Guests for the Weekend


Friday Night


The Lamborghini sped into the McDonalds’ forecourt, barely managing to make the turn as tit slid through the drive-in lane.  Stopping suddenly in front of the speaker, the driver slid the window down and waited for the metallic voice to say “Yes?”


“Three Big Macs, extra large with fries, and cokes to go, and be quick about it!” Celia snapped.  She was young, she was rich, and she and her friends were not wanting to be seen stopping here for longer than absolutely necessary,


“Next window please,” the voice said, and the car sped round the sharp corner before screeching to a halt.  The window opened and a young woman, a plain girl in her twenties with short mousey brown hair looked out. 


“Twelve pound 47 please,” she said, and Celia threw a twenty at her.


“Keep the change and get a face lift,” she laughed as the car sped to the window to collect her food, and then sped away again.


“You told her,” Mandy said as she munched her burger,


“Yeah, you told her,” Sandy echoed.  Both were blonde, beautiful and stupid, but they liked Celia for her money – and only for her money.  If Celia knew that, she kept quiet, as it was nice to have friends like these two.


“I’ll drop you off, Girls, and then I need to get home.  I’m leaving early to join Piers on his yacht, and won’t be back until work on Monday.”


“OOHHHH!” the other two sniggered as Celia stopped outside a riverside apartment block, and let them out.  From there it was ten minutes to her little detached house, where she finally crashed out on the couch….


Saturday, 7 am




Celia woke with a start and surveyed the scene where she had fallen asleep.  Picking up the detritus of the burger, she deposited it in the bin in her new kitchen, made her way to her bedroom and walked into the adjacent bathroom, where she began to run a hot shower.


Outside, a small grey van pulled up outside the house.  The driver looked up at the bungalow, put out his cigarette and stepped out.


The doorbell could barely be heard above the shower, but Celia eventually heard the persistent ringing.  Stepping out, she wrapped a towel around her head, put on a silk dressing gown which she fastened around her waist with a thin belt, and walked to the door.


“Yes, yes, I’m coming, hang on,” she said as she opened the door.  A brief glimpse of a man in a set of overalls was all she saw before the pepper spray hit her full in the eyes and she reeled back in shock.


“Get her,” she heard a voice say, and she was pushed onto the floor by someone who yanked her arms behind her back and started to wrap tape around her bare wrists and then her arms.   Another pair of hands grabbed her legs, crossed them at the ankles and she felt tape being pulled tightly around them as well, and then around her legs.  Her eyes streaming with tears, she was rolled over.  Something hard was forced into her mouth and fastened behind her head, pushing her jaws apart so much it hurt.


“Get her eyes rinsed out – we need her to be able to see,” the voice said, and Celia felt herself being manually lifted up the stairs into her bedroom, and then into the bathroom.  She heard the sound of water running, and then her face was plunged into a bath of cold water.  Her head was pulled out, leaving the towel in the water, and she was spun round.  As she did so, she saw her eyes were red as the rubber ball that was visible between her teeth.


Blinking, she saw a tall stocky gentleman in front of her, tapping the butt of a sawn off shotgun in his hand.  In the mirror she glimpsed two other men behind her, all dressed in overalls and with stockings over their faces.  “Do exactly what we tell you and might survive this weekend,” the man in front of her said, as Celia tried to bring her arms round.  This earned her a slap from the man in front.


“You do not move, you do not speak, you do not even grunt unless we say so.  Do I make myself perfectly clear?” he growled.  Celia nodded, wanting what was obviously a robbery to be over with as quickly as possible.  She had no idea just how much trouble she was in.


“Found them,” a female voice said, and a gloved hand came in the bathroom doorway waving the keys to the Lamborghini.  “Excellent,” the man said, “we’ll start with that.  Be back as soon as possible.  Being her into the bedroom and put her on the bed.”


Celia was forced into the bedroom and pushed face down on the bed.  A pillow was placed over her head and she heard the sound of tape being ripped as it was secured over her head.  “Don’t move” she heard the man growl, “you stay here while we check the house out.  If she moves at all, remind her who’s in charge here.”  She turned her head and watched two of the men leave the room, while the third stood over her with the gun pointed at her head.  Outside, she heard the sound of her beloved car starting and being driven down the road.


