Caught Short




Looking out from the black SUV, Son scratched his head as he was lost in thought.
"Father, I think Option A is quite appropriate," Son remarked as he looked at the lights into the widows of the three storey house.  Father looked at him, the stocking rolled over his hair and resting above his eyes.

"No, your Mother and Sister have discussed this already, we use option B."
“That’s right, Son,” Mother said as she sat in the back, “Listen to Father, he knows what is best.”  Sister laughed as she checked the contents of her bag.

"But we are going to only humiliate one of them. There are four girls. Why?"

"Four is better than one. We do this to one of them, the others fall into line, all right?  Now, don't argue anymore. You know which way you are going to enter the residence?"

Son smiled as the other three opened the door.  "Yes, ok", he said as they looked in at him.
“Good - we’ll see you inside later,” Father said as he and the other members of the family walked up the driveway and around the side of the house.  Reaching the back door, Father quickly jemmied the lock and forced the door open, allowing the two ladies to enter before he did.
“You know what to do,” he said as the other two nodded.  Pulling the stockings down over their head, they made their way into the house.  Mother looked at the others as she slipped into a downstairs room, while the others climbed the staircase.

Eighteen year old Nicola Hudson yawned and stared at her laptop screen. She just could not find any more words to type and yet she had barely reached the halfway mark of the word limit for her history essay due on Monday.   She stood up and stretched, the sleeves of her pink jumper falling down her bare arms as she did so.  She could feel the sweat against the spaghetti strap top she had on underneath, and as she started to walk her skin tight jeans moved like a second skin on her. 
“I need a long drink,” she thought to herself as she walked barefoot to the door.  Opening it, she stepped out into the dark hallway, but she only got a few feet outside when a gloved hand clamped down hard over her mouth.  She reached up to try and pull the hand away, but instead felt a pin prick against her neck.
"Don't move, Nicola," the voice of Daughter hissed. "I will remove my hand, but one noise from you and I will stun you so hard that you may be paralysed. Understand?" Shocked, Nicola could only give a half nod in reply, unable to stop Daughter dragging her back into her bedroom.

Nineteen year old Anna Cheton was stuck watching her fourth chick-flick of the night. Unlike her housemate, she was hardly the studious one, though her medicine degree demanded that she should do so. Sometimes she wondered why she had picked medicine - it was law she really wanted to do, after seeing Legally Blonde.
Being the ultimate bimbo, she was totally watching her fashion where ever she was, even when alone at home. Inside the house, she was clad in purple fishnet tights, an extremely short denim mini skirt, and a blue halter top. These movies filled the time before she knew she had to start work - but they were such mindless fun...
The scene had moved to where the main character was preparing her bed for her partner when the hand of Mother clamped down on Anna's lipstick-filled lips and jaw. "Good evening,” Anna heard the older woman say as she was pulled towards the back of the couch and heard a cackling sound next to her.  “Not one more move or sound or you will feel a pretty uncomfortable shock. Got it?"
“Gtttt,” Anna said as she tried to squirm free, unable to break the grip of Mother as she laughed behind her.

Twenty year old Franzika Janner looked critically at the canvas, before putting her brush down having finished painting her last picture. The German exchange student reading Art and Art History sighed as she heard the volume from the TV downstairs increase. “Stupid British girly-girl”, she thought. Franzika was regretting choosing this university and country for her exchange. Her command of English was ok but she just could not stand the culture and her flatmates, especially Anna.
“Die dummen kleinen Weibchen, denkend können sie ihre Weise durch Hochschule bumsen. Die kleinen bastard können nicht weg von einem Ei saugen, sich kümmern nie einen um Mann. Dumme kleine Eselslöcher.”  Cursing in her own mother tongue, she opened her closet to bring out her still packed away DVDs, determined to go downstairs and replace the film Anna was watching with something else.
As she closed the door, however, she was greeted by the sight of the tall figure of Father appearing. His giant hand slammed against her mouth as he pushed her back against the closet door and smiled. "That was a string of dirty words you said, Fraulein. But I expect no more, no?"
“Wem sind das Bumsen Sie?” Franzika mumbled as she looked into the nylon covered face of her captor.

Hannah Heap finally got off the bus and walked up the driveway to the house.  She had just turned eighteen, and was now free to enjoy life the way she wanted to.  She had such an enjoyable time with her secret band of friends and could not wait to write down the evening's activities  on her private blog which none of her housemates knew about.
She was dressed to party, in black tights, a blue plaid skirt and a tight black tube top, the cool air biting slightly into her shoulders as she fished her key out and jammed it in the lock.  When the key failed to turn, however, Hannah lifted her eyes in surprise.  She could see the lights on inside, and hear the television, but it should not be locked, never mind jammed.
“Strange, it usually....”  Her thoughts her broken as a black glove hand clamped down over her jaw. "Hi Hannah, no need to turn the key. And don't say a word at all or you'll get a nasty sting," came the voice of Son.  “Just turn the handle and the door will open.”
Hannah nodded as she put her hand to the doorknob and turned it clockwise.  As the door opened inwards, she could hear the television playing loudly, as well as raised voices elsewhere in the house.
“Up to your bedroom,” Son said as he walked in behind her, his hand still firmly clamped over her mouth as he kicked the door shut.

