Tropical Troubles - Part 2






"Isla de la fatalidad", Charlie replied. "the Isle of Doom.”  Looking at Sian and herself, she said “Worry about that later.  First, let's get out of the remainder of these ropes."


Both girls turned back-to-back once more and tried to pick at the knots, alas to no avail. "They're too friggin tight," Charlie exclaimed, nearly chipping her fingernails. "Dammit!"


"Maybe we can walk back to the beach and try to hail other boats," Sian suggested.


"What about our underwear?"


"You wanna pick up those soggy undies?"

Still bound from wrists to arms, the girls did so and scanned the area. Alas, no other ships were to be found and the heat from the sun was literally 'burning' them. "We've got to get away from this heat," Sian exclaimed, her tongue hanging like a puppy asking for water.  “Let’s get into the forest.”


They did so and once in the shades of trees, Charlie had and idea. "Hey, why do’nt we try to rub against those trees to get the ropes of?"


They tried so but after nearly half an hour of rubbing and several abrasions against their skin, the ropes just wouldn't budge or slack one bit. "Damnit!" Charlie cried. "This is some December Nightmare!"


"Hey, at least we're alive," Sian said, moving forward.


"Where are you going? First you let strange men onto our boat, now you're just wandering off into a strange forest?"


"Hey,” Sian snapped back.  “I didn't know they were strange. Second, there's got to be something else here to help us remove the bonds around here. You coming?" Eventually, the shorter girl did but after a while, all they encountered was even more vegetation, mud and insects.


"Yikes," Charlie screamed as she tried to unsuccessfully swat away an insect.


"Could be worse," Sian grunted "I need to pee."


"Well do so while I get rid of these mosquitoes," her friend replied.


"I don't want to soak my bikini bottom, can you help me?"


"That is the weirdest request I ever had from you." As soon as Sian's call of nature was finished and Charlie had strained her bound arms to pull her briefs up, they heard a sharp sound. "What's that? Thunder?" Charlie asked.


"Could be a firecracker, or even a gun shot," Sian remarked.


“Who would want to shoot...yow!" Before she could say another word, both of them were suddenly hoisted up in the air in a large net.


"What the heck is this?!!" Both girls screamed. As fast as they were brought up in the net, they were lowered down, albeit more carefully.


"Alright, what the heck is this?" They both heard a new voice. As the large net was torn away, they both saw two men both with rifles looking down at them. Both parties said 'who are you' in unison.


"We're....our boat was hijacked and then the men left us bound on the beach," Sian quickly explained to the guy who called himself John. She didn't want to say about the panty gags.


"Do you have something to cut us free?" Charlie asked, with a pleading look.




The other man nodded and soon enough the ropes were hacked away. "Oh thank goodness!!!" The girls exclaimed, rubbing their arms to regain circulation. 


"So uh, how did you guys happen to be here?"


The men looked at each other then John told them they were just exploring the island, hoping to capture wild creatures. "Oh," Charlie said, not really interested. "Do have a boat or something to bring us back to the main harbour?"


Rob was about to answer when John said, "it's a little broken, and on the other side of the island."


"Oh, well, we still would like a lift back." Despite Charlie's plea, John just told the girls to follow them. With more insects buzzing around them, the freed bikini-clad girls did so.


Around an hour later, the girls found themselves in a clearing where the two men stopped and they took out some devices. "What's that?" Sian asked.


"These?  They are devices to get the bearing of your location," Charlie remarked, having read about them.


"Quiet," the men said and focused on their work.


"Are you guys really explorers? You're looking for something right?"


"Shut you mouth girl," John said and suddenly grabbed Charlie, his arm pressing hard on her boobs. "And hands up."


“No, no, not again,” the girls moaned as the men secured their wrists behind them again, this time with zip ties, Sian first and Charlie second.


"We're innocent people!" Charlie cried, "just let us...mmppph!!" A piece of cloth was jammed tight across her mouth, effectively cleave gagging her. Bound and gagged once more, both girls were marched further into the island until darkness fell. With the girls pressed down on the soggy ground, the men set up a small tent. "Do we feed them?" Rob asked his partner.


"Nah, we've only brought enough for ourselves."


"Can't let them go hungry," Rob countered.


"You softy," he replied but eventually the girls were given cold beans to eat before their gags were replaced.


