The De La Fontaine Sisters: The Day They Almost Got Caught

Thomas Silk

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The De la Fontaine sisters, Anna and Suzanna, were two of the most successful robbers from the late 1940's into the 1970's. Until they were caught in 1974, no one actually knew their names. The women always seemed to know the best time to strike their targets. It wasn't until they were captured that it became apparent that the sisters had a family network of cousins that worked at major insurance companies. They knew exactly which valuables to look for and how they were secured. They also did their homework observing the family for weeks before actually pulling off the robbery. The other key to success was that they never stayed in one city for more than three jobs before moving on. By the time they returned to that city months or even a year or two later, their previous jobs had been forgotten by the local authorities so no pattern was obvious.


The sister's MO was very distinctive to say the least. They always executed their robbery with at least one or two people in the house. This was by design. As they stuck in the middle of the day, those people were almost always women, often the woman of the house and her maid. They called the women in the house 'hostesses' like they were hosting a party for them. Any men were 'hosts.' Unexpected visitors were 'guests.' The robbery itself was called a 'party.' Anna was called Big Sister and Suzanna was Little Sister. According to their victims, nothing seemed to upset them.


The sisters were very good at talking their way into a house. Once they were inside, there was little the hostesses could do. They were quickly subdued. The sisters had a method of making the lady of the house tell them the combination to the safe. Rumor had it that they used some sort of sexual humiliation to get the answers that they needed. Whether this was true was difficult to confirm as it was 1957 and a woman of means did not report any sexual violation, particularly by a woman, without being shunned by her status group.


All this is not to say that the sisters were unknown to law enforcement. Because of poor communication between precincts, they would appear, do their jobs and be gone before law enforcement realized that they were back. They did have nicknames depending on who you talked to. The most popular was the 'Headscarf Gang', which was derived from their use of headscarves to hide their identity. Other aspects of the sister's criminal activity was that there was no record of anyone actually being physically being injured. The sisters did carry guns, but they were apparently used to control their victims. In many of the cases, the victims were simply caught by surprise and subdued so guns were never displayed. Every robbery had one detail in common, the victims were left tightly bound and very effectively gagged. Rarely did the victims get free by themselves.



On May 14, 1957 Gail Taylor intended to end the sisters crime spree. Gail was going to college and majoring in literature, but her love was criminology and she was really good at statistics. At that time, a young woman had little chance of going into law enforcement. Fortunately, her father was the head of the robbery division at the local precinct. He had been compiling a file on the Headscarf Gang for the Police Commissioner. After much arguing and urging, he had allowed Gail access to all the information he had collected.


It was obvious that the sisters were back in town. If everything went to form, they would strike again within the next few weeks and then disappear. The two robberies had occurred a month apart. Gail plotted the locations of the known robbers dating back 5 years. And a pattern emerged. Gail talked to her father, but she couldn't convince him that it was possible to predict where the sisters would strike. What her father did agree on was that the sisters were more likely to strike on Monday or Tuesday, when the majority of upper middle class staff had their days off. The sisters had yet to rob any upper income estates, which tended to have more security. The homes they did rob weren't necessarily large estates with many acres of land. These were large homes on relatively a small amount of land in the city, usually located on regular city streets. These homes didn't have large fences surrounding the property with guard dogs inside. They had easy access from the street. Still the people that own them were very well-off. Gail's map showed the five areas in the city that the sisters might strike on their last job.


Of the five areas, the sisters had robbed houses in two of them. Unlikely they would strike there again. Of the three remaining areas, only one was relatively close to the college campus. That area was only a few city blocks in size. It had old, but beautiful homes and was very upscale. Gail devised a surveillance plan. Gail had between about 10:00am and 1:30pm between classes on Monday and Tuesday to search out the Headscarf Gang in action. This excited her, but she realized that she had very little chance of actually spotting them. The good news was that she would probably only have to be a detective for a couple of days. Whatever was going to happen would most likely happen on either Monday or Tuesday, May 13 and 14, 1957. Gail tried to get her father to patrol the the three areas that were within his district, but he said that money was too tight. Besides those neighborhoods did not like patrol cars cruising past their upscale homes. He would get a call from the commissioner, if he did that.


On May 13th, it was cool and rainy. Gail drove around for about 15 minutes and gave up her search for the sisters. They had never robbed anyone during the rain that Gail was aware of. She was really disappointed. She wanted to prove to her father that she could catch these criminals.


The morning of 14th was sunny and warmer. Gail's 9 am English lit class was boring. Her mind would wonder. Were the sisters already tying someone up? No, Gail had to remind myself. They always began their robberies between 10 and 11. Finally, the bell rang and Gail walked quickly to the student parking lot where her 1952 Buick was parked.


When Gail unlocked her car and got in, she took a look at herself in the rear view mirror. She was 5'6" in heels and weighed 125 lbs. Gail had a fair figure, particularly when she wore tight fitting blouses or sweaters. Today, Gail was wearing a power blue silk blouse, a below the knees navy blue cotton skirt, nylons, and a pair of navy pumps. She had on the necklace that she always wore with her mom and dad's picture in the small heart shaped locket and, small silver earrings. Gail looked at her hair. It was a mess. She wore a hair style that was popular at the time. Gail's hair was off of her neck and forehead, but the rest of of her brunette mane was full of curls. Two things could ruin her hairdo, wind and rain. Both had occurred yesterday and Gail had been caught without a headscarf. She didn't wear headscarves as often as some girls, mostly on windy or rainy days or when riding in a convertible. But on this day, Gail had brought a scarf, one of her favorites. It was a 21" square, a medium sized silk headscarf, white with bright blue and yellow flowers. Gail folded it into a triangle and with expertise that women today do not have, tossed it over her head and knotted it under her chin. She put on sunglasses and liked what she saw...very cloak and dagger looking. Gail started the car and began to cruise her target neighborhood. Things were already getting underway, as she soon found out.




Marie was nervously dusting Mr. Adams study. Mr. Adams had recently installed a big ugly safe for his precious collections of who knew what. It made dusting that much harder. Mr. and Mrs. Adams were 'across the pond' as they put it. Miss Priscilla, their 25-year old daughter was in charge of the house. Marie and Betsy were the only house staff. Betsy and the rest of the staff, a gardener and driver, had Tuesday off. The problem was that Miss Priscilla insisted on certain sexual favors when she was alone with Marie. Marie had little choice, but to comply. If she didn't, she would lose her job and then she would be on the street. It might be different if Miss Priscilla returned the sexual favors, but she considered Marie below her station and below was where she kept her when they were alone. Marie dreaded days like this. A doorbell startled her.


She quickly walked towards the front door. She stopped to look in the full-length mirror in the hallway. She was thin, perhaps too thin with small breasts. She wondered how she would every catch a man looking like that and working six days a week. The only sex that Marie got was self-administered. She frowned. She was wearing the mandatory 'uniform' for the women of what the Adams called their manor. It was just a large house. The uniform was a white cotton blouse and long black skirt. Her black hair was in a bun. She proceeded to the answer the door.


When she answered the door, there were two women staring back at her. Marie had learned to size up visitors. They often got requests for money. It was Marie's job to get rid of such unwanted visitor's and she was very good at her job. One woman was taller than Marie's 5' 4" height and the other was about her height. Both wore gray raincoats, white cotton gloves, brightly colored silk headscarves, dark sunglasses and bright red lipstick. There purses were a bit larger than what would be considered fashionable. It was difficult to tell much about them. Marie was ready to shut the door in their faces.


"Yes?" Marie asked in a less than friendly voice.

"I am so sorry to bother you, but our car has broken down," the taller woman replied. In 1957, it was not unusual for a car to break down. Marie looked past them and saw a Cadillac on the street. Marie's face softened. The car suggested that they were at least middle class women. It was thought very rude to leave a woman stranded.