Nicola weighed her choices. She could assume that the device in the hood covered female intruder was not really a stun weapon. Or it could be and the next thing she knew she could be shocked painfully.
“I said strip,” Daughter said as she stood there, watching the young girl.  Sighing, Nicola nodded and agreed to the demands, lifting over her jumper and top in one go. This exposed a normal black bra. Blushing red, even in front of another girl, Hannah unbuckled her jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor as she stepped out, revealing white boy shorts.
"Excellent," Daughter said, "Now turn around and put your hands behind your back."  Nicola slowly did as she was told, looking over her shoulder as Daughter walked towards her.

"Hurry up," Mother growled, “You don’t have all night.”
"Well, I know I've no choice, but I don't want to ladder my new tights!" Anna replied, sliding them down one leg at a time.  Her top and skirt were lying on a chair nearby, where she had tossed them at the insistence of the older woman.  As she threw her tights over as well, Anna looked at the small, grey haired woman with a stocking pulled over her head, dressed in a tweed jacket and skirt with leather gloves on her hands.
Coincidentally, as she put the tights down the TV was still on and the scene showed the actress removing her garter belt attached stockings. "Ok, all done. What do you want me to do next?" Anna said, standing there with her hands crossed over a lacy translucent beige strapless bra and black bikini knickers.
Mother smiled as she took something out of her jacket pocket.  "Turn around, hands crossed."


Franzika always hated the doctors. That always meant removing her clothes, even for a simply check up. But now this was far different. It  was to be semi-naked in front of a masked male intruder.
Her jeans and t-shirt were lying on the bed, as she stood there looking at Father, the tazer still nestling in his hand. "Ok, Ja," she stuttered as she stood there in her conservative normal white bra and knickers. "Not so hard, isn't Maechen?" Father remarked, yanking out something from a bag.  “Turn round.”
Franzika looked over her shoulders as Father fed the thin plastic strip through the hasp, pulling it tightly as her wrists were pulled together.  “First job done,” he said as he walked her over to her bed.

"No please, I don't want to do it," Hannah remarked. She stood in her room, her arms crossed over her purple strapless bra, the tube top lying on the floor.
Son looked at her menacingly.  "Hannah, I won't repeat. Do it or I'll sting you and strip you myself," Son growled.
"No....." Hannah said as she watched the young man walk quickly forward, and grab the waistband of her skirt.  As he yanked it off, she screamed as her translucent tights suddenly exposed a thick white band surrounding her waist and crotch.   Son stared at Hannah for a few minutes, not sure whether to laugh or shout out.
“There now - all nice and cosy.”
“Ufkngbstrd,” Nicola said as Daughter smoothed a third strip of tape over her lips.  She was lying on a rug on her floor, her wrists and ankles secured with zip ties and then to each other in a tight rope hogtie, just as the Family had planned.  Her mouth was stuffed with two pairs of silk knickers from her own drawer.
“Language - now, you just stay...”  Daughter stopped as she heard Son call out  “What have we here! Mother! Father! Sister!" 
“Don’t move,” she said as she ran out of the room, wondering what had made her brother call out like that.
“If you don’t open your mouth, Fraulein, I will be forced to make sure you do.”  Franzika stared back at Father, her mouth tightly clamped shut.
“As you wish,” he said as he reached over and pinched her nipple through her bra.  “AAAgmfdmgfmgm” Franzika called out as she opened her mouth, allowing him to stuff the white underwear in and silence her.  He quickly tore three strips of tape from a roll and stuck them over her mouth, placing the third strip as he heard Son call out.  Rolling the girl over onto her side on the bed, he ran out and joined Daughter as they went to the other bedroom.
“Now, what do you think that fuss is all about, dear?”
Anna looked at mother, saying “hwthlshdin” through her stuffed mouth.  Mother had forced her to pick two pairs of her knickers out of her drawer, before the older woman had stuffed them in her mouth and plastered tape over her lips.  Now she struggled on her stomach on the couch as Mother made her way up the staircase.
As the three of them entered the upstairs bedroom, the cause of Son's cry was quite evident. Hannah, their main target, was not wearing normal female underwear under her hosiery but adult nappies. "Look Father," Son remarked, yanking open Hannah's drawers. Inside was an open blue packet with the words "Tena" over it. The pads of nappies had a purple strip on them. "Ah, Hannah," Mother said, "care to explain?"

