The Perils of Babysitting







Chapter 1

“Daniel I have to go back to work this evening for few hours, so I’ve asked Alison from next door to come and babysit for me.” Susan Jackson told her eight year old son.

“But I thought Clare always babysits when you have to go back to work.” Daniel replied.

“Your sister can’t be trusted anymore. You like Alison don’t you?”

“Yes mum she’s nice.”

“Good, you be a good boy for her, go to bed at seven o’clock when she tells you.”

“I will mum.”

Just then the door bell rang

“Come on in Alison the door is open.” Mrs Jackson called out.

The petite sixteen year old blonde entered the house she was wearing a red and white checked shirt tied up at the front to show her bellybutton piercing, light blue denim shorts, and white trainers, her long blonde hair was neatly brushed back and tied up into a ponytail. Mrs Jackson gave her all the information she needed like Daniels bed time and what to give him for his supper etc.

“I’ll have to dash Alison or I’ll miss my bus, help yourself to anything you want from the kitchen, there’s DVD’s in the cabinet over there if you get bored.”

“I won’t get bored Mrs Jackson I’ve got some work to do on my laptop.” Alison said patting the laptop computer which she’d put on the sofa next to her.

“Alright then, remember Daniel you be a good boy for Alison. I should be home about eleven o’clock. See you later. Good night Daniel.”

“Good night mum.”

“See you later Mrs Daniels.”

“Oh and Alison if Clare gives you any trouble when she gets home let me know and I’ll deal with her.” Mrs Jackson said as she was on her way out.

“Ok Mrs Jackson.” Alison replied.

Alison played a few games with Daniel and gave him his supper before getting him bed for 7 o’clock like his mum had said.

Once Daniel was settled Alison returned to the lounge and began her work on her lap top. After about an hour Clare who was a year younger than Alison arrived home still wearing her school uniform, which consisted of a grey skirt with a white shirt with the top three buttons unfastened, her blue and grey school tie hung loosely around her neck, she had dyed jet black hair with red streaks in it which was cut short.

“What are doing here, where’s mum?” Clare asked.

“Your mum had to go back to work this evening so she asked me to babysit.” Alison replied.

Despite being roughly the same age Alison and Clare had never been really good been friends even though they had lived next door to each other all their lives, and their friendship was now even more strained after Alison who is a prefect at the same school as Clare reported her and her friend to the gym mistress after she caught them smoking behind the gym, which earned Clare and her friend one hours detention every evening after school for two weeks.

“I always babysit Daniel when mum has to work evenings so you can go now I’m home.” Clare said.

“No your mum is paying me to babysit you both; I’ve been told to tell her if you give me any trouble.”

“That should be right up your street seeing as you enjoy grassing me up.”

“I’m going to check on Daniel.” Alison said before she and Clare finished up having a fully fledged argument.

She closed her lap top and quickly left the room. Once Alison had gone Clare opened up her lap top.

“Let’s see what she’s doing.” She said out loud to herself.

Clare was shocked to see that Alison was writing a story about a girl from their school that got kidnapped and kept bound and gagged by the school photographer and his wicked female assistant. She also discovered Alison was logged onto Facebook and also to a forum called Stories of Tie Up Games.

“Oh my god she calls herself Panty Gagged Girl” Clare said out loud with a chuckle.

“So little miss prefect you’re not so prim and proper after all are you?”

Clare heard Alison coming back so she closed the lap top up and returned to her seat. Alison came back into the room and continued to work on her computer.

“So pretty little Alison you want to play tie up games do you? I think that can be arranged.” Clare thought to herself getting up and leaving the room to gather up everything she needed.

A short while later Clare returned to the lounge and turned on the television.

“Just what I need MTV banging away in my ear while I’m trying to work.” Alison thought to herself.

After a while Clare said.

“Is that Daniel?”

“I didn’t hear anything.” Alison replied.

“I think it was maybe you’d best go and check on him again.”

“Alright.” Alison said closing her lap top again.”

Once Alison had left the room Clare sneaked up the stairs after her and hid in her bedroom where she heard Alison come out of Daniels room and go into the bathroom, Clare heard the toilet flush she knew and Alison was on her way out and was waiting to pounce. As Alison passed Clare’s room she jumped out on the unsuspecting girl and clasped her hand tightly over her mouth and dragged her inside. Despite being a year younger than Alison, Clare was much bigger and stronger and easily managed to overpower the small girl pushing her down onto the bed.

“Get off me.” Alison cried as Clare took her hand away from her mouth and climbed on top of her so she sat straddled across the struggling girl’s chest.

“Be quiet or you’ll wake Daniel.” Clare said putting her hand back over Alison’s mouth

“So Miss Panty Gagged Girl, you like panties in your mouth do you?” She continued.

“Oh my god she been on my lap top.” Alison thought to herself shaking her head.