“All right, they got my car, but that can be replaced,” she thought.  As she lay there, her wet hair soaking into the bed covers, she tried to listen to what was happening, but only the muffled sounds of conversation come through the feathers.  


The telephone rang, and Celia lay still as her answer machine kicked in.


“Celia?  It’s Piers – where the hell are you, girl?  We’re going to weigh anchor and you’re not here!




“All right, be like that, you stupid cow.  Say goodbye, girls”


“Goodbye, girl” Sandy and Mandy called down the phone with their high pitched laugh, and the machine went dead.  Celia tried to cry out, but she felt the cold steel of a gun barrel against her back and the man saying “The phone’s disconnected now – our mistake.  Just stay still.”


Celia closed her eyes and drifted back off to sleep.


Saturday, 12 pm


The pillow was ripped off Celia’s face and she blinked as her eyes focused while she was roughly rolled over.  The three men were standing in front of her, looking at her body as the dressing gown slipped off her body.  The door opened and a masked female dressed in overalls walked in.


“Get her dressed, regagged and bring her downstairs –we have a lot of work to do,” the leader said, and the three men left Celia with her new guard.  The women looked at Celia, took a pair of scissors from the bedside table and cut the tape around her hands and arms.  Celia tried to rub some feeling back into them as the woman said “Do not remove the gag – I will cut the rest of the tape off, and then you will put on some clothes before you are re-tied.  As the boss says, we have a lot of work to do today.”


Celia wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but instead went into the drawer and retrieved some underwear.  She also noticed her mobile phone on the top of the drawers, and reached out to take it.  The next thing she felt was the sharp pain of a slap across her cheek as the female guard took the phone away from her.


“I said to get dressed – now you don’t get any water until we finish the next stage,” she sneered as Celia rubbed her cheek.  Pulling on a t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants, she was forced to kneel in front of the bed while the ball gag was removed – something Celia was grateful for, as the rubber taste had almost made her throw up several times.  Before she got a chance to speak, however, a thick white scarf was pulled into her mouth, passed around her head and pulled in twice more, and then tightly knotted at the side of her head.  Celia’s jaws were still aching from the ball, but this cloth was even worse.


The woman grabbed Celia by the arm, and marched her down the stairs and into the main room.  She saw that the curtains had been drawn, and the three male intruders were sat around the table discussing some lists that they were referring to.  Around the floor she could see the contents of her strongboxes scattered – her bank statements, credit card statements, and so on.


“What happened to her?” the leader asked when he saw the mark on Celia’s cheek.


“Stupid bint thought she could use the phone you left there – she needed to be corrected.”


“Fair enough – secure her to the chair and we can get started.”


Celia was pulled over to where the chair for her computer had been left in the centre of the floor.  As she sat down, a length of rope was passed around her upper chest and pulled tightly across her upper body below her breasts, then above her 38D chest.  Three more times this happened, with the rope passed under her armpits to further tighten it before it was finally secured to the main support.  Her left ankle was pulled back so that her lower leg was parallel to the seat, and rope passed around her ankle, then her right ankle was also roped, and then the loops around both legs meant she was forced to assume this kneeling position.  Finally, rope was passed around her lap and waist to further secure her to the chair.  What Celia could not figure out was why her arms were left free.


“All right, wheel her over.”


Celia was pushed towards her computer, where two of the men were standing with baseball bats in their hands.  The leader had already switched on her computer, and Celia could see her credit and bank cards by the side of the keyboard.  She had a sinking feeling about what was going to happen, and she was soon proved right.


“We’re staying for a little while longer, as we feel you have so much more to give us.  We’ll make a start here – log in.”


Looking at the four masked intruders, Celia typed in the password and watched as the screen began to show her set up.  A pad and pencil was placed in front of her.


“We’ll start with your bank details – write down your password and security question answers for your savings and current accounts.”


Celia looked at the gang leader, and shook her head.  There was no way she was going to be a part of her own robbery if she could help it.  She could see a gleam of anger in the man’s eyes.  “Write them down, or you will regret it, young lady!”  Once again Celia shook her head.


