The Present and the Punishment







Story is entirely fictional and not based on any navy.


Leading Hand – well, specifically Leading Hand (Warfare Specialist), Nichola "Nic" Randall smiled as she opened the package from the ratings room. Retreating to the locker room, she stripped off her navy uniform, bra and knickers and donned the bikini. It had a green and white pattern and her unit badge was printed on the right bra cup. Setting up her tablet, she posed for the webcam, giving a thumbs up with her right thumb. They turned out fine but twisted her image - Nic was had a muscular frame from working out with the unit PTI but the camera enlarged her frame. Groaning, she was about to reach for her tablet, but then a door banged.


"Randall, this report is messy!" Warrant Officer Colin Mackie, Nic's immediate superior, exclaimed as he barged into the room.


“SIR!" Nic exclaimed, trying to cover her front with her discarded blouse. Then she remembered it was now a unisex locker room so she had no right to shout seeing a male enter.


"Playing on the job? I didn't exactly give you a break, and now you’re modelling? That unit logo is copyrighted and definitely not allowed on any other clothing, definitely not on skimpy bikinis!" He reached out and yanked one of her bikini halter top straps.


"Yeow!" She cried, then starred at the paper. "Sorry for these mistakes, boss, I'll fix them now." She tried move but his large frame blocked her way.


"Sorry is for low-life wussies," he growled and yanked her, ignoring her surprised yells and brought her into an inner room which Nic never even knew existed. He pushed her down on a hard metal chair. "Now," he continued "I'm going to punish you..."


"Punish?! You can't do that?!" She exclaimed as she tried but was unable to get up.


"I can," He drew out his mobile phone. "Regulations, Section II, Para a. When a rating underperforms in her duty and/or is playing on duty, her superior is allowed to administer non-threatening forms of punishment." Nic couldn't believe what she read and thought she memorised all Navy regulations.


"What...what are you going to do to me?" She asked, shaking with fear and for the cold metal against her bare skin. He didn't answer but forced her muscular arms behind the chair's back and she immediately felt the rope as it was wound around her wrists.


"Hey! Stop this! This is way out of line!" She was shouting now.


"It is 'please stop this Warrant Officer Mackie’,'" he corrected her as he now drew another rope and managed, despite her struggles, to wind it tightly around her bare mid-riff, securing her against the chair. Nic kept on struggling and screaming but the Warrant Officer now bent down and bound her ankles to the legs of the chair. She kept her resistance, so her bound her thighs to the legs, further securing her.


"Will you shut up? There's no one to hear you; the rest of the office staff is working from home due to lockdown," he asked.


"Let me...mmmpph!" the evil Warrant Officer picked a cloth and managed to jam it in her open mouth. That was quickly secured with a longer cloth, cleave gagging the semi-naked Leading Hand and muffling her cries.


"It's a clean cloth. I'm going to leave now. Take the time to think about your mistake and I'll release you then," he remarked, then closed the door.


Nic immediately struggled against her bonds. She wasn't a girl guide, but learnt about knots from her brother who was a boy scout. She may not have long fingernails due to regulations but started bending her fingers and worked on her wrists' bonds. Ten stuffy and sweaty minutes later, she just couldn't loosen the knots.


Suddenly noticing some edges of the chair were blunt, she twisted her arms as best as she could and rubbed her wrist bonds against the edge. Another ten minutes later, they came loose and as she removed her gag and started working on her leg bonds, the door clicked open.


"Ah, trying to escape from your punishment?" Warrant Officer Mackie growled.


"This is unjustified!!! I'm going to complain to the Navy police!" She retorted.


"Regulations, Section II, Para c. When a rating attempts to violate her punishment, the superior can enact further punishment," He showed her his phone then advanced towards her. "Open your gap, open your mouth!" Despite her shaking her head, he pinched her nostrils and jammed some cotton item into her mouth. She tried to spit it out but he quickly sealed it with a long piece of packing tape and an additional piece covering her lips. Despite her furious fighting, he managed to yank her arms again behind her back and this time, bound her wrists with zip ties.


He quickly undid her ankle and thigh bonds, yanked her legs together and bound her ankles and knees with more zip ties. Nic had won female-to-female boxing matches but she was against a guy twice her size and even more muscular than her. She flexed her arms but he noticed and drew out more coils of rope. Those arms were quickly 'locked' against her sides as he tightened rope in the form of a breast bondage. That of course pushed her already big breasts further outwards. Mackie pressed her face down, bend her legs and stretched her arms and connected them with yet another zip tie, effectively securing her in a hogtie.


"This will make you think about what you've done," he commented as she continued to cry 'mmph, mmph' through her new gag. Mackie proceeded to clear the room of objects she could use to cut away her bonds and left once more again. Nic tested her bonds - they were indeed extremely tight and more twisting only forced the zip ties to cut into her skin. Mackie definitely left the room barren so all she could do was roll around and scream through her gag. Much later, the evil Warrant Officer returned again. Wordlessly, he lifted the bikini-clad and hogtied sailor in fireman's lift, brought her back into the office. There, her hogtie were released as were her wrist bonds but her hands were handcuffed in front of her.


"Now fix the silly mistakes you made in the report. I 'm giving you a hour," he ordered and wrapped more rope to secure her to the office chair. Nic found it difficult to type with her cuffed but finally yelled,” Finmmmsh, cam I b frmm?" Holland pushed her away and took his time to examine the edited report. Only then did he slowly undo her bonds. As he yanked off the tape and pulled out the stuffing, she yelped as she saw her soggy white knickers. "Oh, don't worry Randall they're clean; I took them from your open bag."


"Is that it?" She asked rubbing her wrists, ankles and cheeks.


"Just sign this," he handed over a book titled 'punishment'. "And oh, you may want to know, that posing video you filmed has gathers many likes on social media." Nicola yelped again as she saw thousand 'likes' of her posing in that new patterned halter bikini.


The End.








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