A Family Affair




As she stood there shivering, all Molly could think about was what would have happened if she had not decided to skip her last class and come home early.  As much as she hated history, that would have been infinitely preferable to the situation she found herself in now.  Looking over to where the woman was sitting on her chair, smiling as she looked on, Molly began to cry – silently, for she was afraid of what might happen if she tried to sob out loud with the cloth in her mouth.


When she’d walked in, the first thing that hit her was the sound of silence.  The second was the hard shove into the small of her back that had pushed her into the front room and made her fall head first into the cushions on the large seat.  She’d tried to get back up, but somebody had pushed her head deep into the cushion, and a rough male voice had told her to shut up and do exactly what she was told, or else he would do something that she would most certainly not enjoy.


As he said that, something cold and hard was pressed down against the back foe hr neck, and it was all she could do to whimper “Please stop” as she started to choke.  As she was grabbed by the arms and forced to stand up, the gasps and cries were silenced by a gloved hand that was slapped across her face as she was turned round and had her first look at the intruders.


There were three of them, dressed in dirty overalls and with stockings pulled over their heads.  Two were male, one with grey hair visible through the tightly stretched nylon over his head, while the other was physically enough like him to be his son.  The third was female, about the same age as the younger man with shoulder length blonde hair, but any chance Molly may have thought she had of reasoning with her was dispelled by the iron bar she was swinging in her gloved hand.


“You’re early,” the older man said as he took her by the arm, “Which is bad news for you.  Son, Daughter – take her up to her room and make her secure while I deal with things down here.”


“Who are you,” Molly asked quietly as she was pushed towards the two younger people, but the young man just laughed as she was pushed out of the room and up the staircase towards the bedrooms.  The woman, who had been called Daughter, opened a door, looked in and turned to nod at Son as Molly was pushed into her bedroom.


“All right,” Son said as Daughter closed the door behind them, “Take off your blouse and skirt.”  Molly looked over at them, wondering what they were going to do next, but the delay only seemed to annoy them.  She heard the thump of iron on leather, and Daughter say “When my brother asks you to do something, you do it, or else you’ll feel and hear what this bar can do to your spine.  Now, STRIP!”


As she felt tears starting to crawl down her pale cheek, Molly slowly unbuttoned her short sleeved white blouse and allowed it to slide onto the floor from her back.  The side zip on her checked short skirt was next to be undone, and as she allowed the material to fall onto the floor she stepped out of her black shoes.  She stood there, shivering in her vest and pink panties, while Son and Daughter walked round her.


“Lovely young girl, isn’t she Daughter?” Son said as he stroked her hair, allowing the short blonde pigtails to fall back onto her head.  “I wonder how she would enjoy playing with me?”


“I’m sure she would find it amusing,” Daughter said with a laugh as Molly shivered even more, “but you know father has us on a timetable.  Let’s just make her secure, and maybe later?”


“Maybe,” Son said as he pulled a length of white rope out of his pocket.  “All right, you do the top and I’ll do the wrists.”


Molly wondered what was going on as Daughter walked behind her, while Son walked up and stood in front of her, the length of rope doubled over and dangling in his hand.  “Don’t worry, little girl,” Son said as Molly saw a smile through the dark material, “This is only going to hurt a bit.”  She wondered what that meant, but the answer was swift in coming as a rolled up piece of towelling was pulled tightly against her mouth.  She opened her lips to call out, only for the roll to be pulled into her mouth and pulled back, forcing her tongue to the floor of her mouth.  Raising her hand sup to try and pull it out, she squealed as Son took hold of them and pulled them in front of her.  He held them together with one hand as she passed the rope around and started to tie them together, while Daughter tied the ends of the gag together at the base of Molly’s neck and silenced her.


