House Call

Rebecca turned round and looked at the man who standing with her in the kitchen.  As she did so, she placed her hands on her hips and smiled.


“All right, I accept that you and your son can do a much better job of cleaning my pool for me, but how am I meant to pay your bill?”


He looked at Rebecca as she stood there.  She had long blonde hair that fell about her shoulders and over the collar of her tight black blouse.  The blouse buttoned up the front, but the collar ran over the top of her breasts and the short sleeves showed the milky white skin on her arms.  She was also wearing a short grey skirt with zip pockets that ran from her waistband half way down, and black strapped sandals with three inch heels.


There was a sound from the other room, and Rebecca called out “Suzie, are you all right?”


“I don’t think you need to worry about Suzie just now,” the man replied as he walked forward.  “Son, have you got the girl?”


“I have, Father, you can carry on.”


“What the hell is going on,” Rebecca said as Father walked towards her.  Although he wasn’t dressed in his usual work outfit, choosing today to wear a fawn t-shirt and jeans, he still had a menacing look in his eye as he turned Rebecca round and pushed her over the work surface.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” she screamed as Father took several lengths of white rope out of his pocket.


“Son and I have some business to conduct with your father – so are you going to co-operate or do I have to get rough?”


“No – I’ll do whatever you ask, just please don’t hurt me,” Rebecca said as she felt her wrists been pulled together, the feel of the rope as it tightened around them telling her that resistance was going to be useless.


“Good girl,” Father said as he quickly wrapped the rope around and between her wrists, and then around her arms.  Rebecca winced as they were pulled into her side, and secured against her chest.


“You don’t have to be so rough with me or Suzie,” she said as she heard her sister crying in the next room.  Father said nothing, but continued to pass the rope around Rebecca’s arms and chest below her breasts, pulling tightly as he did so and then repeated the process above her breasts.  Finally, he passed the rope between the two layers behind her back, over one shoulder and under the ropes below her breast before passing them back over the other shoulder and tying the ends firmly.


Rebecca closed her eyes as Father grabbed her and pulled her away from the sink, pinching her breasts as he did so.  “What are you doing to Suzie?” she repeated as she watched him reach into his bag, and produce what looked like a pink tennis ball that had a leather strap fed through the centre.


In the next room, Son was securing Suzie’s wrists behind her back with leather straps.  She was wearing a green cheerleader’s uniform, with white diagonal stripes, but he had removed her shoes and socks before gagging her with a red ball gag.  She was lying on the floor, her eyes closed and groaning as the leather bit into her skin.


“There now,” Father said as he buckled the strap around Rebecca’s neck, “That should keep you nice and quiet.”


Rebecca moaned in response, the pink rubber having been forced past her teeth and filling her mouth.  She looked over her shoulder as Father pushed her back against the work surface, and started to bind her ankles together with more rope.  The nylon stockings she was wearing offered some protection, but the rope still hurt as it was pulled tightly around her ankles and feet.


More rope was used around Rebecca’s legs below her knees, and then one last long length was passed around her chest ropes, those around her wrists and legs, and finally around her ankles.  Father pulled her back and whispered into her ear “You do exactly as we tell you and no-one gets hurt,” before putting her over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift and carrying her out of the kitchen.


As they walked through the front room, they saw Son finishing the binding around Suzie’s ankles.  “I’ll send Uncle in to help you,” Father said as eh carried Rebecca out to a waiting white van.  The rear doors were open, and a bearded man in a red t-shirt and jeans jumped out.


“Give Son a hand, will you?” Father said as he carried Rebecca in, laid her on a blanket at the rear of the van and tied a thick white scarf over her eyes.  As eh turned round, he saw Uncle and Son carry Suzie in and lie her face down on the floor of the van.  In her struggled, the front of her dress had fallen down, and Father could not help noticing the tattoos that adorned her breasts.


“All right, let’s get going – the ladies need us to be on time,” Father called a she jumped out, closing the van doors behind him and sat behind the driver’s seat.




Several hours had passed, and night had fallen as the van drove up to a large house that lay some way off the main road.  As the rear of the van was opened by Father, he noticed that Suzie’s dress had been removed.


“Having fun, were we?” he said as he looked at Uncle and Son.


“Hardly,” Uncle said as carried Suzie out of the van by the shoulders, Son holding her ankles.  “She’s been wriggling around so much we had to cut it off.”


“Hmmm – well, it’ll stop her running away.”  Father had changed into a combat jacket, and was pulling a black balaclava over his head.  “I’ll open the door, and while I take care of the lady of the house you bring the other two in and leave them somewhere safe.”


Rebecca tried to sit herself up as she heard the two men carry her sister out, wondering what was going on.  As they carried in Suzie, they noticed her tattoos went much further on her body than they had thought.


Father forced open the garage door, and made his way to the rear of the empty area where there was an old glass door.  Uncle and Son carried Suzie in and dropped her on a mattress that was lying on the floor.  She opened her eyes and rolled over to look up into Uncle’s eyes.