One of the other men came round and stood in front of Celia, the bat swinging in his hand.  Suddenly, he swung the bat down onto a small table that was near the group, shattering it into pieces.  The sound and the sight made Celia jump, and a small stain started to spread between her legs at her crotch.  The leader leaned over, and whispered in her ear “The next thing that bat hits will be your left arm, then your right and finally your head if you don’t start co-operating.  Now, write down your bank information, understand?”


Celia quietly nodded, picked up the pen and started to write down the information they had asked for.  She then wrote down the PIN numbers for each of her cards as they were held up in front of her, one by one.  By the time she had finished, the computer was fully operational, and the woman pulled up a chair to sit down.  On the screen she could see her bank account on an Internet window, with the healthy balance in the thousands of pounds.


“Secure her,” the leader said, and Celia was pulled back from the screen.  Her wrists were pulled behind her back and tightly lashed together, while a black scarf was tied over her eyes as a blindfold.  She felt her arms being pulled together tightly at her elbows, and then pulled down as the rope was secured to her chair.  Guessing what they intended to do, Celia started to softly cry as the sound of the keyboard tapping was heard.



Saturday, 4 pm.


The blindfold was ripped off and the gag removed from Celia’s mouth.  “Drink this,” she heard the female say as a bottle of water was put to her face.  The inside of her mouth was as dry as a desert, so she greedily drank as the water was poured into her mouth – a lot of it spilling into her lap, but she didn’t care.  Hopefully, her intruders would be leaving soon.


She looked around the room, and realised with a sickening feeling that the computer had been removed.  A packing case was on the floor, and she could see the keyboard lying on top of it.


“What else do you want – you’ve already got my money,” she croaked.


“Not all of it,” the leader said as he took a swig from a bottle of wine that Celia recognised.  “We haven’t finished yet, however – not by a long chalk.  Bring her over here.”


Celia felt the rope around her legs loosen as she was released from the chair and helped to stand up.  Her feet buzzed with pins and needles as the circulation slowly returned to her legs and feet, and she stumbled over to sit on the couch.  The four gang members sat and looked at her.  Laid out on the table was a variety of drinks and snacks from Celia’s kitchen, and she could still see the wrecked table a short distance away.


“How much longer are you going to be here?” she croaked, much to the amusement of the three men.


“I tell you what, dear – when we’re ready to leave, you will be the first to know.  Would you like something to eat?”




“Well, tough.  Boys – make her uncomfortable.”


Celia groaned as the other two men stood up, and brought more lengths of rope over.  Crossing her ankles, one of them began to lash them together while the other pulled Celia’s arms tightly into her side with a long coil made into a lasso.  She was forced to watch as more and more rope was wrapped around her legs, and then pushed over so that she faced the bag of the eat while her legs were pulled back and she was placed in a strict hogtie.  Finally, the red ball was dangled in front of her.


“Please no – I’ll be good,” she stammered, but in response her hair was pulled back until she screamed in agony, and the rubber was forced past her teeth with the straps tightly buckled at the base of her neck.  The black scarf was tied over her eyes again, and as she rolled over she could hear the four intruders discussing what to order for dinner later that night.


“Hwlng,” she mumbled through the gag.


“Until we’re finished – or that table won’t be the only thing that we see smashed.”


Celia lay back quietly and tried to listen to what they were saying.  Something about timings and vans, but she had no idea exactly what they meant.  Eventually, the exertions of the day took their toll, and she drifted off into something like sleep….


Saturday, 10 pm


“Wakey, wakey doll – time for you to take a little trip.”


The rough shaking woke Celia up, and she realised that the ropes around her body had all been removed while the ball was eased out of her mouth.  She also realised that she had drooled all over the cushions, but that didn’t seem to be a problem any more.


“Now what?”


“Now you go with our friend here and get ready.  One of us will be watching, so don’t try anything funny.”


“Upstairs,” the masked woman said as she took Celia by the arm and led her back to her bedroom.  One of the other tow men followed, carrying the shotgun in his hand, as they entered the room and Celia sat on the bed.