“Just relax and you’ll be fine,” she heard Daughter whisper in her ear as Son pulled the rope between her wrists, tying the ends off and letting them drop in front of her.  Molly wasn’t so sure about that, as she looked at Son kneel in front of her and pull her ankles together with more of the thin cord.  Her fears were only multiplied as she felt the gloved hands of Daughter slowly stroking her chest from behind, caressing her small breasts as her legs were pulled together.


“What are you considering, Daughter?” Son said as she stood up and checked the ropes around Molly’s wrists.


“Oh, I was just wondering how this lovely girl would like to feel some fresh air around her chest,” Daughter said softly as she grabbed hold of Molly’s top and pulled it up, exposing her chest to the couple and making her instantly regret her decision not to wear a bra that day.  “Oh yes,” she cooed as she slowly stroked the nipples of Molly’s breasts with her gloved hand, “I think we can have a really good time together, don’t you dear?”


Molly looked over her shoulder, shaking her head to show her reluctance to take part, when the sound of the front door opening caught their attention.  Picking up the iron bar, Son and Daughter went to the bedroom door, looking at Molly as she stood there and listening intently.


“Are you home, Molly?” they heard a female voice say, and then muffled screams.  “I think Father must have met her – you stay here while I go and help him,” Son said, and as he closed the door Molly shook, staring at Daughter as she looked over her body.




“Ah, is everything all right upstairs, Son?”  Father looked at the younger man as his gloved hand stayed over the mouth of the young lady who had just walked in.  She resembled molly in terms of her facial features, but was taller by four inches and had long copper red hair.  Father had her held from behind in a vice like grip, his hand on the sleeve of her red v-necked sweater as she struggled to shake his other gloved hand off her mouth.  The only other sound was the squeal of her knee length black leather boots and skirt as she twisted round.


“Daughter is taking good care of her, Father,” Son said as he looked at the new arrival, before picking up a shotgun that had the barrels sawn off near to the stock and placing it under the chin of the frightened girl.  “If you want your sister to stay unharmed, never mind yourself, you will stop struggling now and do as you are told, do you understand?”


“Mlly?” the girl mumbled, and as she stopped struggling she slowly nodded.  “Father will take his hand away in a minute – not a squeak from you, do you understand?”  She nodded again, and as Father removed his hand she gasped for air.


“I presume you are Jodie?” Father said as he spun her round, but the reply he got from the girl was “Where’s my sister and my mother?”


“They’re both well cared for,” Father said with a smirk, “but right now we need to get you ready to take you out.”


“Out?  Where?”


“Back to your boutique, Jodie – we have some business to conduct there.  Now, stand straight and put your hands behind your back – unless you want to feel this gun against your bare chest and the impact it would make when it was fired.”








Cassie looked up as the doorbell rang, signifying the arrival of the customer she had been expecting.  As she watched the young blonde haired woman walking around, searching through the clothes, she heard a noise from the storeroom at the rear of the store.  Excusing herself, she went through the beaded curtain, emerging a few minutes later somewhat paler and shaking.


“Are you all right, Cassie?” The customer said as she looked over at the counter, while Cassie stood there with her hands on the counter.  The girl looked up, and nodded in mute response.


“I’m sorry, I should have asked earlier – would you like a cup of tea while you’re looking?  Special treats for special customers.”


“Yeah, go on,” the girl replied as Cassie went back through and the sound of a kettle boiling came through.  She could hear a quiet conversation, and as Cassie brought through the cup she asked “Is Jodie here tonight?”


“Y.. Yeah, she’s in the book doing the books,” Cassie said as she handed over the cup.  “Milk and two sugars?”


“Right as always,” the girl said as she took a sip from her cup.  “Is this a new blend – it tastes good.”  Cassie just watched and nodded as the girl drained the cup, and sat there with the cup and saucer in her hand.  She looked up at the assistant; a quizzical expression growing on her face as the saucer slowly slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor, breaking into pieces as it hit the hard stone.


“Well done, Cassie,” Father said as he came through the beaded curtain.  “Nice to see you were so cooperative.”