"I can call the local service station. You can wait in the living room," Marie replied and she opened the door for the two women. It was at that moment she remembered the story of the Headscarf Gang, a gang of two women. The story of local robberies had been talked about among the staff of the local homes, although there had been no such robberies in this neighborhood for two years. There was little chance that these women were robbers. Besides, Marie could get in trouble if these women were influential in the community.

"Please have a seat. Would you like some tea?" Marie asked as she tried to locate the phone number to the service station on the hall table where the telephone was located.

"That won't be necessary," the taller woman hissed.

Marie went to turn and two strong hands grabbed her. One gloved hand was clamped over her mouth and the other grabbed her left arm and twisted it behind her back. Marie was helpless. "Damn, these are those women and I let them in...I'm going to be fired for sure," Marie thought as she was led into middle of the living room. The taller woman was forcing her to the floor. Marie saw the shorter woman pull coiled lengths of cord from her oversized purse and some handkerchiefs, some folded into bands and others wadded up. Marie had no doubt what those were for. They were going to tie her up. It was a prospect that both frightened her and excited her, but mostly frightened her. Even Miss Priscilla had never manhandled her like this.

The taller woman sat on Marie's back, took her hand away from her mouth and pulled both of Marie's arm's behind her back. Marie didn't resist or perhaps she couldn't, even she didn't know. These women clearly knew exactly what they were doing. Marie opened her mouth to say something, to say something stupid like 'you won't get away with this' and another gloved hand grabbed her chin and began stuffing a large man's handkerchief into her mouth. The shorter woman used her gloved thumb and index finger to poke and push the handkerchief completely into Marie's mouth. Marie gagged, not because the handkerchief hit her gag reflex, she had prevented that by getting her tongue behind the soft cotton stuffing. No, she gagged because she had a dislike of men's or women's handkerchiefs. She had to wash those for the family and she would gag then. The thought of why they were dirty...the one in her mouth was clean, as far as she knew, but it didn't matter. The clean cotton taste filled her mouth and she had to think about something else to stop retching.


The sisters didn't care what her reaction was, they continued their work. Her hands were being secured with cord behind her back. Just as Marie got her retching under control, she felt another handkerchief being pulled across her wide open and stuffed mouth and behind her head. The compression of the stuffing was dramatic as the ends of the handkerchief were drawn together and pulled. Marie had to use all her will to prevent the retching as the handkerchief was tightly knotted behind her head. She was so fixated on the gagging process that she hadn't even realized that the other woman had crossed and tied her ankles. She felt her bound ankles being brought up to her bound hands. This puzzled Marie until she realized that cord was being used to secure one to the other. The sisters called this being tied hand-to-foot. The term hogtied was not in common use at the time. That didn't matter to Marie she felt trussed up like an animal. She realized that she couldn't close her legs. Her skirt had ridden up over her knees . She was helpless and exposed. It was then that she remembered the other part of the Headscarf Gang's MO and that caused her to squirm.


"How is our hostess?" the shorter woman asked.

"She is very secure. Aren't you, sweetie?" the taller woman lifted Marie's skirt, "Did you pee in your panties, sweetie?"

"That isn't pee, Big Sister, our hostess is excited to see us," Little Sister replied as she rubbed her finger across the damp spot on Marie's panties causing Marie to whimper. To Marie's embarrassment, the whimper was one of desire. The shorter woman held her gloved finger to her nose and then to Marie's nose. The smell of her womanhood filled her nose.

"That is nice to know, Little Sister, but right now there is the party to think about. You move the car and I'll check out the house. If we have time later, we'll play with our new plaything," Big Sister said as the women got up, straightened their clothes from the brief struggle and went out of the room. Marie soon realized just how helpless she was and she was very embarrassed by her desire to be molested by these women.


Gail was making her second circuit of her target area when she saw her. It was a woman getting into a black Cadillac. She would be the shorter of the two sisters, if it was one of the sisters. She had on a raincoat and a green, yellow and white headscarf with a red border. The pattern was of squares and triangles and it was very gaudy. It was also similar to scarves worn by the sisters. The speculation was that by wearing a bright, gaudy headscarf, that the witnesses wouldn't concentrate on the face, but on the scarf and that seemed to be the case. But some women did prefer such bright headscarves so that in itself was not proof that the sisters were robbing that house. Gail watched the car being pulled into the driveway. She pulled over and parked.


Now what? Gail had a suspect. If she went to a pay phone and called her father, he would laugh. 'You want me to arrest a woman because she is wearing a headscarf?' he would ask. Gail needed something more. Gail needed real proof. Her whole body was tingling with excitement. She really thought that this woman was one of the sisters. Gail wondered what was going on in the house.


"Big Sister, we have a problem," Little Sister said as she came back in the house.

"We sure do, Little Sister," Big Sister said as she checked her headscarf in the hall mirror, "Our information was wrong. The coins and stamps are in a safe, not just a display case. And I doubt that our horny maid knows the combination"

"We have a bigger problem, Big Sister. We have a watcher," Little Sister replied.

"You are correct, Little Sister," Big Sister said as she eased the curtain closed five minutes later, "We must invite the young woman to be a guest and join our party."

"Goody...another plaything," Little Sister said as she stroked Marie's panties. Each stroke cause Marie to whimper through her gag, which Little Sister had tighten dramatically. Little Sister had explained that gags get loose over time and must be tightened. The gag hadn't seemed loose to Marie and now was uncomfortably tight.


Gail had seen nothing from the house. She still didn't know what to do and she was rather obvious sitting in a car in the street. Gail decided she would drive around the block and walk in front of the house. That was when Gail smelled perfume though her open window.


"You are so interested in what we are doing, you must join our party," a woman wearing a gaudy floral headscarf stated with a smirk on her face. Before Gail could move, she put a knife through the open driver's side window and under her throat. She looked around. Gail had parked so she had a clear view of the house she was watching, but made sure that other houses were blocked by trees and hedges so the neighbors wouldn't get suspicious of her being parked on their street. Now there was no one to see what was happening to her.

The shorter sister, which she had seen earlier, got in on the passenger side.


"Hi Sweetie. We are going to have so much fun! I want you to slide towards me so Big Sister can get in" Gail looked at her and looked at the steering wheel and the car's horn.


"Please don't do that. We don't want to hurt you," Big Sister told her. Gail took her hands off of the steering wheel and slid on the car's bench seat towards Little Sister.

"Why are you doing this?" Gail asked trying to buy time.

"Face Big Sister and put your hands behind your back, sweetie," Little Sister instructed. Gail complied and felt cord wrapped around her wrists and tied off. Gail tested the bindings and knew she couldn't get free. Big Sister lifted Gail's skirt. Gail felt a tingle of excitement, but the woman tied her legs above the knees. The woman's hands caressing Gail's stockings. Little Sister reached around, untied Gail's headscarf and pulled it off her head. Gail figured that she would use it as a gag, but she was wrong. Suddenly Gail realized that she was putting a wadded up lady's hanky in her mouth. It was in her mouth before Gail could have tried to stop her. It was a small wad, but it expanded once it was popped in her mouth. Gail positioned her tongue to expel the offending cotton wad, but a tightly twirled small man's handkerchief followed the wad between her red lips. Little Sister pulled the ends of the handkerchief tightly together and the band was forced deep into her mouth pushing the wad even further into Gail's mouth. The woman tied off the handkerchief. It bit into the corners of Gail's mouth.

"I am sorry for these small precautions, honey. But we want you to attend our little party without getting hurt and that might not happen if you cry out or try to run. Are you going to be a good little guest?" the woman whispered. She was inches from Gail's face with a sinister smile produced by bright red lipsticked lips. Gail tried say something and a gurgle came out. She had never really been gagged before. She tried to swallow and the wad went too far back in her throat and she retched. The sisters didn't seem concerned that she might choke. Gail's tongue pushed at the stuffing and was able to reposition it in her mouth. Gail weakly shook her head that she understood. Big Sister took Gail's scarf, positioned it on her head, and knotted it tightly under her chin, very tightly. It was knotted much tighter that any woman would wear a headscarf. It didn't choke Gail in any way; it made it difficult to open her mouth. Gail's headscarf was being used as part of her gag!


