Family Gathering






The manor house has the lights on, but as people walked past, they had no idea of what was happening inside, or how the de Walker family party was really progressing…


“You just stay right there,” the masked man said as he looked at the housekeeper, bound tightly to the chair and a pad of tape holding the washcloth in her mouth, while he looked at the other three.  They were dressed identically – boiler suits, balaclavas, two woman and one man.


“What do we do now Father,” one of the women said.


“Split up, move out, do what you want, take what you want…”


Mother’s Tale

She was the shortest of the four, but by no means did that mean she was softer, more amenable, as she slowly walked up the rear staircase and entered the upper corridor. 


She could hear music, and as she walked along she saw a light under the door, so she smiled as she felt the weight of the gun in her hand, and opened the door.


Samantha de Walker turned suddenly and looked at the woman standing there, wearing a blue boiler suit and a black balaclava, only her eyes and her red lips showing.  She had a gun in one of her gloved hands, and a leather bag in the other.


Mother looked at the young blonde, wearing a grey checked pinafore dress over a white jumper, patterned hose, and black leather boots, and said quietly “let me make this simple dearie – shut the fuck up, do as I tell you, and you get to have some fun.  Understand?”


“Who… Who are you,” she stammered as she looked at the woman.


“I’m Mother, and you do as Mother tells you, understand?  Now, let’s get to business – where are your nice things?”


“My – my jewels?”  She pointed to some boxes, Mother nodding as she opened the bag and passed her a velvet sack.  “All of them, in there now, or Mother will be upset, and you do not want Mother upset at you…”


Mother pulled the safety back on the gun and aimed it at her, Sam’s face paling before she took the sack and tipped her rings, earrings and other jewellery into the bag as quickly as she could.


“Very good,” Mother said quietly, “but now you get your reward, and I think you will like it.”


“Reward?  What reward?”


Mother smiled as she said “we start with you taking the dress and jumper off – nice and slowly.”


Sam nodded, too afraid to refuse as she slipped her dress off, and pulled the jumper over her head, standing in her white bra and panties as Mother walked forward, stroking Sam’s cheek with her gloved hand.


“Very nice – see the bed?  Go and lie on it, and put your hands together in prayer.”


“What are you going to do,” Sam asked as she lay down, and then she gasped as Mother drew a length of rope from the bag, and tied her wrists tightly together, before the masked woman pulled her wrists above her head and tied the ends to the headboard.


“Making sure you can’t stop us, and have some fun,” she said quietly as she stroked her gloved hands over Sam’s chest and then down her legs, the young girl watching as she tied one end of a length of rope to her ankle and then pulled it to the aside, tying it to the foot of the bed.  She smiled as she went round and tied her other ankle, and then stroked her gloved hand up the inside of Sam’s leg as she shivered.


“Please, I promise I’ll be quiet…”


“Oh, I know you will,” Mother said as she picked up a pair of scissor, and pulled Sam’s hose down, cutting her panties away and wadding them up as she smelt them, and said “open wide now…”


“No…” Sam said as she clamped her mouth shut, Mother shook her head and then pinched Sam’s nose, closing her nostrils as she looked up, trying not to breath for as long as possible..


“AH,” she finally said as she opened her mouth, and then tasted herself as the panties were stuffed into her mouth, Mother covering her mouth as she whispered “Keep those in there, understand?”


Yssmmm,” she nodded as Mother took a strip of sticking plaster from the bag, and pressed it over the young woman’s mouth, Sam whimpering as Mother put her hands on her chest and started to massage her breasts.




“Giving you your reward,” Mother whispered as she eased the bra down off Sam’s breasts, massaging them, kneading her fingers into the soft flesh as she felt her body shiver, her nipples hardening as the touch as Mother gently squeezed them.


HmmghhddthatshghhdhdddNNNNNNNNNNNN!”  The scream came as Mother fastened a pair of silver clamps onto Sam’s nipples, and then taped them over, before she drew a large tube from her bag, shaped at one end as Sam looked on.


“Now, for the best bit,” Mother said as she pressed a button, Sam wriggling and shaking her head as she ran it between her legs, over her clit, and then pushed it in…



Son’s tale


“And who the hell are you?”


