Moving Day




As she pulled up outside the terraced house, Matilida Hampton looked through her designer sunglasses at the property.  Not by any means the nicest house in her portfolio, but as student accommodation it was a nice little earner for her, and in her time of life that was important.

She was in her early sixties, but liked to feel and dress as a woman “twice her age and half her height” as she put it.  Her grey hair was cut short and had a tiger print chiffon scarf tied over it in a band, while as she stepped out of the car the tight skirt of her matching dress fell down to just above her knees.  As she pulled the mink shrug she was wearing around her shoulders, she heard a young woman call out “Mrs Hampton?”

As she turned, she saw a group of four young students walking towards her.  “Good morning, girls,” she said with a smile, “Shall we go in and look round before we sign the papers and you start to move your belongings in?”

Retrieving a set of keys from her clutch bag, she walked up the stairs, the heels of her white knee length boots clicking on the stone as she did so.  The four girls followed her in as she opened the door, not noticing the man looking at them from the driver seat of a grey van parked nearby.

“It looks as if she has company,” the young woman said from the rear of the van as he watched the door close.

“No matter – we proceed as we planned.  It merely means the two of you get to have a little fun while I speak with Mrs Hampton.  Prepare yourselves, children – we start soon.”


“Well, girls, I hope you’re happy with the house.”

“We love it, Mrs Hampton.  In fact, we can move in as soon as it is ready.”

Matilda looked at Isla as she talked.  A young girl in her early twenties, she was wearing purple vest top and faded jeans, with a pair of red stiletto sandals on her manicured feet and long brown hair.  Next to her was her sister Jacqui, a couple of years younger with shoulder length dark hair that was pulled back in a ponytail.  She was wearing a white vest with dark dyed jeans and gold strapped sandals.

Looking around the large room behind them were two other girls, twins called Kerry and Leanne.  Both had shorter dark hair, and while Kerry was wearing a black short sleeved top with white polka tops and thin straps over black tight satin pants, her sister was wearing a sheer black blouse over a bra with purple pants.  Both were wearing cork sandals, and giggling as they looked out of the window.

“Well, then,” Matilda said, “Shall we sign the papers?”

“Hey, Mrs Hampton, it looks like some workmen are coming to the door.”

As Matilda looked at Leanne, she heard the hard knock on the front door.  “Probably the decorators,” she said as she went to leave the room.  “I will be back in a few moments.”

“She’s a bit strange, isn’t she,” Jacqui said as the door closed.  “Maybe – but the rent is cheap, and she liked our references, so let’s just get the lease and worry about it later.  Hang on – she’s coming b...”

To her surprise, when the door opened Matilda was not alone – and the look of fear on her face told the four girls why before the other three people came in.  They were all dressed in grey overalls, with stockings pulled over their heads and surgical gloves on their hands.  Pushing Matilda in was a tall, strong man, whose greying hair was clearly visible through the stretched nylon.  Behind him came another, younger man who looked enough like the older one to be related, while to their surprise the third person was a young woman, her cropped brown hair visible through her mask.

“Good morning girls,” the older man said as he grabbed Matilda by her arm.  “Do exactly what we tell you, and nothing else.”  As he said this, he pointed the sawn off shot gun he was carrying in his free hand at them.  “All of you, kneel down and put your hands behind your heads.  Son, Daughter, cover them while I talk to the old lady.”

The two younger people walked over and stood in front of the quarter, which were now kneeling on the floor, pointing similar guns at them.  Although they kept their heads down, all had noticed the two packs they had on their backs, and wondered what was in them.

“All right, Mrs Hampton,” the older man said, “put your hands behind your back and stands still.  I want to make sure you listen to me in a few minutes.”  As he said this, he let go of Matilda’s arm and pulled a length of thin white cord out of his pocket.

“What is the meaning of this,” Matilda said as she looked over her shoulder, watching as the man quickly and tightly bound her wrist together.  “Oh, we know some of the secrets of this house and of your business,” the man said as he took another length and wrapped it around her elbows, pulling her shoulders back as he tightened the loops and causing her shrug to slip off her shoulders.  “We’re going to have a little chat and see what happens after that.”


“Yes, Son?”