“You need to get some dry clothes on – strip,” the woman said as she rummaged in a drawer and took out some clean underwear.  As Celia took off her own stained clothes and put on the knickers and bra, the intruder took top, trousers, boots and a hooded top out of Celia’s wardrobe.


“Why are you doing this?”  Celia asked as she pulled on the pants and fastened the boots over the legs.


“You’re rich, we’re not, so consider this an example of wealth distribution,” the woman said as she watched Celia pull on her long sleeved top and reach for the hoodie.


“Not yet – we need to get you ready first,” she said, and picked up a length of white rope.  “Hands in front of you, palm to palm, and stand still.”


“All right,” Celia whispered as she stood there and watched her wrists being bound together again.  She realised she could do nothing to stop them now, and she just wanted the nightmare to end.  More rope was tied around her arms and chest, but she was able to move her bound hands up and down slightly.


“I suppose I have to be gagged as well,” Celia said with resignation as the hooded top was pulled over her bound upper body.  In reply, the masked woman went into the bathroom, and brought out a roll of cotton wool.


“Open wide,” she demanded, and Celia stood there as she stuffed more and more cotton wool into her mouth until it was completely filled.  “Can you breathe through your nose,” she asked with a note of concern, but Celia nodded to indicate she could.  To finish things, a strip of Elastoplast was fastened over Celia’s mouth, and the hood pulled up and over her head.


“Very nice,” the male leader said as the women came beck down the stairs.  The female intruder had also taken a hooded top from Celia’s wardrobe and put it on, pulling the hood over her head.  “Don’t be too long.”


The three went out of Celia’s house and into the van outside, where the man sat in the back with Celia while the woman drove off into the town.  Through the rear window, Celia could see people going to and through, but the way the guard tapped both the gun and the bat he had with him stopped her attempting to call for help – even if she could.  The cotton wool was absorbing all the moisture in her mouth, and the tape was pulling tightly on her skin at the same time, leaving her feeling very uncomfortable.


The van finally stopped, and the side door was opened as the female robber took Jenny by the arm and led her out.  The street was quiet and deserted, but Jenny could see the bank in front of her, and her heart sank as she realised what was going to happen.


“We need some ready cash for tomorrow, and you’re going to provide it for us.  Don’t worry – there’s enough in your account.  Just type in your number, and we’ll do the rest.”


She was marched over to the machine, where her captor inserted her bank card and waited.  Looking around, but seeing no-one who could help her, Celia typed in the number and watched as the maximum amount was withdrawn from her account.


“Now for your credit card,” the woman said, and Celia moaned as the process was repeated.  “Very good – now for a little drive,” and Celia was marched back into the back of the van.


As they were driving, Celia heard a clock strike midnight.  Half an hour later, the vans topped and the side door opened to reveal another bank.


“Guess what?  We can do it all over again now,” the woman said as Celia was again marched out, forced to use her cards and marched back in again.  As she saw the card collected, she noted with a sickening feeling the balance in her account was now zero.


The van then drove back to her house.


“Ah good,” the leader said as the three of them returned to the house and the woman handed over the money.  “Time for you to go to bed, little lady – make sure she has a comfortable and secure night.”


The woman took Celia back to her bedroom, removed the hooded top and released her arms.  “Lie down,” she said as Celia sat on the bed and positioned herself with her head on the pillows.  Her wrists were pulled above her head and secured to the headboard, and then her ankles crossed and lashed together before the rope was secured to the foot of the bed.  She thought to herself “At least I’m still dressed,” but that soon changed when the woman came back with a knife from her kitchen, and cut away her clothes so leaving her naked and trussed to the bed.


“Good night,” she said as she blew a kiss at Celia and turned the light off, leaving the door open.  Through the door, she could see one of the men watching her, and suddenly fear gripped her.  She started to thrash around on the bed, but nothing was going to loosen the ropes, and eventually she dropped off into a deep sleep again.




Sunday, 9 am


Celia opened her eyes, wondering if the previous day had been a bad dream.  Three things soon made it clear it wasn’t – the ache in her jaw and the feeling of a heavy weight in her mouth, the fact she couldn’t move her arms or legs, and the masked woman standing over her with a gun in her hand.


