Work Experience




Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Natalie Barnes was now in her final few months at St Bernadette’s girl’s school which means its work experience time, this where the girls that are soon to be leaving school get to spend a couple of weeks working in local company to gain valuable work experience in their chosen careers. Natalie wants to work in the travel agency business when she leaves school so she has kindly been allowed to spend her two weeks at a small local travel company called Taylor Made Holidays run and owned by sisters Val and Nicky Taylor.

Natalie arrived at Taylor Made Holidays offices for her first morning of work experience, dressed in a short black skirt and white blouse, with black stockings with black high heel shoes, her long black hair was brushed back into a ponytail she thought it looked a bit more business like that way, she nervously checked her appearance by using her reflection in the office window before entering the building.

She was greeted by a tall attractive woman possibly in her thirties with short brown hair dressed in a dark blue business suit.

“Good Morning you must be Natalie? I’m Val and this is my sister and partner Nicky.” She continued pointing to a younger woman with long brown hair dressed exactly the same who was sat behind a computer.

“Good Morning.” Natalie nervously replied.

Val started by giving Natalie a quick tour of the building

“Grab that chair from over there and bring it here beside me dear.” Val told her pointing to a chair next to an empty desk once they had returned to the main office.

Natalie took the chair and placed it next to Val behind her desk, the three of them chatted for an hour or so in-between answering the telephone to customers, before Val said.

“Natalie why don’t you make us all a nice cup of coffee you’ll find everything you need in the kitchen area next door, and while the kettle is boiling would you mind nipping over to the shop and getting some chocolate biscuits, let’s treat ourselves.”

Natalie took some money off Val and headed to the kitchen area

“I think I’m going to enjoy working here Val and Nicky are very nice.” She thought to herself as she filled the kettle.

“I’ll be as quick as I can.” Natalie told Val and Nicky as she left for the shop.

“Take your time dear there’s no rush.” Nicky replied.

Once Natalie was out of the building Nicky got up from her computer and paced up and down the office.

“We can’t do this sis, she’s a lovely kid.” She told Val.

“I know but we have no choice Nick, you heard what The Baroness said if we fail to deliver the girl it will be us that will be going up for auction.”

“Can’t we go to the police and tell them how The Baroness is threatening and blackmailing us?” Nicky replied.

“That’s not possible Nick you know that, The Baroness has almost every cop in town working for her.”

“How about we phone the cops from another town, there must be something we can do?” Nicky replied.

“She’ll have the phones bugged and her people will be watching this place like hawks, let face it Nick we have to do as she says, we have no choice.” Val told her.

“Poor kid, that evil bitch must want her really bad to go to all this trouble, I wonder what she’s done to piss her off so bad?”

“I’ve know idea Nick. Quickly before she comes back come over here, here’s what we’re going to do.” Val said pointing to the chair next to her.


Chapter 2

When Natalie returned with the biscuits Nicky was sat behind her own computer and was carrying on with her work as normal.

“I’ll go and make that coffee.” Natalie said heading into the kitchen

“You’ll find a plate in there for the biscuits Natalie.” Val called out.

“OK Thanks Val. How many sugars do you both have?” Natalie called back from the kitchen.

“Two for me and one for Nick.” Val replied.

After a short while Natalie returned to the office carrying a tray with three cups of coffee and a plate of biscuits.

She handed both women their drinks and was about to sit down next to Val when Val said.

“Natalie before you sit down be a love and nip up to the stationary stockroom at the top of the stairs I’m right out of paper.”

“No problem do, you need anything Nick while I’m there?” Natalie replied.

“I don’t think so dear but thanks for asking.” Nicky replied with a huge smile on her face.

As soon as Natalie had left the room Val opened a black bag that was next to her desk and pulled out a bottle of pills she open the bottled and dropped two of the little white pills into Natalie’s coffee and stirred it up watched all the time by Nicky.

Natalie returned carrying two packets of A4 paper and placed them on the desk next to Val.

“Thank you dear. Now sit down a drink your coffee before it goes cold.” Val said with a smile.

After a while Val said. “I must say Natalie you make a lovely cup of coffee far better than the rubbish Nick normally makes me, help yourself to another chocolate biscuit. Natalie? Natalie are you alright you don’t look too well dear?”

“No I don’t feel too well, I’m burning up and feel so sleepy.” Natalie groggily replied unbuttoning the top buttons on her blouse.

Val stood up and went and stood behind Natalie and began stroking her hair.

“Just relax Natalie you’re going to be fine don’t fight it just relax.”

“You bitch you’ve drugged my coffee haven’t you? Natalie screamed trying to fight off the effects of the drugs.

“Don’t be silly Natalie just relax. Nick, get over here and help me hold her until drugs kick in properly.” Val called to sister as Natalie began to struggle.

Val clasped her hands tightly over Natalie’s mouth stifling any attempted screams while Nicky held her down pinning her to her chair, the struggle was a short one as the drugs began to take full effect and Natalie fell into a deep sleep.

“Help me get her up the stationary stockroom Nick.” Val told her sister before grabbing her black bag.

Between them they dragged the sleeping girl up the stairs and into the stockroom.

“Get that chair Nick.” Val said pointing to an old leather office chair in the corner of the room.

Nicky dragged the chair over and placed it in the centre of the room where Val pushed Natalie down on to it. Val then unzipped her bag and tipped the contents onto the floor.

“You really have thought of everything haven’t you? In fact I think you’re actually enjoying this aren’t you?” Nicky told her after seeing a number of coils of rope and scarves fall from the bag.

“Don’t be silly Nick I’m not enjoying this anymore than you are, I just want to make sure we don’t end up in The Baronesses auction house. Now grab some of that rope and tie her ankles and knees together make sure you tie them tight The Baroness will have our guts if she gets free.”

As Nicky began to bind Natalie’s ankles together Val pulled her arms behind the back of the chair and bound her wrists tightly together. Once the sleeping girl’s arms were secure Val took a longer length of rope and began wrapping it around Natalie’s upper body above and below her breasts securing her to the back of the chair.

“What are those for?” Nicky asked as Val picked up one of the two scarves off the floor.

“We’re going to have to gag her.” Val replied.

“But what if the effects of the drugs make her sick when she wakes up she’ll choke.” Nicky said with real concern in her voice.

Val stopped to think for a moment.

“Yes you’re right, very well you stay here with her until she wakes up which shouldn’t be too long now, while I phone The Baroness and arrange for her to be collected, if she’s ok when she comes to, gag her with these.” Val said handing Nicky the two scarves.

Val left the room leaving Nicky alone with the sleeping bound girl. Nicky pulled up a chair and a waited. After about half an hour Natalie began to wake up slowly opening her eyes and looking around the room trying to focus, only when she tried to move her hands up to rub her eyes did she realize they were tied behind her back, she began to panic and struggle.

“What have you done? Why am I tied up?” She screamed after seeing Nicky was in the room too.

“Calm down its no use struggling Val used to be a girl scout you’ll never get free you’ll only end up hurting yourself.” Nicky told her.

“Why are you doing this to me” Natalie sobbed.

“Please forgive us dear, you have to understand we have no choice, we had a visit from a woman calling herself The Baroness, yesterday threatening to do all kinds of terrible things to us if we didn’t kidnap you for her.”

Natalie began to panic and struggle even more when she heard The Baroness was involved in this.

“She must really want you badly to go to all this trouble, what did you do to her?” Nicky continued.

