Under The Sea 2





NB: This uses the same characters as Under the Sea . Nudity is implied but not graphically described. Adult related restraints and reference to torture. As with the previous story, no names of countries are explicitly mentioned and all names are fictional.

Main Female Remand Prison, early hours of the morning:

"Galpin, Sanders, rise," the first guard said.

Eyeing each other silently, the inmates rose and assumed the unsaid position. Both inmates received the same fetters: handcuffs behind their back, leg irons and waist chains and chains to link everything up. Clanging along the corridor, they ignored the cries of the other cells until they were at the prison vans. The girls were strapped in with seat belts and the vehicle chugged to life. Just as it moved forward, Cathy probed using her cuffed hands and found the hidden button.

Midway along the expressway, the driver noticed a traffic jam ahead and changed to a side lane. All of a sudden, the passengers and the wardens heard a loud crack and the vehicle jolted. "What was that?" All four wardens asked aloud. The senior member clicked on the intercom. "Driver, what happened?" A hiss of static followed. "Driver, are you there?"


Suddenly, someone outside shouted. "Open the door! Open the bloody door or we'll kill both drivers!" Drawing their weapons, one guard gingerly clicked the door open but fell flat. The door was swung open and before the other guards could react, they all fell with thuds on the floor.

"Sloppy work girls," the first masked figure said and then yanked off the mask to reveal long golden hair.

"About time you shown sis," Martha said, rattling her chains.

"Never too early, never too late," she said, yanking off a set of keys from the unconscious guard and proceeded to unlock her sister's cuffs. "So this must be the magical Cathy," she said, pointing at Cathy who too was being released.

"Creative Cathy, she managed to impersonate her friend till she got caught," Martha explained.

"Thanks," Cathy finally said, rubbing her wrists. "You couldn't have used real bullets?"

"We don't like making a mess," Martha's sister replied. The other masked people had already begun shifting the unconscious guards and drivers, not before restraining them with either zip ties or the undone chains.

"Let's go girls, the drug wears off fast."        

A cottage, miles away:

Your own knickers," Cathy said and Lauren nearly choked. "I needed all your clothes but definitely wouldn't wear your undies. As you probably can taste, I've washed it though not so clean as you wish. Still....

"Mmmmpph!!! Mmmpphhh!!!!

!!!" Lauren screamed, jolting up from her bed. "Gosh, that was a loud one. Nightmare?" Kevin Oates, her fiancé asked, turning on the table side lamp and stroking her hair.

"Yes..." she croaked and gratefully accepted the cup of water he poured for her. "It was about..."

"That incident a few years ago? Snap out of it babe, you're here...safe."

Lauren starred at her partner and nodded. "Sorry for awakening you darling," then she saw the clock. "Rats, I need to be at base early," she said, getting up and exposing her nude body.

"Well, you're the sailor," Retired Warrant Officer 1 Kevin Oates called after her. After reaching the highest non-commissioned rank, rather than accept more postings and possibly become the service chief non-com, Kevin formally hung up dark blue uniform. Finding a job as a supervisor in an electronics company that dealt with military hardware, he proposed to his former commanding officer. Wedding plans however, were constantly placed on hold as she was deployed to sea, well under the seas for many months. He longed to settle down with her and start a family. Both of them however, practised strict abstinence despite sleeping in the same bed naked.

Lieutenant Gooden, now a senior navigator, savoured the warm flow of water, knowing that it would be only a few days before she would have to endure 3 months of '30 second' showers with hardly any soap. As she lathered soap across her body, she remembered her first week in a sub where the rule came down that water would only flow twice-ten seconds on, ten seconds of soap, ten seconds of rinse. Not particularly the best cleaning a female sailor would like, especially during her time of the month. Still, Lauren managed that for several cruises.

Staring at her frame in the mirror, Lauren noticed how much undersea life had taken a toll on her. Her waist, small sized from mostly gym work, was a tinge smaller from the diet on board submarines. Her face had lacked the make-up that most girls (engaged girls for that matter) had, even female officers on board surface ships. She had shaved her leg and other body hair off, not so much about beauty sake, but for practicality. "We don't want unnecessary blockages in the sub's drainage system," the maintenance officer informed her before her first deployment.

She clipped on her bra and uniform blouse but suddenly starred at the knickers she laid out for the day. It was the very same one that early morning which her friend-turned-fiend Cathy had stuffed into her mouth. After being rescued by Kevin, she had brushed and scrubbed her mouth at least a dozen times and rinsed it days after with mouth wash, despite the doctor pronouncing it free of infections. Now...

Snap out it she told herself. Kev's right, it's all over. Walking out, she smelt a familiar smell and all negative thoughts disappeared. "Aw, dear, you shouldn't have," she remarked as she saw her future husband cook her favourite breakfast of scrambled eggs and mushrooms. "Anything for a submariner," he replied kissing her passionately and stroking her cotton covered-butt. It was their morning ritual: Lauren half-dressed down to her knickers an bra, her blouse undone.