“Oh yes you do,in fact I think you want my panties in your mouth.” Clare said picking up a pair of her own white cotton panties off the bed and screwing them up into a tight ball.

“Open up Panty Gagged Girl.”

Alison refused to open her mouth, but Clare wasn’t going to give up she reached inside Alison’s shirt and put her hand inside the cup of her bra and gave her nipple a hard pinch and twist quick as flash as Alison was about to scream Clare stuffed the panties in her mouth.

“Don’t worry they’re clean.” Clare said pushing the panties deep into Alison’s mouth as she tried to spit them out.

“I think you can fit another pair in there.” Clare teased balling up another pair of her panties with one hand while keeping her other hand over Alison’s mouth.

Alison struggled but she couldn’t stop Clare from stuffing the second pair of panties in her mouth, she then took one of her mums silk scarves which she’d already folded into a band with a large double knot tied in the middle of it, she forced the knot into Alison’s already bulging mouth and pulled the scarf tight between her lips before tightly knotting it under Alison’s blonde ponytail. Despite Alison’s struggles and protests Clare easily rolled her over on to her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back and bound her wrists and elbows tightly together with rope she’d found in her mum’s laundry room that she used for hanging clothes on dry.

“I think this is how the photographer’s assistant binds the girl in your story but I’m sure you’ll let me know if I’m doing it wrong won’t you my little panty gagged girl?” Clare said reading from Alison’s lap top that she’d brought up with her.

“BITMMCCHHPPHHH” Alison cried into her gag.

Clare then switched her attention to Alison’s legs binding her ankles and knees tightly together, and finally just as described in the story Clare cruelly and tightly hogtied Alison.

Alison screamed all kinds of muffled obscenities at Clare.

“That gag will never do I can’t have you waking Daniel or mum hearing you when she gets home.” Clare said picking up another pair of her panties.

She pulled the pale blue cotton panties over Alison’s head so the seat of the panties covered her face and her eyes could be seen through the leg holes, next she took a pillow case off one of the pillows on her bed a folded it into a thick wide band which she tied tightly over the panties on Alison’s face making sure it covered her mouth. To test the effectiveness of her new gag Clare rolled the hogtied girl onto her side and reached inside her bra again giving her nipple another hard pinch and twist, Alison’s muffled scream could barely be heard. Satisfied with her work Clare sat on the bed next to Alison and began reading more from her lap top she went on to
Alison’s facebook page. After a few seconds she looked up from the screen with a huge smile on her face after reading one of Alison’s statuses

“Mum and dad have gone away for the weekend so I’m home alone. Don’t worry my little panty gagged girl you won’t be home alone you’ll have me for company.”



Chapter 2

As Alison lay tightly hogtied on the bed feeling stupid and annoyed with herself that she had let herself be lured into Clare’s trap, all she could do was watch as Clare changed out of her school uniform teasing Alison my humming the stripper theme and throwing her clothes over the bound girl as she slowly removed them. Clare changed into a pair of blue jeans and a black t shirt with a picture of boy band JLS on the front. Once she had changed she sat down on the bed next to Alison and continued to read more of the stories on the T.U.G.s forum,

“WOW!! These stories are amazing; I’m getting lots of ideas for tie up games to play with my little panty gagged girl.” She said playfully slapping Alison’s bottom.

“Jesus is that the time mum will be home anytime now. Listen carefully bitch, I’m going to leave you now if I hear a single sound from you you’ll regret it.”She continued the tone of her voice changing from a playful tone to a tone with menace in it which actually frightened Alison.

With Clare out of the room Alison struggled to free herself but soon realised that Clare had done an excellent job of tying her and these ropes weren’t going to loosen no matter how much she struggled.

Clare returned to the lounge and it wasn’t long before her mum came home.

“Where’s Alison?” Her mum asked the moment she walked in seeing Clare alone.

“She was falling asleep, so I told her go home it was only about fifteen minutes ago, I told her I’d stay up and wait for you.”

"That's alright I am home a little later than I told her I would be.” Mrs Jackson replied.

“Mum, Sarah phoned earlier she’s home alone this weekend her parents have gone to a wedding or something, she wants me to go and stay with her, is that alright?”

“When tonight? At this time?” Her mum replied.

“Yeah mum it’s only down the road, please mum.”

“Very well.” Her mum replied too tired to argue.

“I’ll go and pack a few things. Thanks mum.”

“Clare I’m going to make a drink and then have a soak in the bath before going to bed I’m dead on my feet the bar was busy tonight I never stopped.” Her mum called from the kitchen

“Alright mum Good Night.” Clare said rushing upstairs to make sure Alison stayed quiet.

Clare packed a few things she needed and Alison’s lap top into her bag; she then waited until she heard her mum in the bath, before untying Alison’s legs and releasing her from her hogtie but kept her arms tied and her gag in her mouth.