“You just lie there,” he said, “while we bring your sister in, and then we’ll see what happens.”  She watched as Uncle and Son left her for a few minutes, then carried Rebecca in and laid her on the floor near to Suzie.  As they removed her blindfold, she blinked, looked at Suzie and cried out.  Rebecca then looked around the garage, and realised she knew where they were…..







“Don’t move a muscle, or I’ll cut you.”


Melinda was lying face down on her bed, a red dressing gown around her and the masked man flashing a very nasty looking hunting knife in her face.  She had just come out of the dressing room when he had grabbed her; hand gagged her and forced her into the bedroom.


She could hear sounds downstairs, so she knew this was not the only intruder.  “What do you want,” she whispered as the man stood up.


“We have some business with your father, so just keep quiet and you won’t get hurt.”  Father looked at her as she lay there, her chestnut coloured hair lying across the duvet.


“Get up – get up and take your dressing gown off.”


“I beg your…. Oh please, no, I’ll do anything but don’t….”


“Tempting,” Father sneered, “But I have no time for that.  Just take your dressing gown off, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”  As he said this, he held a hank of white rope up in his hand.




“Have you found anything,” Uncle called out as he searched the room.


“Some money, credit cards – all useful stuff, but ….”  Son stopped himself and held his hand up as a car approached the house and stopped outside.


“There, that should hold you nice and firm.”


Father pulled on the last knot around Melinda’s wrists as she sat on the end of the bed.  She was wearing a powder blue bra and panties set as Father threw her dressing gown to the other side of the room and got off the mattress.


“You can take anything you want, but please leave me alone….”


They both heard the sound of the front door opening.  Father picked up a roll of black tape, tore a strip off and before Melinda could respond had smoothed it over her lips.


“Just keep quiet,” he said as he stood behind the bedroom door, his knife in his hand.


“Mel!!  Are you upstairs?”


The sound of footsteps climbing the staircase grew louder, and Melinda squirmed round as the bedroom door opened and her friend Yvonne walked in.  She was wearing a tight red blouse and black leather skirt, with high heeled sandals.


“Mel, are you ready yet?  OH shit!”


Father stepped out behind the woman as she stared at her friend sitting on the bed, her wrists and ankle bound with rope and black tape over her mouth.  Yvonne started to move over to help, but instead she was grabbed from behind and a gloved hand firmly placed over her mouth.


“Don’t make a sound, bitch, or you both get cut,” Father whispered as he flashed the knife in front of Yvonne.  “Take your blouse and skirt off.”


“Do you need any help, Father,” a male voice called from downstairs as Yvonne unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it to fall to the floor, followed by her skirt.


“Everything’s under control, Son,” he called back, and then whispered, “Shoes off as well.”


“Wht’s gng n,” Yvonne mumbled under the gloved hand as she kicked off her shoes and stood there in a black lace bra and matching knickers.


“You’ve walked into a robbery, so just told as you’re told, all right?”


“ll rght”


“Good,” Father said as he frog marched Yvonne over to the bed.  Melinda watched as he threw Yvonne down onto the mattress, took the roll of black tape and quickly gagged her before she was able to speak.


“Sit down and put your hands behind your back,” Father ordered Yvonne, and as she moved to the side of the bed he grabbed her wrists, pulled them behind her back and started to tie them together, passing the rope around and between her wrists as he did so.  Yvonne tried to pull her arms apart, but the masked man proved too strong for her, and soon she was trying desperately to pull her firmly roped wrists apart.


Father walked round and knelt to the side of Yvonne, taking a length of rope as eh did so and passing it around her ankles.  She tried to kick him as he pulled them together, but again he proved too strong as he expertly lashed them together and cinched the ropes between her legs.


“Sit still,” Father said, and as he climbed back onto the bed and pulled some rope around Melinda’s elbows the bedroom door opened.  Two other men walked in, with balaclava masks over their heads, and watched as Melinda’s chest was made to stick out by the way her elbows were pulled together.


“Here’s the deal, ladies,” Father said as he walked round and stood in front of the bound and gagged women.  “In your garage downstairs are the daughters of your father’s partner, and we have his daughter and her friend up here.”


He grabbed Melinda by the throat, placing the knife in front of her as he did so.


“In a few minutes, the phone will ring and I will pick up the receiver.  You just listen.”


As if by cue, the telephone by the bed rang.  Father picked up the receiver and held it to Melinda’s ear.


“Mel?  Are you there?”




“Mel, are you all right?”


“Hlp me – m td p…..”


Father took the receiver.  “You can see we mean business, Sir Robin, and we have your partner’s daughters as well.  Do exactly what the women tell you, and they get to tell their friends.”


Replacing the receiver, the three men came together and looked at their captives.


“So, what shall we do now?” Uncle said as a smile grew on his lips….