One Family Night









The three women looked at each other as they heard the van drive off, unable to move, unable to speak, too scared to do anything except whimper at each other.  They could hear the sounds from the other room as well, but they were powerless to do anything, offer any form of succour or support, so long as they were in the position they had been left in.  Indeed, controlling what was happening to their own bodies was difficult enough, as the mind of the youngest of the three women went back to the start of the night...


“Mum, I’m home?”


“Just sorting out dinner, Jasmine,” Helen called out from the kitchen as Jasmine Devere, her younger daughter, went into the front room of the house and sat down.  A nineteen year old student in her first year at Leicester University, she was a good looking young woman, her blonde hair cut back and falling on the collar of her blue denim blouse.  The sleeves of the blouse were rolled back to reveal her slim forearms, while a long pink skirt covered her legs, a wide black leather belt around her waist and flat soled black leather boots on her legs. 


“When’s Dad due back?”


“He’ll be home in a little while – he’s picking up Katie from the station on the way home.”


Katie Devere was twenty two years old, and lived in Nottingham, so her coming to dinner meant she was ready to spread the news she had told Jasmine in confidence two weeks before – something she was grateful for, because she had found it hard to keep it secret for all that time.


Helen came through, drying her hands as she looked at her younger daughter.  Wearing a white blouse and jeans, with taupe heels, her greying hair cut around her face, she smiled as she said “You have any idea why she wanted to come round tonight?”


“Not especially, no – but I’m sure it’s important,” Jasmine said as she flicked through a magazine.


Helen smiled as she said “right – you know, but you’re sworn to secrecy, aren’t you?”


Jasmine just smiled as she stood up.  “Wait and see – want a hand with dinner?”





all right,” Jonathon Devere said as he sipped his wine, “what’s so important that you’ve come all the way over here to see us tonight, Katie.”


“Promise you won’t get upset, dad,” the older girl said.  She had on a purple blouse, with elbow length sleeves, jeans and light brown wedge sandals, smiling as she looked at her father.


“Oh – now why would I get upset?”


“Because you’re going to need to dip into the special savings account – Will has asked me to marry him.”


Jonathon and Katie looked at each other, and then at Jasmine as she sat grinning from ear to ear.


“Has he now,” her father eventually said, “well, I think I need to talk to this young man.  When will he be calling on me?”


The front doorbell ringing made all of them look to the door, as Katie stood up.  “That should be him now,” she said as she put her napkin on the table, and walked to the front door, grinning from ear to ear as she opened it and said “there you are, darling...”


“I’m not your darling,” the young man growled as he pushed Katie back into the hallway, his leather gloved hand round her throat as he pressed the barrel of a sawn-off shotgun against her head.  She watched as an older man and a young woman walked in, the stockings that were pulled over their heads pressing down their hair, all three wearing boiler suits and leather gloves.


“Well, Katie, show him in,” Jonathon shouted from the dining room – but the last thing he expected to see was a masked man and woman walking in, the man with greying hair under his stocking mask, the woman blonde haired and grinning as she dropped the bag she was carrying, and pointed her gun at the three people round the table.


“What the hell is the meaning of this,” Jonathan said – and then Helen screamed as the older man brought a baseball bat down hard on the table, breaking the crockery as it hit.


“I will tell you the meaning of this,” the man said, “this is a robbery, and of you don’t shut the hell up and sit down then this will connect with your head next – understand?”




“Daughter, please secure the wrists of these two, and take them through to join the other bitch in the front room.”


“Of course, Father,” the woman said as she took two plastic strips from the bag, and walked behind Jasmine, the plastic biting into the flesh of her wrists as she felt her wrists being forced together, the rasping sound mingling with her sobs as she watched – Daughter the man had said? – using a second strip on her mother.


“Move,” Daughter said as she pulled them both up and motioned with her gun as she picked the bag up again.  Jasmine and Helen walked slowly through to the front room, as they heard Father say “Now, big man, where is your safe?”


“Oh my god,” Katie said as she looked up from the couch, her arms secured behind her back as well, “mum, what’s going on?”