“I think we should take care of these four as well.”

“I agree – but why don’t you have some fun?  You take two of them and go into that room we passed.  Daughter, take the other two upstairs and see what you can find.”

“Have fun?”

“Yes, Daughter.  Just make sure they stay out of my way.  Indeed, Matilda, if you fail to do as I ask,” as he turned the older woman round and stared at her, “They will pay the price.  Understand?”

As Matilda silently nodded, Son took hold of Isla’s arm and pulled her up.  “Pick,” he said as he pointed his gun in her face.  “Jacqui – I want my sister with me,” she stammered as she looked down.  Son looked at the other three, and motioned to Jacqui.  “You’re her sister, right?”  Jacqui merely nodded.  “Good, get up, both of you keep your hands behind your head, and come with me.  Sister, what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I want to watch these two for a few minutes more before I decide.  You go ahead.”

Son nodded as he pushed the gun into Jacqui’s back.  “Move,” he said , and as the two girls were forced to move towards the door Iris looked at her new landlady, sitting on an old long couch that was in the room and crying as the man they had called Father pulled a length of cord around her ankles.

Son forced Iris and Jacqui into a nearby room, where the decorators had left a set of ladders and a radio the previous day.  Closing the door behind him, Son motioned to the wall and said “Both of you, stand against the wall and keep your hands behind your head.  Do exactly what I tell you – understand?”

“Yes,” they whispered as they moved forward, staring at the stripped and bare wall while Son put the gun down on the floor and took the backpack off his shoulders.  Opening the pack, he pulled out several coils of red rope and laid them on the floor.  Selecting one, he walked over and looked at the two girls, before reaching over and tapping Jacqui on the shoulder.

“Very slowly, bring your hands behind your back and cross your wrists, then stand perfectly still,” he whispered into her ear.  Iris watched as her sister did what she was asked, sobbing as the rope passed around her wrists and pulled them firmly together.  More coils passed around and between, before the masked man passed the ends of the rope around her waist and pulled them firmly into the small of her back, securing the ends together out of reach of her fingers.  Satisfied, he went back to the pack and pulled two things out.

“Now then,” he said as he walked back and stood next to Iris, holding the two objects in front of her, “Which would you like?”  Looking at them, she turned her head and whispered “I’m sorry, Jacqui” before saying “The green one.”

“Excellent,” Son said as he pulled her round by the arm.  “Take it, and copy what I do.  Then, use it on yourself while I take care of your sister.  Then,” he said as he looked around the room, “I have an idea for where you can both go.”




“look, leave those girls alone.  I’ll do whatever you want, but leave them be.”

“Did I ask you to say anything, Mrs Hampton,” Father said as he knelt at her side.  “open your mouth.”

Matilda stared at him as she laid there, her legs held together with bands of rope above and below her knees while her arms were secured to her side with loops of rope.  The combined effect had made her chest push out against the tight fabric of her dress, while her shrug now lay down her arms, resting on the complex knots that were in the centre of her back.  As she opened her mouth, Father placed the barrel of the gun inside her heavily rouged lips.

“One more word out of place, and this goes off.  Do you understand?”

“Yss,” Matilda said as she tried to stop herself retching from the taste of cold and oiled metal.  “Better,” Father said as he took the gun out.  “Daughter, take those two out of there.  Mrs Hampton and I need to have an adult talk.”

“Yes, Father,” the young woman said as she tied the final knot around Leanne’s wrists.  As Father had been securing Matilda, Daughter had tied the wrists of both of the twins together behind their backs with lengths of purple rope that she had pulled out of her own rucksack.  Hoisting that on her shoulders, she picked up her own gun and pointed it at the twins.  “Up,” she said, and as they were marched out of the room they heard Father say “Now, Mrs Hampton, your bank account details and passwords, if you please.”

They could hear muffled noises as they were forced by Daughter to climb the staircase, but said nothing as she opened the door to a bedroom and forced them both inside.  They could see a mattress lying on the floor, but as Daughter closed the door they wondered what was coming next.

“You,” Daughter said as she pointed at Leanne, “You look like you do some sort of gymnastics.”  “Yoga,” Leanne said with a quivering voice.  “Excellent,” Daughter said, and both girls could see her smiling through the obscuring mask.  “Both of you, stand still while I take care of something.”

