Trick or Treat




It was at about ten am on the Sunday morning when Lucy’s boyfriend called round to find out why she had missed the party the night before.  He had tried calling, but got no answer, so he drove round to find the front door open.  Going into the house, he was seen running out five minutes later, his phone against his ear.  It only took ten minutes after that for the police to arrive…




Selina pulled up the driveway to her sister’s house and stopped the car, putting the hand brake on.


“Got what you need?” she said as she turned to her daughter Alice.  She was eighteen, with shoulder length blonde hair.


“In the bag in the boot,” she said as she opened the door.  She zipped up her bomber jacket to keep out the cold as she walked round and pulled two suit bags from the back of the car, before following her mother to the front door.


“Selina!” Phoebe shouted as she opened the front door up.  “Thanks for coming round before we all head to the party.”


“No problem, sis – with your hubby away, it makes sense for the four of us to go together.  Where’s Lucy?”


“Upstairs getting ready.  Why don’t you go and join her, Alice, while I have a word with your mother?”


“All right, auntie,” the young girl said as she handed her mother one of the bags before heading up the stairs.  Selina looked at her older sister as she stood there, wearing an old dressing gown which was tightly wrapped around her.


“Cold?” she said as she walked in.


“No – just wanted to surprise you,” Phoebe said as she loosened the belt and allowed her robe to drop to the ground.  Selina stared at her – although she was two years younger, both women were blessed with looks that took ten years off their actual age, and that was reinforced by the outfit Phoebe was wearing.


She had shoulder length hair, which was normally a light brown but for the party she had dyed it jet black.  Her dress was made of black silk, tightly gathered at the waist, and with a short skirt, the hem of which was cut in a jagged pattern.  Her legs were covered with black fishnet tights, and she was wearing a velvet choker around her neck.


“Let me get my boots on,” Phoebe said as she collected a pair of black leather pirate-style boots and pulled them over her legs.  “Where’s your outfit?”


“Here,” Selina said holding up her bag.  “I’ll go and change.”



“The husband’s away?”


The young man spoke as he looked up at the house from the seat of the van.  His father nodded.


“Just the four women – are you ready yet, Daughter?”


“Just putting the last of my make up on.  When do we go?”


“Let it get a bit darker – then we’ll go…”




“You have got to be kidding me!”


“Nope – it’s my mother’s idea, and I could not say no.”


Alice was in her cousin’s room, and her outfit was exactly that – Alice of Lewis Carroll fame.  She was wearing a white short sleeved blouse under a blue petticoat dress, white socks and black shoes, and had a blue Alice band holding her hair back.


“Well, at least on you it looks good.   What do you think of my outfit?”


Lucy was a year or two older, and was wearing what amounted to a Supergirl outfit.  Her top was a short sleeved white crop top, with a blue and yellow “S”-symbol on the front, a short white skirt and mid-length red boots. 


“Aren’t you going to be a bit cold in that?” Alice said as Lucy adjusted a red scarf in her hair to hold her light brown hair back.


“I’ll be all right,” she replied as there was a knock on the door and Selina said “Almost time to go, girls.”  The two younger women listened as steps echoed down the hall.


“What’s aunt Selina going as?”


“Guess,” Alice said as she walked towards the door.


“Ah, there they are,” Phoebe said as they walked into the front room.  Selina was sat in a chair, wearing her costume and a smile on her lips below the half-head mask she was wearing.  Her costume was a full body grey body stocking, with over the knee grey suede heeled boots and grey elbow gloves.


“I see what you mean,” Lucy said to her cousin as she closed the door.  It was that moment when the doorbell rang.


“First of the evening visitors – I’ll get it,” Phoebe said as she grabbed a toy cauldron filled with sweets.  She walked to the door, opened it and barely had time to say “Trick or Treat?” before she was pushed back into the hallway.


“Both,” the man said as he pushed Phoebe against the wall and gagged her with his hand.  He was dressed as Dracula, with his greying hair slicked back and white makeup on his face.  Phoebe watched wide eyed as he was followed in by a young man in a blue boiler suit and a mask over his face like that worn by the guy in Halloween, and a young girl in a long black dress, white make up and a black wig with white lightning streaks down the side.


“Don’t say anything,” Dracula growled as the other two placed some bags on the floor, drew out two hand guns and stood there.  “Son, get the phone.”


“Done,” he said as he quickly walked over and pulled the wire out of the wall.


“Are you finished, Phoebe,” Selina called from the room.  “Son, Daughter, go ahead,” Dracula growled before saying “Turn round, face the wall, hands behind your back and say nothing.”


Phoebe offered no resistance as she felt rope passing round her wrists, and heard “What the fuck…” coming from the room before the woman said “Shut up, sit down and put your hands on your heads!”


“Come with me,” Dracula growled as eh pushed Phoebe into the room in front of him.  “Sit down,” he said a she pushed Phoebe into an armchair, and looked at the other three sat on the long couch.


“Sorry to interrupt your plans, ladies, but this is a robbery.  Do as you’re told, don’t fight back, and you’ll have a tale to tell your friends.”


