Family Christmas









“And I’m telling you, if I have to hear that flaming Slade song one more time...”


“Oh come on mum, you must have danced to it what you were a young girl.”


“Yeah Aunt Barbara – lighten up a little...”


Barbara Eden smiled and shook her head as she put the key into the front door of her house.  She had spent the afternoon on a shopping trip with her daughter and niece, and all she was interested in right that moment was a nice hot mug of coffee.


As she stepped into the hallway, she slipped off her camel coat and looked at Kerry and Louise.  Her daughter Kerry was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder length brown hair, and was wearing a black cardigan over a floral print dress, the flared skirt of which came down to just above her knees, thick black tights and knee length black leather boots with a two inch heel.


As for Louise, she was wearing a white collarless shirt, the cuffs rolled back to show the sleeves of the grey top she had on underneath and a brown belt around her waist, a pair of grey leggings and knee length suede boots of the same shade.


“What’s up Aunt Babs,” she said as she looked at the older woman.  For some reason Barbara had felt a chill, and wrapped her long grey cardigan over herself, hiding the white blouse and grey leather skirt she was wearing.  “I’m not sure,” she said as she went to the living room, the heels of her knee length taupe leather boots sinking into the carpet, “I just felt a chill for a moment.  Put the kettle on Kerry – I could use a cuppa.”


“So could I,” Kerry said as she went to the kitchen, while Louise headed up the stairs.  It was only when Barbara walked into the front room, saw the mess, and felt the gloved hand over her mouth, that she realised her chill was not just a feeling...




“Mum, where do you hide the coffee these days?”


Kerry listened for a reply, but before she could hear one she saw the jar sitting on the work surface.  “Don’t bother – I have it,” she said as she took the kettle over to the sink, filled it and then switched it on.


“Milk, milk, milk,” she said to herself, walking to the fridge and opening it to retrieve the carton.  It was when she closed it again that she saw the young man standing there, a stocking pulled down over his head and a wooden club in his hand, looking at her and saying “Hello.”


Kerry let go of the carton, the contents spilling onto the floor as it fell onto its side, as the man stepped forward and grabbed her arm, twisting it round and up her back as he said “Open wide for me now.”


Whasgngngnmmm” Kerry said as a dirty dish cloth was stuffed into her mouth, secured in place before she had a chance to spit it out by a length of silver duct tape that pulled on her skin as it was slapped over her mouth.


“Not a word,” the masked man said as she felt her other arm being pulled behind her back, and rope pulling her wrists together...




“Did you say something, Kerry?”


Louise stepped out of the bathroom, the water re-filling the cistern as she did so, but there was no reply from downstairs.  Shrugging her shoulders, she was about to go back down when she heard a noise in her aunt’s bedroom.


“Did you come upstairs,” she said as she put her hand on the door handle, only for it to be opened violently inwards and a gloved hand to pull her in.  She barely had time to register the mess on the floor before she was forced to lei face down on the bed, someone sitting across her as her arms were pulled behind her back and her wrists tied together with rope.


“What the hell is going on,” she called out as she struggled to free herself, only to stop when she caught the glint of light off a steel blade, feeling it against her throat as a female voice said “Shut the fuck up and don’t move.”


“Who are you,” Louise said, more quietly as she felt her arms been pulled together at her elbows, the rope forcing them to touch.


“I am Daughter,” the woman said, “and you need to be quiet.  Open your mouth.”


Whsholdlddippnmmf,” Louise said, only to have to stop from retching as a pair of dirty panties were pushed into her mouth.  She heard a ripping sound before something was slapped over her mouth, pulling at her skin, and she was made to stand up.  At this point, she finally got a look at the woman who had bound her arms and gagged her.


She was about her age, with blonde hair held down by the stocking over her head.  She was dressed in a black jumper, leggings and knee length boots, but the glint in her eye showed how serious she was.


“Move,” she said as she pushed Louise towards the stairs...



Barbara was crying as she saw Louise been pushed into the room.  “Please,” she said between sobs as she tried to move her bound wrists, “Don’t hurt them.”


“You don’t have a say in the matter,” the man who was standing behind her said, as he passed some rope around her arms and chest, pulling them into her side as he tightened it with a sharp tug.  She let out a sharp gasp as her chest was forced out, the rope going above and below it as she found herself more and more tightly secured.


“But who are you?” she said as she was pushed into a chair.


“I am Father, and this is Daughter and Son,” the older man said, his short grey hair visible at the temples under the stocking.  The younger man was kneeling in front of Kerry, tightly benign her legs below her knees as the leather of her boots squeaked from the rope rubbing against it.


Yssbtwhrru,” she moaned through the tape covering her mouth, wishing she could spit out the rancid cloth it held in her mouth.


“We’re robbing you, you daft bitch,” Daughter said as she pushed Louise onto the floor between the two women, laughing at her grunt as she pulled her legs back and started to bind her ankles together.