Eleanor and Roberta de Walker looked at the masked young man as he walked into the drawing room, seeing his smile as he closed the door, and pointed the sawn-off shotgun at them.


“That’s my fucking business,” he growled, “your business now is to shut up and do as I say.”


Eleanor and Roberta were sat on a corner couch arrangement, the brunette Eleanor in a white blouse, bronzed leggings and a pair of matching wedge soled heels, and Eleanor in a low cut black dress and high black leather boots.  Their heads were together as Son smiled, and said “well now, I guess I have to keep you two together and out of the way.”


“What are you talking about,” Eleanor said quietly as Son put a bag down, took two lengths of rope out, and threw them over.  “One of you is going to tie the other’s wrists and ankles – so who is going to tie who?”


The two women looked at each other as Son walked over and pressed the end of the sawn-off shotgun to Eleanor’s head.  “Well?”


“I’ll tie you,” Roberta said as she took the rope, waiting as Eleanor put her hands behind her back before she began to tie her wrists together, looking at Son the whole time.  She then leaned over and bound her sister’s ankles, her face on Eleanor’s chest as she did so, Eleanor sighing as her chin rubbed on her.


“How nice, you enjoyed that didn’t you?”  Son grinned as he took some more rope and pulled Roberta’s hands behind her back, tying her wrists tightly together and then securing her ankles together as well, while she and Eleanor looked at each other.


“Well, this is a fine situation,” Eleanor said as she twisted round, while Son took more ropes and knelt down, binding her legs together below her knees and then doing the same to Roberta, looking at both of them as he said “you two need to have some fun – kiss each other.”




“I said,” Son said as he looked at them, and primed the gun, “kiss each other.”


The two women looked at each other, and then started to kiss as Son put the gun down, and started to massage their chests with his gloved hands, both of them moaning as they looked to see the gun within his reach, the determined look in his eyes.


“Keep going,” he whispered as they kissed again, both of them feeling very strange as something happened to their bodies.




“Would you like me to show you?”


The two women looked at him as he stood up, and pushed a red rubber ball into each of their mouths, and covered that with tape, before he made them kneel facing each other, and started to bind rope around Roberta’s arms and upper body – after he had pulled her dress down to her wrists, the ropes rubbing on her bare flesh before he walked round and pulled Eleanor’s blouse down, and bound her tightly as well, then took turns groping each of them, as they looked at each other, wondering if he was going to do what they suspected…



Daughter’s Tale

She looked at both of them, seeing how drunk they were, and smiled as she said “well, ladies, we are going to have some fun, aren’t we?  May I know your names?”


“You may not,” one of them said in a slurred voice.  She was wearing a lynx fur coat over a short white shirt dress, thigh length black leather boots, a fascinator on her head and her eyes unfocused as she sipped her champagne.  “We’re not going to tell her are we Pru?”


“No we are not Gertie,” the other one giggled as she tapped the top hat on her head.  Her fur jacket was a leopard print, over her own white shirt dress, tights and high boots.


“Well, Pru, Gertie, we need to make sure you two are kept amused,” Daughter said as she aimed the shotgun at them, “so do me a favour, stand up, lose those fucking ridiculous hats and those expensive fur coats, and look at each other.”


“She’s got a gun, Gertie?  Should we do as she says?”


“We’d better,” Pru said as they both stood slowly up, taking their headgear and throwing it to the side before they removed their fur coats, and let them stay on the floor.  As they looked at each other, Daughter smiled and said “now, take the dresses off each other.”


“Kinky,” Pru slurred, before they slowly started to strip each other, the tops of their black stocking becoming visible as they joined the fur coats on the floor.  She walked round them as they drunkenly looked at her, and then said “I’m going to give you something Pru, and I want you to do what I tell you, all right?”


She slowly nodded as Daughter handed her a long length of rope, and said “tie that round Gertie’s waist, nice and tight.”  She watched as Pru did that, and then said “now turn her round, reach between her legs, and pull the rest of the rope through.”