“Who the hell are you,” Selina shouted, but she soon stayed quiet as the younger man came over and pointed the pistol into her face.


“Now, now, Son, I’m sure the little kitty is going to be very quiet and nice, aren’t you?  In fact, stand up and turn round – I think we need to put a leash on you?”


“Mum?” Alice said as she watched her mother been pulled to her feet by the man dressed as Michael Myers.  Dracula pulled a length of cord out of a pocket, walked over and forced Selina to turn round, before crossing her wrists in the small of her back and tightly tying them together.


“Daughter, why don’t you take the two youngsters elsewhere and make sure they are comfortable?  If you two cause any trouble, then I’ll tell the Bride to end their evening – permanently.  Understood?”


“Please, don’t hurt them,” Phoebe called out as Daughter motioned to Alice and Lucy.  “Keep your hands on your heads,” she said as she marched the tow younger women out of the room.  “Now then,” Father said as the door closed and Selina was pushed back into the chair, “Let’s talk about your husband’s business, shall we?”




“This should do,” Daughter said as she pushed both Alice and Lucy into the master bedroom.  “Sit down on the bed and keep quiet.”


She had picked up a bag from the hallway, and dropped it on the floor as Alice and Lucy sat down on the quilt.  They looked at Daughter, dressed as the bride of Frankenstein, but laughter was the one thing they did not want to do.


Daughter, however, knew the dress she was wearing was going to give her some problems when it came to movement, so she pointed her gun at Lucy.  “Do you know where your mother keeps her underwear?” she said.


“YYyy yes, in the top drawer on the left – why?”


“I want you to go and pick two pairs of panties out – and be quick or your cousin will regret your tardiness.”  As she said this, Daughter moved over to the side of Alice, put her hand on the frightened girl’s shoulder and pointed the gun at her head.  Lucy stood up, and almost ran over to the large chest of drawers in the corner.  Selecting two pairs of cotton panties, she said “Now what?”


“Give one pair to poor frightened Alice here,” Daughter said.  Lucy came back over, her heels clicking on the wooden floor, and handed a pair of purple panties to Alice.  The two girls looked at Daughter.


“Roll them into a ball,” she said to Lucy, “and push them into your cousin’s mouth.  All the way in, mind.”


“Please, don’t make me do this,” Lucy sobbed, but Daughter just cocked the hammer back on the gun.


“NOW!” she shouted as the two girls heard a scream from downstairs.  “Just do it, Lucy,” Alice said as she looked at her cousin, her hands still on her head, and offered no resistance as Lucy pushed the cotton wad into her mouth.


“Open the bag,” Daughter said as she looked at the canvas bag she had dropped on the floor.  Lucy walked over, opened the bag and looked in.  “Take one out,” Daughter said as Lucy removed a roll of silver duct tape, and Alice’s eyes widened.


“Tear off as trip and put it over her mouth,” Daughter ordered Lucy, who kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” as she covered Alice’s lips.  “Again,” and “Again,” Daughter said until she had covered the lower half of Alice’s jaw in silver.


Daughter looked on, and said “Good – now it’s your turn.  Hands on your head,” she said to Lucy while taking Alice by the arm and making her stand up.





“Please, for god’s sake don’t hurt her!!”


Phoebe screamed as she was held in the chair by Father, while Son stood over Selina as she lay on the couch.  He had removed the mask from her head, and there was a red weal on her cheek where he had just hit her with his gloved hand.


“Well then, tell us how to open the safe in your husband’s office.  We know you know the combination – we’ve been watching and seen how you open it.”


“All right, all right – but please, where are the girls?”


“Daughter will look after them – we’ll head to the office in a minute, but first watch.”


Father nodded as Son took a long length of rope from a bag, and doubled it over.  Selina had rolled onto her back, tears flowing down her cheeks, and watched as he took hold of her booted ankles and crossed them over before wrapping the rope around them.  It only took a few minutes for him to secure them tightly together, passing the rope around and between her legs, before letting them drop onto the cushions.  Taking a sponge ball from his pocket, he walked over and squashed it in his gloved hand as he stood over Selina.


“Open wide,” he said and Selina allowed him to push the ball into her mouth, closing her lips around it as he finished.


“Finish off here and then search the room,” Father said as he took Phoebe by the arm.  “Yes, my Count,” Son replied with a laugh as he produced yet more rope from the bag, Selina’s eyes widening as she watched.






“Oh, stop crying – it’ll only be bad for you!”


Daughter watched as Lucy wrapped the last layer of tape around Alice’s legs as she sat on the bed.  She was unable to respond, having been gagged by Alice in the same way she had been forced to gag her cousin.  Lucy had then been handed the roll of tape, and instructed by Daughter to “Stop her fucking cousin from moving around.”


She had started by taping Alice’s wrist together in front of her, and then wrapping the tape around her waist to secure them in place.  The rest of that roll had then been used to secure her arms to her side by wrapping it around Alice’s upper torso.