“Good morning – time for the next day,” she said as she put the gun down and untied Celia’s wrists.  “You may remove the gag now, at least for a little while.”


Rubbing her wrists, Celia tugged at a corner of the tape.  It hurt like dickens taking it off, but eventually she was able to put the tape by her side and pull out a sodden mass from her mouth.  The intruder passed her a bottle of water, which she gulped down.


“Please, can I have something to eat – I haven’t eaten all day,” she croaked, but the masked woman just shook her head.


“Sorry, love – I need you to stand up when I untie your feet, and put on the outfit that’s on the chair.  Be quick about it – we have a schedule to keep.”


“Whh… Where are we going,” she said as she looked on the chair at the plain grey joggers and top.


“Nowhere – now get dressed.”




The two women walked down the stairs, where the three men had changed into white overalls and balaclava masks.  The leader looked up at the two women, simply said “Hide her” and turned round while the other two men took Celia by the arms and led her into the Utility Room at the back of the house.


Once again, Celia’s wrist were crossed behind her back and lashed together as were her elbows, but this time her arms were lashed to her side in three places – around her waist, her lower chest and as across her shoulders, with all the ropes pulled together behind her back so that she could see her breasts straining against the material of her top.  Pushed to the floor, she watched as her ankles, thighs and calves were also tied and cinched.


“What are we going to use – oh yes,” one of the men said, and as he walked out of the room the other stuffed a number of rolls of cloth into Celia’s open mouth before wrapping a length of medical roll around her mouth and lower jaw, pulling tightly as he did so.  Celia was getting used to the full feeling in her mouth, but now she was worried – they had taken her money, her car and her computer, what else could they want?


The intruder returned, wheeling in a large rubbish bin, and Celia shuddered.  It was the last thing she saw as a towel was tied over her eyes, and she felt more bandage been tied over it and her world got darker and darker.  As she was lifted up, she resigned herself to what was about to happen, as she was lowered into the bin and tried to make herself comfortable while the lid was closed.  As she was wheeled somewhere, she could hear the doorbell ring and the leader saying “Let’s get started”, but then all there was to hear was bird song as she realised she had been left in the back garden.


As time passed, she could hear other sounds – objects being moved and doors slamming, but she was wedged into the bin in such a way it was impossible for her to move, never mind try to attract attention.


Sunday, 6 pm


The sound of the wheels brought Celia out of her sleep, and she could feel it was getting colder – just how long had she been outside?  The lid of the bin was opened, and she felt hands under her arms lifting her out and standing her up.  The bandage around her mouth was removed and the rolls of cloth made a wet sound as they landed on the floor.


“What happened?”  Celia croaked, and another slap across her face was the response.


“You have been a very good girl; don’t spoil it at the last minute.”  With that, the ropes were slackened and she felt herself free from restraint – at least for a little while.


“Please, can I see what you have done?”


“All in good time – we’ll be out of here soon, but we need to just tidy up after ourselves.  Come with us.”


Celia was led elsewhere into the house, and made to stand still.  “Now, we have to restrain you again, but this will be the last time.  Don’t fight us.”


Celia could feel the breeze from the door, which had been left open – and she dashed towards where she thought the escape route led.  To her dismay, however, her legs crumpled under her – the effort of being squashed for the whole day, as well as the lack of food, had left her exhausted.


Slap after slap was laid across her cheeks.  “Count yourself bloody lucky we don’t just cut your throat now,” the leader said as Celia felt the cold edge of a metal object against her neck.  “Face down, on the ground, and don’t try to fight us again.”


Celia was pushed onto the ground, and she felt her arms being positioned behind her back with her elbows resting in the palm of a hand.  Her arms were quickly bound together, and she was rolled over before being placed in a seated position.   She felt the clothes being cut away again from her body, so that she could feel – a wooden floor under her?  Where had her rugs gone?


Her ankles and legs were quickly tied together, as more rope was lashed around her upper body to hold her arms against her back.  Finally, she felt that they had finished for the moment, and she sat there wondering what was next.