“What choice did I have when you had a gun in Jodie’s back in the storeroom,” Cassie said with a tone of real anger as she turned and walked towards him.  “What sort of bastard are you anyway, you big fucker,” she swore as she raised a hand to slap him.


“Manners,” was the calm reply as Father grabbed her wrists and pulled her arm behind her back, the sleeve of her brown jumper stretching as he pulled her arm up behind her back.  “Your turn to be quiet now – don’t move,” he sneered as he shook out the coil of rope he held in his free hand and began to wrap it around her wrist, before pulling her other arm back and securing the two wrists together.


“Why the hell are you doing this to us?” Cassie cried out as her wrists were pulled tightly against the small of her back and lashed into place with a length of rope that went around her waist, pulling her stomach in as it was tightened.  “We have our reasons,” Father said as he shook out a second coil of rope and passed it around her chest below her breasts, securing her arms to her side as he passed length after length above and below her large mammaries.


As she felt the ropes constricting her upper body, Cassie caught a glimpse of Jodie through the beaded curtain, as Son was passing rope around her arms and shoulders to secure them into place.  He then knelt down and passed a rope around her legs above her knees, pulling tightly so that they were drawn together and making it impossible for her to move.  She wanted to talk to her boss, but the layers of silver tape that covered her mouth and lower jaw would have made any reply impossible.


“FUCK!” she screamed as the ropes were pulled even more tightly and then passed around her own shoulders.  “That’s enough out of you – get back there,” Father shouted as he locked the front door and pushed Cassie through the curtain.


“Any problems, Father,” Son said as Jodie watched her assistant been pushed towards her and her legs bound together as hers were.  “None whatsoever – so what do you think of our little hostages?”


“Very beautiful, Father,” Son said as he stroked Jodie’s hair, “Do you think we may have time for a little fun?”


“Oh Christ, please don’t think of that,” Cassie pleaded as Jodie’s eyes widened.  “You got what you came for, please...”


“You need to shut up,” Father said as he picked up a cloth that was sitting on a shelf and walked over to Cassie.  Pushing the barrel of the shotgun into her stomach, he sneered “Open wide,” as the frightened girl realised she too was about to be silenced.


“Please, don’t hurt us,” she squealed before the cloth was pushed tightly into her mouth, Son tearing off strips from a roll of tape as Father secured them over her own mouth and jaw.  She stood there, the squeak from her own brown boots and snakeskin skirt the only other sound as the two men looked at them.


“We don’t have time for fun, Son, but these ladies need to relax a bit.  Get the special ropes.”


“Yes, Father,” the younger man said as he walked out of the open back door, returning with two long shanks of white cotton rope.  Handing one to Father, the two mute captives watched as they shook them out, doubled them over and moved to stand in front of them.


“You’ll like this,” Father said to Jodie as he pulled the loose ends through the ropes under her breasts, fed them through the loop and pulled tightly.  Taking the ends up to her left shoulder, following the line of her jumper as he did so, he passed the rope through, across her chest and under the other side, before taking them back down and feeding them through the chest binding, tying a knot as he did so.  Cassie watched Son as he did the same to her, before passing the ends down and taking them around the rope around her waist.


As the ropes were allowed to drop down to the floor, both Jodie and Cassie looked at each other, wondering what they were going to do next.  The answer shocked them as the two masked men quickly turned them round, passed their hands between their legs and pulled the rope tightly up, forcing their leather skirts to be trapped around their crotches as the ropes were pulled through the waist securings at the back and knotted off.  Cassie squealed through her gag as they were turned back round again, the feel of the rope and leather against her panties an unexpected jolt to her.


“Do you think they’ll have fun now, Son?” Father said as the tow girls looked at each other.


“If we make sure they can’t run, Father,” Son said with a clearly visible grin.  “Make them sit down – we’ll tie their ankles and they’ll enjoy the sensation all the more.”


