Tropical Troubles – part 1




"Charlie the view is so lovely!" 18 year old Sian Waddington cried out as she spotted the sun peeking out amongst the clouds.


"Yeah, nice," Charlotte Talpin, her university roommate replied, only briefly looking up and returning to her book. Both girls were on a boat loaned by Sian's uncle and which had travelled south of the equator. They had planned this escape to a tropical region to escape the freezing winter back home and to get some tan. Sian was in a strapless bikini with little ducks as patterns with the bikini bottom really skimpy.

Charlotte was in a light blue halter bikini, her very first, after her friend pressured her to buy a two-piece.


"You gotta get your nose out of the books and enjoy nature," Sian quipped.


"Well, it's still important to keep track of my course," Charlotte replied, as she flipped a page on her Roman history book. "Where are we again?"


"We're...hey look! Something's over there!" Sian suddenly pointed.


"All I see is wa...oh," Charlie got up and saw the object floating in the distance. Sian quickly brought the boat's engine to life and headed in the direction. It was soon clear the object was a lifeboat with two men inside.


"Ahoy there!" Sian called. "Need help? What happened?"


"Sure thing Miss," one of the men with a beard called. "Our boat was small and started leaking, we were lucky to get off before it sunk. Could we come aboard and get a lift back to the harbour?"


"Sure," and within minutes the men and their life raft were onboard. "I'll get you guys cold drinks," Sian said and disappeared down below.


"So what were you guys doing?" Charlie simply asked.


"None of your business girlie," the second shorter man said, as he suddenly produced a pistol in his hand.  Both girls screamed, with Sian dropping the plastic bottles on the deck. "Shut the hell up and get inside, both of you! Inside, hands on your heads!"


"Please please don't hurt us!!!!" Sian cried as she stumbled down the stairs into the pantry area.


"We just saved you two!!! Take what you want and leave!!!" Charlie cried. “Oh my gosh,” she thought, “I expected this trip to be boring, not turn into a nightmare!”


"Shut the heck up!" Both men screamed simultaneously and then instructed the university students to kneel on the ground.


"Ow!!!" Sian cried as rope secured her wrists together. "Please you don't have to..."


"One last time bitch, shut your gap before my colleague puts bullets in every part of her body," he threatened her. Both girls protests fell to only whimpers as then men secured ropes all over their wrists, arms and wrap breast bondages ties across their partially clad breasts. This pushed out Sian’s 32B boobs while Charlie's 34C breasts were thrust out like two gigantic fruits.


The men had just finished binding their ankles when suddenly a siren was heard. "Sea Patrol. Throw them over there!" The bearded man ordered. The two bound girls screamed as they were literally forced into the medium-sized closet. "Lock the door and the cabin door," he ordered.


"Shit, ow!" Charlie cried as Sian's bound feet struck her boobs. "Watch it!"


"Hey, I'm squashed too," the blonde-haired girl retorted. "See if you can push the door."


The chestnut brown-haired girl tried but it was firmly locked. "Great work, Sian."


"What? I thought they were really people with a capsized boat not..." the door burst open and the two thugs dragged them out.


"Look, please can you just...mmmmmph!!!" the shorter man hand-gagged her. Meanwhile, Charlie was dragged into the bunk room, and saw that the men had ransacked their bags.


"Which one is yours hunny?" He pointed at two pairs of undies, one white the other pinkish and bikini-like. Charlie just stared at him and mouth the word 'pervert'.


"Okay," he nodded and his colleague cocked the pistol. "PLEASE!!!" Charlie cried and then pointed. "Always obey orders," the bearded one commented and picked up the skimpy knickers. "Open wide sweetie."


"Noo....mmmmpph!!!" With her nosed pinched, the underwear was forced in her mouth and sealed in place with a long piece of duct tape.


"Now, looks like your big boobs friend wears granny undies," he commented and soon enough both girls were gagged with each other's underwear. "There now, adds a new part to your holiday doesn't it girls?" Charlie wanted to curse then man but the gag really muffled any words.


For the next two hours, the girls were at the mercy of both men--one would steer the boat while the other would watch over them or literally molest them, running his hands all over their scantily clad bodies. Then, both girls yelped through their gags as they were thrown against the wall when the boat came to a sudden stop. The bearded men came down and with their ankles bonds removed, they were marched upstairs.


"Welcome to Isla de la fatalidad," the senior man said, as the girls set foot on the sandy beach of an Island. "Know what that means?"


“Island of doom,” Charlie thought, starting to tremble against her bonds.


"Stand them still," he told his partner. Sian felt a rope wrap just above her skimpy bikini bottom and then "mmmph!" another part of the rope was pulled tight against her crotch and her anus, finally secured to the loop around her torso. She started feeling strange sensations coming from her pussy and moaned away. Minutes later, Charlie had the same rope tie and both girls started to stumble around from the tingling of their clitoris.


"Enjoying the stimulation girls?" the bearded man said.


"Better than anything your boyfriends can give you," the shorter one added.


"Ok ladies; see that clearing between the trees? I want you girls to march over there, count to twenty," he ordered, raising the pistol. "Now!"


Both girls literally ran towards the clearing, their calls of the numbers still muffled as ran. Charlie finished up to twenty then chanced it and turned back. The thugs and the rented boat were gone!!!


"MmmSiammm," she cried, tried to turn her friend around. "Thmmmgnnn. "


"Mmmm," Sian cried, "Wmmmaban..."


"Mmmp," Charlie gestured and Sian blinked before understanding and bending down. Tediously, Charlotte ran her fingers against her friend's taped lips and finally got the edge peeled. Ever so slowly so as not to rip her face, she peeled the tape off then helped Sian extract the white soggy underwear.


"Oh gosh, oh gosh," Sian panted, both in relief of the removal but more due to the tingling crotch rope. Then she exchanged positions, and almost ten minutes later, Charlie spat out Sian's skimpy undies.


"Thank goodness," Sian quipped. "Oh gosh, where are we?"


"Doesn’t matter yet, damn it, Sian, get this damn crotch rope off me!" After another sweaty load of fingering, both girls had dislodged each other's crotch ropes, albeit letting the band still remain around their waist.


"Thanks," Sian remarked. "Where are we?




To Be Continued (hopefully before Christmas!) 







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