“She held my friend and me hostage while she robbed the bank where my mum works. Once she had the money she tried to kill us all, but the cops rescued us just in time, now she wants us out of the way as we’re a witnesses to her crimes. Don’t you see once she has taken me from you, you and Val will be witnesses she’ll want you out of the way too?”

Just then Val came back into the room.

“She’s awake then? I thought I told you to gag her?” She snapped snatching the scarves from Nicky.

“Wait let her finish what she's telling me.” Nicky told her sister

“No time, the Baroness is on her way over here to collect her.” Val said folding one of the scarves into a square wad.

“Please listen to me the Barommmmmmph.” Val stuffed the wadded scarf into Natalie’s mouth before she could finish what she was saying.

She then folded the other scarf into a narrow band and pushed the centre of the band into Natalie’s mouth before tying the two ends behind head under her ponytail. Val then checked the tightness of the ropes binding Natalie before she and Nicky returned to their office.

Chapter 3

“We’re in deep shit Valerie.” Nicky told her sister once they had returned to their desks.

“You should have let Natalie finish what she was trying to tell you. The Baroness wants her out of the way because she is a witness to her crimes and she doesn’t like leaving any witnesses behind. Don’t you see once she’s taken Natalie from us we’ll be witnesses too and she’ll more than likely want us out of the way as well.”

Val paused for a moment shocked by what her sister had just told her.

“We still have time to get out of here before the Baroness arrives we can go into hiding somewhere pack up anything you want to take with you hurry.” Val said with panic in her voice.

“We can’t leave poor Natalie we’ll have to take her with us.” Nicky replied.

“Very well I’ll go and untie her.” Val said dashing out of the office.

Natalie began to panic when the stockroom door opened thinking the Baroness had arrived.

“Relax dear the three of us are getting out of here before the Baroness gets here stay still while I cut these ropes.” Val told her.

Once Natalie was free she tried to give Val a big hug

“Thank you.” She sobbed

“No time for that the Baroness will be here any minute we have to hurry come on.” Val said grabbing hold of Natalie’s arm and pulling her towards the door and down the stairs.

When they opened the door to the office downstairs they were greeted by a voice that sent a terrified shiver down Natalie’s spine.

“You ladies thinking of going somewhere?”

The Baroness stood before them dressed in all black her face as always hidden behind a black scarf, big dark glasses and large black hat. She was accompanied by four other women dressed in black leather, three of whom were aiming pistols menacingly in the direction of Val and Natalie and one who had taken a tight hold of Nicky covering her mouth with her black leather gloved hand Natalie immediately recognized her as Jenny Bond.

“Miss Bond take Natalie out to the car and wait for us, while I decide what to do with these two.

Jenny Bond roughly pushed Nicky over to one of the other girls. Natalie tried to back away as Jenny Bond approached her with a huge smile on her face but was stopped by the wall behind her.

“Hello again Natalie.” Jenny Bond said as she took a firm grip of the terrified girl’s arm.

Val and Nicky watched helplessly both feeling guilty as Jenny pulled the struggling sobbing girl out of the office to the waiting car.

“Girls tie these two up while I take a look around this place.” The Baroness ordered.

One of the women emptied the contents of a leather bag she was carrying onto one of the desks tipping out a number of coils of rope, handcuffs and ballgags.

“You two get over here and lie down face down on the floor.” She instructed the two sisters

Val and Nicky looked nervously at each other both waiting for the other one to make the first move.

“Are you deaf? Get over here now.” The woman barked.

Val started to move followed by Nicky

“On the floor, hands behind your back.” She said menacingly pushing Val to the ground and then Nicky.

Both sisters lay face down on the floor side by side as cold steel handcuffs were fastened tightly on their wrists. The woman grabbed hold of handful of Nicky’s hair pulling her head up causing Nicky to cry out in pain allowing a red ballgag to be stuffed in her mouth and buckled it behind her head, while one of the other women was doing exactly the same to Val. While this was going on the Baroness returned to the office.

“Greta, Elle, hogtie them. Zara you come with me” She instructed the women.

The Baroness and Zara left the room while the other two continued to cruelly hogtie the two sisters, after a short while The Baroness and Zara returned. The Baroness stood in front of the two sobbing helpless hogtied sisters.

“You may be able to smell burning, if you can that’s because Zara and I have just lit a bonfire in your stockroom, very soon this whole place will be a blaze. Good Bye ladies it a shame our little arrangement didn't work out for you.” The Baroness said signaling her girls towards the exit.

Natalie was sat next to Jenny Bond in the back of The Baronesses big black limo with blacked out windows. Jenny Bond had cuffed the girl’s hands behind her back and fastened a big red ballgag in her mouth.
The Baroness climbed into the back of the limo and sat next to Natalie while the other three women got into the front, one on drivers side and two on the double passenger seat.

“Comfortable Natalie?” She mocked putting a gloved finger under Natalie’s drool covered chin.

“MMPPHH! MMPPPPHHH!” Natalie protested which brought roars of laughter from The Baroness and Jenny Bond.

“Sit back and enjoy the ride dear.” Jenny Bond said as she fastened one of the car safety belts around Natalie’s body securing her to the seat.

“Drive on Greta, let’s get our little guest home.” The Baroness instructed the driver.



Chapter 4

Val and Nicky were relieved to hear the upstairs sprinklers switch themselves self on, this automatically set the fire alarm off which was linked to the local fire station, they knew they’d soon be rescued as the place would be crawling with firemen very shortly.

Meanwhile back in The Baronesses limo after they had been driving for a short while The Baroness pulled a black scarf from her pocket and handed it to Jenny Bond.

“Tie this over her eyes, the final part of the journey must remain a secret.”

Natalie tried to resist but it was no use she was soon plunged into total darkness as the fine silk scarf was tightly tied over her eyes. Natalie hated being blindfolded especially with such evil devious women sitting next to her. The remainder of the journey seemed to last forever with the blindfold over her eyes, but eventually the limo came to a halt and she heard the doors being opened.

“MMPPHH! MMMPPHH! She screamed into her gag shaking her head in frustration wanting the blindfold removed as she knew something was happening around her but didn’t know what. She felt a hand grab hold of her arm.

“Keep still or this will hurt more than it should.” A woman’s voice told her.

“ARGMMPPPHHH!” Natalie screamed into her gag more in shock than pain as a sharp needle was plunged into her arm.

She felt her blindfold being removed; she looked round to see a woman she hadn’t seen before sat beside her The Baroness, Jenny Bond and the other three women had all gone. Whatever the woman had injected into her arm was already beginning to take effect her eyes were getting heavy and her vision was getting blurred, the interior of the limo where she was sat began to spin faster and faster, she could see the distorted blurred figure of the woman sat next to her smiling as she spun with the rest of limo finally Natalie dropped into a deep sleep.

At Taylor Made Holidays the office was beginning to fill with smoke as sprinklers struggled to contain the fire that was raging upstairs, both Val and Nicky were finding it increasingly difficult to breath due the a combination of the smoke, the ballgags, and the hogties. To their relief the door behind them burst open.

“Over there on the floor two women quickly get them out.” They heard a male voice say.

Both women were lifted off the floor by firemen and taken outside where they were untied and cutters used to remove the handcuffs.

“Thank you I thought we were going to die in there.” Val said once the gag had been taken out of her mouth.

“What happened who did this to you, robbers?” The fire chief asked.

“A woman calling herself The Baroness, she’s kidnapped a young girl we had with us on work experience.” Val explained fighting back tears that were welling up in her eyes.