“It’s a fucking robbery,” Daughter said as she pushed the other two women over, “so sit down and shut the fuck up.  Honestly, Son, are they just all stupid?”


It’s shock,” the young man said as he knelt down and used a second tie to secure Helen’s ankles together, and then pulled Jasmine’s boots off, throwing them across the room as he secured her ankles together.  “So let me make it clear – one word out of turn, and you will regret it.  Dow e understand, ladies?”


All three nodded as they heard their husband and father pleading in the dining room, and then the smashing of plates as the baseball bat came down again.


“Please, don’t hurt him,” Helen pleaded as she looked at the two masked intruders.


“Aw, that’s nice – concern for her husband,” Daughter said as she looked at Helen, before slapping her hard across her face, “you watch out for yourself, old woman.”


“Hey – try that with someone who can hit back,” Katie growled, only to blanch as Daughter pointed her gun at ehr, and said “what – like you?”


“Just make sure they can’t get in the way,” Father said as he appeared, dragging Jonathan with him, Jasmine gasping as she saw the black eye, “while I take daddy dearest to his office.”


“Yes, Father,” Son said as he opened the bag, and took out some lengths of rope, throwing one to Daughter as he put the shotgun down.  Walking behind Helen, she looked at her daughters as he reached round and pulled her blouse open, pulling it down her arms as it revealed her white bra, and then wrapping the rope around her arms, pulling her elbows together.


“No need to be so crude, Son,” Daughter said as she knelt in front of Jasmine, smiling as she slowly unfastened the buttons of her blouse, her leather covered hand stroking over her chest as she opened the blouse, and then smiled.


“Very nice – forgot to put a bra on this morning, did you?”


Jasmine blushed as Daughter stood up and walked behind ehr, pulling the blouse down her arms as the cool air hit her bare breasts, her elbows touching as she pulled them together and wrapped the rope around them.


“Oh god,” Helen whispered as Son stroked his hands down her arms, and then cut away the plastic strip, pulling her blouse off before he used a second length of rope to bind her wrists tightly together.


Daughter did the same to Jasmine, before she reached round and unfastened Katie’s blouse, the young woman sobbing as it was pulled down her arms to reveal her purple bra – and then felt the ropes around her elbows and her wrists, gulping as she saw her chest forced out.


“So, what do you think we should do next,” Son said as he and Daughter stood in front of the three women, all of them struggling as their chests bounced up and down – and then the front doorbell rang.


“Not a fucking word,” Son said as he grabbed three rags from the bag and stuffed them into the mouths of the three women, making Helen gag as he picked up the shotgun and used it to cover them while he nodded at Daughter.  As she walked out, Katie looked at her mother and sister, afraid of what might be about to happen.


“Hey, Katie, have you... Oh dear god in heaven above,” she heard her boyfriend say before he gasped, and she heard him fall to the floor.


“Problem, Daughter?”


“Boyfriend turned up – do you wish to deal with him?”


Nddntntt,” Katie called out through the gag, and then she saw Son look at her, falling silent as Father came out.


“Why not – come with me, kid,” he said, and they caught a glimpse of Katie’s boyfriend as he was dragged into Jonathon’s office as well.  Daughter walked back in, and said “where were we?”


“Making sure these three women could not stop us?”


“Oh yes,” Daughter said as she took a long length of rope from the bag, and stood behind Jasmine, wrapping the rope around her body below her chest and pulling it tight as her arms were forced against her back.  She started to wind it around the young girl’s body, above and below her chest, the bands forming and forcing her breasts out even more as Son took a second long length and started to bind Katie in the same way.


Plssdnhrttmbbeees,” Helen said as she watched the two masked intruders bind the rope tighter and tighter, and then pass it under their arms and the back of their necks, so that their breasts bulged out under the tight ropes.


“Don’t worry, old lady,” Son said as Katie heard her boyfriend talking to the third intruder, and then a silence as there was a thud, “you’re getting the same treatment.”


She groaned as the ropes encircled her, and forced her chest out, feeling the ropes rub on her as Daughter watched.


“Well – secured?”


“Halfway, Father,” Son said as he looked at the older man in the doorway, “what about the men?”