Gail looked at her face in the rear view mirror. She looked like a woman wearing a headscarf. Yes, it was tightly tied, but that wasn't that obvious. The handkerchief gag appeared only at the corners of her lips and disappeared into the fold of the scarf. Up close, it was obvious, but from any distance away it wouldn't be. The only thing that indicated that something was wrong, besides the look of terror in Gail's eyes, was her smudged lipstick from being gagged. Little Sister went through Gail's purse and found a hanky and her lipstick. She used her tongue to wet the hanky and clean up the smeared lipstick. She then top the cap off of Gail's lipstick, grabbed her chin and pinched her cheeks. Gail's lips opened and she reapplied the lipstick. When she was done, Gail's lips closed again around the stifling handkerchief and it disappeared under her red lips. In the mirror, Gail was again nicely made-up...except for the look of terror.


The sense of excitement had left Gail. She was being kidnapped by two ruthless criminals. What was she thinking? What would her father say to her? Gail was horrified that she had just let them tie me up. Not a scream or struggle. She had sat there like a deer in headlights, doing everything that they told her to do. Now Gail was helpless, really helpless. And she was gagged. Gail had read her father's reports about women being tied up. In Gail's mind, she pictured what you saw in the movies, not this. She couldn't believe how stupid she had been. A young woman, with no training, trying to catch professional criminals...what an idiot she was.


Big Sister put the car in gear and maneuvered it like it was a race car. She pulled into the driveway next to their car. Little Sister had been 'holding' Gail. Actually, it was closer to fondling. Her caresses made Gail feel naked. Suddenly, she grabbed Gail's right breast. Gail winced.


"Our guest has a nice set," she smiled. Her smile scared Gail more than Big Sister's smile. Her smile was full of lust.

"Not to worry, Little Sister, we need to know what she knows and why she was watching us. I'm sure that our guest will be most cooperative under your touch," Big Sister said with a big smile. A visible shiver went down Gail's back.

They slid Gail out the passenger side of the car and got her standing. Gail looked around. No rescuer was visible. No yells of concern were heard. Gail walked very slowly to a back door of the house. She had no option, as she was hobbled. They were on either side of Gail, hugging her like they were old friends. The house was large.


Once inside, Big Sister went under Gail's skirt, pulled on the rope that hobbled her legs and she almost fell, but they caught her. Gail was dragged down a wide hallway containing beautiful art work and a vase on a small antique table. Another table with a phone on it came into view. Gail could hear the whimpering of a gagged woman in the direction they were going. As they past the telephone, there was a beautiful large living room, which was dark because the drapes were closed.


On the carpeted floor was a struggling woman. Gail assumed that it was the maid. Her struggles were pointless. She had no chance of getting free by herself. And if Gail thought her gag was awful, the maid's gag was worse. Her mouth was opened as far as she could open it and it was packed with what Gail assumed to be a handkerchief. Another large handkerchief was stretched in her open and packed mouth. It was tightly tied with a double knot at the back of her neck. Her lips, which were visible above and below the gag, barely made a dent in the stretched material. Drool was beginning to form at the bottom of her gag and drip onto the carpet. Her eyes showed, to Gail's surprise, desire, not distress. Gail must have been misreading that, she thought.


Gail was directed to the floor next to the maid. She looked at Gail like she was one of the robbers. Big Sister used the cord that had been around Gail's knees to secure her ankles. Another cord was used to put Gail into what is now called a hogtie. If Gail expected for them to ask her questions, that was not going to happen immediately. Gail was honestly looking forward to having the gag out of her mouth, if only for a few minutes. She was not looking forward to wearing a gag like the maid had and Gail assumed that hers would be similar. Criminals tend not to change their MO.


"We need to get the hostess of the house to return so we can get the combination to the safe," Big Sister stated as she bent down over Marie and undid her gag.

"What about our watcher?" Little Sister asked with concern.

"There is nothing to suggest that she is a copper. If she had help, we would have known by now. She is obviously an amateur. We will have plenty of time to question her at our leisure after we take care of this other business," Big sister replied with an evil smile on her face. Being labeled an amateur, while true, really stung Gail. She watched Big Sister take the stuffing out of the maid's mouth. Gail couldn't believe that all that had fit into the woman's tiny mouth.


Miss Priscilla Adams was bored. She looked around the table. What was she doing here? The three other women were at least 20 years older than she was. It was her mother that insisted that she get involved with this woman's group. These women were idiots. Her mother told her that being part of this group would help her socially. At 25-years old, Priscilla had graduated of a woman's college with high honors, but now she was being forced to court or rather be courted by men, who she considered jerks. She wanted to run daddy's company, but that was out of the question. Her brothers, both morons, would take over the company. Priscilla was suppose to be the good little girl and at some point, a good little wife.


Priscilla looked at the other women. They all had graying hair and were wearing hats of various descriptions. It was common for a woman to leave her hat on when she was away from her home, even when she was indoors. Their dresses were years out of fashion and each of the women needed to lose weight. Priscilla was proud of her well-trimmed body. She worked out every day. She wore a tight fitting beige dress from a French designer. Her jet black hair was straight and extended below her shoulders. She wore a small plain white silk scarf over her head. The scarf just covered the top of her head and a bit of the back. It was knotted under her chin. This was very popular with her generation of women. It was simple and fashionable. There was no bulky hat to deal with. A scarf could be taken off, folded and put in your purse. Like the other women, she did not remove her head covering for this luncheon. The scarf moved in rhythm when she spoke or ate.


The waiter broke the boredom of the luncheon and handed Priscilla a note. She read it and rolled her eyes. She then whispered something to the waiter, who smiled and left.


"A problem?" one of the women asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid there is an issue at home and I must leave. I do apologize," Priscilla replied. Priscilla got up to leave.

"Can't your maid handle it?" the woman suggested. Priscilla shook her head and took her leave. She could hear the mumblings about her maid as she left. She was happy to have an excuse to leave, but they were right. Marie should have handled anything with out requiring her to return home.

Priscilla asked for and was given a phone. There was no answer at the house, which was odd, but perhaps not unexpected if Marie was out of earshot or was truly handling an emergency of some sort. Priscilla gave up and left the restaurant.


As she got into her car, she took off the small scarf and replaced it with a much larger white headscarf. She wore the smaller headscarf to the luncheon just to annoy the other women, who thought she should be wearing a hat. However, her hair required a larger scarf to protect it from the whipping wind generated when driving her convertible. Priscilla never drove slowly, particularly with the top down. She put the smaller scarf away in her purse and checked the revolver that caused the bulge in the purse. Priscilla had a feeling that she might need this. Perhaps she was wrong, but she suspected that Marie had allowed some robbers in her home and now they wanted the combination to the safe that held her daddy's collection of rare coins and stamps. She wonder if they were the women robbers she had heard about...what were they called?..Oh yes, the Headscarf Gang. That would be far more interesting if that was who it was. She should call the police, Priscilla reasoned, but what fun would that be. Of course, if Marie had called her away for no reason...Priscilla smiled at that possibility.


The phone had stopped ringing.

"I hope she doesn't suspect anything," Little Sister expressed worry.

"Relax. She's a rich bitch. She doesn't have a brain to suspect. She will walk into our little trap and will happily give us the combination. Lets move our car and the watcher's car out of sight. It will take Miss Priscilla 30 minutes to return home. That should be enough time to ask our guest why she was watching us," Big Sister replied with an evil smile on her face.