“The police are on their way you can tell everything to them, but first we need to get a paramedic to take a look at you both.” The fire chief said.

When Natalie came to she found herself locked in a small metal cage, her hands were cuffed behind her. Her clothes had been removed all she was wearing was a black bra and matching panties. She looked around the room there was at least a couple of dozen other girls dressed exactly the same also locked in cages.

“Natalie you’re awake.” She heard a familiar voice say.

She looked around to see her best friend Bethany locked in cage close by.

“Beth! She got you too, how?” Natalie asked.

“You know I was doing my work experience at the hospital, one of the nurses called me into a room where she overpowered me and injected me with something next thing I knew I woke up here a few hours ago.”

“How did she get you?” Bethany asked.

Natalie told her all about Val and Nicky and how they tried to escape but were captured.

“Where is this place?” Natalie asked.

“I don’t know I’ve only just got here too remember.” Bethany replied.

“You’re in The Baronesses auction house tomorrow we will all be going up for auction, very soon this room will be full of potential buyers as viewing for the auction takes place this evening and tomorrow morning before the sale in the afternoon.” One of the other girls told them.

“How do you know all this?” Bethany asked.

“I was in last week’s auction but I didn’t reach the reserve price The Baroness placed on me, so I wasn’t sold and have to go back into the auction this week.”

“It must have been terrible being locked in that cage all week.” Natalie said.

“We’re only locked in the cages on viewing days, the rest of the time we spend in the dormitory but that is heavily guarded and we are kept bound and gagged at night, so escape is impossible” The girl told them.

The door of the large room opened and The Baroness entered accompanied by Jenny Bond. The Baroness stood in the doorway while Jenny Bond walked to the centre of the room.

“Can I have your attention ladies? Very soon our guests will be asked to come into the room and viewing for this week’s auction will begin. You will be on your best behavior at all times during viewing. You will remain silent at all times and only speak unless spoken too by The Baroness, myself or one of the guests. If a guest wants to inspect you out of your cage you must stand perfectly still while this inspection takes place no matter what they do to you. Anyone breaking these rules will be severely punished. Do I make myself clear?”

The room was silent

“Very good, I think we’re ready for your guests now Baroness.”


Chapter 5

The Baroness left the room followed by Jenny Bond, after a short while they returned followed by a large group of people many carrying glasses of champagne handed to them by The Baronesses assistants before going into the viewing room.
Natalie, Bethany and all the other captives watched nervously as the guests wondered around the room some stopping to take a closer look at them before moving on.

A tall attractive blonde woman possibly in her fifties dressed in a fine long white dress stopped outside Natalie’s cage and smiled at the girl inside.

“What is your name chicken?” She asked in a strong foreign accent which Natalie thought was east European possibly Russian.

“N, N, Natalie.” Natalie stammered her nerves getting the better of her.

“What is your age Natalie?” The woman asked.”

“Sixteen nearly seventeen.” Natalie replied.

“Perfect just perfect, I look for a girl your age to keep daughter company when I go away on business, she also your age you will like.” The woman told her.

The woman signaled to Jenny Bond

“Please could I see girl out of cage.”

Jenny Bond unlocked Natalie’s cage and roughly pulled her out.

“Why you treat girl so rough?” The woman asked.

Jenny Bond smiled and but never answered.

Natalie stood perfectly still like the girls had been told to do, while the woman slowly walked around her.

“Open mouth for me.” The woman said in a businesslike manner.

Natalie opened her mouth allowing the woman to check her perfect white teeth.

“Very good. Can go somewhere private I need closer inspection of girl?” The woman asked Jenny Bond.

“There are some screens over the other side of the room take her behind those, but one of the girls must go with you.”

“Very well Miss Bond thank you.”

Jenny Bond called one of the assistants over to them.

“Take Natalie behind the screens Mrs. Kozlov, wants to inspect her a little more closely.” She said a big smile on her face.

The assistant took a firm grip of Natalie’s arm and led her away closely followed by Mrs. Kozlov.

Bethany too was also attracting interest. A dark haired well dressed woman possibly in her early forties stopped by her cage.

“Come and look at this one dear.” She called to her husband.

“Isn’t she so like our Claire?” She continued.

“Wow! The likeness is amazing.” The husband replied.

“What’s your name dear?” The man asked.


“What a lovely name. How old are you Bethany?” he asked

“Sixteen” The nervous girl replied.

“You are just what we are looking for, we lost our daughter Claire earlier this year she was the same age as you, and our life isn’t the same without her. My wife is unable to have any more children so that's why we came here.”

“Please buy her for me Richard, please. She’s beautiful just like Claire.”

“These people are sick and need help.” Bethany thought to herself, she so wished she could say something but Jenny Bond was close by and she knew she’d be punished if did.

“Would you like to see her out of the cage Mrs. Andrews?” Jenny Bond asked.

“Oh yes please.” The woman replied with a huge grin on her face.

Jenny Bond opened the cage and pulled Bethany out. Bethany stood very still while the couple walked around her. Mrs. Andrews took a comb from bag and began to comb Bethany’s black hair back into a ponytail.

“Claire always wore her hair this way with a pretty ribbon in it. I think I’ve got a ribbon in here somewhere. She said rummaging through her bag.

“Here we are, Pink was always Claire’s favourite. She said tying the ribbon in Bethany’s hair.

“I will call you Claire from now on.” Mrs Andrews said stroking Bethany’s head.

Please buy Claire for me Richard. She begged once again

“We’ll have to see how the bidding goes tomorrow dear. I think we’ve seen enough, thank you Miss Bond, my wife is getting too emotional.” Mr. Andrews said.

Jenny Bond took hold of Bethany arm and pushed her back into her cage.

“Good Bye Claire.” Mrs. Andrews tearfully said blowing Bethany a kiss through the bars of the cage.

That was the final straw Bethany couldn’t hold her anger in any more.

“I’m not bloody Claire, you people are sick.” She screamed.

Jenny Bond was furious she opened Bethany’s cage and roughly pulled her out.

“You’re going to regret that you stupid little bitch." She hissed into Bethany's ear.

" Girls get over here now.” She called to two of the assistants.

“Take her to my room I’ll be along to deal with her shortly.”

The two assistants took an arm each and dragged the sobbing girl away.

“Claire! Please don’t hurt my Claire.” Mrs. Andrews cried out being restrained by her husband

Jenny Bond apologized to the couple for Bethany’s outburst.

I’m terribly sorry about that, this is very traumatic time for the girls please don’t let her little outburst put you off bidding tomorrow she’s a lovely girl really and you’ll be very pleased with her, now let me get you both a large strong drink.”

Natalie came out from behind the screens after her inspection just in time to see Bethany being dragged, struggling out of the room.
She was about to call out when the assistant with her clamped her hand tightly over her mouth.

“Don’t even think about it or you’ll get the same punishment”

The assistant put Natalie back in her cage and locked the door.

“I see you at auction tomorrow Natalie.” Mrs. Kozlov said waving good bye through the bars of the cage.

Natalie didn’t reply she more concerned about her friend and what was going to happen to her.




Chapter 6

Bethany was taken kicking and screaming to Jenny Bonds lavish living quarters, in the centre of main room was a white marble pillar, the two assistants forced Bethany face first up against the pillar, one of the assistants held her in position while the other un-cuffed her hands from behind her back and re-cuffed them in front wrapping her arms around the pillar, next the assistant that was holding her went over to a cupboard and opened it pulling out a number of lengths of rope and other equipment.

