Lazy Sunday Afternoon







For Courtney, it was just another day in another long weekend.  Her boyfriend was away for a month on business, and the last this she really wanted to be doing was spending the afternoon with her mother and grandmother – as interesting as that may have been.  What she really wanted to do was be with him – but that was just not possible.


Instead, she had to as it was so eloquently put “rattle round this old house” – the old house in question being her grandmother’s, while she and her mother discussed some family business.  As she came out of the toilet, after drying her hands, she walked along the upper corridor to where her room was.  Walking in, she sat on the bed, and then lay back, resting on the orange duvet cover and pillows as the hem of her green t-shirt rose up slightly from the waistline of her blue jeans.


She looked down at her black leather boots, the cuffs turned down like a pirate, and realised she should have taken them off – but she wasn’t bothered.  Closing her eyes, she wondered how long she could stay there for...


“Don’t say a fucking word, you little slut!”


Courtney opened her eyes wide and tried to call out - but a large hand in a leather glove was clamped over her mouth, and she could see the business end of a sawn off shotgun pointing at her.  Three people were standing in front of her, wearing black boiler suits, and with stockings pulled down over their heads, pressing their hair down.


She tried not to panic as she looked at them – the older man, his hair short and greying as his hand stayed clamped over her mouth.  The younger man, smiling as he pointed the shotgun at her – and the young woman, her blonde hair pulled back, and she looked at her.


“Son, Daughter, make sure this young lady is going to stay here,” the older man said.  She watched as the woman said “of course Father,” and then pulled from a pocket on her boiler suit several lengths of cord.  Walking round, she grabbed Courtney’s left wrist and tied one end of a length of cord round it, before she pulled it up and secured it to the top corner of the bed.  Courtney was too terrified to do more than whimper as Daughter walked round and secured her other wrist to the top of the bed as well, before the man she had heard called Father say “now, you’re not going to scream out and warn the rest of your family we’re here, are you?”  She shook her head frantically from side to side as he said “because if you were going to, we’d make sure you never, ever called out for anything again, understood?”


She nodded in response as she saw Son pull her legs flat, and then cross her ankles, holding them as Daughter used more cord to secure them tightly together, and the rope going around and between her legs as it squeaked on the leather.  As she tied the ends off, Son looked at her and smiled – an evil smile, as he unfastened and pulled her jeans down, before waving a large knife at her.


“Oh my god,” she thought to herself as he cut through the sides of her panties, and then pulled them away, sniffing her crotch as he balled them and then looked at Father.


“Open wide,” the older man said as he took his gloved hand away, but Courtney clamped her mouth shut, shaking her head from side to side.


“Why do you all think that will work – Daughter?”


“Of course Father – it will be my pleasure,” the masked woman said – and Courtney suddenly arched her back as she inserted a gloved finger into her sex, moving it around as she wriggled, and then opened her mouth to gasp.  That allowed Son to shove her panties into her mouth, and then pressed a strip of brown sticking plaster firmly down over her mouth.  As she watched, he then started to search the room, throwing things around as Daughter looked at her.


“May I stay and play with her Father,” she said as she looked at the older man.


“Of course you may – keep searching up here when you are ready,” the man said, as he and the Son left, Daughter smiling as she continued to use her finger on Courtney, and said “I am sure you are going to enjoy this...”


Plssdndthss,” she mumbled, as Daughter looked at her.  “Aw – would you rather I did this?”  She picked up a pair of scissors and cut her t-shirt from the hen to the neck, exposing her white bra – and then cut that away, exposing her breasts.  She felt the hands as they pressed firmly down and kneaded her flesh, making her groan as she realised her body was responding.  Involuntarily, she arched her back, pressing her chest into her hands as she squeezed harder. 


“See – pleasure, yes?”


Courtney opened her eyes and nodded – then screamed into her gag as Daughter fastened the metal clamps over her nipples.  “I’m in charge here,” Daughter whispered, “and don’t you forget it.”  She then looked down and started to use her finger to explore Courtney’s sex, the young girl unable to do more than groan...





“I’ll be in the front room if you want me,” Anne said as she walked into the house, leaving Roberta on the wicker garden unit.  They had agreed on how Courtney’s trust fund, which she was entitled to draw on after her upcoming 21st birthday, would be managed, and now she could relax for a little while.  The fifty year old blonde was wearing a grey cardigan, buttoned up the front, blue jeans and over the knee black suede boots.


“It’s a beautiful day,” she said to herself as she sat back, her eyes closed, the scent of the summer flowers filling her nostrils as she drifted into her own thoughts.  The birds were singing, the sun was warm, the leather glove over her mouth filling her nose with the scent of the animal skin.


WHThhhlllll...”  She looked up to see the two masked men looking down at her, the older two of the holding a sawn-off shotgun in his free hand, the younger tapping a very large baseball bat in his hands.


“You’re not going to let anyone know what’s going on, are you,” the older man whispered, Roberta shaking her head as the younger man grinned.


“Good – get the ropes out Son.”


“Of course Father,” the younger man said as he reached down, and drew from somewhere a length of rope.  “You – sit up and turn your back to me.”


As Father removed his hand, and Roberta moved, she said “Who are you?”  The last thing she expected as a response was the back of the leather gloved hand as it slapped her cheek, Father growling “We do the talking, we ask the questions.  Son?”