Daughter put the pack on the floor and drew out two bandanas, one black and one red.  Rolling them into bands, and tying a knot in the centre of each, she took the black one and held it taut in both hands, the knot in front  of Kerry’s mouth.  “open wide, young miss,” Daughter said, “And accept your silencer.  Then I want you to lie, face down, on the mattress and stay absolutely still.”

The cotton taste in her mouth was foul, but Kerry said nothing as the cloth was pulled back, cutting into the corners of her mouth as the ends were tied together at the base of her neck.  Glancing at Leanne, she nodded as she stepped forward and knelt on the mattress, allowing herself to fall forward.  She saw the second bandana been pulled into her sister’s mouth, before a glance from the armed robber made her bury her head in the cloth covered springs.

“Now,” Daughter said as she tied the ends of the red bandana tightly together and turned Leanne round.  “You have a nice seat here while I make sure your sister is nice and comfortable, and then we’ll make sure the two of you are together.”  With that, he pushed down on her shoulders and made Leanne sit on the cold floor, before picking up both the gun and the pack and carrying it over to where Kerry was lying.  Placing the gun where the frightened girl could see it, she pulled out more purple rope from her pack and shook to out.  “Now then, where shall we start – your lovely firm thighs, perhaps?”  Kerry whimpered as she felt a gloved hand stroking her legs, the skin tingling under the satin before she felt the rope pass around them and tighten, bringing them together.




Iris grunted as she felt the red rope around her waist, pulling her tightly against the cold metal of the steps of the ladder.  After gagging her sister, Son had made Jacqui stand against the wall while she had been forced to stand in front of the ladder, watching as her legs were secured to the legs.  Her right leg had been pushed up to rest on the first step, while her left was on the floor, but the ropes that snaked up from her ankles and held them firmly to the sides of the ladder were no joke.

Son had then wrapped the end of a length of rope around her right wrist, tying it tightly round before looping the rope around and through the steps of the ladder, then passing it around her waist.  She looked to her right as her other wrists was then secured by the free end of the rope, leaving her able to move her arms slightly but not enough to free herself, unless she wanted to tip forward with the ladder against her back.

“I would not do that if I was you,” Son whispered in her ear as if he had read her mind, “You might hurt your lovely sister as well.”  Iris wondered what he meant by that, until a grunt made her look over her shoulder and see Jacqui been forced to walk towards the back of the ladder, standing facing her sister’s back.  “Put your foot on there,” Son said, and Jacqui lifted her right foot and rested it on the support bar at the back of the ladder.  “Excellent” was all Son said as he took more rope and started to bind her ankle to the cold metal.



“Look, I’ve given you everything you’ve asked for.”

Matilda watched Father as he looked out of the window, looking for all the world as if he was expecting someone.  What happened was the sound of a mobile phone ringing, breaking the silence as Matilda tried to move her legs apart, the leather squeaking slightly under the louder tones.


“Excellent – thank you Mother.  We will be home shortly.”  As Father switched the phone off, he walked over to Matilda.  “Well, that went well,” he said as he knelt by her side.  “Now, about the safe.”

“What safe?”

“The one I know you have hidden in this house – in this room in fact.  Unless you want to buy a very large repair bill, you will tell me where it is and the combination.  Otherwise I will call out to my Family – understand?”


“H m gd.”

Kerry looked down at her legs as she was made to sit up.  The purple coils were visible around her thighs, calves and ankles, as well as over her feet where they held her cork sandals firmly against the soles of her feet.  She tried to move her legs, but with little success, and realised her only hope now was that Leanne was going to be left in a way that meant they could free each other.

“All right,” Daughter said as she stood up and walked over to Leanne, “Up and at them, girly.  Time for you and your twin sister here to get together.”

Leanne looked at Kerry, who stared back in mute agreement as her sister was brought over to the mattress.  “Right,” Daughter said as she made Leanne sit down, “I want you to wriggle round so that you are sitting behind your sister, legs to her side.”  The frightened girl looked at the masked woman, before slowly shifting herself round on her bottom and manoeuvring herself so that she was facing Kerry’s back.