“Come on we’re going to your mum and dad’s bungalow.” She said pulling Alison to feet.

She reached into the pockets of Alison’s shorts and found her door keys, before dragging the girl out of the room and down the stairs. They went out of the back door so not to be seen by anyone passing by coming home from a Friday night out. She took Alison through a gate in the wooden fence which separated the two back gardens.

“Is this one for the back door?” She asked holding up a largest of two keys on Alison’s key ring.

Alison nodded, but she was unable to tell Clare the door was also bolted on the inside so the key wouldn’t open it, the only way in was through the front door on the street.

Clare tried the key in back door, and to her annoyance it wouldn’t open.

“Lying bitch, you’re going pay for that when we get inside.” She hissed to Alison’s ear.

She then roughly pulled Alison around to the front of the large bungalow and pushed her down onto the ground behind the hedges so she couldn’t be seen from the street while she opened the door. Once the door was opened she checked to see there was no one around before dragging Alison into the bungalow and closed the door.
Once inside the bungalow Alison was taken into the lounge and pushed down onto the leather sofa, where Clare wasted no time in tightly binding her knees and ankles again.

“Comfy?” Clare asked with a smug grin on her face as everything was going just has she had planned.

Alison would have given anything to be able to wipe that smug look off her face; in fact she’d have given anything just to be able to move right now.

“What’s the matter Panty Gagged Girl cat got your tongue?” Clare teased.

Alison growled an inaudible response through the mass of balled up panties in her mouth.

“I hope you weren’t swearing at me Panty Gagged Girl.” Clare said grabbing hold of a handful of Alison’s blonde hair through the leg hole of the panties which covered her head and giving it a hard pull. Alison moaned into her gag but barely a muffled whine could be heard. Alison watched in horror as Clare pulled a cigarette from a packet in her pocket and lit it. Her mum would never allow anyone to smoke in the house.

“Such a pity you’re in no position to tell anyone about me smoking this time.” Clare teased before taking a huge drag of her cigarette and blowing the smoke into
Alison’s face causing her to cough and splutter, which made Clare laugh.

“I don’t know about you but I’m ready for bed.” Clare said after she’d finished her cigarette.

This was the moment Alison had been dreading as she’d been imagining what horrors the night ahead had in store for her.

Alison was surprised at the ease in which Clare picked her up and threw her over her shoulder, before carrying her into her bedroom and dropping her down onto her bed. Leaving Alison struggling in the bedroom Clare nipped back into the lounge to fetch her bag and Alison’s lap top. She returned closing at locking the bedroom door behind her; she took the key from the lock and put it in the pocket of her jeans. Alison knew that even if she could get free from her bindings she never be able to take the key from the much bigger stronger girl. To Alison’s relief Clare began to untie her, and removed her gag but only after giving her a stern warning about trying to scream or cry out.

“Strip to your bra and panties.” Clare barked once Alison was completely untied.

“Please Clare let me go, I won’t tell anyone about this I promise please just let me go.” Alison sobbed.

“Don’t worry yourself my pretty I’m going to make sure you don’t tell anyone about this, now strip or I’ll strip you myself.”

"What did she mean by that?" Alison thought to herself.

Not wanting to anger Clare, Alison slowly began to remove her trainers and socks, while she was getting undressed Clare began searching through the draws in her room until she found her underwear draw.

“Well well Alison I had no idea you were so particular about your under garments.” Clare said holding up a pair of very expensive cream silk panties.

“I’m sure you’d much rather have these in your mouth than my crappy cheap cotton ones off Denton market. Oh yes these will taste much nicer.” Clare said putting the panties to nose and smelling them. Also in the draw she found a number of pairs of expensive nylon stockings.

“I saw another one of your stories on that forum of yours about a girl who gets tied up with nylons let me see if I can find it again.”

Alison who was now wearing only her little white silk panties and white lace bra, begged Clare again.

“Please Clare don’t tie me up I’ll do anything you want but please don’t tie me up again.

“Here it is.” Clare said ignoring Alison’s pleas.

“It says the kidnapper pulled the girls wrists behind her back and wrapped the stocking around them binding the sheer nylon as tight as she could.

“Come over here Alison.” Clare said picking up one of the stockings she’d taken from the draw.

Alison did as she was told and Clare copied the story binding Alison’s wrists tightly together.

“Her hands were now useless behind her back, now Alison had no way to resist as she was thrown onto the bed.” Clare said swapping the name of the girl in the story for Alison.

Clare pushed Alison face down onto the bed.

“Please Clare let me go.” Alison begged again.

But again Clare ignored her and continued reading the story.

“Her ankles were tied the same way.”

Clare took another stocking and tightly bound Alison’s bare ankles together.

“More of the nylons was wrapped around her upper arms and pulled tightly until they touched. Do you mean like this?” Clare said as she bound Alison’s arms so tightly together her elbows touched.”