Gail squirmed and struggled after the sisters left. It was hopeless. She looked at the maid, who looked back with envy on her face. Gail realized that she was totally helpless to stop what was going to happen. Part of her became excited at the prospect. Her rational side feared what was likely to happen. She had never had another woman touch her in a sexual way. She had had sex with a couple of boyfriends in the last year or so, but never had the desire to be with a woman. Now that she was going to be forced in some manner, she couldn't stop the anticipation. If a guy was going to force himself on her, she would be filled with rage and anger. Having a woman touch you might be humiliating, but...


The sisters returned and were all business. Little Sister rolled Gail over onto her back pinning her bound arms under her and bringing her bent knees into the air. Little Sister then unbuttoned Gail's blouse. She reached around and undid the clasp on Gail's bra. She pulled the bra straps from Gail's shoulders. The bra easily slide over Gail's creamy white breasts. Gail turned a shade of red, not because her breasts were being exposed, but because her nipples were already hard in anticipation of what was to come. A fact noticed by all in the room.


But Little Sister wasn't finished. She pulled Gail's skirt up and undid the garter connections to Gail's stockings. Little Sister rubbed her gloved hand over Gail's satin panties. Gail shook her head NO! even as her body responded to the stroking. Little Sister found her clit and began to massage it lightly. Gail screamed into her gag. It wasn't a scream of horror or pain or despair. It was a sexual response. Gail was now crying.


"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Little Sister," Big Sister instructed. Little Sister stopped and with one yank pulled down Gail's panties below her knees. She then untied Gail's headscarf, which was a relief because of how tightly it was tied, and began using it to caress Gail's perky breasts.

"According to her license, this is Miss Gail Taylor," Big Sister commented as she pawed through Gail's purse, "Tell us Miss Taylor, why were you watching us?"

Little Sister untied the handkerchief gagging Gail's mouth and pulled it away. Gail spit out the small lady's hankie. Gail tried to clear her throat and figure out what to say. She noticed that Little Sister was wrapping the handkerchief that was tied around her head around the small lady's hankie.

"I'm a student majoring in literature at the college. I was doing a study for a class and mmmppff!" Gail tried to explain when Little Sister stuffed the wadded up mass of handkerchief into her mouth and then clamped her hand over Gail's stuffed mouth. With her other hand she took Gail's pretty silk scarf and began rubbing between her legs. Little Sister's thumb found Gail's clit and began to rub it hard. Her gloved index finger pushed into Gail with the scarf deep and explored. Gail screamed into her stuff mouth and tried to get free from the forced attention Little Sister was giving her. She had never felt so helpless in her life. Gail found the stimulation overwhelming, but her mind fought the pleasure and tried to focus on the humiliation. That was exactly what sisters were counting on.

After several mini-climaxes, Gail was approaching a major orgasm under the direction of Little Sister's methodical rubbing and poking. Gail braced herself to be totally overwhelmed. She was ready to let go and experience the most intense climax in her life. And then it stopped. Little Sister withdrew. Gail screamed into her gag, It was a scream of frustration, which like all her cries, was mostly stifled by her now hated gag.


Gail was breathing heavily and was sweating. She had never had an experience, sexual or otherwise, like this.


"No lies, Miss Taylor. There is a photograph with a policeman...your father perhaps? And then there is this map with most of our parties over the last several years indicated on it. I'll give you one last chance," Big Sister hissed. Little Sister pulled the stuffing out of Gail's mouth. That made breathing easier.

"Okay, father is the head of the robbery division in this precinct. I am a student, but I love or at least I did love criminology. I used data from my daddy's files to figure out where you might rob next. It was a lucky guess," Gail cried.

"Does he know that you are here?" Big Sister said with a smile.

"No, he didn't believe me. I wanted to show him that I was right. What an idiot I am," Gail cried.

"I believe you, Miss Taylor. I think you are a brave and very lucky girl. Little Sister, gag her real well and then show Miss Taylor how much we appreciate her honesty," Big Sister instructed as she tossed Gail's purse away after taking the money out of her wallet.

Gail shook her head, but couldn't avoid the wet wad of cotton handkerchiefs being stuffed back in her mouth. Little Sister pulled another folded handkerchief from her raincoat pocket. She spent what seemed like an eternity push and poking the wad fully in into Gail's mouth. Finally satisfied she stretched the folded handkerchief between Gail's lips, pulling it back behind her head, and knotting it twice at the back of Gail's head. Gail had been ready this time and avoided retching. She was getting used to being gagged. Not that she liked it.


Gail had tried to roll away from Little Sister, but the robber would have none of that. One gloved hand fondled Gail's breasts and the other hand grabbed her scarf and moved between her legs and to her crotch. Little Sister skipped the foreplay this time. The assault on Gail's privates was both rapid and effective. Gail was amazed that the woman knew how to do that to another woman. Then Gail stopped thinking. She couldn't concentrate with the assault of waves of feelings washing over her body. She screamed and the sound was mostly absorbed in her mouth. Gail felt it coming several times, only for the feeling to subside. Little Sister was manipulating her body and watching every facial expression. Finally, Gail went over the cliff. Her body arched and stiffened as the climax hit her like a tsunami. She came down from the intensity slowly with Little Sister still causing her periodic mini-highs. Her body, which had been burning up with fire, rapidly cooled and Gail realized that she was drenched in sweat that now felt cold and uncomfortable.


"I think Miss Taylor liked her reward, Little Sister," Big Sister laughed, "I think it's time she wore a headscarf gag."

Little Sister took Gail's scarf and smelled it. She laughed. It was damp, perhaps even wet in spots from sweat, but mostly, Gail's womanhood. Little Sister shook out the scarf, folded it into a triangle and then folded in down an couple of times. She then positioned it over Gail's gagged mouth, pulled the ends back, knotted them and tied the excess into a bow at the back of Gail's neck. Little Sister grabbed the apex of the scarf, the triangular portion that she left purposely hang down below Gail's chin and yanked on it. The scarf didn't budge. Little Sister was obviously pleased.


Gail felt her mouth was even more imprisoned. She inhaled and smelled...that bitch was forcing her to smell herself. Being forced to climax against one's will was one thing, but now Gail was being further humiliated. Theses bitches knew exactly what they were doing.


That they did. Gail didn't realize it at the time, but the sister's use of what they called a headscarf gag, indicated that they were finished with a hostess or guest. Today we would call a headscarf gag a detective gag. It was an over the mouth gag. The sisters used it to seal their captives mouth after having stuff it and tied another gag between their lips. The combination of layers of gags was extremely effective and worked together to keep their captives very quiet and secure. Each component of this three layer gag had a weakness that another layer corrected. When properly executed the wearer of this gag could not get rid of it without help or their hands being free. As for the name of the gag, the last layer looked like a headscarf was being worn by a woman except that it was over her mouth, not her hair.


With their questioning of Gail complete, the sisters turned their attention to Marie. She had watched how well used this interloper had been. Marie was burning with anticipation. Big Sister went to the closet and found one of Marie's silk headscarves, a black and white checkered scarf, folded it and tied it tightly over Marie's mouth in the same manner that Gail's headscarf gag was applied.


"I'm sorry. I know you want us to touch you, but we don't generally humiliate staff in that way. You have been humiliated enough by just letting us in the house," Big Sister smiled as she stroked Marie's panties causing a moan of desire and despair.

"It's just about time for...." Little Sister commented as they heard a car come in the driveway.



Priscilla parked the car and looked around. Nothing seemed out of place. All was quiet. She untied her headscarf and tossed it on the car seat. One of two things was going to happen. She was going to catch some robbers or she was going to punish Marie for having her come home for no reason. Either way Priscilla was looking forward to the next few minutes. Her confidence was overwhelming, as it usually was. Priscilla never lost at anything. She headed for the house.


"Marie?" Priscilla called out as she entered the house. Her arrival was greeted by warning grunts and moans from Gail and Marie. Priscilla headed towards the bound and gagged woman and knelled down in front of them.

"My goodness what happened here," she asked in mock terror.