“Open wide.” She said grabbing hold of Bethany’s hair and pulling her head back.

Bethany knew from her previous experiences it was useless to resist and opened up allowing a large sponge ball to be stuffed in her mouth, the assistant then forced the centre of long folded band of white cloth in the girl’s mouth wrapping the two loose ends around her head a couple of times each time making sure the cloth went into Bethany’s mouth before tying it tightly behind her head. While this was going on the other assistant had started to bind Bethany’s ankles and knees tightly together.

“I wouldn’t want to be in your knickers love, if that couple pull out of the auction tomorrow now and you’re not sold, believe me your week here until the next auction won’t be pleasant one.” One of the assistants told Bethany before they left the room leaving the sobbing terrified girl alone, regretting her outburst and worrying about what punishment Jenny Bond had in store for her.”

Back in the viewing room viewing was over for the evening and all the guests had retired to the lounge area where they were served food and drinks.

One by one the girls were taken out of their cages by the assistants and made to line up in groups of six, until there was three lines of six girls and one line of five because Bethany was missing. Each girl then had a steel collar with a metal ring at the front locked around her neck. The assistant in charge of each group then threaded a long length of rope through all the steel rings on the collars of the girls in her line before tying it off around the ring on the collar of the girl at back of the line, she then returned to front of the line and started walking pulling the rope leading her line of girls out of the room. As luck would have it Natalie was put in the group of five so she knew she would more than likely be with Bethany if she ever returned to the group. The girls were led through the building up a number of flights of stairs until they came to long corridor with a number of doors on either side of it, behind each door were dormitories each containing six beds, each group of girls was taken into one of the dormitories, once they were inside the rope, collars and cuffs were removed. Natalie looked around the bare dormitory it was nothing more than a prison cell for six people she thought to herself looking at the two rows of three very simple basic beds that were in the room and very little else apart from a large cupboard right at the very end of the room.

“Right ladies find yourselves a bed and you have fifteen minutes to freshen up and use the bathroom you’ll find everything you need in there, before we come and put you to bed.” The assistant said before leaving locking the door behind her.

Bethany strained to look around the best she could as she heard the door behind her open, the moment had arrived Jenny Bond entered followed by The Baroness.

The Baroness went over to the shaking, shivering, sobbing girl while Jenny Bond went to her cupboard.

“Miss Bond tells me you’ve been a very naughty girl Bethany.” She said pulling hard on the ponytail Mrs. Andrews had tied in Bethany’s hair causing her to cry into her gag.

“You’d better pray your little bout of petulance hasn’t scared our buyers away and they return tomorrow. If they don’t then you will be really sorry my dear.” She let go of the terrified girl’s hair and took a seat on the leather sofa nearby waiting for punishment to begin.

Jenny Bond returned carrying her trusty leather tipped riding crop.

“Can I get you a drink Madame before we start I have a very nice bottle of fine Cognac?” Jenny Bond asked.

“That would be nice Miss Bond, thank you.”

Jenny Bond placed a glass and the bottle of Cognac on a table next to The Baroness.

“Please help yourself Madame.”

Jenny Bond switched her attention to Bethany who protested loudly into her gag as she felt her panties being lowered so they down around the rope binding her knees.

“Shall I begin Madame?” Jenny Bond asked.

“In your own time Miss Bond.” The Baroness replied lifting the scarf that covered the lower half of her face slightly so she could take a drink of her Cognac.

“These evil bitches are really hamming this up, they’re enjoying every moment.” Bethany thought to herself as she impatiently waited for the punishment to begin. Through the corner of her eye she could see Jenny Bond was posed to land the first blow, she braced herself biting down hard on the gag in her mouth and clenching her buttocks firmly together.

“ARRGMMPPH!! She screamed as the first stinging blow landed on her bottom, four more followed in quick succession each one greeted with a muffled gagged scream.

“Bimmtchpphh” Bethany tried to call out as Jenny Bond paused for moment.

“Yes dear I am a bitch and I don’t need you to remind me, for that you’ve just earned your cute little arse ten more strokes of the whip on top of the fifteen you were originally going to receive.” Jenny Bond said with evil grin on her face.

In the dormitory room the assistant had returned.

“Do I have a Natalie Barnes in here?” She called out.

“That’s me.” Natalie replied wondering what was going on.

“Come with me your friend Bethany needs you.” The assistant told her.

“Beth? What have they done to her?”

“I don’t know I was just told to fetch you. First I must put these on you before we leave the dorm.” The woman said cuffing Natalie’s hands behind her back.

The assistant led her out of the dorm and down the corridor stopping at door.

“She’s in here.” The woman said unlocking the door.

She opened the door and pushed Natalie through it quickly closing and the locking the door from the outside once the girl was inside.

At first Natalie thought she was in an empty dormitory until she was grabbed by someone that was waiting behind the door, and leather gloved hand clasped tightly over her mouth.

“Hello again Natalie.” A familiar woman’s voice said.

“Remember us?” Another woman whose voice she instantly recognized asked.

The women’s voices made Natalie freeze they were voice’s of two evil bitches she’d never forget as long as she lived, Alison and Caroline.

“The three of us have unfinished business.” Alison said stepping out in front of the petrified girl.

“You probably thought we were in prison with the rest of the staff from that school, yes we were but we escaped and The Baroness has very kindly let us hideout here. Imagine our surprise when we discovered you and your little friend were here too. The long days locked in that prison cell we thought of nothing else than one day getting even with you and that bitch Jodie, oh yes she one day will pay too.” Caroline explained still keeping hold of the sobbing, shaking girl.

“Put her on one of the beds let’s get started, I’m going to enjoy this.”



Chapter 7

In Jenny Bonds living quarters Bethany’s punishment was over, the poor girl stood sobbing heavily still secured to the marble pillar as Jenny Bond replaced her panties over the her stinging reddened bottom.

“What are you going to do with her now Miss. Bond, have her taken back to her dormitory?” The Baroness asked.

“I was thinking she could spend the night in my guest room, and then I myself can keep a close eye on her and make sure she doesn’t cause any more disturbances, if that’s ok with you Madame?”

“Do whatever you think best Miss Bond.” The Baroness replied.

“Thank you. I’ll have a couple of the girls come up and give her bath and sooth her stinging bottom with cream first.

“Very well Miss Bond, I think I will retire for the evening myself now we have a busy day tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night Madame.”

The Baroness left the room, leaving Bethany alone with Jenny Bond.

“Now you little bitch, you heard what I told The Baroness you will be spending the night here with me, you give me or the girls any trouble and that cute little ass of yours will get another more severe thrashing. Do I make myself clear?” Jenny Bond said grabbing hold of Bethany’s ponytail and pulling her head as far back as she could.

“MMMMPPHH! MMMMPPPHHH!” Bethany screamed trying to nod her head.

Jenny Bond let go of the crying girl’s hair and walked over to her telephone and dialed a number.

“Greta, Jenny Bond here. Bring one of the other girls to my living quarters I have a little job for you I think you’ll enjoy.”

In the unused dormitory room Alison and Caroline had tied Natalie face down spread eagled on one of the beds, a white sports sock which they found lying around in the cupboard had been balled up and stuffed in the girls mouth and black tape had been tightly wrapped a number of times around her head over her mouth making a very effective gag.

“Remember how she giggled and laughed into her gag when we tickled her last time, that was so cute. Let’s start by giving her a good tickling before we get down to the more serious painful stuff” Alison said wiggling her fingers.