“ARGH! YES YES. IT’S TOO TIGHT.” Alison cried.

“Tight is good my dear.”

Alison knew what was coming next in the story after all she’d written it and began to panic and struggle.

“Keep still you little bitch.” Clare snapped giving her a couple of slaps on her legs.

“Alison felt her ankles being pulled up behind her back and fastened to her bound wrists with another nylon stocking.” Clare said as she continued reading.

“Please Clare not that.” Alison begged.

“But we have to do as it says in your story Alison.” Clare said as she tightly and cruelly hogtied Alison.

“Now then Miss Panty Gagged Girl the bit you’ve been waiting for."

"Please Clare don't gag me again I'll be quiet I promise." Alison sobbed

"The kidnapper pulled on Alison’s ponytail and yanked her head back. Strong fingers grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open and the silk panties were forced into her mouth. The kidnapper then removed Alison’s thin lace bra and balled that up, even though the bra was small and thin it was still a challenge to fit it in Alison’s already full mouth but eventually she succeeded.” Clare read out, again ignoring Alison's pleas, copying everything the story said as she read it.

This was one of the few times in her life at Alison was pleased that she had small breasts a bigger cupped bra in her mouth would have been unbearable . She thought she was going to choke as she coughed and retched as the panties were forced deep into her mouth by the bra; the poor girl in her story was gagged with two pairs of panties and bra she was relieved that Clare stopped at one pair.

“The kidnapper made sure Alison’s mouth was closed before cutting three strips of very sticky black tape from a roll and smoothed them down over Alison’s lips sealing them together.”

Alison now lay tightly hogtied and severely gagged dressed in only her silk panties as the smirking girl ran her fingernails up and down her soft skin causing her great fear. She was not only Clare’s prisoner, for all intent and purposes she was hers for the whole weekend to do with as she pleased.


Chapter 3

Clare took her iPhone from her bag and rolled Alison onto her side so she was facing her, she switched the camera on the phone onto video mode.

“I want to see you squirm and struggle.” She said giving Alison a hard slap on her panty covered bottom.

Alison shook her head refused to move.

“I see, that’s the way you want to play is it?” Clare said spotting a pack of scented candles on Alison’s dresser.

She took one of the candles from the pack and lit it with her cigarette lighter, then holding the iPhone with one hand and the lit candle in the other she positioned herself so the hot wax from the candle dripped onto Alison’s bare breasts. Clare smiled to herself as Alison cried into her gag, and struggled as the hot wax dripped onto her breasts and stomach.

After the initial very short sharp pain of the hot wax touching her delicate skin had gone Alison quite enjoyed strange the feeling of the wax moulding itself around her breasts, but wisely decided to play along with Clare and let her think it was hurting her far more than it actually was, thinking that if Clare knew she enjoying it she’d find a much more crueller painful torture for her.

“Perfect just perfect, see if you’d have done as I asked in the first place you’d have saved yourself this pain, in future when I tell you to do something you’ll do it.” Clare said before pressing play on her phone.

“MMBIPPTCCHH.” Alison screamed through the underwear in her mouth.

Clare filmed Alison’s struggles and moans for two or three minutes before pressing stop and putting the lit candle in a holder on the dresser

Alison watched as Clare played the video back to herself

“They’re going to love this on youtube, facebook and twitter.” She laughed.

“NNOOMMMPPPHHHH.” Clare screamed into her gag.

“Because that’s where it will end up if you ever tell anyone about this.”

Clare then took great pleasure in showing Alison the video, as Alison watched Clare enjoyed peeling the dried wax off her breasts and moulding around her nipples which had become hard and erect.

“Kinky little bitch is enjoying this.” Clare thought to herself as Alison moaned into her gag as she continued to play with the wax on her nipples.

Clare immediately put an end to Alison’s pleasure by quickly removing all the wax from her body.

Clare wasn’t satisfied with just the video and once Alison was cleaned up, she switched her iPhone into camera mode and took a number of pictures of the hogtied girl from various angles and position.

“If you want to stop these photos going on every notice board and classroom window in school then this weekend will remain our secret is that clear?” Clare said showing Alison a selection of the photos she’d taken.

“You’d make a good bondage model maybe you should take it up as a career when you leave school.” Clare mocked.

It was now way past midnight Alison was tired and just wanted to be left alone but Clare wasn’t having any of that, as she put her hand inside the front of Alison’s panties.

“You’ve been getting a little hot down here haven’t you, you naughty girl?” She teased feeling Alison’s pussy.

“I think you need cooling off.” Clare continued as she removed her hand.

