Tea with the Family









“This has to be one of the most boring films I have ever had the misfortune to sit through.”


“I know,” Rachel said as she squirmed on the couch, “but we have to sit through it for the course.  The good news is the nightmare will end eventually.”


Carol nodded as she put her hand against her head.  She and Rachel had invited two fellow English Literature students, Tanya and Gale, to join them at her parent’s house to watch the film of Henry V – but they had been assigned the 1944 version with Laurence Olivier, and – well, to put it mildly, they were not enjoying it.


Carol was wearing a red and blue floral print smock top, dark jeans and brown straight leather boots, while Rachel had on a black bolero jacket over a mini dress, and mid-length black leather boots.  Tanya was sat next to her, wearing a dark grey short sleeved top, black leggings and cream leather knee length boots. 


Gale was the only blonde, and wore a short sleeved grey top with a deep round neckline, black skirt, dark tights and grey laced ankle boots with a stacked heel.  She played with the ends of a large red patterned scarf she had tied round her neck, before saying “any more snacks?”


“I’ll get some – if I’m following this right, we’re getting the Agincourt speech next,” Carol said as she stood up and walked out of the room, leaving the other three sitting on the couch as she made her way to the kitchen.


It was only when she walked in that she saw the door to the rear yard was open.  Walking over, she saw that the lock had been forced, as she whispered “What the....”


The leather gloved hand clamped over her mouth kept her quiet, as a deep rough voice whispered “not a word – hands behind your back...”




“I wonder what’s keeping Carol,” Gale said as she turned and looked over her shoulder towards the door.


“Oh don’t worry – she’s just making sure we’re going to have enough to get us through.... What the fuck...”


All three stood up and turned round as Carol was pushed back into the room by a big, burly man, wearing a blue boiler suit , Doc Martens, black gloves and a black balaclava covering his head, only allowing his thin mouth and blue eyes to be seen.  Three other people were with him, two women and a man judging by the build, the man carrying a sawn off shotgun and the women a large holdall each.


“Sit down, all of you,” the man holding Carol’s arm growled as he looked at them.  She had her wrists behind her back, but her eyes were fixed on the shotgun, as she said “just do what they say, please.  I don’t want any of us to be hurt.”


“What are you looking at,” Gale said as she looked at the younger man, his eyes fixed on her.


“She has a temper Father,” the masked man said, “will you allow me to tame her?”


“Of course Son,” the older man said as he pushed Carol to the couch, and took the shotgun from the one he had called Son.  He smiled as he pulled a length of rope from the pocket of his boiler suit, walked behind the couch and pushed Gale forward, forcing her wrists behind her back and using the rope to bind them tightly together.


“That fucking hurts,” Gale cried out as the rope was pulled tighter.


“Good – it’s meant to,” Son said as he pulled Gale out of the chair, while one of the women opened her bag and handed him several lengths of rope.  The other three watched as she was frog marched out of the room, before one of the women said “Nice boots.”


“What do you mean,” Tanya said as she looked at her.


“Nice boots – you’re coming with me.”


“No I’m not...”


“Yes, you are,” Father said as he pumped the shotgun and pointed it at her.  “Go with Daughter, and do whatever she tells you, understand?”


Tanya nodded as she slowly stood, Daughter taking one of the bags and grabbing her arm as she pulled the young girl out of the room.


“Mother, make the last young girl comfortable before I take this little bitch round the house.”


“Of course, Father,” the smaller of the two women said as she pulled rope out of her bag, walked behind Rachel and yanked her arms behind her back, wrapping the rope around her arms and pulling them together so that her elbows were almost touching.  Rachel could feel the rope around her arms as it tightened with each pass, and then her wrists as they were bound firmly together.


Carol could only watch as Father put the shotgun down, and pulled a coil of rope from one of the bags, doubling it over and passing it round her body, and then pulling her arms against her sides as Father wrapped it above and below her chest.


She gasped at the way the ropes tightened round her, before he passed it under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“Now then,” he said as he forced her to stand, and pushed her towards the door, “let’s go and find what we can find.  Mother?”


“OH I will be all right Father,” the masked woman said as she looked at Rachel, “this young lady and I are going to have a nice little chat.  Now,” she said as she looked at Rachel, “put your feet on the coffee table, and cross your ankles.”


“What are you doing?”


“Robbing you,” Mother said as she wrapped rope around Rachel’s black boots, and pulled her ankles sharply together, making her yelp as the leather was pulled firmly against her legs.  She could only watch as the masked woman lashed her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.


“Now then,” Mother said with a smile, “why don’t we see what we can take from you?”  She reached over and removed Rachel’s earrings, and then pushed her forward as she pulled her rings off.


“That fucking hurt!”


“Oh it hurt did it,” Mother said, “I don’t think you know the meaning of the word hurt.  But don’t worry – I can teach you.”


“What dyummnnhmmffnnggdddd!”


Rachel had to fight to stop herself gagging as the red rubber ball was pushed into her mouth, the straps pulled firmly round her head as Mother fastened the clasp at the last notch.  She then looked at the masked woman as she stood in front of her.


“I have only one way of punishing naughty girls.”


“Whtdummnnn,” Rachel said, before Mother sat next to her, smiled, and pulled her over her lap, her skirt rising up and revealing her black knickers.


“Now, about your language,” Mother said as she brought her gloved hand firmly down on Rachel’s bottom, making her yelp.