“NOOMMMPPPHHH.” Natalie screamed bucking and thrashing about, tugging at the ropes binding her wrists to the bedposts not liking the phrase “more serious painful stuff”.

“Keep still you little bitch and be quiet unless you want the other sock stuffed in your mouth too.” Caroline said pushing Natalie’s upper body back down on the bed.

“We can’t have this C will have to tie her down more securely.” Alison said going over to the cupboard at the end of the room and pulling out two extra long lengths of rope.

Caroline held Natalie still while Alison wrapped a length of rope tightly around her waist a couple of times, then she passed the two loose ends under the bed pulled them up before tightly tying them off at the bottom of Natalie’s back, with Caroline’s help she repeated the process around Natalie’s upper body wrapping rope above and below her breasts before passing it under the bed and tightly tying the two loose ends. Much as she tried Natalie was unable to move she was well and truly secured to the bed enabling the two evil women to do whatever they wanted to her.

In Jenny Bonds living quarters Greta and her friend Zara had arrived and Jenny Bond gave them their instructions.

“Take her to the bathroom and give her bath let her soak her stinging red ass for a good while. When she’s finished and you’ve dried her, you’ll find a tub of soothing cold cream in the bathroom cabinet rub some on her cute smarting ass. I’ll have some clean underwear sent up while she’s in the bath, put those on her then tie and gag and put her to bed in the guest room.”

“Have we to keep her cuffed?” Greta asked.

“I think it may be for the best.” Jenny Bond replied.

Greta and Zara began setting Bethany who was still sobbing, free from the pillar.

“I’ll leave you to it then, I have to check on the dormitories I shouldn’t be too long” Jenny Bond said before she left the apartment.

Bethany was set free and her gag removed, her hands were re-cuffed in front of her before being led to the bathroom.

Alison took a sharp pencil from a box they had brought with them to the dormitory while Caroline chose a little feather duster. Alison began slowly writing on the soles of Natalie’s with the point of the pencil which she found very ticklish causing her to giggle; Caroline worked the duster around her upper body, under her arms and over her face as she lifted the giggling girls head up off the pillow by her hair.

“That gagged giggle is so cute don’t you think C? Alison said with a huge grin on her face.

“Sure is Ali, let’s see how she likes this.”

Caroline took hold of the waistband of Natalie’s panties and yanked them down which received muffled protests from the helpless girl.
Alison watched as Caroline started to tickle Natalie’s bottom with her duster in-between her cheeks and between her legs, Natalie was so ticklish in such sensitive areas, Alison took a large feather from the box and began tickling the laughing girls feet again before running the feather up the back of her legs where she discovered another of Natalie’s ticklish spots behind her knee’s. The tickling continued for a good while before Alison said.

“That’s enough she’s having too much fun.”

“Spoilsport I was starting to enjoy that.” Caroline replied.

“You’ll enjoy the next bit better, this lovely little bare bottom is crying out to be spanked don’t you think” Alison told her giving Natalie a hard slap on the bottom which caused cry into her gag.

“I have a better idea, how about a little good old fashioned slap and tickle? You slap and I’ll tickle.” Caroline replied.

“I love it. She’s so wicked isn’t she Natalie?” Alison laughed.

“MMMPPHH! MMMPPPHHH!” Natalie protested.

Alison landed two hard slaps on Natalie’s bare bottom with her hand while Caroline started to tickle her under the arms with her feather duster, poor Natalie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as the slaps continued to land on her bottom and the tickling got more intense as Caroline moved down to her feet and then to the back of her knees. The spanking stopped for a briefly but Caroline continued to tickle Natalie she moved up to her reddened bottom and between her legs which caused Natalie to moan out loud. While Caroline continued her tickling Alison had gone back to the big cupboard and returned with a long whippy cane.

“That cupboard is so well stocked, boy are we going to have some fun with you bitch.”She said flexing the cane so Natalie could see it.

Natalie turned her head away not wanting Alison to see that she was frightened.
Caroline had now swapped her feather duster for a little silver vibrator which she set to the fastest speed before slowly rubbing the tip in-between and around the tops of Natalie’s legs. Alison landing the first stinging blow with cane on Natalie’s bottom followed by another, Natalie was helpless to resist as the brutal caning and tickling continued. Alison and Caroline were so preoccupied they never heard the door being unlocked.


They stopped and looked up see a furious Jenny Bond standing before them with her hands on her hips. She took her radio from her belt.

“Security to dormitory six immediately, repeat. Security to dormitory six immediately.”

“I knew The Baroness was making a big mistake letting you two hideout here, that’s why I’ve been watching you like a hawk since you arrived. Now untie this poor girl at once.

Alison Caroline knew they had no choice but to obey especially as four mean looking leather clad women had now entered the dorm and were stood behind Jenny Bond.
Jenny Bond took her mobile phone and called The Baroness explaining what she had walked into.

“Cuff and gag them, take them to the viewing room and lock them in a couple of the cages for tonight The Baroness will deal with them personally in the morning.” Jenny told the security guards after ending the call.

As Alison and Caroline were led from the dorm Jenny Bond sat down on the bed besides Natalie who was sobbing uncontrollably, and put her arm around her.

“Are you alright dear?” She asked showing a caring side of her personality Natalie hadn’t seen before.

“I think so Miss Bond.” Natalie replied.

“Come with me dear I’ll get a couple of the girls to clean you up and put you to bed.”



Chapter 8

After being cleaned up and comforted by two of the assistants for a while, Jenny Bond thought Natalie was ready to return to her dormitory where like all the other girls she had her hands tied tightly behind her back, and her ankles tied tightly together before being put to bed, once she was in bed a foam sponge ball was stuffed in her mouth and a number of layers of silver tape stuck over her lips.

Bethany too was tied and gagged in a similar way in Jenny Bonds guest room but at least her bed was nice and cozy unlike the ones in the dormitories.

Alison and Caroline spent a long uncomfortable night in the tiny cages with their hands cuffed behind their backs and big ballgags fastened tightly in their mouths.

Bethany who had slept surprisingly well considering what she had been through, and the fact that she was bound and gagged was awoken bright and early morning by Greta and Zara.

“Good morning sleepy head, time to get up it’s your big day today we have to get you looking beautiful for the auction.

Natalie meanwhile had a sleepless night, the dormitory was cold, and she was sore and uncomfortable. All the girls in the dormitory were untied by the assistants and allowed to into the bathroom to freshen up two at a time. While they were in the bathroom the assistants laid clean white bras and panties on their beds for them to change into.

“Are they ever going to feed us in this place?” Natalie asked the girl on the next bed.

“One of the bitches will bring a plate of toast in shortly, be quick and grab what you can because there won’t be a lot of it.” The girl replied.

The door of the viewing room opened and Jenny Bond entered followed by The Baroness. This time Jenny Bond stood in the doorway while The Baroness approached the two girls in the cages.

“I’m disappointed in you two I really am, you gave me your word I could trust you, and you repay my trust by doing this. I’ve thought long and hard about your punishment, and decided that caning or some other kind of corporal punishment won’t do any good in your case, so I’ve decided there are going to be two extra lots in this afternoon’s auction. Miss. Bond have the girls prepare them for this morning’s viewing.”

The Baroness turned and left the room followed by Jenny Bond.

Bethany had been washed, changed and fed by Greta and Zara her hands had been cuffed behind her back as she was about to be taken to the dormitory to join the other girls in her group.