The young girl had then been forced to lie on the bed, and Lucy made to tape her ankles and feet together, securing the Mary Jane’s Alice was wearing in the process.  More tape had then gone around her calves, and this last layer was securing her thighs together.  The skirt of Alice’s dress had risen up slightly, so Lucy took care to pull it back down before she stood up from the bed.


“Not bad – but it’s your turn now,” Daughter said.  “Sit down on the floor, and draw your knees up to your chest.”


As she sat herself down on the rug, Lucy grunted through her stuffed mouth.  The boots she was wearing were tight against her skin, but as Daughter stood over her she knew what was coming would not be affected by that.


“Tape your ankles and feet together,” she was ordered, “and make damn sure it’s tight.  You wouldn’t want me to do it, would you?”





“Please, just let me see the girls,” Phoebe pleaded as she sat in the chair, watching Father empty the contents of the safe into a large canvas bag.  “I want to know that they are unharmed.”


“They’ll be fine if they do as they are told,” Father said without looking round.


“We’ll be missed – there’s a lot of people expecting us at the party.”


“A big party – I think you may be surprised.”


“What about the trick and treaters coming round?”


Father looked over at her, and Phoebe was shocked to see that eh was smiling.


“Have you heard the doorbell?”


“No,” Phoebe realised, “and the lights are still on.”


“We’ve taken care of things – consider it our treat for the trick we’ve played,”


In the doorway of the house was a large display, with a picture of a ghost saying “Help Yourselves,” and a large pot of assorted sweets underneath.  There had indeed been a number of groups of children come round, but when they saw the display, and especially later once the stereo started to play, they just helped themselves and walked on.


“Why is the stereo playing anyway?”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” Father said as he closed the safe door partially.  “Now, sit back.”




“Because,” he replied as he held up a skein of rope “I want to make sure you can’t raise the alarm for a while.”





Lucy looked over to her cousin as Daughter frogmarched her over and made her lie on the double bed.  She had taped her own legs together, with the tape covering the tops of her boots and her thighs, and Daughter had taped her wrist together behind her back before ensuring her arms were secured to her sides.  She rolled over to her side as Alice manoeuvred herself to face her cousin.


“Excellent”, Daughter said as she held up yet another roll of tape.  “I was going to tell you to move closer together anyway.  Do so now – I’m not finished yet.”


The two girls looked at each other, wondering what she was going to do next.  Their unasked questions were answered as Daughter started to wrap the silver tape around their legs, from the ankles and working her way up the bed…





Phoebe grunted as the knotted scarf was pulled tightly between her lips, forcing the sponge ball into the back of her throat.  Father had lashed her tightly to the wooden chair she was sitting in, weaving the rope around her upper body and through the wooden slats to secure her firmly in place.  Having done that, he had pulled her ankles against the front legs of the chair and tied them in place, laving her panties exposed despite the short skirt.  The tops of her legs were also secured to the wood, leaving her unable to move or talk.


“The music is to stop people looking in – it will go off soon enough, and we’ll turn the lights off before we go.  Have a nice Halloween!”


Father patted Phoebe lightly on the head, and closed the door on the room, turning the light off as he did so.  As her eyes adjusted to the light, she could see the papers and other document scattered around, and started to try and scram to raise the alarm.  It was useless though – the gag was too effective, and her attention turned to wondering what had happened to the others.


“Well” Father said to Son as he walked down the hallway.  Son opened the door to allow Father to see the living room.


Selina was lying face down on the couch, her bound ankles pulled right back and secured to her wrists, while more rope had been used to tie the calf to the thigh of each leg.  Her elbows had also been pulled together with rope, and a thick scarf covered the lower half of her face.


“Very good,” Father said as Daughter came back down the staircase.


“The girls are enjoying some close time together,” she said with a smile on her face.  “I’ve been through the rooms upstairs.”


“Good – grab the bags and let’s get going,” Father said as the stereo continued to play in the front room…




“Lucy – are you there?”


The young man gingerly pushed the door to the house open, and looked in as the sunlight came through.


“What the hell?” he said to himself as he looked at the items scattered on the floor.  “Lucy?” he shouted, and was astonished to hear a thump from the living room.


Looking in, he saw the sweat stained body of Selina rolling on the floor, looking at him with pleading eyes and trying to call out.  Backing slowly out of the room, he then heard muffled calls from the room at the back, and looking in saw Lucy’s mother trying to call to him through a knotted scarf in her mouth.  He ran forward and pulled the scarf down, removing the saliva soaked sponge as he did so.


“Lucy – look upstairs,” Phoebe croaked, and she watched him run out of the room and upstairs.


“LUCY!!” he shouted out, and hearing calls from the bedroom he opened the door.


Lucy and Alice were still on the bed, covered from neck to ankle in layer after layer of silver duct tape.  The two girls looked at him, tear stains on their cheeks and their mouths bulging under the tape.  He ran over and pulled the tape away from his girlfriend’s mouth, removing the soaked cotton as well.


“Call the police,” she croaked, and he ran out, dialling 999 on his phone as he did so…