Alison watched her unlock the door and leave the room. With Clare out of the room she began to frantically struggle to free herself before she returned but she soon discovered the tight nylons binding her were like iron no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t work any slack into them in fact she was sure they just got tighter the more she struggled, she gave up her struggle when she heard Clare coming back she was horrified to see Clare return the room carrying a large glass bowl filled with ice cubes she taken from the dispenser in the refrigerator. On her way from the door to the bed she stopped at Alison’s dresser and took a white silk scarf from one of the draws, just to add to Alison’s fear and discomfort Clare tied the scarf tightly over her eyes plunging her frightened captive into total darkness. Alison jumped and gagged protests filled the room as she felt her panties being lifted and huge handful of Ice placed inside and rubbed over her pussy.

“I told you I’d cool you down didn’t I?” Clare laughed as Alison moaned and squirmed.

After a short while Clare removed her hand leaving the ice in there she stood back and laughed as Alison tried to shake the ice loose with little success. Again Alison jumped and moaned as Clare took a piece of ice and began slowly moving it around her bound body, Alison tried to move but she was too well tied for that, muffled screams came from her gagged mouth as Clare continued with her ice torture slowly rubbing the ice over and around Alison’s small but perfect breasts, inside and around her belly button, every part of Alison’s body was slowly tortured with the frozen cubes, her bottom, her face, her armpits, her feet, no place was safe from Clare’s treachery. Once the ice had melted much to Alison’s relief Clare finally ended her torture, leaving her cold, wet, shivering and upset. Clare removed Alison’s blindfold to see Alison staring angrily at her through tear filled eyes.

“That was fun wasn’t it?” Clare laughed seeing Alison was upset.

Alison lay trembling with cold as she watched Clare leave the room once more.

“Now what is she up to?” She thought to herself.

But to her surprise Clare returned only a few seconds later carrying a large towel and pair of scissors she’s got from the bathroom next door. Alison screamed as Clare began to cut off her soaking wet panties.

“Relax my little panty gagged girl I can’t leave like this all night can you’ll catch your death.” Clare told here.

Once her panties were cut off Clare dried Alison with the thick warm towel the best she could, before rolling her over onto a dry part of the large king sized bed, she then took thick warm quilt and wrapped Alison up in it.

“There now I’m not all bad am I? I think we’ve had enough fun for one day you get some sleep now I’ve got another surprise lined up for you tomorrow.”

Clare kissed Alison on her gagged mouth before leaving locking the door behind her.


Chapter 4

Alison’s night was long and very uncomfortable; even though she was exhausted she found it almost impossible to sleep.

The next morning Clare came into Alison’s room bright and early and much to the girl’s relief she released her by cutting the nylons binding her with scissors, Alison was relieved to finally have her gag removed too, but only after Clare had threatened her with the scissors if she tried to cry out. Clare allowed Alison to choose clean bra and panties from her underwear draw and allowed her to use the bathroom while she watched over her with the scissors in hand. Clare then took Alison who was starving by now into the kitchen and allowed her to make some breakfast, but the best thing was being free of her bindings and gag even if she did know her freedom wouldn’t last long

After breakfast Clare took Alison into the lounge, when Alison saw a number of Items that Clare had already laid out she began to plead with Clare once more.

“Please Clare you’ve had your fun now, let me go and we’ll forget this ever happened.”

“The fun has only just begun my dear, Sarah is coming round shortly, and you remember Sarah don’t you? The other girl you grassed up to Miss Mitchell for smoking I’m sure she’d like to read your stories and join in the fun.”

Clare opened up Alison’s lap top which was already logged on to another of Alison’s stories about a teenage girl whose mother runs the neighbourhood watch committee she over hears her mother talking on the telephone about suspicious goings on at house on their street and goes to investigate she ends up getting captured by the woman of the house while snooping around outside, the woman keeps the girl bound and gagged until her husband arrives home and they then decide what to do with her.

“Caught Snooping, how about we play out our own version of this story of yours? You can be the snoopy the girl detective, I’m your captor of course, we don’t have a husband but I can keep you bound and gagged until Sarah arrives can’t I? Then we’ll decide what to do with you.”

“Please Clare just let me go I don’t want to play your silly games anymore?” Alison sobbed.

Clare ignored Alison’s pleas once again and wasted no time in binding her wrists tightly behind her back with rope.

“Alison was then steered to a straight backed chair placed in the centre of the room by Clare. Her bound arms were threaded over the back of the chair and her wrist bindings were made secure to the back of it.” Clare read out loud from the lap top once more swapping the characters names in the story for hers and Alison’s.

“Please Clare let me go.” Alison sobbed while Clare was binding her to the chair.

“Clare looped several tight turns of rope around Alison’s chest, two above her breasts and two below, further binding her to the chair. She then tied a few similarly tight ropes about Alison’s waist. More thin rope was used on Alison’s ankles and then fastened to the central column under the chair. Clare then set about binding Alison’s knees.” Clare read out from the lap top again.

“You really like to make sure your damsels can’t get free don’t you Alison?” Clare laughed as she once more followed the storyline.