“Excellent,” Daughter said as she picked up another length of rope.  “Now, wrap your legs around your waist and cross your ankles in her lap.  I told you you two would be together.”  Leanne breathed in slowly and tried to relax as she wrapped her purple clad legs around the waist of her sister’s top, crossing her ankles as she did so, then looked over Kerry’s shoulder as the rope went round and round the thin legs, pulling them together tighter and tighter.



“Well, I think we have everything.  Thank you again, Mrs Hampton, and enjoy the rest of your day.”

Matilda grunted through the thick cloth that packed her mouth, and the strips of heavy duty tape that covered the lower half of her face. As she lay on her stomach.  Her legs had been pulled back, making the ropes around her bare thighs cut deeply into her skin, and then her ankles had been secured the ropes that encircled her arms so that she could almost touch the ropes around her ankles with her fingers.  It was the most uncomfortable position she had ever been in – physically at least.  The suspicion this masked man had just cleaned out her back account was going to hurt even more.

She could feel the sweat rolling down her cheeks from her hairline as she stared at Father, calmly picking up his gun and his pack.  “I’m going to check on my Family, and then we’ll leave you to enjoy some quality peace and quiet,” he said with a laugh as he walked towards the door, leaving Matilda to silently curse him as she tried to get free.


“In here Father.”

Father opened the door, and stood there, a laugh building as he watched Son looking at Iris and Jacqui.

“Well, I see you found a unique way to spend time,” he said as he walked into the room.  Jacqui and Iris screamed mutely through their gags at the two men.  Son had tied Jacqui’s legs to the rear legs of the ladder, the right one resting on the support bar while the left one was on the floor.  The rope circled from her crotch to the ankle, securing both legs tightly in place.  For her part, Iris was trying to work her wrists free by pulling up and relaxing in turn, but with very little success.

“Do you know where Daughter is?” Son asked as he picked up his backpack.

“Upstairs I imagine.  Have a good day, girls, and try not to fall over.”   The two men laughed as they walked out, leaving their victims to scream in mute frustration and anger at their situation.  Climbing the staircase, they could hear laughter and mumbled protests coming from one of the bedrooms.


“In here – come and have a look.”

As the two man walked in, they could not stop themselves from laughing as they watched both Kerry and Leanne slowly topple over onto their sides.  Daughter had bound Leanne’s crossed ankles on Kerry’s laps, before securing them to the rope around her twin sister’s thighs, and then wrapped a length of rope around both of them,. Securing them both by the waist and by the legs, with Leanne’s calves tied to Kerry’s thighs.  Daughter had then stood back and watched as they tried to get free, only for them to fall over together just as the tow male robbers had come in.

“I can see you enjoyed yourself as well, Daughter.”

“Oh, I have.  It is so rarely you get two such willing volunteers, and so nicely dressed as well.  I’m sure they did not mind that I played a little with them, did you girls?”

The mascara stains that ran down the cheeks of both girls told a slightly different story, but if the two men noticed it they said nothing.  They both knew which way Daughter’s tastes lay, and accepted that.

“We have to get going,” Father said as he picked up the rucksack.  “Mother will have dinner waiting for us.  Good luck, Girls.”

As the door closed, Leanne started to desperately try and twist her wrists free behind her back, knowing that where Kerry had her wrists pinioned between her back and Leanne’s crotch she was not going to try and do anything.  Kerry lay silently, wondering how long to would be before their ordeal came to an end.




Six months later.

“Hello, Matilda – come for the rent?”

Kerry stood to one side and let the landlady come in.  She was wearing a black leather skirt and white blouse under her jacket, and smiled as she went into the room.

“Hello girls,” she said to the other three who were sitting in the front room.  “I’ve just come to get the cheque.”

Iris brought over the rent book, which Matilda signed as she took the cheque.  “Forgive me for not stopping,” she said as she turned, “I still have strong memories of that day.  I never understood why you decided to move in anyway.”

“Well, having spent time here I guess we got to like the place.  There was another consideration, however.”


“Yeah,” Leanne said with a smile.  “Everyone wants to visit the house we all feel – well, tied to now.”

Matilda just smiled as she turned and left the quartet.  Students – she would never understand them...






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