings were undone but as soon as I stood on the floor, he swiftly yanked at the strings of my skimpy wear and it fell to the ground. Before I could give a cry, I heard a metallic sound and click: he handcuffed my hands in front of me! He continued swiftly, locking my ankles in metallic fetters, leg irons I was told. "Now, I suppose you want a good shower," he announced, turning me around. I nodded but wondered how I would be able to clean myself like this. "Ah..." I mumbled a small cry.

"No noise means no noise," he reminded me again, this time louder and my nose was pinched again, with something spherical was pushed between my teeth. Something else painfully pulled the ball inwards and strained against the sides of my lips and I felt it tighten behind my head. "This is a ball gag dear Kate," he described.


"Mmmpph..." I responded, my muffled response confirming his statement. "I don't think you need to speak when showering. Now, say around 10 minutes? The door will be open but I won't interfere. Don't you try anything stupid."

How could I given my nakedness and this set of restraints? Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult to walk in the chains; they were pretty light. I got into the shower and turned the water on. It was set to a warm temperature and reached out to pump the liquid soap dispenser. It took some time, but not long before I could lather the soap with my cuffed hands. Naturally I couldn't really soap my back but I turned around to ensured water cleansed it. The next part, drying myself, was definitely harder. With the handcuffs, I couldn't easily wipe my whole body dry - nor could I properly tie the towel around me.


Just then, he appeared at the doorway and approached. "You smell lovely," he remarked as he peeled the towel away from my hands and started drying me all over, gently cleaning my vulva--how nice. "Have you relived yourself yet?" Without waiting for my gagged response, he helped my over to the toilet seat and I turned a deeper red as I peed and pooed with him wiping me afterwards. Oh my....

That was hardly the end as he briefly ungagged me to brush my teeth. Back out in the bed room, the chains were removed and he handed me the same clothes I wore yesterday. "Do change," he said, this time turning around. Blinking at the rapid turn of events, I paused to examine my own belongings. My bra, pantyhose and panties smelt surprisingly clean--did he have time to put them in the wash? My outer clothes too, appeared to be ironed and clean of any lint. Was this really my own set of clothes?

The tapping his feet broke my thoughts and I quickly dressed. Back came the restraints, my hands this time behind my back. I was seated in the kitchen in no time but not bound to the chair as I was last evening--not that I could move away easily. A plate of bacon and scrambled eggs and another smaller plate toast and a cup of tea in front of meat. With the gag removed again, I was once more spoon fed. Once again, it kinda felt sensual although I reminded myself that this was not about love or teasing at all. With a simple wipe of my lips, he let the ball gag hang around my neck as another stripe of skin-tone adhesive was pasted over my lips. My wrist bonds were switched back to the front and once again, they were hidden from view with a scarf around them.

"Let's roll," he said and I was delighted to see my handbag, albeit in his arms; I thought it went missing yesterday with the sudden "kidnapping". Once more I was buckled in the front passenger seat and we were off. The traffic as it usually was, was quite heavy. Just as he eased the car to the next lane, a police patrol car appeared next to us. I instinctively turned to look but the officers in that vehicle were looking straight ahead. "Don't think about it Kate," Mr Lane remarked. "You are being disciplined and trying to break for it won't help you one bit." Yeah, yeah, and you are suddenly above the law, boss? Would the police simply ignore a girl cuffed and gagged in car?!

They didn't and fifteen minutes later, we pulled into the garage of our office block. I checked the dash board: we were quite early in the morning and luck was on his side since the carpark was practically deserted. This luck continued as he helped me out and no one else was in the elevator as we rode up. He punched in the security code and we were back in the office.


At my cubicle position, he sat me down and this time used heavy duty plastic ties, the kind to secure parcels or large boxes, to tie me to my chair. He further locked it so that I couldn't wheel myself around. "Ok?" No damn it I wasn't. "You can type on your keyboard; your cuff chains are that short and shouldn't get in the way. You'll remain gagged until lunch time. Since you did your business, I don't think you'll need to go to the ladies and hopefully you won't mess yourself. As for calls, well, because of your failed performance in the project, I'll ensure you won't receive calls. Get ready for work Kate." With that order, he exited, leaving my bound and gagged at my desk.









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