"Miss Adams...please remain are being robbed. Do as you are told and you won't be harmed. Priscilla rose slowly and glanced behind her at the two sisters that were just standing there about 10 feet away. They were not armed, she noted. Of course, they could always overpower her easily, which is what they were ready to do. The shorter one was holding rope and handkerchiefs, which Priscilla assumed were to be used to bind and gag her.


"Put your hands up Miss Adams," Little Sister instructed. It was, of course, the universal sign of surrender. But Miss Priscilla Adams never surrendered. Instead she turned around and pointed a small revolver at the sisters. They stood there with their mouths open.

"Ladies, and I use that term loosely, I suggest that you put your hands up," Priscilla instructed, "In case you are wondering, I am an expert marksman and have been trained at the police academy. Don't mess with me, ladies."

"You have us at a distinct disadvantage, Miss Adams," Big Sister replied putting up her hands, "Would you like us to untie your maid and the other woman?" the sisters were perhaps hoping for an opportunity to overpower her, Priscilla thought.

"Marie brought her situation on herself. She deserves to be punished. Knowing her, she is probably enjoying being bound and gagged. As for the other one, I don't know who she is so she can stay bound for the time being," Priscilla replied with a big smile, "Now what am I going to do with you two?"

"Let us go? We meant you no harm." Little Sister suggested.

Priscilla laughed. "No harm? Besides robbing my family, you intended to tie me up, gag me and play your sexual games with me. Isn't that right? If I gave you the opportunity, you would overpower me now. No we are playing my game. Remember, I can shoot you and I will get an award from the police. Now you short one...give your sister one of those handkerchiefs. I want both of you to stuff them in your mouths. All the way in. I don't want to hear a word from you."

"It's okay, Little Sister," Big Sister said with resignation in her voice. She took the handkerchief, wadded it up and pushed it into her mouth. She watched Little Sister do the same. Both sisters knew the feeling of having their mouths stuffed. They practiced tying each other up to perfect their tying skills.

"Very good! Little one...or is it Little Sister. Use that cord to tie your sister's hands behind her back. Do a good job. If you don't, I'll shoot both of you," Priscilla instructed. Little Sister picked up a length of cord and tied her sister's hands behind her back.

"Okay, now I can't tie you up safely, Little Sister, so grab a couple of my headscarves off of the hat rack. Blindfold your sister and yourself...Very good. Now we are going to take a walk up stairs. If either of you try anything, I'll shoot first and will ask questions later," Priscilla told the sisters. Priscilla turned to Marie and Gail.

"Don't go anywhere, girls. Once I take care of these two, I come back and take care of both of you," Priscilla turned back laughing. This was not the rescue that Gail was expecting. Marie shivered. She had been hoping that the sisters would have won the encounter with Miss Adams, but no one beats Priscilla at anything.

The trip upstairs was a slow one as the sisters tried not to trip as they went up the long flight of stairs. Little Sister led the way followed by her sister. Priscilla followed at a distance giving instructions and carrying the remain cord that the sisters had with them. It took a good five minutes for the blindfolded sisters to navigate the stairs.

When Priscilla was out-of sight, Gail grunted at Marie. It was time that they took control of their own situation. Marie looked back at Gail with disdain, but realized that she wasn't going to to get her twat diddled now. She was both tired and uncomfortable from being so strictly bound. Miss Priscilla would not be kind to her when she returned if she was still in this situation. Besides this girl was cute. Marie grunted back and they moved closer to one another and finally back-to back




Once upstairs the sisters were directed to Priscilla's bedroom. Priscilla arranged two chairs and sat the sisters down. She took a cord, pulled Little Sister's hands behind her back and securely bound them. She then took two more pieces of cord and secured their ankles. Priscilla sighed. Now she could relax. She knew how to tie and these two would not get free.


" let's see what you really look like behind those headscarves and raincoats," Priscilla stated with a big grin. Big Sister spit out the handkerchief that was in her mouth.

"I would advise against that, Miss Adams. On the off-chance that we get free, we would have to take care of you and that would be very distasteful to us. Do as you will to us, but I strongly suggest that you let the police disrobe us," Big Sister stated. Priscilla was taken aback. She wasn't used to anyone suggesting or ordering her to do anything. She thought about it for a few seconds.

"Have it your own way, ladies. If you want to stay in those hot raincoats and headscarves, be my guest. More the fun for me. I'm going to play with you both for the next several hours and then I'm going to turn you over to the police. During that time, you will do everything I request including servicing me. If you don't, I will shoot you! Do you understand?" Priscilla yelled.

"We do," Big Sister replied.


Downstairs Gail and Marie were making significant progress or that is that Gail was making progress on Marie's ropes. Marie had tried to untie Gail, but the gloves she was wearing made it all, but impossible to untie a knot. Gail had just untied the cord that kept Marie's hand and ankles roped together. There was a visible sigh of relief from Marie. Gail moved towards the maid's wrists.




"Before we start the first part of our playtime, ladies. I want you gagged...really gagged...because I am going to make you scream. Isn't that what you were going to do to me? Now, let me think...I know," Priscilla ran over to her clothes hamper, opened it and pulled out two of her used satin panties, "This seems appropriate"

Priscilla went behind the two women, who sat there without emotion. Priscilla forced the panties under Big Sister's nose and there was no reaction. She then stuffed the panties into Big Sister's mouth without further warning and fingered them in place. She took off the scarf covering the helpless woman's eyes. It was one of her current favorites, a large white square scarf with big blue poke-a-dots. Poke-a-dots were in style this year. It was a shame to ruin such a nice scarf, but Priscilla needed to keep these two from communicating with one another. She twirled the scarf, which was already folded into a triangle, producing a rope of thick silk. The thickest part was jammed into Big Sister's mouth causing her to grunt through the gag. Priscilla tied the ends behind her head with a tight square knot. She yanked on it several times to make sure it was secure and would not slip.


She moved over to Little Sister and removed the beautiful floral scarf that covered her eyes. Little Sister blinked her eyes trying to adapt to the bright room. Priscilla pulled the handkerchief from her mouth, but before Little Sister could react, Priscilla stuff her dirty panties into the helpless woman's mouth. Little Sister could only watch as Priscilla twirled the silk headscarf and forced the center into her mouth. She felt the panties being forced deeper into her mouth and the scarf being knotted tightly at the back of her neck. The full flavor of Priscilla's panties hit Little Sister causing her to retch a couple of times.




On the first floor Marie and Gail were working hard to get loose. Gail was concerned that the Sisters would overpower Miss Adams. She realized that the young woman was in control now, but she was intent on playing games instead of calling the police. The Sisters were seasoned criminals. They had avoided being captured in the past. If Miss Adams gave them any opportunity, she would be bound and gagged and the Sisters would escape again. Just a few more minutes and Marie's hands would be free. For Marie, she just wanted to be untied when Miss Adams came to check on them again. She didn't want to be helpless when Miss Adams came to punish her.




"Now ladies, you warm up your...what do you call them...your hostesses by forcing them to have an intense orgasm...correct? Well, I'll do the same for you as a get you in the mood. Then I will expect you both to service me well and obey my every instruction. If you don't, you will have much more to worry about than the police," Priscilla said with a big smile on her face.

Priscilla knelled down in front of them. She went under their raincoats, Big Sister's with her right hand and Little Sister's with he left hand, and under their skirts. Neither sister resisted her advances, which disappointed Priscilla. She found their panties. Both were cotton panties...another disappointment to Priscilla, who only wore the best satin panties. Still, the courser material would do even a better job stimulating these women. With her thumbs she found each woman's clit and began rubbing hard. The Sisters reacted immediately pulling against the cords that secured them and moaning into their gags. Priscilla then used her index fingers to penetrate each woman pushing the cotton panties deep into their pussies. Each sister strained to resist the stimulation that they had so often given to others. But resistance was futile. Soon they were reacting to each calculated thrust and rub given by their captor. They, like their previous captives, were helpless under the expert manipulation of their bodies. Priscilla would bring them to the threshold of a climax and then ease them back. Each wanting the orgasm that they were being teased with. Both Sisters were filled with desire...desire to climax, but they were under the complete control of Priscilla.