The girl was right there was a mad scramble for the toast but Natalie managed to grab herself a couple of pieces, she didn’t know cold toast could ever taste so good, as this was her first food since the previous morning.
When the door of the dormitory opened the girls thought it was the assistants come to take them to the viewing area, but much to Natalie’s relief it was Bethany being brought in not the assistants returning. Greta un-cuffed Bethany’s hands and told her to take a seat the empty bed.

“Beth are you ok? What happened?” Natalie asked rushing over to give her friend a hug.

Bethany told her all about her punishment and having to spend the night bound and gagged in Jenny Bond’s spare room.

“What about you? How did you get those marks on your legs and bottom?” Bethany asked.

“Alison and Caroline”

What those bitches are here too? I thought they were in prison?” Bethany said with fear in her voice.

Natalie told Bethany not to worry about Alison and Caroline anymore and all about her ordeal the previous evening and how Jenny Bond saved her.

The door opened this time it was the assistants that entered the room carrying hand cuffs and metal collars. The girls were ordered to line up and put their hands behind their backs, each girl was cuffed and then had a collar locked around her neck, like before they were all linked to together by a long length of rope.

“Your hair really suits you like that Beth with the pink ribbon tied in it.” Natalie said as her friend stood in front of her in the line, thinking it may help comfort her.

“Please don’t say that Nats, this crazy woman tied it like that at the viewing yesterday she thinks I’m her daughter that died earlier this year. She kept calling me Claire that’s when I snapped.”

“Silence you two or I’ll tie a gag in your mouth” One of the assistants shouted down the line.

All the girls were led back to the viewing room where Alison and Caroline who were now wearing only white bras and panties like all the other girls, were already locked in their cages. One by one the girl’s had their collars removed and were taken to a cage where they were locked in, when it was Bethany’s turn to be put in her cage the assistant stopped once the door was open and reached into the pocket of her leather trousers and pulled out a white silk scarf what had been folded into band with a knot tied in the centre.

“Sorry love, Jenny Bonds orders she doesn’t want repeat of your outburst yesterday, open up for me.” She said holding the knotted scarf up to Bethany’s face.

“Please don’t gag me I’ve learned my lesson,plemmmmpphhh.”

The assistant ignored her plea’s and roughly forced the knot in her mouth before she could finish begging, and tied the two loose ends tightly behind her head under her ponytail.

“In you go.” She said taking hold of Bethany’s arm and pushing her into her cage.

Natalie was already locked in her cage by this time felt sorry for friend and wanted to say something to comfort her but not wanting a gag in her mouth too decided to remain silent. Once all the girls were locked in their cages one of the assistants telephoned Jenny Bond to tell her they were ready. Like the day before Jenny Bond and The Baroness entered the room and Jenny Bond walked to the centre.

“Ladies you all know the rules by now, remember you must remain silent at all times unless spoken to first, not that one of you has much choice on the matter.” She said with a huge grin on her face looking at Bethany.

“I think we’re about ready for your guests Madame.” She said turning her attention to The Baroness.

The two of them left the room and returned soon after with the guests who were mainly made up of the same crowd as the day before. Natalie could see Mrs. Kozlov looking around the room and guessed she was looking for her. Bethany became worried when Mr. and Mrs. Andrews didn’t enter with the other guests after The Baronesses threats, but breathed a huge sigh of relief when the couple entered shortly after the other guests. Mrs. Kozlov finally spotted Natalie and went over to her.

“Hello Natalie”

“Hello.” Natalie replied.

“What are marks on legs and bottom? What they do to you? You been naughty girl?” Mrs. Kozlov asked after seeing the red marks from Natalie’s caning.

Before Natalie could reply Jenny Bond stepped in and explained about her ordeal at the hands of Alison and Caroline.

“Why they do that to her? What she do to them?”

“Natalie did nothing wrong Mrs. Kozlov, she’s good girl who I think will be just perfect for you. They are just two evil bitches who are being dealt with by The Baroness.

“Thank you Miss Bond, you put mind at ease I will bid on girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews had now found Bethany who was in the next cage to Natalie.

“Claire! Why has she got that thing tied in her mouth Miss Bond? Take it out at once.” A shocked Mrs. Andrews said upon seeing the gagged girl.

“It’s for her own good Mrs. Andrews, we don’t want another outburst like yesterday do we? You wouldn’t want your little Claire punished again would you dear?”

“Miss Bond is right dear it’s for her own good.” Mr. Andrews told his wife, which brought a sly smile to Jenny Bonds face.

“Please don’t let her little outburst put you off bidding on her, it was really out of character she’s a nice quiet girl normally just like Claire was, you have to understand that all the girls are very upset at the moment, and the gag is just precaution.” Jenny Bond explained trying her best to sell Bethany to them.

“Will we be bidding dear?” Mrs. Andrews asked her husband.

“If you’re really sure she’s the one you want then yes dear.” Mr. Andrews replied.

“She’s our Claire of course I’m sure. Thank you dear.” Mrs. Andrews said giving her husband a hug and kiss.

Alison and Caroline being much older than all the other girls in the sale were also getting lots of interest from potential bidders looking for an older girl, which pleased The Baroness.

“Could I have every ones attention please?” Jenny Bond called out.

“Viewing is now over for this sale, I hope you’ve all found a girl you’d like to bid on. The auction will begin in approximately two hour’s time; in the meantime if you’d all like to retire to the lounge area the girls will serve refreshments.”

Once all the guests had left the room Jenny Bond addressed the girls.

“Very shortly the assistants will take you next door to auction room, who will be kept in the waiting area next to the stage until it’s your turn to go up for sale. So we don’t have any unwanted interruptions during the auction you will all be kept bound and gagged during your time in the auction room. Once you have been up for sale you will be taken to a holding area at the other side of the stage where you will be collected by your new owners once their payment has been made. Any questions?”

“What if we aren’t sold?” One girl nervously asked.

“If you are not sold, then from the holding area you will be taken back to the dormitories until the next auction. Anymore questions?”

The room was silent,

“Very well girls start moving them out.”




Chapter 9

All the girls were made to line up along the longest wall of the room once they were released from their cages, their hands were still cuffed behind their backs and Bethany was still gagged. Each girl was allocated a lot number which was printed on a piece of card and hung around her neck. Natalie was lot number twelve while Bethany was thirteen.

“Just my luck, unlucky thirteen.” She mumbled to herself.

Alison and Caroline would be last to go up for sale as they were given the numbers twenty five and twenty six.

One of the assistants then went down the line with a digital camera a took a photo of each girl, she took the gag out of Bethany’s mouth for her photo letting it hang loosely around her neck and replaced it once she was finished. Another two assistants followed her down the line with a tape measuring the girl’s height, and body measurements, bust, waist and hips. One at the time the girls were taken into the auction room stopping briefly at a set of digital scales by the door where they were weighed. Just before it was her turn to be taken in Natalie, turned to her friend with tears in her eyes saying.

“I guess I’d better say good bye, I may not get chance again. You’ll always be my best friend Beth no matter what, hopefully one day we can be together again. Good Bye Beth.”

Tears began to roll down Bethany’s cheeks

ARRGHMMPPHH! She screamed in frustration not being able to reply, as the assistant took hold of Natalie’s arm and led her away. Natalie looked around and blew her friend a kiss.

In the waiting room Natalie saw all the other girls that had been taken in before her, they were all sat on wooden high back chairs with their hands still secured behind their backs each girl had a black cloth tied in her mouth, and her ankles bound together with rope. Natalie was taken to one of the empty chairs which like all the others had a length of rope and two pieces of the black cloth already laid out on the seat.

