The Prom Picture

Based in Singapore, so surname is first, names are two words.


"Yum....Seng!" Came the cry from many tables inside that four-star hotel conference room. Students dressed to their best: boys in suits and tuxedos and girls in various dress. Two in particular, Lauren Chua Mei Hua and Ng Sze Yen, were the higlights of the evening. Both were senior members of the Student Council and both were really hotly sought after by boys, even those of younger years. This evening, Lauren was in an aqua blue strapless, body-hugging tube dress and four-inch heels. Sze Yen in pink, almost paper-like strapless tube dress with a home-made tiara and on shorter heels.


"Here's to post-IB (International Baccalaureate) time!" Lauren raised her glass and hugged her close friend.


"Careful, you nearly stepped on my expensive high-heels," Sze Yen remarked then gave Lauren a light kiss. They both then were surrounded by classmates, other schoolmates and those than simply who gate crashed the school prom. They spent nearly an hour of phototaking, hugging, kissing, and sampling food from various tables, even though they were of a similar set meal.  As both girls stopped, a nearby photograph queried if they would like a high-definition picture.


"Sure," both girls nodded at the same time. The photographer fiddled with his camera for more than a minute. "Hey, what's with you," Sze Yen called. "Just take the pho..." her words were cut off with a loud bang and the whole arena plunged into pitch-black darkness. Immediately, screams were heard but as for Lauren and Sze Yen they simply fell down on the ground.


"Mmmyech," Sze Yen groaned as she regained consciousness. Wait, a minute, how come I can't talk properly, she thought? She tried to open her lips again but found some thick adhesive preventing them from moving. Sze Yen's eyesight was then fully restored and she realised to her horror she was tape gagged! Immediately, she tried to raise her hands to peel it off but again she felt resistance, this time something cutting into her wrists. Sze Yen turned her head and her arms and was further shocked to discover her wrists were bound behind her back and her ankles tied, both with plastic zip ties!


"Mnwhtm," Sze Yen heard a muffled cry and spotted her friend Lauren across the dimly-lit room. A long strip of silvery duct tape was pasted over her lips. From the look of her arms, Sze Yen judged that her friend's wrists were also bound behind her back. Lauren's ankles were equally tied but her legs were bent in a frog-like position, so much that her dress was lifted up, exposing her high-waist light blue panties underneath. Both girls squealed when noticing each other. Soon enough, they both rolled towards each other in the attempt to free themselves. Just as Lauren turned to tried to remove Sze Yen's tape gag, a creaking sound was heard and the room lights brighten.


Both girls heard a string of words as hooded figures separated the two of them and the two girls screamed and kicked. Lauren was less familiar with it but Sze Yen recognised it as the Teochew dialect her grandparents used to communicate in. Sze Yen wasn't that well-versed in the dialect, but managed to pick out phrases like "money", "can sell them to", and "very pretty ladies". Oh my gosh, she thought, we're being held as hostages to be traded as sex slaves!


Lauren continued to wail through her gag and hooded thug near her spoke in English but with a mechanical voice, "gag isn't strong enough."


"Donít worry, I got it," his partner replied, also like a robot. Both girls heard the tearing of plastic. Lauren was pushed back against the wall and the duct tape was ripped off, nearly taking part of her lips and skin with it. "Ah...mmpph!" a tube was jammed into her mouth, gagging her again, and two straps were wrapped and locked behind her back. Oh gosh, is this a panel gag? Lauren had heard stories of fetish games from her much older American brother-in-law where people would be restrained in weird devices. Oh shit, how could this exist in this restrictive country of mine? Across the room, Sze Yen was similarly gagged and their captors crudely pinched the boobs to test out the new gag. Their cries were definitely muted but both girls gave evil looks from the boob pinching they were subjected to.


Both students expected that would be the end of it but nope, the captors drew out ropes magically and began to wrap them below and above the girls' breasts. When finished their arms were tightly bound to their sides and their dress-covered boobs were pushed out more. After muttering in the Teochew dialect again, one of the captors drew out a camera and started taking pictures of the helpless captives. With their new thick gags and restraints, neither girl could move away as the cameraman snapped shots after shots of them. After a while, each girl was held and lifted up and the camera took pictures of their panties--Lauren's blue ones as described earlier and Sze Yen's beige bikini panties--cause both girls to further utter muted screams of protest.


Both captives were then subjected to further humiliation as their prom dresses were removed. Once off, Lauren had a match blue translucent bra on while Sze Yen was covered with a skin-tone bra that better covered her nipples. After another half an hour of picture-taking, muffled swearing and struggling, both captors stopped. It was far from over as both girls were further hogtied, their bound wrists lashed together with their bound ankles. Then, Sze Yen was picked up. "Nmmm! Whermmmytammmkr! Lehmmhr!" Lauren cried but the room light were switched off and the only sound heard was her muffled cries. Suddenly, streams of light shone and there were shouts of both of their names. Oh gosh, I'm being rescued....


Weeks later


Lauren massaged the dark red marks on her wrists and applied more ointment aimlessly. Both girls were found after their classmates immediately noticed they were missing and apparently they were held in an abandoned building just across from the hotel where their prom was held. After tireless question by the police and more investigations, their captors were still at large and no pictures of the bound and semi-naked states were found online or amongst any known criminals. So much for believing it could end like a CSI episode, Lauren thought and then got a Whatsapp message from Sze Yen who was outside. "What's up?" she queried after hugging her friend, who also had the same wrists marks.


"This," she said, showing her a picture of the two of them side by side at the prom.




The End.









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