Priscilla could see the craving in their eyes. That alone made her want to extend their suffering. Priscilla liked to dominate women, particularly women who presumed to be her equal. She could leave them this way, without an orgasm. Under different circumstances that is what she would have done. Given what she was going to force them to do, it was better to have them docile than craving completion. Priscilla began heavy stimulation again. Each sister closed their eyes and cried into their gags. Little Sister climaxed first, arching her body out of the chair as far as the cords would allow her. She squeezed her thighs together painfully trapping Priscilla's hand. Priscilla continued Little Sister's stimulation prolonging the orgasm. Little Sister wanted it to end and she wanted it to continue. Then it was Big Sister's turn as a tidal wave of feelings overwhelm her. She pulled at her bonds and closed her eyes. Her body shuttered as the full intensity of the orgasm hit her. Both sisters were soaked in sweat. Sweat that was turning cold as the heat of the climax left their bodies.




Marie and Gail could faintly hear the gagged cries of the Sisters and the laughing of Priscilla upstairs. Marie pulled the cords off of her hands and then clawed at the layered gag filling and encasing her mouth. She realized that she would have to untie each layer. Her fingers worked the knot of the silk scarf covering her mouth. Her hands shook as they were not functioning well after such a long period of being bound. After what seemed an eternity, the scarf loosened and Marie was able to pulled the soddened silk away from her mouth. She then worked the knot on the handkerchief. Again it took much longer than Marie would have liked. Finally, she pulled the spittle-soaked handkerchief from around her head. As she pulled it from between her lips, she exposed the totally soaked stuffing in her mouth. She was able to spit that out. She said nothing to Gail, but worked on her own ankles.




"Well ladies and I use that term very loosely. I will go prepare myself for your much anticipated serving of my sexual needs. I wouldn't want you to have eat out a sweaty pussy," Priscilla laughed as she went over to her laundry bin and pulled out two more of her dirty panties, "Unfortunately, my other headscarves are downstairs so these will have to do as blindfolds."


Priscilla took the first and put it over Big Sister's head positioning it so that her eyes were covered. Big Sister did fight this, but to no avail. Priscilla did the same for Little Sister. Both were forced to breathe through the soiled panties. Priscilla left to freshen up. She was already aroused and was looking forward to these two criminals pleasuring her. She expected that they would do a very good job.




Gail angrily grunted through her gag as Marie ignored her.


"I don't know who you are. You could be one of them. Besides Miss Adams didn't say to release you," Marie said. Gail angrily grunted again.

Marie moved over to where Gail was hogtied. She undid the scarf that was tightly bound over Gail's mouth. She then untied the handkerchief and pulled it away. Seeing that Gail was having a difficult time with the stuffing, she helped pull it out of Gail's mouth.


"Miss Adams didn't seem to want you untied either," Gail managed to say after she had coughed a couple of times,"Besides my father is a police detective and he will surely arrest you if you don't untie me."

Marie said nothing, but began to work on the ropes securing Gail.




Priscilla had freshened up. She still wore the same beige dress, but had added some perfume. She had also washed her pussy. Priscilla was extremely horny and was looking forward to some new talent. Marie was so...boring.


Priscilla opened the door to her room and the two chairs were empty. The ropes lay on the floor and on the chair. The twirled scarves lay across the seat of the chairs. Priscilla took one step into the room and knew it was a mistake. Strong, angry arms grabbed her on either side by her arms. For the first time in her life, Miss Priscilla Adams was both terrified and not in control.


"Please," she yelled, "The combination is right 79, left 36, right 66. Please don't hurt me! I was only joking...trying to give you some pleasure. I wasn't going to call the police! can't do this to me!" With that Little Sister stuffed her own cotton panties into Priscilla's mouth. Priscilla looked at her with horror as she tasted Little Sister's womanhood.

"Thank you for the combination, Miss Adams," Big Sister stated, "I'm sure you realize that you have made this a bit more personal than just getting the combination. I know you are wondering how we got loose. You let Little Sister tie my hands, remember? My hands looked secure, but it they were not. It is an old parlor trick. I could have taken you at any point. I wanted to see how far you were going to go."

Priscilla just stared in terror as she was led to the bed. Forced to lay on her back in the middle of the queen-sized bed with her head on an over-sized pillow, Priscilla's hands were crossed and bound with cord above her head and her legs were forced apart and bound spreadeagle to the posts at the foot of the bed.




"We must get to a pay phone call the police!" Gail whispered. The phone line to the house had been cut after the call to the restaurant. Gail had been untied and had pulled herself together. Then they heard the commotion upstairs and knew that the Sisters were free and Miss Adams was now their prisoner"

"You must go," Marie replied, "I must stay and try to help Miss Adams. In the closet is my raincoat and one of my headscarves. Wear them. If they think that I have left, they will consider you less of a threat here. You don't know the house like I do. One of them is likely to come after you. That will give me a chance to save Miss Adams. Take Miss Adam's car. The keys will be on the dashboard" Gail just stared at her, knowing that she was right.


Priscilla's eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched Little Sister cut away her designer dress and then her bra to expose her B-sized breasts. Priscilla turned red when she realized that her nipples were rock hard in anticipation of what was to come. Big Sister cut away her satin panties leaving her stockings in place. Big Sister then tossed the floral silk scarf to her sister and took the poke-a-dot scarf for herself. Covering Priscilla's stuffed mouth with one hand, Little Sister started to fondle Priscilla's small breasts with the scarf as Priscilla squirmed under her. She periodically pinched her captives already sensitive nipples causing Priscilla to cry into her gag.


Little Sister blocked Priscilla's view of Big Sister so when the scarf touched her clit, Priscilla almost exploded, but Little Sister would not let her get off that easily.




Gail gave a wave as she quietly closed the front door. She felt weird wearing someone else's scarf and coat, not to mention driving someone else's car. She got into the sports car and marveled that some people could afford such expensive toys.


The scarf was worked on Priscilla's pussy with expertise and finally she came. Her body tightened and she arched her back as an intense orgasm sweep over her. Strangely she was quiet, gritting her teeth as best as she could given her stuffed mouth. Then the Sisters heard it. The roar of a sports car. Little Sister looked out the window.


"It is the watcher," she said with certainty,"I'll deal with her" She ran out of the bed room snatching some pieces of cord prior to leaving.

"The other hostess must also be free...I'll deal with her," Big Sister replied, but only a terrified Priscilla heard her.


Marie hear the second car pull away and quietly went up the back stairs of the house. These went directly to Miss Adams' room, but were hidden behind a bookcase built into the wall. Old houses had these type of 'secret' passages to allow the servants to move about the house without being seen.




Gail could see the phone booth. It was well-exposed. She should be safe calling from there and she could see the rest of the street.




Marie listened and slowing opened the bookcase to glance into the room. She had grabbed a rolling pin as a weapon when she went through the kitchen. She hoped both the sisters had left and she wouldn't have to use it. She finally had enough angle to see that the room was empty except for Miss Priscilla. The sight of her on the bed gave Marie a tingle down below. She looked so beautiful tied up like that with her breasts exposed and her privates were also exposed. There was a scarf over her mouth, which was obviously stuffed. But the room seemed oddly quiet except for the noise Miss Adams was making, shaking her head wildly.




Gail eased into the phone booth and put the nickel from her purse into the phone. She dialed her father's direct number. It rang and rang. Finally, a woman answered. This was Fran. Gail explained that she needed her father to call her back at the phone booth number or to meet her there. Fran took the message, not realizing the urgency of request.




