MacKenzie and Marks' American Tour

MacKenzie and Marks' American Tour

Foreword by Gillian B

Monday 30 April 2001

This is the second series of reminiscences that I have edited from the journals kept by my friend Flora MacKenzie during the years when she worked covertly for the British Naval Intelligence Service under the cover of her professional skills as a stage magician and escape artist.

Since publishing Underground in Austria, two more stories about Flora have appeared here. Flora's First Case was the result of a series of conversations with her which I enjoyed during a long weekend in Brighton in the autumn of 1999. The Millennium Bug was written by Flora herself shortly after the events described and lightly copy edited by me afterwards. In both these cases, the writing was done specifically for publication here and has a discursive, rather journalistic style.

However, like Underground in Austria, MacKenzie and Marks' American Tour has its origins in Flora's own journals and once again shows a more private, introspective view of events.

Although we are well beyond the 30-year rule normally applied to the disclosure of government secrets, some of Flora's activities are still regarded as sensitive. Once again, therefore, some people, places and events have been disguised. I apologise in advance for any gaps, inconsistencies or departures from known history this introduces.

Flora regards my recording of her exploits with wry humour as her own sometime mentor Sherlock Holmes regarded his biographer's efforts. In her eyes, my editing presents her exploits as sensationalised adventure tales. I hope that you will nevertheless thrill to the true heroism as I did.

Copyright © 2001 Gillian B

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