"Busy schedule today?" he asked, dishing out the breakfast.

"Staff meeting...we could go on patrol anytime soon."

"Shucks," he said, pouring her tea while he had coffee. "You know, when you're back, you ought to apply for leave and invite the CO around. He has to be at our wedding," Kevin said. Let it be soon, he privately wished.

"CO might, but his life is the navy” she said, watching the switched on TV.

"At least you aren't....what's wrong darling?" he suddenly noticed her blank stare.

"Turn...up the  volume," she croaked.

"And just in. A prison transport van was found at the side of a ditch today off the main highway. The drivers and female wardens were found unconscious and restrained while the prisoners are clearly missing. Amongst those reported escape are Catherine Galpin, who impersonated Lieutenant Lauren Gooden, the first female submariner...."

The TV flashed up Cathy's picture and both the ex-Warrant Officer and active officer said in unison, "Oh my Goodness...."

A Hideout:

"Ah, that's so refreshing!" Cathy exclaimed, emerging from the shower, towel wrapped around her breasts. "This is heaven compared all those showers in jail!"

"You don't say," Martha's sister Katie remarked, eyes glued on the computer screen. "So your navy babe is moving fast up in the world. You sure to want to take a swipe at her again?"


"Definitely. I want that bitch. And with a bigger bang this time too, especially after what she did to my pet snake Frank."

"Well you need a good plan. And a..."

"Hold it. Keep that web page there. I found the perfect catch," Cathy said, pointing at the home page of the Attack Submarine.


Lauren gripped the wheel of her car as she drove towards her base, her other hand flipping the radio channels. All seemed to be filled with news about Cathy's escape. Already she had received half a dozen phone calls from reporters pestering her about her views on the escape. At each she gave a curt "no comment" and finally switched off her phone, although as a main submarine officer, she was not supposed to. Reaching the gate of her base, she saw a bevy of cameras, microphones and reporters. "Lieutenant Gooden!" They shouted simultaneously. "Can you comment..." she gunned her engine and reached the guard barrier. Morning ma'am," the Marine guard saluted, checking her ID while another swept her vehicle underneath. "I heard about..."

"Corporal, get those reporters and stuff out of here."

"But ma'am..."

"Corporal, that's an order. I'm giving IT!" she tensed, not sure why.

"Yes, ma'am," he said, knowing better than to argue with the celebrity officer. Finally reaching her office, she found a stack of messages, all regarding phone calls from the news. "Bloody..."

Suddenly her desk phone rang. Snatching it up, she yelled angrily, "I do not want to talk about..."

"Ma'am, CO wants to see you," the voice of the CO's Personal Assistant was unmistakable.

"Oh, Alright, will be there ASAP." Lauren quickly straightened her uniform. Her CO, Captain Tom Barnes, was very strict on personnel image. More importantly, asking to see other officers was quite unusual. And the staff meeting was not to be until the next hour...

"Morning sir," she saluted the veteran naval officer and commander of one of the navy's newest Ballistic Missile Submarines. Having served on board a hunter-killer sub for a while, Lauren was now transferred to the other arm of the Navy's sub force, one that could create a nuclear holocaust within minutes.

"Quite a stir out there, Gooden," Captain Barnes remarked, standing. Again something unusual.

"Uh, sir..."

"Gooden, Commander Miles is on emergency sick leave. Appendicitis." Lieutenant Commander Miles was the Executive Commander of the sub.

"Oh," she replied. Miles was not exactly the best officer to work with but she could get along with him.

"We need a temporary replacement quickly but the list HQ gave isn't great." Lauren noticed him walking in a circle finally facing her.

"Well sir..."


"Lieutenant, I am personally choosing you as my temporary XO. You've done marvellously as navigator since your appointment and have a knack for initiatives and planning."

"Captain, I'm flattered. However, I haven't attended any command course on..."

"Gooden, that's not the point. I need someone I can immediately rely on and trust. And that's you."


"But XO is a..." she stopped and saw him extract out something from his pocket. It was clearly the rank slides that had two medium gold braid stripes with one thin gold stripe running in between, placed upon a black background.

"Congratulations, Lieutenant Commander Gooden," he said, handing them over to her. Before she could respond, he continued, "it's only and acting rank of course. You'll have to revert back once Miles is back on duty but who knows? You could be XO or XO of another sub soon."


"Thank you very much sir, I won't let you down," Lauren said, fully elated and mentally calculating the extra pay she would get.

"Treat it also as a wedding present. I personally can't wait for it Lauren - I hope Oates is doing well. Oh, keep this a secret till the staff meeting. I'll make the formal announcement then. Good job, Commander."