Marie crept into the room. She felt the cool steel barrel of the gun at her head and put her hands up. The rolling pin was taken from her hand. She had fallen into a trap.


Gail decided that she should call the dispatch officer at the police station. Probably should have done that first, she thought. The folding door of the phone booth opened and a woman wearing a raincoat and silk headscarf squeezed in. There was a gun in her gloved hand. Gail stared at Little Sister, who had a big smile on her face.




Marie's hands were bound behind her and the poke-a-dot scarf had been knotted and the knot forced into Marie's mouth. Marie instantly recognized the flavor of Miss Adams' womanhood on the scarf. She had tasted it many times. Big Sister unfastened Marie's garter and pulled her panties down and off. Marie's pussy tingled with excitement. Big Sister helped Marie up an the bed to straddle her mistress.


Priscilla finally realized what was going to happen. She shook her head wildly. Marie's skirt was lifted so that her pussy was positioned right in front of Priscilla's face. Big Sister untied the scarf and pulled the panties out of Priscilla's mouth. She then pushed the hapless maid into her mistress' face.


"I suggest that you satisfy her and do it quickly," Big Sister stated. Far from resisting, Maria pushed her pussy towards Priscilla. Finally, Priscilla decided that she had no choice but to lick out her maid and to humiliate herself. Her tongue searched for Marie's pussy through the mass of pubic hair. She found Marie's clit first and tongued that. Marie screamed through her gag. After her initial success, Priscilla explored lower and tasted and smelled Marie's womanhood. Heat radiated from the maid. Priscilla tongue penetrated Marie and then went back up to her clit. Marie was lost in feelings she had only hoped and prayed for.




"There that should hold you, sweetie," Little Sister said with a sly grin. Little Sister had forced Gail to drive Priscilla's car to a secluded spot near the phone booth. She had put the top up on the convertible after tying Gail's hands behind her back with cord that she had brought. She had crossed and tied Gail's ankles to the underside of the car seat. Interestingly, she had found a coil of rope in the tiny trunk of the car and had wrapped that around Gail's body pinning her to the seat.


"I called my daddy and he'll be looking for me. You'll be caught if you don't leave now!" Gail hissed.


"Silly girl...he'll be looking for your car, not this one. If he looks this way, he'll see a woman sitting in the car, assuming he can see anything at all. By the time he finds you, we'll be long gone. Big Sister has no doubt captured that horny maid. She is letting her pussy make her decisions. But it is time to take some precautions," Little Sister grinned as she spoke. She looked in the glove compartment of the car and took out a pair of gloves and another scarf. This scarf was a long oblong affair, with red and blue geometric patterns. The gloves were ladies brown leather driving gloves. She took one of those, squeezed it in one hand, squeezed Gail's cheeks with the other. Gail didn't resist as the glove was forced into her mouth.




Priscilla was fully involved in satisfying her maid. After she realized that she could control Marie's body by how she applied her tongue, Priscilla would bring Marie up to climax and then deny her the orgasm. Marie would scream through her gag in frustration. Then Priscilla felt the barrel of a gun at her head.


"Make the bitch!" Big Sister screamed.


Priscilla was no fool, she immediately went to Marie's ultra sensitive clit and worked it like a work of art. Marie could feel the orgasm approach and she knew that there was no stopping it this time. Her entire body shook and she screamed into her gag once again only this time the cry continued even after all the air in her lungs was gone. She gasped for air as Priscilla continued the assault. A second less powerful orgasm hit Marie.


"Enough," Big Sister yelled as she pulled Marie back. She took Marie's panties and wiped Marie's pussy with them giving the maid yet another small orgasm.


"I've done as you wish now untie me, let me get properly dressed and you can tie me up in a less revealing manner. I am a lady of ummmppf," Priscilla instructed until Big Sister stuff Marie's panties in her mouth. Once again, Priscilla tasted her maid's womanhood. A taste she wanted to forget. Big Sister took Priscilla's discard scarf gag and looped it over Priscilla's head to the back of her neck. She pulled the end and crossed them so that the half knot settled in Priscilla's open stuffed mouth. She pulled the ends as tight as she could causing Priscilla to grunt. She then knotted the ends of the scarf, finally tying a bow.




Little Sister had pulled Gail's panties down so Gail knew what was coming. She had a weird mix of feelings. She was horrified to be violated like this again and yet, her body was aroused knowing that she would be and there was nothing she could do about it. Little Sister had also taken Marie's headscarf off of her. Marie's scarf was what was called a summer scarf. It was made of very thin silk to be worn in hot weather. This one was pink with small red roses...very pretty, Gail thought.


Little Sister put Priscilla's oblong scarf under Gail's skirt with her left hand and put Marie's scarf under her own skirt. Little Sister was without underwear as her panties had been used to gag Priscilla. Gail realized that Little Sister was going to force her to climax and planned to do herself at the same time. She would have laughed if a leather glove wasn't stuffed in her mouth. The glove was forcing her to drool, which made the entire situation less than pleasant...assuming there was any way for it to be pleasant in the first place.


Little Sister began to stimulate Gail and herself. Gail didn't resist this time. It was better just to get this over with. Little Sister stated to moan.




The phone rang at the pay phone. It rang and rang. Detective Taylor put the phone down. Damn that daughter of his. Now he was going to have to go find out what was going on. He loved his daughter, but she could be a pain in the behind sometimes. He was sure that this had to do with the Headscarf Gang. No doubt she saw a woman wearing a headscarf or something.




Little Sister had her head back, both hands working hard. Gail came first. It wasn't as intense as the first orgasm, but it was still more than she could do for herself and far more than she wanted at this moment. She was covered in sweat and still tied up. Gail heard Little Sister climax and she felt Little Sister's hand being withdrawn, something she was grateful for.




Big Sister had tied Marie to the bed on top of Priscilla spreadeagle so that her gagged face was in Priscilla's pussy and Priscilla's face was all, but smothered by Marie's pussy. The heat and dampness from Marie's recent orgasm was felt on Priscilla's face. If either woman tried to struggle or even shift their position slightly, one or both felt stimulation somewhere. Marie craved the stimulation. Priscilla was aghast at the humiliation. She wasn't humiliated because of the act she had performed, only who it was with. If any of the other women in her circle found out that she had pleasured a maid, she would shunned for life. Still, Priscilla had to admit that she had enjoyed the control she had over Marie when pleasuring her. She also realized for the first time that Marie had exerted control when she pleasured Priscilla.


"Very nice girls," Big Sister said with a huge smile as she returned to Priscilla's room, "I am glad that the combination you gave me was correct. Otherwise, we would have been forced to take drastic measures. Those collections are worth a fortune. If you are expecting a rescue because our watcher escaped, the lack of sirens means that Little Sitter has her neutralized. Knowing Little Sister, the watcher's twat has been well-exercised by now. I'll be packing up and we will leave as soon as Little Sister returns" With that Big Sister left the room and Priscilla and Marie were left to each other's company.




Gail tired not to retch, but it was difficult. Little Sister was stuffing Marie's headscarf in her mouth....the entire thing. That was a square yard of thin soft silk that Little Sister pushed and thumbed into place. The volume of the silk was enough to make anyone gag, but the flavor, a weird mix of hairspray, Marie's perfume, and Little Sister's cum, is what Gail was really reacting to. As she fought to control her reaction to the stuffing in her mouth, Gail could only watch as Little Sister wrapped Priscilla's oblong scarf two times around head sealing the mouth stuffing in place and tying it off behind her head. Then Little Sister took the pure white silk scarf that Priscilla had worn earlier in the day, flipped it over Gail's head, and tied it tightly under her chin. She leaded toward Gail, held her face and gave her a prolonged kiss on her cheek, leaving a distinct lipstick mark.


"Thank you for everything and I do mean everything, dear. Enjoy the rest of your day," Little Sister laughed as she left the car, locking the doors and walking away.