“Take a seat miss.” The assistant said pushing Natalie down on to the chair.

The assistant then took one of the pieces of cloth and crunched it up into a ball.

“Open up.” She said holding the ball in front of Natalie’s mouth

Natalie did has she was told allowing the cloth to be stuffed in her mouth, and the second piece of cloth was then tied in her mouth to hold her gag in place.

“Put your feet together.” The assistant ordered after kneeling down at Natalie’s feet.

Again Natalie obeyed allowing her ankles to be tied tightly together, while this was going on Natalie saw Bethany being brought in by another assistant, she was seated next to Natalie. The assistant started by removing Bethany’s gag, once her mouth was free Bethany turned her head towards Natalie.

“Good Bye Nats you’ve been a great friend.” She said trying to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

“Silence, No one said you could speak just because your gag was removed.” The assistant snapped giving Bethany a hard slap across her face.

“Fucking Bitch.” Bethany screamed back, which earned her another hard slap.

“I’m going to enjoy tying a gag that foul mouth of yours.” The assistant hissed grabbing hold of huge handful of Bethany’s hair twisting and pulling it.

“Now open up.” She barked holding the crunched up cloth in front of Bethany’s mouth.

“OK OK. Get the fuck off me.” Bethany screamed in pain, before opening her mouth for the gag.

“Not so mouthy now are you bitch?” The assistant sneered after very tightly knotting the gag under Bethany’s ponytail.

Natalie had never seen her friend like this before she was always quiet and timid she hoped her friends temper wasn’t going to land her trouble with her new owners.

Bethany resisted the temptation to kick the assistant in the full in face as she bent down and roughly pulled her ankles together before tying them.

“I hope you go unsold bitch, I’d love to spend another week with you.” The assistant said staring Bethany straight in the face and grinning, before leaving to bring the next girl in.

Natalie and Bethany watched the other girls being brought in many of them crying, which Natalie found upsetting and started her off crying too. Finally Alison was brought in closely followed my Caroline, Alison mouthed something at Natalie and Bethany has she passed neither girl was sure what she said, but guessed she wasn’t asking if they were alright.

In the auction room the guests were starting to take their seats at tables assigned to them. On each table was touch screen monitor which displayed thumbnail size photo’s of the girls taken earlier, the guests could touch the thumbnail of the girl of their choice to bring up a full size photo and brief description of the girl including her age, height, weight, and body measurements. Also on each table was a wooden paddle with a number printed on it, this was for the guest to hold up when making a bid so the auctioneer knew who bidding. Once all the guests were seated, girls dressed as waitresses came to each table with a very expensive bottle of champagne.

“I think Baroness want get me tipsy so spend lot of money.” Mrs. Kozlov said to the waitress, who smiled at the woman, knowing that was the whole idea.

The room went silent as The Baroness entered onto the stage followed by Jenny Bond.
Jenny Bond took her place behind the auctioneer’s podium while The Baroness walked to the front of the stage and stood behind a microphone.

“Let me start by welcoming you all to this afternoon’s auction, and I hope you all leave here today with the girl of your choice. Before we begin I’ll just run through a few simple rules. All purchases must be paid for in cash today before you leave with your girl or girls. Once you have made a bid it cannot be retracted so think carefully before you bid. Make your bids by holding up the numbered paddle on your table only, no other form of bidding is allowed. That’s all from me apart from saying have an enjoyable afternoon and spend, spend, spend. I’ll hand over to your auctioneer Miss Jenny Bond to get the sale under way.”

The Baroness retired to a seat at the back of the stage.

“Thank you Baroness. Now let’s get the auction underway with lot number one.”

A tall slim girl with red hair was brought onto the stage by one of the assistants, the girl was placed at front of the stage and the assistant stood behind her.

“Lot number one is Cheryl she’s nineteen years old, you can read all the other information about her by touching her photo on your monitors. So what am I bid five hundred thousand to start?”

Jenny Bond looked around the room and there were no bids.

“Ok two hundred thousand to start then surely.”

A number of paddles were raised

“Two hundred and fifty thousand, three hundred thousand, three hundred and fifty thousand, four hundred thousand, four hundred and fifty thousand, five hundred thousand, five hundred and fifty thousand.”
Bidding was fast and furious until there were just two bidders left a man and woman who had made the last bid.

“Six hundred thousand, sir?

The man raised his paddle

“Six hundred and fifty thousand, Madame?”

The woman paused briefly before raising her paddle

“Seven hundred thousand, Sir?”

The man raised his paddle without any hesitation

“Seven hundred and fifty thousand, Madame?”

The woman shook her head.

“Seven hundred thousand, any more bids? Going once, going twice, sold to the gentleman for seven hundred thousand, pounds.”

The assistant stepped forward and took hold of the sobbing girl and led her off the stage to the holding area.

Jenny Bond was flying through the lots and it wasn’t long before the girl before Natalie was taken in, while she was in the auction room one of the assistant untied Natalie’s legs ready for her to go. Natalie looked tearfully and nervously at Bethany was this the last time she would ever see her friend? The moment Natalie had been dreading had arrived as the assistant returned from the auction room and took hold of her arm.

“Up you get miss.” The assistant said pulling the terrified girl to her feet and led her away, Natalie managed one final look back at Bethany who was crying before leaving the room.

Natalie stood trembling at the front of the stage.

“Lot number twelve is Natalie she’s sixteen years old one of our youngest lots today, girls this young don’t come up for auction very often so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.” Jenny Bond told the guests.

Natalie looked around the tables trying to find Mrs. Kozlov; finally she spotted the woman sat at a table in the corner alone.

“So where shall we start for this pretty young thing one million pounds?”

No paddles were raised.

“Five hundred thousand to start then, surely she’s worth that?”

A number of paddles were raised, but to Natalie’s disappointment Mrs. Kozlov wasn’t bidding. She quite liked Mrs. Kozlov and if she was to be sold to anyone she wanted to be sold to her.
Bidding was fast and furious and reached one million pounds and still Mrs. Kozlov hadn’t bid. The bidding reached one and a half million and there were only two people left in both men. At one million eight hundred thousand, one of the men dropped out leaving only a creepy looking bald fat man who Natalie didn’t like the look off one little bit,the only one left in.

“One million eight hundred thousand, any more bids now?”

Natalie looked over at Mrs. Kozlov who never moved.

“All done then? One million eight hundred thousand, going once.”

Natalie slumped her head dejectedly why hadn't Mrs.Kozlov bid? Had she done or said something at viewing to upset her? if so what? All kinds of questions were going through her head.

“One million eight hundred thousand, going twice. Two million new bidder, you’re just in time Madame.”

Natalie looked up to see Mrs.Kozlov waving her paddle and holding up two fingers to signal a bid of two million.

“Two million one hundred thousand sir?”

Natalie was relieved to see the fat man shake his head.

“Two million pounds all done then? Going one, going twice, sold to the lady in the corner for two million pounds.”

Natalie was crying and shaking with emotion when the assistant took hold of her and led her away to the holding area.

Bethany was next to be brought into the auction room like Natalie and most of the girls before her she stood at the centre of the stage crying and trembling with fear.

“Lot number thirteen is Bethany another pretty sixteen year old.”

“Poor Claire she looks so frightened up there all alone dear.” Mrs. Andrews said to her husband.”

“So what I am I bid on this pretty young thing? One Million pounds to start?”

Mrs. Andrews grabbed their paddle and waved it franticly.

“One million I’m bid, do we have one million one hundred thousand anywhere?”

