A Christmas Drink







Lady Isabella di Franceso was bored – there was no other way to describe the way she was feeling as she stood at the bar, sipping her martini through her perfectly painted lips.  She was taking a break from the exclusive party she was attending, as she surveyed the bar, noting the few men who glanced at her.


She was pleads at that – wearing a red silk halter neck dress, which covered her chest enough, the skirt falling to the floor with a split at the side from hem to waist, matching opera gloves and stiletto heels, she exuded class and sophistication as she took another sip.


“Not a really lively place, is it?”


Isabella raised a sculpted eyebrow as she looked at the young woman standing next to her. 


“Not really no – and you are?”


“My name’s Sheila,” the blonde said with a smile.  “Manhattan please.”


Isabella looked at her – blonde hair down to her shoulders, slim with her white top hugging her body, the fern print somehow adding to the look.  A short pleated skirt, made of black leather, and over the knee black leather boots with high heels.  She was a beautiful young lady, that mush was true.


“Isabella,” she finally said, “so what brings you here tonight, Sheila?”


“An idiot of a boyfriend was meant to be meeting me for a drink,” she said with a smile as she pushed the sleeves of her top up to her elbows,


“And he has failed to materialise?”


“Afraid so – you?”


“A party – not a very good one either,” Isabella said with a smile.  “So it would appear we have both been let down tonight?”


“Yeah,” Sheila said as she nodded, and Isabella looked at her.


“May I offer another drink?  Perhaps we can help each other to pass the time before Veronika gets here…”




“A friend – barman, two more please.”


As he brought the drinks over, Isabella said “excuse me a moment – I will be right back.”


“Of course,” Sheila said as she walked off, her hips swaying as she walked to the restroom.  A few minutes later, Sheila followed her, walking in as Isabella came out of the stall.


“Fortuitous tim…”


“Good evening Lady Isabella – please, no sudden moves, keep your hands where we can see them.”


Both women looked at the masked men who had walked in, one brandishing a gun as they looked at both of them.


“Damn – she was meant to have been alone!”


“Well, we just have to take them both,” the armed man said as he looked at Sheila.  “You – take what my friend will give you, and secure Lady Isabella’s wrists behind her back.”


“What are you…?”  Sheila then gasped as the second man handed her a roll of white tape, and then went to lock the door to the restroom.


“You heard me – tape Lady Isabella’s wrists together behind her back.”


“She is nothing to do with this,” Isabella finally said, “let her go.”


“What – and have her raise the alarm?  Do it lady – my patience is running out.”


“I’m sorry,” Sheila said as she walked behind Isabella, putting her hands together and then wrapping the tape round her wrists.


“No, I am the one who should be sorry,” Isabella said quietly, “this is a hazard of life for me, but not for you.”


“What is?”


“Kidnapping,” Isabella said as Sheila tore the tape free and smoothed it down.


“Now put a length over her lips, and hand me the tape back.”


“It is all right – do it,” she said, as Sheila pressed a length of tape over her lips.  She then handed the tape over, as her own wrists were taken behind her back and secured together, her own mouth covered with the tape.


“Is the way clear,” the armed man said to the second one, and as he nodded they were taken by the arm and walked them along the corridor, out of a rear door and into a waited van.


“Thhsssekdnpnnn,” Sheila said as she looked at Isabella, the dark haired woman nodding as they were made to sit on the floor of the van, and then driven off…




“Get in there,” the man said as the two women were pushed into a small room, with two cot beds by the walls.  “Sit down.”


“Whtrrugnntdts,” Isabella said as she sat herself down, watching as one of the two men crossed and started to lash her ankles together with rope.


“You’ll find out,” the other man said as he put the gun down, grabbed more rope, and knelt in front of Sheila as her own ankles were secured in the same way.  He then secured her legs below her knees, the leather of her boots squeaking as her legs rubbed together.  Looking to the side, she saw the man pull Isabella’s skirt to the side, and then secure her own legs together, the tops of her silk stockings visible as he did so.


“Etfdllushsnnsnt,” Isabella said as she looked at Sheila, wincing as the rope forced her legs together.