“Alison looked down at the stunning beautiful looking dark haired girl who was tying her up and began to regret reporting her and her to the strict gym mistress? I made that bit up.” Clare laughed.

“Clare finished binding Alison to the chair and then went to fetch some items from the table.” She continued reading from the lap top.

Alison watched Clare go over to the table and pick up some items.

“I found these in your mum’s room where I slept last night.” She said holding up two pairs of black silk panties, and some patterned silk scarves.

“Please Clare not my mum’s things they’re really expensive.”

“Well they should taste nice then shouldn’t they?” Clare replied.

Clare then switched her attention back to the lap top

“Clare balled up the first pair of panties and gripped Alison’s nose forcing her head back and her mouth open. She roughly crammed the panties deep inside Alison’s mouth triggering her gag reflex, Clare then sat straddled across Alison’s lap and grabbed hold her chin she squeezed and as Alison’s mouth opened the second pair were roughly thrust into her mouth forcing the first pair deep into Alison’s mouth causing her to retch and splutter as Clare pushed and prodded the silk into every corner of her mouth filling her cheeks to bursting point and pressing her tongue down. Clare got one of the patterned silk scarves and folded it over a few times until it was of a suitable shape to tie in Alison’s mouth. Alison grunted as Clare pulled the folded mass of silk firmly into her already well gagged mouth so it bit cruelly into her cheeks. She made a painfully tight knot behind Alison’s head trapping some of her blonde hair in the process. Clare then took the second scarf and folded it into a band about four inches wide she pressed the band against Alison’s mouth and again tied it very tightly behind Alison’s head muffling her even more.”

“You certainly know how to properly gag a girl don’t you?” Clare continued closing the lap top.

Alison moaned an inaudible muffled reply.

Just then the doorbell rang

“That will be Sarah.” Clare said getting up off Alison’s lap and leaving the room.

Clare opened the front door to Sarah a small slim pretty girl with wavy collar length brown hair; she was wearing blue jeans and black hoodie with JLS written across the front in big sparkly gold letters.

“I can’t stay long Clare, Danny is taking me to the JLS gig at the arena tonight, he’s picking me up just after lunch time we’re having something to eat in town first.”

“You kept that quiet you sly bitch, I wanted to get tickets for that but they sold out.” Clare replied.

“He didn’t tell me until last night.”

“Lucky bitch. Did you get the stuff I told you to bring?”

“Yeah it’s right here, where is the stuck up cow?” Sarah replied giving Clare a small packet.

“She’s in the lounge come with me.”

“Oh my god what have you done to her?” Sarah cried seeing the bound and gagged girl.

“Don’t worry she likes it, she’s a right kinky little bitch.”

Clare told Sarah all about Alison’s stories and the TUG forum.

“Not so prim and proper after all are you Panty Gagged Girl? That’s her username on that forum.” Clare said.

“Is she gagged with panties now?” Sarah asked

Clare didn’t reply but just smiled.

“You haven’t. Whose are they yours or hers?”

“Her mums, two pairs of expensive black silk ones.”

“Two pair’s wow, taste nice do they Panty Gagged Girl?” Sarah mocked switching her attention to Alison.

“Look Alison Sarah has brought you a present.” Clare said holding up the white packet Sarah had given her.

Alison screamed into her gag as she read the writing on the packet “Itching Powder.”

Clare carefully tore open the packet

“Hold the front of her panties open will you.” She instructed Sarah.

Again Alison let out a muffled cry as Sarah pulled the elastic waistband of her panties; Clare tipped half of the contents of the packet inside Alison’s panties.

“Now pull down the cups of her bra.”

Sarah did as she was told and Clare sprinkled the remaining powder equally over Alison’s breasts and Sarah replaced the cups of her bra.
It didn’t take long for the itching powder in her panties to begin work Clare and Sarah couldn’t help but laugh as Alison began to fidget and moan, then the powder on her breasts began to kick in which caused her even more discomfort she so want to scratch the itches but was unable, this just made her frustrated tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Do you think we’ve gone too far?” Sarah asked seeing Alison’s tears.

“The grassing bitch deserves everything that’s coming to her.” Clare replied.

The room was now filled with the sounds of Alison’s muffled cries as she squirmed and fidgeted the best she could in an attempt to stop the itching inside her bra and panties.

Clare took a cigarette packet from her pocket and opened it.

“Sarah I’m out of fags have you got any?”

“You know I’ve given up Danny doesn’t like me smoking.” Sarah replied.

“Do us a favour nip to the shop and get us some, I’ve got to keep an eye on Miss Itchy knickers here.”

Clare gave Sarah some money and she left, once Sarah had gone Clare took hold of her mobile phone and dialled a number.