The bald fat man raised his paddle

The bidding war between the fat man and the Andrews soon reached two million

“We can’t afford much more dear.” Mr. Andrews told his wife.

“Yes we can, we have to, we can’t let him take Claire.” Mrs. Andrews replied.

“Do I have two million one hundred thousand?”

The fat man raised his paddle

“One more bid and that’s us finished.” Mr. Andrews said.

“Nooo we can’t” Mrs. Andrews replied waving her paddle in the air.

“Two and half million.” She called out much to everyone’s surprise especially her husband’s.

“That’s enough no more.” Mr. Andrews said snatching the paddle from his wife.

“Two million six hundred thousand sir?” Jenny Bond asked.

The fat man shook his head and dejectedly placed his paddle back on the table.

“Two and a half million, all done? Going once, going twice, sold to the couple in the centre of the room.”

Mrs. Andrews hugged her husband who still wasn’t happy with what she had done.

Bethany was led from the stage crying, she wasn’t looking forward to her new life as Claire but at least she knew she’d be loved.



Chapter 10

In the holding area Natalie and Bethany watched as all the other girls were brought in one at a time, there were only two empty seats left so, the girls knew that auction was nearly over as Alison and Caroline were about to go up for sale. Alison was first to go up on the stage.

“Lot number twenty five is Alison, at twenty seven years old she’s the oldest girl in the sale, those of you looking for an older girl she’s the one for you. So where shall we start? Do I have five hundred thousand for starters?”

A number of paddles were raised.

“Six hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand.”

The bidding was in full flow, when suddenly the doors at the back of the auction room burst open.

“ARMED POLICE DON’T ANYONE MOVE.” A loud voice called out.

As quick as a flash Jenny Bond flicked a switch under her podium plunging the windowless room into total darkness. The lights were only off for less than a minute but that was enough time for The Baroness and Jenny Bond to have disappeared by the time they came back on. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews stood up and walked over to the officer in charge.

“Did you have all the exits covered like I told you?” Mr. Andrews asked.

“Yes sir I have armed officers on all the exits.”

“Then they won’t get far, there are no other ways out of the building.”Mr. Andrews told him.

Mr. Andrews turn his attention to his wife.

“Janice, take a couple of female officers and set the girls free.”

Mrs. Andrews took a gun from one of the officers and went up on the stage, she sent the two female officers into the holding area, while she stopped and looked around on the stage taking special interest in Jenny Bonds auctioneers podium and a number of switches on a control panel hidden inside it. She flicked the switches to find what they operated one obviously was a light switch, a couple didn’t seem to do anything but one opened up a secret doorway at the back of the stage.

“Sir.” She called out pointing to the opening in back of the stage.

“Good work Janice. Quickly, you and I will go after them. They can’t have got far.” Mr. Andrews told her.

The opening led the two undercover officers into a dimly lit tunnel.

At the other end of the tunnel The Baroness and Jenny Bond had reached the exit but to their surprise the doorway was still closed.

“You stupid woman. Why didn’t you open it?” The Baroness screamed.

“I did, I did open it. Someone must have found the control panel and flicked the switches, we’re trapped.” Jenny Bond said with panic in her usually calm voice.

“Someone’s coming.” The Baroness said pulling a pistol from her pocket, after hearing footsteps that were getting increasing closer.

“FREEZE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON BARONESS IT’S ALL OVER.” Mr. Andrews called out, pointing his gun at the two trapped women.

“You two you’re cops?” Jenny Bond screamed.

“Correct, lady. I’m Detective Sergeant Janice Connolly and this is my governor Detective Inspector Ian Andrews. The woman officer told them.

The two detectives were joined by a number of armed officers that had followed them down the tunnel.

“Drop the gun Baroness, we’re taking you in” Andrews called out again.

“Never.” The Baroness replied grabbing hold of Jenny Bonds arm and pulling the shocked woman towards her.

“Let us pass or I’ll put a bullet in her pretty head right now.” She called back holding the gun to Jenny Bonds head.

“Don’t be silly Baroness, if you kill her, how far do you think you’ll get?” Andrews called back.

“It’s hopeless Madame can’t you see, your only chance of getting out of here alive is give yourself up, if you kill me they’ll shoot you straight away, give yourself up please Madame do as they say.” Jenny Bond pleaded.

“And spend the rest of my life in prison; I’d rather die right here.” The Baroness screamed.

“I won’t let you die right here, you evil woman I want to see you rot in prison.” Andrews called back to her.

“Never.” The Baroness replied pushing Jenny Bond to the floor and pointing the gun at her own head.

She was about to pull the trigger when police marksmen with a laser sighted rifle fired hitting The Baronesses hand.

“ARRRGGHHH.” She screamed as the gun flew out of her hand.

Connolly rushed over and grabbed The Baroness before she could react.

“Pick her up and cuff her.” Andrews instructed a female officer.

Jenny Bond was picked and off the floor and her hands cuffed behind her back before being led back up the tunnel.
Connolly handed The Baroness to another female officer who cuffed her good hand to her own and led her away.

All the girls were now free apart from Alison and Caroline who remained cuffed in the holding area. All the guests and The Baronesses girls were arrested and led away with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

“I hope you rot in hell, bitch.” Natalie shouted, as Mrs. Kozlov was led past the front of the stage by a female officer.

“I can’t see Mr. and Mrs. Andrews I hope they haven’t escaped; maybe I should tell one of the officers.” Bethany told her friend.

“You should Beth.” Natalie replied.

Bethany was just to speak to an officer when the two detectives emerged from the tunnel, much to the relief of all the girls The Baroness and Jenny Bond followed closely behind with their escorts.
Connolly spotted Bethany and immediately went over to her.

“Hello Bethany or should I call you Claire?” She said with huge smile on face.

“I’m so glad you’re alright, I’m really sorry you were punished because of me I felt so guilty, please forgive me I was only doing my job I had to make my cover convincing. I never expected you to call out.”

“Your cops?” Natalie asked.

“Yes dear.” Detective Connolly replied.

The detective went on introduce herself properly to them and to tell the two girls how they had let Alison and Caroline escape from prison knowing they would lead them to The Baronesses hideout.

“After all we have through at the hands of The Baroness please could we see what she looks like behind her disguise?” Bethany asked.

“You girls deserve at least that after what you’ve been through.” The detective told them.

She took the two girls over to where The Baroness was having her wounded hand treated by paramedics.

“These girls want to see who you really are Baroness. I think you owe them that.”

“NOOOOO” The Baroness cried out.

Detective Connolly ignored her pulling the scarf off her face and removing her dark glasses. The sight before them wasn’t a pretty one as she revealed the woman’s badly disfigured face.

“You may as well see the rest now.” The Baroness said raising her cuffed hand to remove her hat and black wig to reveal badly scarred bald head.

“OH my god! What happened?” Natalie asked actually feeling sorry for the disfigured woman.

“You don’t need to know dear. Please take me away.” The Baroness said to the officer she cuffed to.

Detective Connolly nodded and Officer led The Baroness out to the waiting police van.

The girls were reunited with their relieved parents, and The Baroness and Jenny Bond were sentenced to life imprisonment at a maxium security prison, Alison and Caroline were sent back to prison to continue their sentence to which another three years were added for escaping.

After a few days Natalie paid a visit to Val and Nicky who were in the process of setting up a new office close to their old burnt one. The two women apologized to her for their behavior and offered her a job working with them when she left school, an offer Natalie accepted.






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