“Tough – she was there,” the man said as they both took a longer length of rope, and started to wrap it around the arms and bodies of both women, forcing their arms into their sides as two bands were made above and below their chests.  As Sheila felt the pressure on her chest, she struggled, both to show she was not happy, but also to struggle to contain her secret.


For her part, Isabella was watching Sheila carefully, as her top was stretched across her chest.  Somehow, that seemed to enhance her beauty, and she found herself wondering whether or not she dared say anything…


As the ropes were tugged tighter, the man said “let’s go” and left the room, the other one following as the door was closed and locked.  Sheila looked straight ahead, wondering what to do before she heard Isabella say “rullrrht?”


“Ntrlleee…”  She then watched as somehow Lady Isabella managed to uncross her ankles, and then jump across the room, turning round and sitting next to her.  “Tllblrrtt” she said as she gently rubbed Sheila’s cheek with her head, “tlsstswrhrthgfr.”




Isabella shook her head as Sheila looked at her chest.  “Urs?”




Isabella raised an eyebrow and said “ssuplgms?”  As Sheila nodded, Isabella saw the look in her eyes, as she quietly said “ysssedd.”


“Thnnltsmkkthegm,” Isabella said as she rubbed her cheek against Sheila’s the other girl unsure of what was going on.  She then felt a gentle pressure on her cheek, and turned to see the sophisticated captive looking at her, almost smiling under the tape.




As Sheila nodded, she said “wllddulktgn?”  She nodded once more, as Isabella leaned over and gently pressed her taped lips on Sheila’s the other girl responding as she kissed her back.


“Thhsssntrstn,” she eventually said, “ruuu?”


Isabella nodded as she asked the question of Sheila, the other girl nodding as she leaned over, and pressed her taped mouth on Isabella’s neck.  She heard the soft moan, and then the response as Isabella moved closer to her, resting her head on her shoulder as they rubbed again.




Isabella looked up and shook her head, as they contented themselves with soft kisses together, rubbing their bodies against each other as they did so…




“Food,” the man said as he came back in, the second man pointing the gun at Isabella and Sheila as he placed the bags down, and then untied both women before removing their tape gags.


“I am sorry you are involved in this,” Isabella said as she looked at Sheila, “are you…”


“Yes I am,” Sheila said quietly as they each took a bag and started to eat the sandwich inside.  As they ate, and drank from the bottles of water, they glanced at each other.


“All right – its time.”  As they looked over, the man dropped a bag on one of the beds, ropes falling from the top.  “Strip.”


“I beg your pardon,” Isabella said quietly.


“I said strip – in fact, strip each other.”


Isabella and Sheila looked at each other, before standing up and walking to face one another.  Sheila reached up, looking into Isabella’s eyes as she unfastened the halter neck, the red silk dropping to the floor as she stood in her stockings, gloves, red lingerie and high heels.


“The gloves as well,” the man said, Sheila looking into Isabella’s eyes as she slowly pulled the gloves down her arms.


“Okay,” he said with a smirk, “you undress her now.”


“I am really, really sorry about this,” Isabella said as she started to unbutton Sheila’s blouse.  She smiled as Sheila mouthed some words, and then slipped the blouse off, revealing her white strapless bra.   She then reached round, whispering into Sheila’s ear as she slowly pulled down the zip on her skirt, and allowed it to fall to the floor.


“Take her boots off as well.”


Sheila sat down, watching as Isabella knelt and slowly pulled down the zips on her boots, stroking her legs and making her smile a little as she did so.


“Stand up – we need to make sure you two are distracted during the night.”


“And how will you do that,” Sheila said as she looked at the man.  She was handed a length of rope, and told “tie this round her waist, and let the lengths drop to the floor.”


“Just do as he says,” Isabella whispered as Sheila passed the rope around her waist, tying it at the front and then letting the two lengths drop down.  She watched as Isabella was handed a second length of rope, and then tied it round her own waist.


“What do you want me to do now,” she said as she looked at the man.