Lauren snapped to attention and saluted. In her sudden joy she did not see the figure as she exited the room. "Oh!" both sailors exclaimed. "Morning, ma'am," Leading Hand (Navigation) Nichola "Nic" Hudson said. Nic, a twenty two year old, was the one of the junior ratings in Lauren's section and also another female sailor serving aboard the ballistic missile submarine. The Navy was slowly increasing the number of female submarines and there were three, including Lauren and Nic aboard the deadly sub. Nic was a little shorter than Lauren but had a larger cup size--30C--than her superior and was remarked as one of the prettiest girls in the Navy.


"Congratulations too. You made Lt Commander," Nichola said. Lauren gasped then realised that she was still holding her new rank slides. "Uh thanks Hudson," she replied. "It's suppose to be a secret." Regaining her composure, she motioned the young sailor to her officer and closing the door, she briefed Hudson on what transpired. "Nic," she said, breaking normal protocol and addressing the non-com by her first name, "I can't handle the new job alone. I'd like you to join me in the XO department as my PA."

"PA? Thank you very much ma'am but I..." Nichola wasn't in for a full career in the navy. She had dreams of completing at least a university degree and getting a job back on land.

"Nic, I understand," Acting Lt. Commander Gooden said, "I won't pressure you but would you at...."

"I'll stay for the at least the next patrol ma'am and yes I'll be happy to serve under you. Congratulations again."

Later that evening....

Nicola clung on to her trench coat tightly as she strolled down the street to her local pub. The whole ship's crew had given notice to sail in 48 hours time so this was to be the last time she would see and breathe fresh air for three months. In a way, she appreciated heading back underwater to escape the terrible rainy winter. Already, her tights were getting increasingly damp and that would not look well in front of her girl friends. Spying a short cut, she proceeded down an alley way before feeling a sting at the back of her neck. Insects in wint...she fell, but not before a figure behind her caught her.

"Such a beautiful sailor and victim," the masked figured hissed.

Acting XO Lauren Gooden sighed watching the rain pelting down through the window. She had moved into the XO's office after the staff meeting and spent the remaining of the day arranging it to her own liking. With the operational orders to deploy, most of the crew was out say their last goodbyes but the new temporary XO had stayed back to accustom herself to her new increased responsibilities. She had only managed a short phone call to her working fiancée and had to apologise that they could not meet up for an early dinner. Suddenly, as she stared down on the operational orders, the desk phone rang.

"Lieutenant Commander Gooden," she said crisply, expecting it to be an official call.

"Well , well, got you next stripe eh," the familiar but sinister voice hissed.

"Ca-thy," she breathed.

"The pleasure is all mine. So I hear you're XO now eh? We should celebrate again."

"What I like to do is to find you and lock you up again bitch!"

"Now now, that's not the language an XO should use. You'll find me, say hello to a friend. Ma'............am! Help....mmmmmpppphh!" The voice of Nichola Hudson screamed into Lauren's ear.


"Nic! You, you witch I'll get...."

"Oh Lauren, you get to me within the hour or this sailor gal will really be underwater."

"Don't you dare..."

"Come alone, don't call anyone to..." Cathy gave an address. "Little Nichola needs her boss...."

Lauren dropped the phone and rushed out to her car.

Less than an hour later...

Lauren manoeuvred her car into the old junkyard cautiously, inching slowly through the narrow path. Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of bullets was heard and she ducked, only to feel her car sink.  Someone had shot at her tyres. Getting out, she proceeded towards the eerily dark building, failing to notice the other vehicle behind her.

The Evening News was a tabloid and Ben Johnson was one of the chief photographers. He had been camping out across the submarine base when the news of the escaped convicts broke and was glued to his magazine when he saw Lauren's car rushing out. Trailing her in his own vehicle, he saw her enter the old abandoned junkyard. She was engaged and this was usually a place for gangs to congregate. Was she meeting another lover?

Inside the building...

Lauren had spent most of her military life reading charts and documents under high powered lens so entering a place without any lighting was like entering a new dimension. All of a sudden, a light snapped on and she gasped. Leading Hand Hudson was lying on a table, lashed to it by what looked like thick medical restraints. She had been stripped to her translucent white bra and knickers and something rectangular was across her lips, muffling  her groaning. "Nic!" Another light appeared shining down on the Acting Lieutenant Commander. Then another was switched on, and the silhouette of a woman dressed in black appeared. "Welcome, welcome, XO," Cathy's voice punctured the silence. "Always the military girl, right on time."


"Release Nichola, Cathy. This is between you and me."

"Aw, the Commander wants to order me around. No, this time I give the order." Lauren then noticed a red dot appearing between her breasts.  Shit.

"Lauren, why don't you join the sailor girl by disrobing to your underwear?"

Hiding in the shadows, Photographer Johnson had caught the whole exchange and furiously sent a text message out on via his tablet.