“Are we all done,” she heard the leader speak, and for the first time she heard another man say “Nearly – just the final clean up to do.”


“All right – open wide girlie,” Celia heard and she automatically opened her mouth.  She felt a number of pieces of cloth being pushed in until her mouth was filled, but nothing was either tied or taped over it.  Instead, she felt something wet being placed over her lower jaw, followed by a piece of cloth that was held firmly over her mouth for a few minutes.  At the same time, the blindfold was finally removed and Celia’s eyes widened.


The house was bare – everything, furniture, pictures, rugs, everything had gone.  “You’ve given us everything we wanted, little lady, and we thank you – move out,”


As the leader said this, Celia was rolled onto her stomach, her legs pulled up so that her heels touched the backs of her arms and then they were secured in place with more rope.  She listened as one of the gang ran upstairs, shouting “I’m starting the clean up” and the others headed out of the house.  Two minutes later, the masked man ran out of the door, slamming it shut behind him.  Celia lay there listening to the sounds – sounds that seemed a lot like water running.


Rolling over, she looked on as slowly a trickle of water began to descend the wooden staircase….



Monday, 10 am


“And she didn’t turn up for work today?”


“No officer – and there’s no answer when we knock on the door.  You can see the water coming through – can’t you break in and see what the problem is.”


“All right m’am – stand back please.”


When the police finally gained access, the first thing that struck them was the bare walls and floor, with water running down the stairs.  The second was Celia, unconscious on the floor and barely breathing through her nose.  An ambulance crew had been called in case it was needed, and they rushed to her side while the police went to turn the water off.


The crew soon realised why she was breathing through her nose - the thick pad that was where her mouth should have been visible was actually glued over her mouth.  They removed the ropes that held her ankles to the centre of her back and gently moved her legs down, but the fact she had been there for so long meant that once she was finally unbound, her body had to be placed on the stretcher with her knees bent.


On arrival at hospital, it took half an hour for the solvent to loosen the pad and allow them to remove it.  The skin around her lips was red and blistered, but there was a small piece of string sticking out from her closed lips.  As the nurse pulled on the string, they soon realised it wasn't string, but one side of a g-string pair of panties.  They were gently pulled out, soaked with saliva, only for the nurse to find another pair in her mouth underneath.  Ten minutes later, four pairs of sodden knickers were in a bowl as Celia slowly opened her eyes.


 “Don’t talk, Celia,” the nurse said as she looked wide eyed around her, “whatever happened, it’s all over now.  You’re in hospital and safe from anyone else.”


For the first time all weekend, Celia began to really cry…..






“I’m afraid so – your accounts have been cleaned out, your house stripped, and the car has disappeared into thin air.”


Celia was sat in a hospital bed with a detective from the local station sat next to her.  She had a drip in her arm, and the lower half of her face was blistered red.  Her arms were mottled with bruises and rope marks.


“But how is that possible?”  She croaked.


“Your banks are trying to trace the cash and purchases, but as they were made on your computer, and that was taken as well, it’s proving extremely difficult.  We’ve come across this gang before, and you’ve had a very lucky escape.”


“So what do I do in the meantime?”


“Recover, and try to deal with what you’ve been through.  I’m not going to ask you to try to forget, but we can offer counsellors and other help.  In the meantime, get your strength back.”



Two months later


“Come on – let’s go and annoy the plebs in here.”


Mandy and Sandy walked into the branch of McDonalds, their white heels clicking on the floor as they did so and their handbags swinging.  Approaching the counter they called to a member of staff with her back to them.


“Hey, slave – we want to order some food here and we don’t want to wait.  Get your arse into gear and get over here.”


The assistant turned and looked at the two of them.  The two girls took a step back and said “Whoa” as they saw her red and blistered lips and the drawn expression in her face.  “Who does your make up, girl?  They should be sacked.”


Silently, she brought the food to the two girls, who laughed at their wit as they walked out of the building.  The manageress walked over.


“Are you all right, Ce?  They looked like they gave you a rough time.”


“No – just a couple of jerks who need a lesson like I had,” Celia replied as she went back to cleaning the grease trap….