"Ok girlies, the tent is for us. You have to make do on the ground." Groaning through their gags, Sian and Charlie were further bound around their ankles.





They were rudely awakened next morning, both by the men and by buzzing mosquitoes. "First things first," John said, yanking away their cleave gags. "You get this," he pressed some wads of cloth in their mouth, re-gagged them then pinched their breasts.


"Good, quieter."


Without receiving any of the breakfast, the girls were marched ahead and several hours later, they found themselves facing a huge pool of water, a waterfall and narrow ledge.


"We'll never make it across that," Rob remarked.


"Lucky we have them," John replied then pushed Charlie forward. "Ok lady," he said as he cut away her bindings but suddenly produced a pair of cuffs, securing them in front her. "You're gonna walk on that ledge, and behind that waterfall, there's a golden nugget. You're gonna retrieve that and come back to us with it. You have ten minutes. Any deviation, and your friend here," he dragged Sian by her hair, "will get this," he pointed a pistol at her head.

"Mmmmph!!!" Both girls cried. "Now move!"


With the water spraying over her semi-naked body, Charlie crept forward but it definitively wasn't easily walking along the narrow ledge, cuffed and gagged. "Move it girl!" she heard the cry and she did, twice nearly falling into the pool. Finally, she reached the waterfall and just as stated, there was a golden nugget.


“Please, let this be over once they get this,” she thought, and then remembering the time limit, she made her way back along the ledge.


"Igommmit," she exclaimed through her gag, wondering why the men and Sian weren't there. "Hiya!" she heard a familiar voice, and Charlie froze seeing the two men who had stolen their boat, one of them holding Sian at gunpoint. The two other men, John and Rob, were lying down on the ground, blood spilling from their bodies.


"Hi Honey," the bearded man said, grabbing her. "Nice to meet you again and oh," he snatched the nugget from her cuffed hands, "You brought me the perfect Christmas gift.”


"Plmmm, ltmmmusgmmph," Charlie pleaded, having enough of being captured and re-captured.


"Oh no honey, you will be. Once we've brought you girls out to sea and thrown you to the sharks!" Both girls wailed as the other accomplice found the handcuff key and switch Charlie's bounds to her back. The girls were marched once more through the jungle and back out to another beach, where they saw their old boat.


"Make them more comfortable," the leader ordered and once again, the students felt the tingling of crotch ropes, causing them to grunt all the way. Their gags were changed to ball gags--"you girls are old enough to enjoy some adult play". 



"A few more minutes ladies, and you'll be washing away all that grime," he laughed, sending chills down both girl's spine. Suddenly, a siren blared again and another boat--a sea patrol--was spotted. "This is the local police!" a voice called. "Heave to and stand by to be boarded!"


"We have hostages!" the leader screamed back and both man raised the rifles captured from the other pair and began to fire. With the hail of bullets criss-crossing the water, both girls immediately ducked and hoped nothing would hit them. 


After a few minutes, the sounds of gunfire stopped. "Siammm!" Charlie screamed through the black ball that made her drool.


"Immmmmmom," her friend called, hopping like a duck over to her. With their hands behind them, they could only press their balls against each other. Cautiously, they turned and saw the two men flat on the deck, blood oozing out of bullet holes.


"Demmm," Charlie exclaimed.


"Polimmm?" They turned to look at the patrol boat and called through their gags but no one responded. "Almmmdemmm?" Sian concluded.


"Tummmmarmm," and once again back-to-back, their got the dreaded balls out of their mouths. "Oh gosh, so many murders!" Charlie exclaimed.


"We're damn lucky to be alive," Sian remarked then moved to a small cabinet and extracted a box cutter. "Help me get free." Soon enough, with only one small cut, Charlie managed to cut her friend's zip tie open, even being back-to back. "Ok," Now how bout these cuffs?" She raised her arms. They search around but the key was nowhere to be found.


"Damn," Charlie said, lying back down on the deck, then started moaning. "Shit, can you remove the crotch rope?"


"Actually, Charlie, no, you look quite cute like this," Sian said, moving closer


"What? Come on, free me! And yourself."


"Put it this way," Sian said holding her cuffed friend down then stuffing the ball back between her teeth. "It takes only one to steer this boat. You relax honey and skip the books because you can't read cuffed. We head back, sell this nugget, and get rich." Sian ensured her friend's crotch rope was secure, removed her own and then headed to the wheel.




The End.







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