Glowing red like Rudolf's nose, Hannah said, "I... I just like to wear them."
Mother walked over and stroked Hannah’s cheek as the young girl stood there crying.  "Ah, Hannah, I bet your own father and mother do not know about this?"
Hannah shifted and did not respond. "Mother," Daughter said, "This is a blessing. Since we are going to be here for a while, we could make use of the rest of these."
"What do you mean?"
“Untie the other three and bring them in here - I think they need to see this as well.”
As Anna was frogmarched into Hannah’s room, she saw both Nicola and Franzika standing there, their eyes wide over their tape covered mouths.  “Go and stand with your friends, dear,” Mother said as Son grabbed her arm and forced her to hop over, turning her to look at Hannah.
“Whtthhl,” Anna mumbled as she looked at Hannah standing there, her wrists secured behind her back as she stood there, her breasts forced out by the ropes encircling her arms and chest.  That wasn’t she was exclaiming at however - it was the white nappies that covered Hannah’s bottom that had caught the attention of her and the other two girls.
“Now girls,” Mother said with a smile, “We have some business to discuss with young Hannah here, concerning her trust account.  As you can see, however, she has been keeping a little secret from you.”
“Altlscrt?” Nicola said with her eyes wide open.  Hannah blushed as the trio three looked at her.
“Anyway,” Mother said, “We want you to do something for us.  Son?”
The three then looked over at the masked young man, as he held up the pack of Tena Slip. 
Nicola, Anna and Franzika stared at their captors with shock and disbelief.
"Now girls, it’s very simple. We are going to just remove your arm and leg bindings. Take off your knickers and  put these nappies of your housemate on. You will need them since we are staying here at least for the night."
"MMMmmmmpg?!" all three girls said in unison, still shocked.
Daughter walked behind Nicola and reached round, stroking her chin before she cut free her wrists and ankles.  “Take them off,” she said as she clicked the tazer near Nicola’s neck, the cackling sound making her eyes widen again.  Slowly, she pulled down her undies, before taking the incontinence brief preferred by Son.  The tears started to flow down her cheeks as she taped the nappy up, feeling the material against her skin as Daughter pulled her hands behind her back again and started to bind them together with plastic handcuffs.
The clock in the living room was showing one in the morning as Mother looked over at the three girls lying on the floor, tied again in tight hogties as they lay there in their bras and nappies.
“Enjoying yourself, girls,” she said with a smile as she watched Franzika roll over and look at her, the tear stains evident on her cheeks.  Anna and Nicola were both asleep, exhausted after hours of trying to free themselves.
At the rear of the room, Hannah was sat in a chair, lashed into place with ropes that held her upper body against eh back and her legs to the rear of the chair.  Father was standing next to her, the tazer near her neck as Hannah told son how to transfer the funds from her account to their own source.
Daughter was upstairs, searching through the rooms of the other girls to see what else she could find.  The plan had always been to target Hannah, but the new opportunities that had arisen were too good to pass up.
“Well done, Hannah,” Son said as he stood up.  “Time for you to be quiet now.”
“No, please, dnntmmfgmfdmmgm” Hannah said as he stuffed her own tights into her mouth, covering her lips and lower jaw with tape to keep it in.  “Now, we have to wait until the account has cleared - why don’t we have a cup of tea while we wait?”
“Good idea,” Mother said as she stood up.  “I’ll put the kettle in - none of you girls would like a cup, would you?”
“Ngggfdgdgdfg” Franzika said as Hannah was forced to hop over to the couch and lie face down, her legs pulled back and secured to her wrists as she lay down.  “Msrrr, msreeee” she moaned as she watched Son and Daughter sit down and look at all four of them.
Sunday afternoon:

"Ah.....phew!!!" Nicola said, spitting out her super saliva-soaked underwear from her mouth. The Family had only just left an hour ago, leaving scissors in reach for each girl in their rooms to remove their bindings.   As she threw the tape that had covered her mouth into a waste bin, she thought of what she had discovered during the night, rubbing her wrist as she did so.
“Hannah Heap, now we know your secret,” she mused, and thought of how to blackmail her friend, despite feeling half sorry for her being the target of the home invasion. Nicola was about to reach over her drawer to put on proper underwear when she found it bare and empty. "WHAT!!!!!!!!"She yelled.
Running out of the room, she went to Anna, finding her on her bed with the tape half peeled away from her mouth.  “Thanks,” she said as Nicola removed the tape and knickers, “what’s wrong?”
“My knickers - the bastards stole the rest of my knickers,” she said as she looked in Anna’s drawer.  “They’ve taken yours as well - the bastards have taken all our knickers.”
“Help me!!!” they heard Hannah call out, and Nicola rushed into her room, finding her lying half off the bed with tape hanging from her cheek, her tights sticking out.
“They’ve taken our pants,” Nicola said as she released Hannah from her hogtie and helped her to sit up.  “You know what this means?”
“Shopping trip?”

“No,” Anna, replied, pushing the tights back into her mouth and re-sealing the tape.

“MMMMmmmpg! Lemmmm!!!”

“Snap! Snap!” For all this trouble you’re going to be famous on the social networks, nappy girl!”





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