“You do that, Son, you do that,” Father said as he picked up more rope and made his way to the store front.  “I need to have a look at our next guest first.”  Son grinned as he forced Jodie to sit on the hard floor, the ropes and black leather rubbing against her panties as she sat down and causing a warm feeling to start between her legs.







She was cold, and it hurt as she slowly came to.  “What was in that tea,” she thought to herself, “and why can’t I see when I open my eyes?”  There was a thick white mist over her eyes, as if she was in a fog that obscured everything and anything in front of her.


Her name was Wendy James, and she was a very rich girl indeed thanks to her burgeoning career as a Tweenie pop favourite.  This was the reason she liked to shop for clothes quietly after a store closed, and Jodie’s boutique had always been a place where she could do just that.  So what had been so different about tonight?


As she shook her head, she felt some sort of material encircling her head, and as she tried to raise her hands to pull whatever it was away Wendy realised with a growing sickening feeling that she was incapable of moving her arms, never mind her hands.  She still felt cold, and the panic was starting to grow as she tried with no success to move her legs.  She screamed out “Help Me” but her horror only grew as she heard “hlpm” instead of her clear words.


A door opened, and Wendy turned her head in the direction of the sound.  “You’re awake – good,” she heard a young man say, “you’ll be staying with us for a little while, so just stay calm and relax – you won’t be harmed by us, I promise.”


As he stood there, a look in his face showing how much he thought of his promise, Son looked at Wendy as she sat on the toilet.  They had stripped her down to her blue panties and a crimson vest top, before tightly lashing her wrists together in front of her and securing them down to her legs as more rope held them together above her knees.  Yet more rope encircled her arms, keeping them tightly attached to her legs, bum and chest as she sat on the wooden cover.


Her ankles were also secured together, before the rope was passed around the toilet base to hold them in place, and a white cloth was tied over her eyes, keeping her long blonde hair in place.  A second strip was pulled between her lips, holding a balled up cloth in place as a most effective gag.  Son walked in and took Wendy by the chin, raising her head so that she could smell the after shave on his face.


“We just need your management to make us a small payment, and I’m sure they will.  It would be a great pity if they were to find you – damaged,” he said, and as he closed the door Wendy was unable to stop herself from wetting her panties in fear.


“All done,” Father said as Son came back into the room.


“All done – call Daughter and tell them to come home.”




Molly looked up from the bed as Daughter answered the call.  She spoke into the handset, then turned and checked the ropes that held Molly’s wrists to her ankles and legs.


“Thank you for being such a lovely girl,” Daughter said as she kissed Molly on the forehead.  “I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.  I just need to make sure your mother is all right, and then I’ll go.”


The tears rolled down Molly’s cheeks as her bedroom door was closed, and then a growing fear.  Her mother?






Daughter walked into the room at the rear of the house, where a small, gray haired woman was sitting knitting.


“Ah, Daughter – is it time to go?” she said as she put down her knitting.


“It is – have you had fun here?”


“Oh yes, we’ve had a good chinwag, dear,” Mother said as she put her needles and wool into a bag and stood up.  “Did you have fun with young Molly?”


“Oh very much so – thank you for allowing us to visit,” Daughter said as she looked at the brown haired woman lashed to the dining chair.  She tried to scream in reply, but the thick white cloth in her mouth was muffling any sound, and the ropes around her chest and arms, as well as her lap, held her securely to the chair.  The ropes were cutting into her bare legs as she sat in her vest top and shorts, holding her legs together above and below her knees and her ankles.  She stamped on the floor with her feet, the soles of her sports shoes thudding on the carpet in mute frustration.


“Oh don’t worry,” Mother said as she followed Daughter out of the door, “Your family were a great help to mine, and I’m sure you’ll manage to get over what happened.  ‘Bye now.”


As the door to the house closed, the woman screamed out, trying to raise the alarm and fearing what may happen next to her and her girls...