And Again...



“This will do,” Son said as he pushed Gale into a bedroom, making her fall face down on the bed as he closed the door.  Walking over, he pulled her legs round and held her ankles together, before taking a length of cord from his pocket and lashing her ankles tightly together.


“Leave me alone you fucking pervert,” she yelled as she tried to move, and then felt his gloved hand as he smacked her bottom.


“Keep still,” he growled as he took another length of cord from his pocket, and bound her legs tightly together below her knees.  He then made her kneel, the ropes tightening on her flesh as she asked “what are you going to do?”


“Keep you quiet first,” he said quietly, dangerously, as he pulled her scarf off and then used it as a cleave gag, making her bite down on the red cotton as the ends were tightly secured together at the base of her neck. 


“Now,” Son said as he put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed, “I need to make sure you’re not going to give me any more trouble.”


Gale’s eyes widened as she saw the hunting knife he produced, and then used to cut her top away, throwing it to the ground and revealing her white bra.  She the felt the rope as he wrapped it tightly round her arms and body, forcing them into her sides as Son wrapped it above and below her chest, framing and forcing her chest out before he tied it off, and turned her so that she was lying on her back.


“Now then,” he said as he smiled, and started to grope her chest, “you’re not going to say a word, are you?”


Gale could only shake her head from side to side as she felt her nipples harden, and then the cold air on them as he cut her bra off, his fingers stroking and pinching her, as he started to kiss her...





Tanya watched as Daughter closed the door behind them, and smiled.


“Like I said, nice boots.  Sit on the bed.”


“What are you going to do to me?”


“Oh I have a few ideas,” she said as she looked round the room, and took some silk scarves from the rack at the side of the room.  “the first one is I want you to take your top off.”


“You want me to...”


“I think Father told you to do whatever I said,” Daughter said as she looked at Tanya.  “So, take your top off – or perhaps you would prefer him in here?”


Tanya looked at her, and then slowly removed her top, watching as Daughter selected two paisley patterned oblongs. 


“Lie down, on your back.”


Tanya did as she was asked, watching as Daughter smiled and wrapped the ends of a scarf round each wrist, pulling it tight and knotting it.  She then raised Tanya’s arms above her head, and tied them to the headboard, spreading them wide. 


Tanya tugged on the bindings as Daughter walked down, stroking her gloved hands down Tanya’s thighs before she pulled her leather boots off, and left them to the side.  She then pulled her pants down, throwing them to the floor as Tanya saw her thong.


Picking up two more scarves, Daughter tied the ends round her ankles, and then pulled her legs apart, securing them so that she lay spread-eagled on the bed.


“What...  What are you going to do?”


“Oh I know what you are,” Daughter said with a smile as she picked up a pair of scissors, and cut the thong away from her body, pulling it up her legs and then balling it up, “and I see no reason why I should not thank you.”


“For...  For what...”


“Your boots,” Daughter said before she leaned over and kissed the side of Tanya’s neck.  She gasped, and then tasted her own scent on the silk as the thong was pushed into her mouth, Daughter taking a red bandana and rolling it into a band.  Tying a knot, she then sued it as a cleave gag on Tanya, the dark haired girl meekly raising her head as the band was tied tightly round her head.




“Oh, I like to have fun as well,” Daughter said as she cut through Tanya’s bra straps, and pulled it away, her lips enclosing Tanya’s nipples.  She gasped as she felt the sucking – and then gave a muffled scream as Daughter bit gently, her gloved fingers stroking up her damp and warm clit.




“Remember – you do whatever I say, or Father comes in.”


Tanya looked at Daughter, and then screamed out as her gloved finger slipped into her...




“What are you doing to my friends?”


“Making sure they can’t stop us,” Father said as he pushed Carol into the master bedroom.  “Now sit down and shut up, or I shut you up permanently.”


As Carol tripped and fell onto the bed, she rolled over and sat herself up, watching as Father emptied the contents of the drawers and wardrobe onto the floor.  It didn’t take him long to find the jewellery boxes, and empty them into a bag, as well as the contents of a safe he forced open.


“So what are you going to do to me?”


“I could just blow you away,” Father replied as he looked at her, “or you could open your mouth.”


Carol looked at her, and then opened her mouth, trying to keep calm as he packed a large dirty rag into it.  Her eyes then widened as she saw the roll of duct tape, which he wound tightly round her head, covering her lips as it stuck to her hair at the back of her neck, pressing firmly into both cheeks.




“Because we can,” Father said as he pulled rope from the bag, and knelt down, crossing her ankles before he lashed them tightly together, her boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other.  He then bound her legs together below her knees, grinning as he pulled the rope between her legs. 


“Now you stay there like a good girl,” he said as he pulled her so that she lay down her parent’s bed, then rolled her over and pulled her ankles back so that the heels of her boot lay on her bottom.  Securing them to her chest ropes, he smacked her bottom before picking up the bag and walking out.


As he passed one door, he saw Daughter come out, smiling as Tanya cried softly on the bed.


“Did you have fun?”


“I did, thank you Father,” Daughter said as she held the long cream leather boots in her gloved hand, and then saw Son come out of another room.


“She’ll stay quiet,” he said as the three of them walked down.  Looking in the front room, they saw Mother as she stroked Carol’s cheek.


“Let’s go,” Father said as they walked out, getting into the van and driving off as the house was silent, save for four quietly crying young women...







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