“Hello Danny its Clare, Sarah’s friend she asked me to call you. It’s bad news I’m afraid. Sarah’s really ill she’s staying at my house and come down with some kind of virus my mum had to call the doctor he’s says she has to stay in bed”

“Poor thing I got her tickets for JLS tonight as well, can I speak to her?” Danny replied.

“Sorry Danny the doctor as given her something to make her sleep I’ll get her to phone you when she wakes if she’s up to it. Look about those tickets it would be a shame to waste them wouldn’t it? I’ll go with you if you want.”

“That would be great Clare thanks for the offer I’ll pick you up about two we’ll have something to eat in town first.”

“It’s a date then. Don’t worry about Sarah my mum will look after her see you later.”

“Bye Clare give Sarah my love.”

Alison couldn’t believe what Clare had just done to her best friend, but what was she planning to do with Sarah?

“YESSSSS I’m going to see JLS.” Clare said switching her attention to Alison who was still moaning and fidgeting after ending the call.

A few minutes later Sarah returned she gave Clare her cigarettes and placed a bottle of water she’d bought on the table.

“She’s still itching I see.” Sarah laughed.

“Yes she’ll be like that for hours yet. Look Sarah will you keep an eye on her for a few minutes I have to nip home for something.” Clare said wanting to go home and change for the concert.

“Sure, I’ll read some of those stories of hers while you’re gone.”

“You be a good little Itchy Panty Gagged Girl for Sarah or else.” Clare said to Alison with menace in her voice.

With Clare out of the room Alison moaned as loudly as she could into her gag and stared pleadingly at Sarah’s bottle of water.

“What's the matter with you?” Sarah asked.

Again Alison tried to gesture with her eyes and head to the water

“Are you thirsty?”

Alison nodded

“I’m not sure I should take that gag off.”

Alison looked at her pleadingly and once more gestured towards the water.

“Alright if you promise not to scream I’ll give you a drink.”

Sarah untied the scarves from Alison’s mouth and helped her spit out the panties.

“Listen Sarah I don’t want a drink I have to warn you what your so called friend is up to.”

Alison told Sarah all about the phone call

“You're lying I don’t believe you I’m going to gag you again.”

“Please Sarah listen to me, how else would I know you were going to that concert tonight? Don’t you see she’s going to tie you up too and keep us both here while she goes to your concert?”

“The bitch I’ll kill her.” Sarah cried.

“You’ll never be able to stop her on your own, untie me and I’ll help you after all we both have a score to settle with Clare.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please Sarah she’s too strong for you to handle on your own let me help you.”

“Ok but you’d better not be up to something.”

Sarah took the scissors and quickly cut the ropes binding Alison.

“You'll not regret this I promise.” Alison said once she was free.

“I’m going to quickly change out of these itchy undies keep watch her coming back give me a shout if you see her.” She continued.

A few minutes later Alison returned wearing fresh underwear.

“That’s better but I could do with a shower though.” She said.

“She’s coming back.” Sarah said looking through the window

“Alright we’ll stand either side of the door when she comes in I’ll shout now and we’ll jump her.” Alison said.

They took their positions and waited for the door to open

“NOW” Alison cried out, Clare barely had time to register what was going on, yet alone react, before Alisons's hand was clamped firmly over her mouth and the the two girls wrestled her to the ground Alison took a length of rope she was holding and tightly bound Clare’s wrists behind her back while Sarah sat on top of her.

“Now bitch what story what you like to play this time?”


Chapter 5

“What did you untie her for?” Clare raged at Sarah as she struggled to fend off her attackers who were doing an excellent job of binding her wrists and elbows tightly together.

“She told me about your phone call to Danny you devious bitch I thought you were my friend.”

“I don’t know what she told you but she’s lying.” Clare replied.

“I’ve heard enough out of you.” Alison said removing her own panties and stuffing them in Clare’s mouth.

“I’ve heard enough of her lies too.” Sarah said removing her jeans and taking off her panties which she passed to Alison who forced them into Clare’s mouth along with her own.

“I think we can fit a third pair into that big mouth of hers don’t you?” Alison said with a hint of a laugh.

“Yeah it’s big enough.”

“Help me get her panties off.” Alison said raising the black skirt Clare had changed into.

Alison held Clare tightly while Sarah removed her panties and forced them into her already full mouth pushing and prodding until all of the panties were in causing her to cough and retch as the panties tickled her throat. Alison tore three strips of tape off the roll and stuck them down firmly over Clare’s bulging mouth.
Alison then continued by binding Clare’s ankles and knees and finished off with a tight hogtie.

“You keep pet mice.” Sarah said pointing to a cage in the corner of the room containing white mice.

“Yes I’ve got six; I’ve got a white rat the garden shed mum won’t allow that in the house. Alison replied.

“Really Clare hates rats and mice she’s scared of them.” Sarah said with a wicked laugh.

“Give me a couple of minutes to get dressed and then I’ll bring him in and they can get acquainted. Alison replied.

