Three Cases, One Detective







“Enter," Chief Detective Inspector Jeremy McDonnell called out. In came one of his very junior detectives, Charlotte Louise Holmes, a five foot two junior Detective inspector in a business suit, tights and flat heel shoes.


"Yes, Holmes?"


"Sir, I've a case that I'll like to take."


"There are so many cases still open, why would I let take one?"


"Cause I've been following it and I don't think anyone else has," she said confidently.


"You have..." he glanced at his watch, "thirty minutes to tell me all about them."

Two weeks earlier



"So, once again Mrs Rivers, what's the combination of the safe?' the masked man peered at the middle aged lady bound with zip ties to the chair.


"One...eight...nine," she muttered finally. "Please, stop hurting my daughters," she cried, twisting her head to see her youngest daughter as the masked man put ice cubes on her breasts, the water running down and thus making her light coloured bra extremely visible through her brown T-shirt. The other thug was using a TENS electric unit to electro shock her 20 year old daughter who was in a tube top and black mini skirt. "We have to see," he motioned to another accomplice who twisted the dials on the ancient safe. With a groaning click, it snapped open.


"Please, let us go..." Mrs. Rivers pleaded.


"Now boys, you know what to do when women whine," the leader said and a cloth was shoved into the younger daughter's mouth, sealing it with another longer length of cloth. This resulted in only muffled cries from the young teen. "Stop...what...those are my panti...mmmppph," the older girl had her bikini underwear in her mouth, sealed in place by two long pieces of duct tape.


"Please, I've helped you....MMmmmph!!!": The mother was gagged with a black ball gag and a thick piece of cloth around it. "Blindfold them," the leader ordered and with their eyesight and speech curtailed, the man set about their tasks."



"No one figured out what it was. The local detectives checked the safe a dozen times over but nothing was taken."


"Ok, so you're telling me you know something they don't?" the Chief Inspector asked.


"Well, sir, there was another similar case on the same day, many time zones away.”




Early evening


"Ma, please, give them what they want," the fourteen year old girl in the light blue sundress-like school uniform pleaded, twisting against her bonds.


"No, don't give them anything; that contains grandpa's treasures," protested the older eighteen year old daughter, also wearing her school uniform, a dark blue skirt with white blouse and blue inner collars.


"Wah, girls arguing," the leader said with a heavy Asian accent. "Talk too much," he motioned and his comrades produced a long and a short piece of cloth.


"!!" the younger one called out as she was tightly cleave gagged. The man who did it lowered the straps of her school uniform and beige bra and pinched her breast.


"Hey, cut that out!" cried the older sister, then her eyes widened. "What are you doing with my!!!" the translucent underwear was jammed her mouth, sealed tightly with two stripes of tape. She too received a test of the gag with her blouse unbuttoned and breast pinched.


"Ni men," the wife started in Mandarin but the ring leader yanked her black hair and growled for the combination. "yi, liu, shi," she finally said the code one, six, ten. Before she could talk any further, a red ball gag was thrust in her mouth.




"The local police again didn't find anything of value," Detective Holmes said. Nothing was taken from the safe, or the house."


"So you’re telling me there are two cases really, miles apart, but there's nothing to investigate," her boss summarised.


"Actually I believe there is. I've been digging around for the architect of the first case in the US. Apparently, he used to be Indonesian and his brother was also surprisingly the architect for that house in Singapore. They specifically designed the houses to include a safe. There must be something valuable within the safes, something these groups would be willing to search for. I've got a lead of a house in the next county sir. The architect who designed the place is also related to the two brothers."


"A little far fetched don't you think?" McDonnell said, glancing at his LCD screen. "What do you recommend?"


"Well sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to visit this other house. Ask around especially about the safe there."


"You know we're swamped.” McDonell said, but then he looked at her, and shook his head.  “Ok, you have the rest of the day to work this out. I want a report on my desk tomorrow morning. But if it's some wild goose case, you'll be busted to traffic police got it?"


The journey to the mentioned house took another two hours and it was early evening as Charlotte pulled up to the gate. "I'm sorry to disturb you at this time ma'am," she said, flashing her police ID at the woman who answered the door.  She explained the situation, and said "may I come in?"


"Oh yes, oh yes," the lady said as if she had a sore throat. "Anything for the police."


"Would you mind if I saw your safe?" Charlie asked then suddenly felt tingling sensation on the back of her neck. "I..." she suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground.


"Yes, I mind," the male voice said, as the man removed the wig.





“Ow,” Charlie cried as she blinked her eyes several times to clear her vision. "Mmmm..." was the first sound she heard and that repeated over and over again.


She twisted her head and saw three figures, two young girls and a middle-aged lady, not the one she saw earlier. The first was bound to the chair with zip ties, still in her school blouse and skirt but legs spread open to expose her nylon covered crotch. The second, definitely older girl was in a tight halter dress and similar bound with legs spread open to reveal red knickers. Unlike her sister, she was taped gagged with something definitely in her mouth. The mother was in slacks and a long-sleeved shirt and she was ball-gagged.


"Welcome back to life Detective Charlotte Holmes," the man said, now back in his dark suit and ski mask. "I suppose congratulations are in order, you discovered the case for the three safes. As you can see, the third family has been gagged nicely and we have accessed the last safe. So there's nothing more you can gain here."


"You're making a very serious mistake," Charlie replied then realising she was cuffed with her own police handcuffs and only in her blouse, which was unbuttoned. You bastards, she thought, how dare you strip the clothes of a police detective?!


"Oh wait, let's get you some place more private," he remarked and two men hoisted her up. She soon found herself in the basement of the house where the men wasted no time in stringing her up in a tight hogtie.


"You could at least tell me what was so special in all three safes," she grunted against the coarse rope and chill of the basement.


"We could, but that would spoil our game," the leader said. "Recognise this?"


"You pervert," she tried to spit, seeing him bunch up her own knickers and knowing what was next.


"Open wide honey," he said but still pinched her nostrils for effect. She nearly retched at the taste of her own crotch. "As you officers like to say, you have the right to remain silent." He flipped her over and she closed her eyes, dreading the assault.


Instead, she felt rope being wrapped around her waist and yanked against her clitoris and anus. "You do need some stimulation," he remarked as the crotch rope took effect and she started squirming.


Tried as she might, Charlotte just could not pick her way out of her bonds. Just as another wave of sensual stimulation ran through her body, she heard scuffling up stairs. "Hey, hey, someone's down there!" a voice said. Suddenly a flashlight shone on her, albeit embarrassingly on her exposed boobs.





"Luckily the younger girl's boyfriend dropped by," Chief Inspector McDonnell, said, passing her a cup of tea. The thugs or whoever they were had taken her bra, tights and the rest of her working clothes so she had to make do with an oversized coat. "Or you'll be freezing to death in that cellar. I've put a team out on this group and case. As you expect, we again couldn't find anything missing from the safe here and the house. It's an open case."



The end...


For Now...







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