“Walk behind her, reach between her legs, and pull the rope through and up.  Then tie it to the waist band.”


“Oh my god,” Sheila whispered as Isabella walked behind her, and she felt the sudden pressure between her legs, rubbing on her panties as Isabella pulled it as much as she could, biting her lower lip as she tied it behind her back.


“Your turn.”


Sheila nodded as Isabella turned round, and she slowly bent over, reaching between her legs and pulling the rope gently up, making it rub on the thong Her Ladyship was wearing as she tied it to the waist band.


“Whatever you do,” Isabella gasped, “do not tie us together.  That would be the final humiliation.”


The two men looked at each other, and grinned before the one with the gun said “hug each other.”  Isabella and Sheila looked at them and then wrapped their arms around one another, closing their eyes as they felt the rope wrapped around their wrists and they were forced closer together.


Isabella grunted as the rope was pulled tighter, and then she saw Sheila’s eyes open wide as her own wrists were further secured.  For a moment, she wondered what was happening – and then she stifled a gasp as she felt the rope between her legs been pulled up.


Looking at Sheila, she raised an eyebrow and then shuddered as the rope between her legs was moved to and fro.


The two women shivered as ropes were passed around their upper bodies, forcing them together as the bands were pulled tighter and tighter, forcing their breasts to rub against each other. 


“Kneel down.”


They looked at each other and somehow managed to get on their knees at the same time, looking round as their ankles were crossed and secured, and then their legs tied together, as well as to each other, above their knees.


“Think you can be comfortable now,” the man sneered as Isabella and Sheila looked at each other, not saying a word.  “Well, time for talk is over – open your mouths.”


They nodded as they both felt their panties been removed, and then tasted each other as they were pushed into their mouths, the ropes now rubbing on their damp clits.  The moans that escaped were slight easily masked by the sound of the medical tape been torn from the rolls and then pressed firmly over their mouths.


“Pllssdntlfsslkths,” Sheila said as she looked at the two men, but they just smiled and left, locking the door as Isabella looked at her.




“Hmmmstsss,” Sheila said, a smile on her tape covered lips as she started to gently move her bound wrists up and down, the rope rubbing on Isabella as she reached round and gently kissed Isabella’s neck with her tape covered lips.


“Cnbllffthfllfrtht,” she whispered into Sheila’s ear, and then kissed it as well.  Sheila looked up and nodded, before she pressed her face down into Isabella’s chest, making her own moans as her partner in ropes pulled on the crotch rope.


“Msssgdddd,” Isabella gasped as she kissed the top of Sheila’s head, and then they pressed their lips against each other, the fire starting to burn as they moved together, becoming as one as the fire began to overwhelm and consume them.


Their bodies glistened with sweat, their senses heightened as they became more and more sensual in their movements, their passion growing as they moved as one, the muted groans getting louder and higher in pitch before they stared at each other, and shook together, the orgasms happening simultaneously…






“Oh dear – they do seem to have had a problem while struggling last night.”


Isabella opened her eyes and raised her head from Sheila’s shoulder, looking at the two men as they stared at their sweat covered bodies.


“Gthhlll,” she mumbled, the two men looking at each other before one of them said “Our turn next – which one do you…”


The lights suddenly went out, Sheila raising her head as Isabella whispered “clssueesnkpurhddwn.”  She nodded as they both lowered their heads, as the flash bombs went off…




Ten Days later


Sheila walked to the door of her apartment, smiling as she looked through the spyhole and then opened the door.


“Well, I wondered if you would come,” she said as she stood to one side, the butter soft red leather of her dress moving with her as she watched Isabella walk in, a bottle of champagne in her hand.


“I had other plans,” she said as Sheila closed the door, “but I had a better offer.”  She let the mink coat fall from her body, revealing the black silk jumpsuit.


“Well, I am glad of that,” Sheila said as she looked at the tall woman.  “So, shall we share this bottle of champagne, or shall we do something else instead?”


“Why don’t you decide,” Isabella said as she gently kissed her on the lips, caressing her behind as she did so.  They then moved towards the bedroom…









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