“Very helpful, and out of the way,” he said as he walked forward and pulled Helen to her feet, ignoring her pleas and moans as the ropes rubbed on her, “I’m taking Mummy upstairs to search the upstairs rooms.  Make sure these two are distracted.”


Son and Daughter looked at each other, before he reached into the bag and took out a roll of silver duct tape.  Tearing the end loose, he wrapped it around Katie’s head, trapping the rag in her mouth and her brown hair against the back of her neck.


Throwing the roll to Daughter, he then made Katie stand up, her moans of protest replaced by squeals as he stood behind her, and roughly groped her chest.


Jasmine watched as the tape was wrapped around her head, and then Daughter whispered into her ear “My brother has no finesse, no lightness of touch – unlike me.”  She felt the leather gloved fingers stoke gently over her breasts, and was surprised to hear herself sigh at the touch on her nipples.


“You have your way, Daughter, I have mine,” Son said as he continued to grope Katie, her moans increasing as despite her struggles, she could feel her nipples harden – especially when he pulled her bra down, and exposed her nipples.


Jasmine watched as she was stood up, and Daughter continued to softly caress her chest.  She could feel her nipples hardening as well, but she welcomed it, especially when Daughter gently pinched her nipples and she squealed...




She opened her eyes and looked apologetically at her sister, as Daughter removed the leather belt from around her waist, and then pulled her skirt down, malign her step out of it as she picked up another length of rope, walking in front of her and using it to pull the two bands of rope together between her bulging breasts.


“Now that’s an idea,” Son said as he took another length of rope and looked at Katie, smiling as he tied the rope between her breasts as well, before he unfastened and pulled her jeans down.


Whtruddnggg,” Jasmine said as she watched Daughter smile at her, and then walk behind her.


“You’ll soon find out,” she said as Jasmine felt her captor’s arm between her legs, and then screamed into the gag as the rope pulled her panties into her slit, the cords rubbing on her as Daughter pulled them up her back and tied them to her chest ropes.  She heard Katie scream at the same time, and opening her eyes she saw the white rope on her purple panties.


She could feel the dampness between her legs now, more so as Daughter began to pull the rope gently up and down, rubbing it on her as she nearly collapsed, so strong was the feeling.


She then watched Katie fall to her knees, before Son pulled her onto her bottom, banding her left leg and tying her ankle to the back of her thigh, and then repeating the process on her other leg. 


She then dropped to her own knees, moaning softly as Daughter reached round and rubbed the rope against the front of her panties, before she was made to lie on her stomach, feeling the rope as it was tied around her ankles and then her legs, below and above her knees, before her ankles were pulled back and tied to the rope between her legs.


As she felt Daughter’s hands on her buttocks, she tried to move her legs, and then groaned into the gag as she felt the rope rubbing.  Slowly opening her eyes, she saw Katie sitting in front of Son, his gloved hands pressing and rubbing the rope on her sister’s crotch as she moaned and started to shake.


Which is exactly what Jasmine started to do, as she felt something strange happen to her, a feeling of elation and fear as a burning was growing between her legs, only made stronger as her legs moved to and fro, and intensifying, growing stronger, wilder, as she started to shake and sweat.


Both girls screamed out at the same time, their bodies convulsing as the orgasms ran through them and they threw their heads back.


“Having fun?”


“We are,” Son said as he pushed Katie onto her stomach, using more rope to tie her ankles together and then to her chest rope.  Both girls looked up to see their mother, a large knotted scarf in her mouth and tied round her head, her bra pulled down with strips of tape covering her nipples, her bare legs and the knotted rope between her legs, her moans as she was forced to lie on the couch and then her legs lashed tightly together at her ankles, knees and thighs before her ankles were pulled back and tied to the crotch rope.


The three women looked at each other as the three masked intruders stood up.


“We have what we came for – let’s get out of here,” Father said as they left, Helen looking at her daughters as she tried not to move.



As the sound of the van faded into the distance, Jasmine looked at her sister and her mother, and tried to move, the ropes only making her groan as the others followed suit.   As another orgasm started to build in her, she cried, wanting and despising it at the same time, and praying her father and mother would understand as they all screamed out...







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