This caused Clare to scream into her gag as she really was terrified of rats and mice.

“You’re going to be sorry now bitch.” Sarah said kneeling down in front of Clare and grabbing her face once Alison had left the room.

Alison returned a few minutes later dressed in a white NIKE tracksuit carrying a cage.

“This is Roland or Rolly for short.” She said pointing to the huge white rat in the cage.

Clare screamed into gag again as Alison put the cage down in front of her face, before going and bringing the mice cage over and putting that down next to Rolly’s cage.

She rolled Clare on to her side and took the first of the mice out of the cage.

“Hold her still I don’t want her rolling about and hurting the mice.” She told Sarah who took a tight hold of Clare while Alison put the mouse down the front of Clare’s JLS t-shirt, she took the second mouse and placed that inside her shirt making sure she put it between Clare’s breasts inside her bra, soon all six mice were running about inside Clare’s shirt which was tucked into her skirt so they couldn’t get out.

Clare was struggling and screaming that much Sarah was having a job to hold her still.

Alison took the rat from the cage and held him up to Clare’s tear stained face.

“Rolly meet Clare.” She said with a laugh before placing the rat on Clare’s head.

Clare froze with fear as the rat began to run about her bound body, he even tried nibbling the rope which bound her wrists but Alison picked him and put him back on
Clare’s head this time he decided to run down the petrified girl’s face and tried to nibble the tape over her mouth but Alison stopped him and put him put Clare's skirt which really made her panic as it ran over her bare bottom. After a while Alison decided to call an end to her toture before the mice got hurt as Clare was struggling too much and much to Clare’s relief she put the rat back in his cage and un-tucked Clare’s shirt to allow all six mice to run out unharmed and they were put back in their cage.

“Now what are we going to do with her?” Sarah asked.

“She wanted to go to the JLS concert we’ll take her.” Alison said with a wicked smile.

“You phone your boyfriend and tell you’ll be going to the concert with him after all while I fetch a few things.”

Alison returned to the room a few minutes carrying a large piece of white card a marker pen and some string. Sarah watched as she wrote on the card in big letters I AM A DEVIOUS BITCH WHO STOLE MY BEST FRIENDS JLS TICKET. She then attached a loop of string to the card.

“What are we going to do?” Sarah asked in a puzzled tone.

“We’re going to walk her through the streets to the arena with this hanging around her neck and then we’ll tie her to the railings across the road and leave her there for everyone to see what a devious little bitch see is.”

“I like it.” Sarah replied.

“You untie her but leave her arms tied. I have something to do before I forget.” Alison said taking hold of Clare’s iPhone and deleting the video and photos of her.

Once Clare was untied Sarah held her while Alison made a loop with a slip knot on one end of a length of rope which she placed over Clare’s head and pulled tight just below her breasts. Although Clare struggled she couldn’t stop Alison from placing the sign around her neck. Alison then picked up more rope and tape to take with them.

“You can be her puppy walker.” Alison said handing the other end of the rope around Clare’s chest to Sarah.

Sarah gave the rope a tug

“Come on bitch walk.”

Clare refused to move shaking her head, so Alison took one of the lengths of rope in her hand and folded it double before giving Clare a couple of hard stinging whacks on her bare legs with it.

“Now move you’ll get more.” Alison said giving Clare a push.

Clare knew it was useless to resist and slowly started to walk out of the house, she felt really embarrassed as everyone stopped to read her sign, many laughing at her as they read.

“Good for you girls.” One old lady said as they passed.

Passing cars beeped their horns and flashed their lights at the three girls as they walked the couple of miles to the arena.

“Thieving cow she deserves all she gets.” One of a group of girls on their way to the concert called out from across the road.

Clare couldn’t hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes anymore and they began to roll down her cheeks.

Eventually they reached the arena and Alison chose a spot for Clare across from the main entrance where everyone could see her. Alison took the rope that was already around Clare’s chest and tied it tightly to one of the metal railings. She then attached rope to the rope binding her wrists and secured that to railings. All the time people mainly girls going to the concert were passing by laughing and cheering.

“You tie her legs; make sure they’re nice and tight.” Alison told Sarah.

Alison then did the same to rope binding Clare’s elbows securing them to the railings too. Sarah spread Clare’s legs as wide as they would go and tightly tied her ankles to the bottom of the railings. Alison wrapped tape around Clare’s hands until they were completely cocooned, even if she could reach the knots there was no way she could untie them.

Actually, I've just thought of something," said Sarah thoughtfully as the girls stepped back to admire their work. She isn't wearing any panties. She's absolutely helpless there, with her legs spread wide and gagged like that so she can't scream. Suppose a passing man or woman for that matter wants to take advantage of her? What's to stop them?"

"You may well be right, but what do we care?" Alison replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Clare screamed into her gag as she watched the two satisfied girls walk away leaving her there for all to see.





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