Family Afternoon








“Where on earth have they got to!”


“Relax, Mary,” Sheila said as she sat in the chair, drinking her coffee, “they’ve probably been caught up in traffic or the clothes shops.


“Hmmm...”  Mary Forbes was in her early forties, with short reddish brown hair and a stout build.  She was currently wearing a purple ribbed jumper, with a large pendant hanging round her neck and a thin black belt hanging loosely round her waist.  Her long skirt was blue with a subtle purple pattern, the hem hanging halfway down her thighs and hanging over the top of her black baggy leather boots.


By contrast, her sister Sheila was thinner, with her long hair the same shade of copper red as that of her sister.  She was wearing a coat dress made from linen, with a black background on which pale blue flowers and white roses was printed.  The sleeves were elbow length, and under the hem of the skirt her grey tights were hidden by a pair of knee length tight black leather boots.


“Mary, sit down,” she said as she smiled, looking through her glasses, “they’ll be here eventually.”


“They said they would be back by now, and I expect her to do as I ask,” Mary said as she sat down.  “This is intolerable.”


Sheila shook her head as she went back to reading her magazine.  “Why don’t you go and make a pot of teas, it might help you to remain calm...”


Mary shook her head and made her way into the kitchen, still muttering to herself as she filled the kettle and put it on.  As she went to check the tea caddy, she heard the back door open and close, and the sound of boots on the kitchen floor.


“There you are,” she said without turning round, “and just what Timmmdduccllclhmggdd.”


The scent of leather from the gloved hand that was clamped over her mouth filled her nostrils, and the glint of light on the blade of the large knife against her throat , filled her senses as a gruff voice said “not a word, capiche?  Son, Daughter – take care of anyone else at home.”


“Yes Father,” Mary heard a female voice say before she was pulled to the side, and made to bend over, her forehead touching the work surface as her arms were pulled behind her back...




“Mary?  How’s that...”


Sheila looked up, her book falling to the floor as she saw the two people standing in the doorway.  Both were wearing grey boiler suits, black leather gloves and black workman’s boots, as well as a balaclava pulled down over their heads.  The man had a large baseball bat in his hand, while the young woman was carrying a holdall in one hand, and a Tazer in the other.


“Don’t make a fucking sound,” the man said as he came in, “face down on the ground, now.”


“Do as Son says,” the woman continued as Sheila saw the sparks of electricity fly between the prongs of the device she held, “or you will regret it.”


“All right, all right, I’ll do as you say,” Sheila said as she dropped to her knees in front of the couch, and then lay down, turning her head to the side as the man she heard called Son walked over, knelt beside her and forced her wrists together behind her back.


“Rope, if you please Sister.”


“OF course Son,” the woman said as she put the bag down, and threw over several lengths of coarse brown rope, one of which Son used to bind Sheila’s crossed wrists tightly together behind her back.  Sheila bit her lower lip as the cords rubbed against her bare skin, and each yank made them more painfully forced into her flesh.


“Who are you,” she whispered as she felt Son cross her ankles, and then the rope creaking as it was used to secure them tightly together, “and where is my sister?”


“Father is looking after her,” Daughter said as Sheila felt the cords go between her legs, and then a second length bite into her legs under her knees, her tights offering scant protection.


“And we are the Family,” Son said as he pulled the cord between her legs, tightening the binding even more, before he rolled her over.  Through the doorway, Sheila saw a third person, identically dressed, forcing Mary up the stairs with her wrists secured behind her back.


“Now, open your mouth.”





“Please, what are you doing?”


“Making sure you stay right where you are,” the man said as he yanked the cord between her legs, tightening still further the band of rope around and between her ankles, and secured it to the metal footrest of the bed, then walked up and checked the rest of her ropes.  As well as the band holding her wrists together behind her back, Mary had two bands of rope holding her arms tightly to her sides, wrapped above and below her chest, and then tightened still further with small bands between her arms and body.


The masked intruder had also pulled her skirt off, revealing her black tights, and secured her legs with bands below her knees and around her thighs, each band cinched by taking the rough rope between her legs as well.


She had no choice but to watch as the masked man pulled drawers out and tipped the contents on the floor, before emptying her jewellery and gems into a small velvet bag.




He turned and looked at the second masked man at the door.


“We’ve searched downstairs – her friend is trussed on the couch.  Sister just saw two others approaching.”


“Deal with them – and have fun,” Father said as he picked up a pair of panties, and forced them into Mary’s mouth, before he produced a roll of duct tape and started to wrap it round her head, trapping her hair as it kept the stuffing in place.


“Now then,” he said as he glared at her, “why don’t we have some fun as well...”






“She is going to be so mad at me...”

“Oh lighten up,” Bobbi said as she walked beside her cousin.  The blonde had her hair platted into two pigtails, and was wearing a short camel jacket over a green velvet top that had buttons up the front, a blue skirt that came to just above her knee and had a brown leather belt around the waist, white wool tights and black knee length leather boots.


“You know what my mother’s like,” Angie said as she pulled her brown leather gloves off.  The brunette was wearing a tan leather biker’s jacket with a tartan scarf round her neck, the sleeves of her blue top sticking slightly out from the elasticised cuffs, denim jeans and knee length flat brown leather boots.  “I bet you she’ll be standing at the door, ready to scream at me.”