“That’s right,” Father said as he put his hand on Barbara’s shoulder, “so you’re going to be a good little mother and aunt and tell us where your safe is, as well as the combination, or – well, they may not enjoy the experience.”


“What do you mean...  Barbara fell silent as she saw Son pull Kerry’s head back by her hair making her yelp in pain as she felt his hand over her throat.


“All right, all right,” she said quietly, “I’ll do whatever you want, just leave both of them alone...”


“Very sensible,” Father said as Son let Kerry’s head go, her muted sobs followed by a coughing fit.  “Now look what you did – if she keeps coughing she might puke, and there’s no way out for all that filth....”


“No – please, do something to help her,” Barbara pleaded, but all she got in response was a round of cruel laughter as Son said “IF she wants to live, she can calm herself down.”


Barbara looked at her daughter, swallowed and said “Kerry, look at me.”  The young woman looked up as her mother said “I know you’re scared, but you need to calm down, breath through your nose, and stop shaking.  Seriously, they’re not going to help you, and I can’t take that monstrosity from your mouth, so listen to me.  Breathe in....   and out... In... And out...”


Louise watched as her cousin followed the rhythm of Barbara’s calm words, eventually nodding as she sat back in the chair.  She was in no position to help either – her ankles had been pulled back so far the heels of her boots were resting on her leggings, and then secured tightly to the ropes around her own chest.


“Now then,” Father said as he stared into Barabara’s face, “Combination to the safe, please.”


“I’ll tell you if it means you go away,” Barbara replied, before giving him a series of numbers and directions.


“Very good,” Father said, “but you don’t mind if you come with me to double check.  You two keep them amused.”


He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the chair, frog-marching her from the room as Kerry looked up at Son.  His smile chilled her as his hands pulled open her cardigan, and then started to grope at her chest as the ropes above and below it rubbed against her.


Pllssdnttt,” Louise moaned, only to gasp herself as she felt Daughter’s hands stroking down her sides, and her voice saying “No reason that Son should have all the fun...”  She felt her captor’s hands going round her chest and then pulling her blouse open, before the latex gloved fingers stroked over the top of her chest.


Kerry closed her eyes, trying desperately to ignore the growing feelings inside her – feelings of arousal, feelings of pleasure at the rough treatment she was receiving.  She could hear her cousin gasp, and looking over was sickened at the sight of Daughter placing her lips over Louise’s bare breasts, licking and kissing them.


“I can tell you like this,” Son said as he pulled open her dress, the buttons flying in all directions, and started to lick the bare top of her chest....





“Very nice collection of jewels lady.”


“You bastard,” Barbara said as she struggled on the bed, her heels touching her bottom as they were held in place by the rope connecting her bound ankles to her chest.  Father had also tied her legs tightly together below her knees, the leather of her boots squeaking as her legs rubbed together.


“Language,” Father said as he finished loading the contents of the safe into his bag.  “I can see you need to be taught a lesson.”  He walked over to the dirty linen basket, and looked inside, smiling as he withdrew a pair of panties and a set of tan pantyhose.


“What are you planning to do with that,” Barbara said as she watched Father wad the panties up, and then stuff them into the crotch of the pantyhose.  Her eyes widened with realization as she whispered “No...  OH please God no...”


“Yes,” Father said as he forced the crotch and panties into Barbara’s mouth, wrapping the legs around her head and between her lips to force the rancid packing further in, and then tying them off at the back of her head.  Barbara tried to keep herself calm, ignoring the foul taste as she realised she needed to control her breathing.  She just hoped this madman had nothing else planned...



“I’ve got an idea.!


Daughter looked at Son as Louise allowed her head to fall back onto the floor, her eyes slightly glazed and her panting heavy as she recovered from what Daughter had done to her.  Kerry was already slumped in the chair, crying softly at her own assault.




“Get some more rope – let’s help them to have some fun together.”


Daughter smiled as she picked up a length of rope and tossed it to Son, who made Kerry kneel on the floor before he tied it between her wrists.  As Daughter forced Louise to kneel in front of her cousin, they looked mutely at each other before their captors forced the rope down between Kerry’s legs, through Louise’s and up, tying the rope off to Louise’s wrists before their upper bodies were tightly bound together, their bare breasts rubbing against each other.


“Kissing Cousins!” Daughter said with a laugh.  “Go on – kiss each other.”


The two girls looked at each other, and then pressed their taped lips together, trying desperately not to move the rope that rubbed against their panties as Father came in.


“Very nice,” he said as he looked at them.  “We’re going – Merry Christmas ladies.”


The two girls looked at them as they left, wondering where Barbara was.


The older woman had her own worries – thanks to the toothbrush that Father had lodged under the crotch rope he had tied on her, which was vibrating right where she didn’t want it...







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