Gail started to struggle, but it was hopeless and she knew it. Eventually, her dad would find her bound and gagged in a stranger's car with her panties down around her ankles. She turned beet red at the thought. Tears welled up in her eyes. Why hadn't she listened to her dad?




Detective Taylor looked at the phone booth. Where the hell was her daughter. He was both angry and worried. He had no idea where his daughter was or what type of trouble she was in. He looked around. There was the normal traffic on the road and not much other activity. There was the sports car parked almost out of sight in the distance. Was there someone in the car? Yes, but why would Gail be in a sports car. Detective Taylor went back to his car.




Gail could see her dad in the rear view mirror. He got in his car and drove away. Tears streamed down Gail's face.




Marie was truly in distress. She didn't care about the cords that bound her, the stifling gag, or her exposed body. She had to pee so badly. It had been hours since she had gone to the toilet. If she couldn't hold it, she would pee on Priscilla's face and she knew she would be a dead woman.


Priscilla also had to pee and Marie wasn't helping by squirming on top of her.




Detective Taylor had driven a search pattern for half an hour. He was looking for his daughter's car. He had found nothing. He had driven past the Adams house twice, but Gail's car was hidden in back of the house. He drove back to the phone booth and looked around again. That same sports car was still parked there with a woman sitting in it. That was strange. He drove over to the car. A woman with a headscarf was seated there. She seemed to be struggling. Detective Taylor got out of his car and drew his revolver. He moved around the driver's side of the car. When the woman turned to look at him, he knew it was Gail and she was obviously gagged!


Detective Taylor put his gun away and tried to open the car door. It was locked. He could see that the other door was locked also. He ran back to his car, popped the truck and grabbed a jimmy bar. He ran back to the sports car and expertly slid it down the window. The lock popped open. He opened the door and saw how well tied his daughter was. He tried to pull down the soaked scarf that was wrapped in Gail's mouth. No luck. He stopped for a moment realizing that he would have to untie everything in reverse order.


Detective Taylor, like many men, was clumsy with women's clothes. It took several attempts for him to untie the knot of the headscarf Gail was forced to wear. Finally, the knot gave and he was able to pull the scarf away. Gail leaned forward as best as she could so he could get at the knot at the back of her neck. This scarf was double knotted, but it was untied much easier. He unwrapped it from her head and the relief was obvious on Gail's face. But Gail didn't say anything as the scarf was pulled away. Anger rose in Detective Taylor when he saw the stuffing in Gail's mouth. Was it really necessary for these bastards to gag his little girl this way? He pulled the stuffing out of Gail's mouth and tossed the soaked scarf away.


"Are you okay?" Detective Taylor asked. He already knew the answer as the light in Gail's eyes returned.


"Yes, Daddy," Gail replied after coughing a couple of times. He wiped her tears from her cheeks. He reached across Gail and unlocked the passenger side door. Her dad sprinted to the other side of the car, opened the door, put a knee on the seat and reached behind Gail to untie the rope that pinned her to the seat.


"So how did you get into this mess, Gail?" he asked as he undid the knot.


"Daddy, I was right about the Headscarf Gang. I found them," Gail said with pride.


"It looks like they found you," her father said sarcastically. Detective Taylor was now working to free his daughter's wrists.


"Daddy, I was about to go and call you when they grabbed me. I was tied up and gagged with the maid. Then the daughter of the owners of the house came home and they grabbed her. The maid and I managed to get free, but one of the sisters followed me and left me like this. I don't know the address of the house, but it was on Elm Street and I can take you there. I think the two women I left are probably still in trouble," Gail tried to explain.


"Untie your legs and I will call this into the station," her father said as he got out of the car. Gail suspected that he noticed her panties around her ankles, but did want to embarrass his daughter. It was difficult, but Gail managed to get her ankles untied. She quickly pulled up her panties and walked over to her dad's unmarked police car.


"Okay, you will show me the house, but you WILL stay in the car while I check it out. Agreed?" he instructed. Gail nodded.


When they arrived at the house, everything looked normal. Gail told her father that she was sure that the sisters were gone. Only her car was behind the house. Detective Taylor left his daughter in the car, drew his gun and headed for the house. He went around to the back of the house where he found the door open. He slowly searched the house. Gail waited and wondered what he was doing. About 10 minutes later he emerged from the front door. Gail ran to her father.


"There are two women bound and gagged in an upstairs bedroom. Given how they are tied, I suspect that they would prefer that another woman untie them," he said.


Gail went into the house. She had seen very little of it when she was held captive. She slowly went up the stairs and called out to the women. She heard the severely muffled cries. Still, Gail did not run to the women's aid. She slowly approached looking in every shadow. Her dad had checked the house and she knew that the sisters were gone, but still her body was tense. In her mind, she expected at any second to be jumped, tied, gagged and fondled. The sight of Marie and Priscilla on the bed did nothing to ease her fears. Gail was sure that this was more of a nightmare for Priscilla than it was for Marie.


Standing over the two women with them glaring at her, Gail burst out laughing.


"You two deserve each other. I should just leave you here like this and let some man untie you or maybe I should fondle your privates. I bet you would like that. How dare you not untie me and your when you had the opportunity, Miss Adams? And you, almost not untying me after I untied you. You both should be ashamed. My father said that I should untie you so I will," Gail was almost red with anger.


Marie had to be untied first and Gail took her time seeing the maid squirm with anticipation. Gail made no effort to untie the soaked gags in the women's mouths. Instead, Gail went to each corner of the bed releasing each of Marie's limbs. When the last arm was released, Marie scrambled off Priscilla and the bed with cord trailing behind her from her hands and ankles. She was trying to claw the gag out of her mouth as she ran to the bathroom.


Gail untied Miss Adams. She tried to untie the scarf in her mouth. The woman sat on the bed and pleaded with Gail through her gag to untie her gag. This was because her hands would not function properly after being bound. Gail untied the scarf and pulled the panties out of her mouth. She tossed both on the bed.


"Hi. My name is Gail Taylor. My father is the detective that that you saw earlier," Gail explained as she took Priscilla's hand, which was still shaking.


"Miss Taylor, please accept my apologies for not untying you when I had the opportunity. I acted like this was a game. I thought that I was in control and I paid the price," Priscilla replied with her head down.


"Please call me Gail. We both made a lot of mistakes. I thought I was smarter than the Headscarf Gang, but they are career criminals and I also paid the price for thinking I could outsmart them," Gail told Priscilla.


"Please call me Priscilla. Without your help, we would have still been bound and gagged for hours or even days. We owe you a lot," Priscilla said softly.


Marie returned from the bathroom, still gagged and trailing ropes. She was shaking also. Gail went and untied the scarf and pulled the panties out of her mouth. She then untied the ropes on her ankles and wrists.


"Thank you," Marie said, "I'm sorry about not untying you immediately," Marie said in an exhausted voice.


"Look we have all been through a lot. You two have a lot to talk about and there will be a lot of questions. I suggest that you pull yourselves together. My dad will be very discreet, I am sure."


Gail had to endure both questioning by her dad and the 'talking to' she expected about being reckless and dumb. Still he was clearly impressed and proud that she had figured out where the Headscarf Gang would strike.


Two weeks later a box came by post from both Priscilla and Marie. She had heard that Marie was appointed Priscilla's personal assistant. Inside was a beautiful and expensive silk headscarf, with a bright, but tasteful, floral pattern. The note read..."Marie and I want to thank you again and give you this token of appreciation. May this scarf give you inspiration in your search for the Headscarf Gang. Next time we are sure that they will be captured. Please visit any time. Love Priscilla and Marie."


Gail smiled. How did they know that she would be hunting the Headscarf Gang? Of course, she was already thinking about it. Her father had forbidden her from becoming involved again, but even he knew in his heart that his pleas would be ignored.


Yes, she would meet the Sisters of the Headscarf Gang again. There was a tingle between her legs when she thought of the prospect.



The End









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