“Well, tell her the truth – we met our boyfriends and...”  Bobbi looked at her cousin, and then said “she doesn’t know you have a boyfriend does she?”


“Can you blame me?  She’d be asking questions non-stop, and I don’t want that,” Angie said as they turned up the garden path and walked towards her front door.  “I bet the first thing she says when I walk in is “and where have you been, Angela?”


“A tenner says that’s not what she says.”


“You’re on,” Angie said as she opened the door, Bobbi following her in as she closed the door behind her, and the two girls walked into the front room.


“Mum, I’m so...”




The two girls stared at Bobbi’s mother, who was lying face down on the floor.  Sheila had her arms tightly secured to her body with bands of rope around her chest, the tightness forcing that out as she lay on her side, her legs bent and the skirt of her dress up enough to reveal her panties under the grey tights.  Her face was covered in sweat, the drops running down the silver band that encircled her face and covered her mouth.




“Get on your fucking knees, you little bitches.”


Angie and Bobbi felt themselves been pushed into the room, as they turned to see Son standing there, slapping the baseball bat into the palm of his gloved hand.


“I said,” he snarled as Daughter appeared behind him, “get on your knees, or else you’re going to feel this on the back of your legs – and trust me, it will not be nice.”


The two girls looked at each other and dropped to their knees, Sheila sobbing as Daughter went behind Angie and pulled her scarf off, before she reached round and unzipped her jacket, revealing the blue v-necked top as she pulled the jacket off.


“Where’s my mother?”


“Upstairs,” Daughter said as she pulled the brunette’s wrists behind her back and started to bind them together with rope.


“Hey – that hurts.”


“Not as much as this will,” Son said as Bobbi started to shiver.  “And don’t worry, sweetheart – your turn’s coming.”


“What do you...”  Bobbi fell silent as her own jacket was pulled over, and she felt the rough cords as her own wrists were secured together behind her back.


“here’s the deal, bitches,” Son said as he squatted in front of them, his grin seemingly even more evil in the hole in his mask, “we’re going to make sure you young ladies are well distracted while we finish our work round here, but we need a little privacy for that.”


“Mum...  Mum, are you all right?  Have they hrrmmmggdd,” Bobbi said as Son pushed a cloth into her mouth, Daughter then wrapping duct tape tightly round her head to keep that in place.


Angie whispered something, before she too was gagged in the same way, and Son knelt behind her, the cousins looking at each other as they took a long length of brown rope and used it to force their arms into their sides, their breasts forced out as the rope went above and below their chests.


As the binding was tightened still further by the rope going under one arm, around the back of the neck and under the other arm, Son reached round and squeezed Angie’s chest with his gloved hands, Angie screaming and trying to move out of the way as Bobbi felt Daughter do the same to her.


“Whhruddnngthsss,” Angie whispered, the tape and cloth silencing her words as Son forced her to her feet.


“NNNwhrutnggthm,” Sheila said as she watched her own daughter being forced to stand as well.


“None of your business,” Son said as the two young women were frogmarched upstairs.  Passing her mother’s room, Angie heard Mary’s muffled protests, but Son pushed her past and into her own room.


“Face each other,” Daughter said, Angie and Bobbi looking into each other’s eyes as the two masked intruders tied a length of rope round their waist, and then let the long lengths drop to the floor.


“HnnnplsnntthhMMMMMM” Bobbi said as Daughter reached between her legs, and pulled the rope sharply up, the hem of her skirt pulled up as the rope rubbed on her crotch, while Daughter tied the ropes between her wrists.  She could only watch as Angie was also given a tight crotch rope, and moan as she tried to move her arms, and the ropes rubbed even more on her.


“Kneel down.”




“We said Kneel Down,” Daughter said as she yanked at the rope between Bobbi’s legs, the young girl dropping to her knees in shock and excitement.  As she panted through her nose, she felt the masked woman cross and bind her ankles tightly together, Angie kneeling in front of her as her ankles were secured, and then they both had their legs tied together below their knees.


Son then produced a large roll of duct tape, the two women wondering what was going to happen as they were made to shuffle so closely together their noses were touching.


They felt their chests rubbing against each other as Son and Daughter used the tape to cocoon the two women together, from their waists to their shoulders, before they watched the two of them rip the room apart, taking what valuables they could find.


“You two having fun?”


“No complaints, Father,” Daughter said as she looked over, “and the woman of the house?”


“Recovering.  We need to move out.”


Son nodded as he looked at Bobbi and Angie.  “Enjoy your time together, bitches,” he said as he moved off, both women looking at each other as the heavy footsteps went down the stairs.


As Sheila heard the doors close, she started to struggle on the floor, wriggling to where her handbag had been emptied out by the man they had called Father, and praying her mobile phone was intact...






“Ah, there you are – a good visit?”


“It was Mother,” Father said as he sat at the table.  “I did what you asked?”


“Good – I never liked that Mary at school, so when you said you were going to visit her, it gave me the chance to get you to take my revenge.  Clean yourselves up – I’ll start dinner...”









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