Lauren winced as a masked intruder tightened the zip ties around her naked arms, lashing her tightly to the steel chair. It was deja vu again, back to the time she was held captive by Cathy, except this time they had "given" her the comfort of staying in her bra and knickers. Strangely enough, they did not gag her. Yet another figure emerged from the darkness but this one was not masked but had a long shaggy beard. "Meet Hassan, Lauren," Cathy announced, still standing on the platform above. "Hassan would very much like to know about the submarine you're on, especially since such information isn't found on the web."

Realising what this was, she shook her head. "There's no way in hell I'm going to tell you anything. Even if you force me."

Oh? Who said anything about touching you? Our psychological profile says you won't talk that way, but as for the beauty Nichola, I'm sure you don't want her to suffer pain right?" A second woman emerged from the shadows and stood next to the restrained Nichola. There was something that crackled in  her hand.

"Now Lauren, be so kind as to answer each question Hassan asks. If you fail to or we think you are lying, your little sailor will feel a little shock."

"MMmmmmmmppph!!!" Nichola cried through the panel gag and Lauren stared, wondering what to do with this dilemma.

Police Special Forces HQ:

"Yes, yes that's right, I want the whole regional force scrambled now! We have a confirmed location of Galpin and two hostages!" The Police Commander screamed into his phone.

Back in the building:
"Is that really the answer my dear Commander Gooden? I don't think so," Hassan hissed.

"Martha," Cathy gestured and before Lauren could respond, Nichola was given an electric shock to her arm, sending a scream through the room despite the gag.

"YOU BITCH!" Lauren screamed, attempting to shift the chair she was bound to. "Stop that!"

"Lauren, it's so simple. Give the man the answer and she won't suffer."

"Mmmmmpppph!!! Donmmmmmnmmmpph" Nichola responded through her gag. Don't do it ma'am! she thought as she stared back at her CO.

Ten questions later, Lauren did her best to give false answers of the various capabilities of the SLBM sub, all which definitely going to be passed on to rogue states and terrorist groups. Out of them, five still resulted in Nichola being shocked by the prod, causing both girls to cry out: one in pain and the other in sympathy. Suddenly, a chorus of police sirens could be heard. "Ah, the usual Calvary," Cathy said, walking down. "Bring the officer, we'll leave the girl."

"No!!!!" Despite her physical training Lauren could not break free from the grasp of the men who released her from the chair and bound her hands and arms with more plastic ties. "Shut her gap" and Lauren was also fixed with a panel gag. Just as they moved to a side exit, a figure blocked the exit, raising a weapon. "Ah, the beloved fiancée," Cathy purred, snatching Lauren and pressing a gun to her forehead. "You surely don't want to see Lauren die do you?"

Noticing the other thugs raising their weapons, Kevin Oates lowered his when a loud "Ow!" came from Cathy. Lauren had stamped on her foot causing her to yell in pain. Swiftly, Kevin grabbed the half-naked Commander and didn't think of anything else but to throw her on the ground, shielding her and...


The next thing she knew, Cathy and the thugs were being cuffed by the special forces. "Mister Oates, next time you want to be a hero, I suggest you think again," the leader grumbled at the ex-Warrant Officer.                     

"Attention!" barked the lead sailor and all eight sailors stood ram-rod straight. As Lauren, dressed in a naval uniform with a long wedding dress train (it was hastily approved by the Head of Personnel) and Kevin proceeded down the arch, he belted out, "Announcing for the first time in public, Mr. Kevin Oates and Lieutenant Commander Lauren Gooden!" With a smile that could indeed launch a thousand ships, Lauren threw her bouquet and all ladies rushed forward. One hand simply reached out and grasped the falling flowers, that of maid-of-honour and newly promoted Petty Officer Nichola Hudson.


Miles away, the mood was less joyful as cries and shrieks filled the air. "You can't do this to me! Hey take you hands off me!" But the hands that held the lone prisoner did not shift away, especially since this girl was the cause of their misery a few months ago. "Hey!" she cried as one of the female guards squeezed her even tighter. The subject could not have countered that move as she was not locked in chains but in that of the most restrictive straitjacket ever. Eight belts--four holding her lower arms in a ninety-degree position across her chest and four holding her arms to her sides. Another tight strap increased the pain as it was a strap all around her underwear-covered crotch and through her bottom. Her knees and ankles were further locked in leathery cuffs so much that she was hoping rather than walking.

At the end of the corridor was a large black door which swung open as the group approached. "What the heck?" she exclaimed, noticing that the interior of the room was painting pitch black. "You can't keep me in this!"

"Oh yes we can, Galpin. That's the last we'll hear from you." With that, her mouth was pried open to receive a tube. It was a panel gag which was locked tightly behind her head.

"We'll come by later. Enjoy your new abode."



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