“Oh, that does feel different,” Gertie said as the rope was pulled up by Pru, rubbing between her legs as Daughter told Pru to tie the ends behind her back.  “Very different…”


“Would you like your friend to feel it,” Daughter purred, Gertie nodding as she tied the rope around Pru’s waist and between her legs as well.  As she sighed, Daughter said “well, that’s very nice ladies – now I want you to hold each other, face to face, and I have a big surprise for both of you.”


“Oh I like surprises,” Pru slurred as she put her arms round Gertie, the other woman returning the embrace as they looked at each other, then Pru gasped as Daughter tied her wrists tightly together behind Gertie’s back.


“Hey, you really are a robber,” she said with a smile as Gertie looked at her – and then her eyes opened wide as Daughter tied Pru’s wrists to the rope between her legs, and pulled them up.


“What – what was that,” Pru said as Daughter walked round, and bound Gertie’s wrists together, and then to Pru’s crotch rope.  “How do you like it,” she grinned as Pru groaned, and then pulled the other rope up.


“Well, you seem to be having fun,” Daughter said as she wrapped rope around both of them, forcing their bodies together as they looked at each other, and then made them kneel.  They heard and felt the leather tighten round their ankles as she bound them with rope, and then tied their legs together and to each other above their knee, before she pushed them to the side, and pulled their ankles back, tying them to the crotch rope as well.


“Oh god,” Pru whispered as her eyes opened wide, and she groaned – a groan that was muffled as Daughter pushed a rubber bung into her mouth, the leather pad it was attached too pressed against her face as Daughter fastened the straps around her head.  Gertie wondered what was happening as she was gaged in the same way, and they wriggled round, Daughter starting to play with herself as she watched them bringing each other on…


Father’s Tale


“You’re going to do what I say, aren’t you bitch,” Father said as he whacked the baseball bat down on the table, Lady de Walker pushing herself back onto the couch as she looked at him. 


The lady of the manor was wearing a white blouse, the sleeves rolled back, the top two buttons undone, a pair of fawn riding britches, and over the knee black leather boots.  She had been sitting on the brown leather couch, reading when the masked man had burst in and threatened her.


“You know, a kind word goes a long way,” she said as she brushed her blonde hair out of the way.


“Not in my book, bitch – I see a safe over there.   Unless you like the idea of cosmetic surgery, open it.”


“Why would I need cosmetic surgery?”


“To mend the broken nose from where you will be hit if you don’t shift your fat arse and open that safe right now,” he growled as he slapped the bat into his gloved palm.  Lady de Walked nodded as she stood up and walked over, opening the safe and then looking at Father as he dropped a bag on the floor, and took out a length of brown rope.


“Good, you don’t get a broken nose, bitch, but you do get tied up.  Face the wall, hands behind your back.”  He watched as he did that, and then put her wrists together before he pulled the rope tightly round them, hearing her grunt as the rope went around and between them.


“Does it have to be so tight?”


“you or the ropes,” Father growled as he took a longer length of rope out, and then wrapped it round her body, pulling it tight around her arms as the bands were formed above and below her chest.  She wriggled round as her blouse burst open the ropes now rubbing on her white bra and her breasts as he used two shorter lengths to tighten the bands between her arms and her body.


“Right,” he said as he spun her round so that she could see his eyes, “are you going to be quiet.”


“No, I’m going to fuichckknschrrrmmhmmmm.”  Before she could say anything, he pushed a folded dirty white rag into her mouth, and then tied a length of rope between her lips and round her head to keep that in place. 


He then pushed her over to the couch as she fell face down onto it, grabbing her ankles and crossing them before he pulled more rope tightly round them, forcing them together as the leather squeaked, and then pulling them back and tying them to her chest ropes.  Another length went around her legs below her knees, before he rolled her onto her side and pulled her bra cups down.


Wthrhrhudhhhnnnn,” she groaned as he pinched her nipples, and then roughly groped her breasts as she lay there, unable to move.  She could see a fire in his eyes, and she began to wonder what else he might get up to.


And then she felt his hand between her legs…




The housekeeper watched as the four masked intruders came back into the kitchen, her eyes red from the pain of the bindings.


“Sleep tight,” the man said as they left, and she wondered what had happened to the other women…







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