Roberta bit her tongue as her arms were yanked behind her back, and she felt Son bind her wrists together, the rope rubbing and digging into the flesh around her wrists as he pulled it tighter and tighter.  “Now then – your safe.  The combination.”


“Go to hell...”


“Perhaps Father did not make himself clear,” Son said as he pulled back on Roberta’s hair, “the combination to the safe, or we hurt you.”


“All right, all right,” Roberta whispered quietly, “I’ll tell you...”  She then groaned as the ropes pulled her arms tight into her sides, the front of her cardigan straining to remain closed as the ropes sat above and below her chest.  They pressed hard, and as the ropes were tightened still further she let out – much to her surprise – a low moan.


“Now, the combination,” Father growled as the ropes were pulled tighter and tighter...




Anne sat back on the white leather couch, smiling as she flipped through the old magazine.  The black silk jacket covered the black and white striped bustier mini dress, while her legs sat in a pair of black fishnet stockings, most of which were covered by thigh high black leather boots.


She was the wrong side of seventy, but with her short greying blonde hair she looked younger.  And her interests helped her to feel younger as well.


“Tip Top – it is a long time since I have seen a copy of that.”


Anne looked up to see a woman standing there, wearing a black boiler suit and gloves, and a black stocking pulling down her greying hair as she looked at the couch.  The gun she was holding in her hand made her intent clear to Anne, as she put a large handbag down on the chair.


“Well, I do have taste,” Anne said quietly, “so am I being robbed?”


“Indeed – the rest of my Family are taking care of your daughter and granddaughter, but I said I would make sure you could not raise the alarm myself.  You may call me Mother.”


“How appropriate,” Anne said quietly, “so I presume you are going to tie me up?”


“You presume correctly,” Mother said as she reached into the bag, and drew out a length of rope, “so if you would stand up, turn around and put your hands behind your back?”


“Well, do I have a choice in the matter?”


“Not really no,” she said, the smile evident under her stocking mask as she crossed Anne’s wrists, and began to use the rope to secure them tightly together.   As she passed the rope between the older woman’s wrists, Anne looked up as she heard some strange sounds.


“I think Daughter is having some fun with your granddaughter.”


“I can imagine that she is,” Anne said quietly, “and what of you?  Will you have fun with me?”


“In my own way – I prefer to ensure those I meet are left with the ability to distract themselves,” Mother said quietly as she passed the rope around Anne’s arms and stomach, and then pulled her arms forced into her sides as the rope was passed around her body above and below her chest.


“So you are going to leave me in here?”


“Indeed – but I am sure your daughter and her daughter will be as unable to raise the alarm as you will be.”  Mother continued to pull the rope tighter, the jacket moving to the sides as her chest was forced out.  She then secured the rope behind Anne’s back, before she took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts, and back up again, forcing them even further out.


“IS this...  IS this what you have done to the others,” she panted as Mother tied the ropes off.


“I really do not know,” Mother said as she passed a length of rope around Anne’s waist, and secured it behind her, cinching it so her wrists were held firmly to her back, “but for now, I need to distract you...”





Roberta stared at Father as Son wrapped the duct tape tightly round her head, sealing her panties into her mouth as he did so.  She had been forced to lie on her back, while her legs were bent and her ankles lashed tightly to her thighs.  They had then pulled her jeans down, and cut her panties away before stuffing them into her mouth.


“There,” Son said as he tore the tape off and smoothed it down, “good thing nobody is next door.”


“Well, nobody that can help you,” Father said as he grabbed Roberta’s chin and looked into her frightened eyes, “we visited there before we came here.  Son, go and empty the safe.”


“OF course Father,” Son said as he walked off, Father leering as he sat behind Roberta, and then reached round, pulling her cardigan open as the buttons flew in different directions.  She screamed as she felt his gloved hands massaging her chest, both in pain at the tightness of the grip – and in fear of the fact she was responding to the groping.


“You have been a good girl,” Father whispered into her ear, “and now you will have your reward...”





Daughter stepped back as Courtney looked up, her eyes staring straight ahead, and laughed as she looked at the broom handle.


“I told you that you would enjoy the afternoon,” she said quietly as she checked the bonds, and then slipped out of the room, the bag with her jewellery jangling as she started to search the other rooms.



“Well,” Anne said as she tried to pull her wrists up, “I see what you mean about distracting myself.”


“Something tells me you will enjoy this,” Mother said as she pulled Anne’s ankles back, having crossed and bound them tightly with rope, and then bent her legs so that the heels of her  boots sat on her bottom.  Securing them to the rope that ran up from between her legs, she checked the band below her knees, smiling as she heard Anne’s groans when the rope rubbed her clit.


“Time to be quiet,” she said as she held up Anne’s knickers, the older woman smiling at the taste of herself as they were pushed into her mouth, and then her lips covered with brown sticking plaster.  “Do enjoy the time,” Mother said quietly as Daughter appeared.


“Time we were leaving Mother – we have everything.”


“Excellent,” she said as she took a small device from the handbag, and slipped it under the rope, Anne bucking as it worked on her, and then walked out with the younger woman.


“Safe emptied,” Son said as he came out, Father joining them.


“Excellent – let’s go.  Two houses in one day – good going...”




“The Family struck twice – the houses next to each other?”


Jardine looked on as the desk sergeant slowly nodded.  “IT must be something in the air, sir – I’ve never known so many crimes in one day.”


Neither have I – and why do I have the feeling it is not truly over yet?”







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