After Giving Thanks









“Mom, that has to be the best Thanksgiving dinner ever!”


“You say that every year, Erin,” Janna Keith said as she cleared the last of the dishes from the table, “but I guess it is special this year – the first one you had to come home for.”


Janna was in her late forties, and was wearing a grey dress with a low cut front, and a pattern of light grey links over the dark grey fabric.  The skirt of the dress came down to just above her knees, and it had a thin strip of black silk round the waist, secured with a fake bow at the front.  Under the dress, she was wearing a pair of dark grey tights, with long black leather boots over her lower legs.


Like her mother, eighteen year old Erin had long blonde hair, although hers was a light shade than that of Janna.  A freshman student, she was wearing a charcoal grey sweatshirt, black leggings and knee length tan leather boots with long zips on the inside.


“Right,” her father said as he came in, fastening the tie round his neck, “I need to get in and make sure everything is ready for the hellstorm tomorrow.”


“How did you manage to get the shift before Black Friday,” Erin said as she brought two mugs of coffee in.


“Luck of the draw – it had to fall to me at some point,” he said as he kissed both of them, “I’ll see you both tomorrow morning.”


The two women stood at the door, the American flag fluttering over their heads as they waved him off, and then went back inside.


“Let me give you a hand to clear up Mom.”


“Oh come on – we’ve got time to have our coffee,” Janna said as she and Erin walked into the front room of their house, and sat down.


“So how’s college?”


“Hard work – but then you knew that, Mom.”


“It was a while back in my case,” Erin said with a smile.  “But you look like you’re taking care of yourself.”


“The Hockey team takes care of that,” Erin said with a smile.  “But yeah, it’s...”


“Now who could that be,” Janna said as they both heard the knock on the door.  Standing up, she walked over to the door while Erin picked up the remote for the television and turned it on.


“Yes, can I help...


Erin noticed the sudden ending of her mother’s voice, as she looked over and then stood up suddenly, watching as her mother came back towards her with two strangers.  They were both women, and wore black jackets and knee length skirts, their legs enclosed in sheer black stockings and their feet in four inch heel pumps.


But apart from their outfits, what Erin noticed was the dark sunglasses they wore – and the very real pistol that one of them was pointing at her as her mum was pushed forward.


“Hello,” she said in a cultured voice, “please, sit, hands on your head, and listen very carefully.”


The one who spoke had blonde hair, while the second woman had auburn hair.  “Sit next to your daughter, hands on your head as well,” she said as she pushed Janna over, the older woman sitting next to her daughter as they looked at the two intruders.


“All right,” the brunette said, “you will refer to me as Miss Brown, and my friend as Miss Blonde.  Nod if you understand.”


Both women nodded slowly as Miss Brown continued “you will do what we say, and you will not question it.  Do as we say, and we will not hurt you.  Do not, and you will regret it.  Do you understand?”


“Why are you here,” Erin said quietly.


“Fair question,” Miss Blonde said, “and we will answer it in time.  Right now, I want you to go and fetch your purse, and bring it here, with Miss Brown accompanying you.  Make no attempt to raise the alarm, or your mother is the one who will regret it.”


“Just do as she says,” Janna said quietly, watching as Erin slowly stood up and walked into the kitchen with the auburn haired intruder, returning with her purse as she sat down.


“Empty it out onto the coffee table.”


As Erin emptied the contents out, Miss Blonde sorted through them, taking her cell phone and removing the battery as well as the pager she carried, and then putting her purse to one side.


“Your turn,” she said as she looked at Janna, “where is your purse?”


“It’s over there,” Janna said as she pointed to a side table.  Miss Blonde nodded as she walked over and emptied the purse out, disabling her phone as well and putting her purse to one side.


“Now – what we are here,” Miss Brown said, “some friends of ours are going to be visiting your husband’s place of work, and we need him to allow us to do that without hindrance – which is where you and your charming daughter come in.”


“Oh god,” Janna said quietly, “you’re thieves?”


“We prefer to think of ourselves as professional criminals,” Miss Blonde said, “so remain calm, and you won’t get hurt.  Actually, why don’t you go and make some more coffee.  Miss Brown?”


“Come with me,” Miss Brown said as she took Janna by the arm, while Miss Blonde sat and looked at Erin.


“What exactly are you going to do to us?”


“You’ll see – put the television on.  There might be a miracle and something worth watching.”





“All right,” Miss Blonde said as she looked at Erin and Janna, “it’s time we got you ready.  I want you, mommy, to put your hands on your head and don’t move a muscle.”


As she nodded and placed her hands palm down on her head, Janna watched as Miss Brown left the house for a moment, returning with a bag which she placed on the floor and opened.


“Now,” Miss Blonde said as she looked at Erin, “fold your arms in front of you, and put your elbows in the palms of your hands.”


“Like this,” Erin said, Miss Blonde nodding as she was handed by Miss Brown two lengths of thin cord.  She used them to bind Erin’s wrists to her arms, making sure the rope went several times around and then between her limbs so they were held together, Janna watching as it happened.


“Why are you doing this,” Erin said as she tried to move her arms, only to shiver as Miss Brown took a longer length of rope from the bag, and doubled it over.  She walked behind the young woman, and passed it around her body, forcing her upper arms against her body as she wound it round above and below her chest.


“That’s tight,” she complained as Miss Brown pulled the rope even tighter, and then took it under her left arm, pulled the rope up and round the back of her neck, and then around the bands under the other arm.


“It needs to be,” Miss Blonde said as she picked up the house phone.  “You are going to ask to speak to your husband,” she said as she looked at Janna, “you are going to tell him that you and your daughter are our hostages, and that he is to open the rear entrance to the building.”


As she said this, Erin’s eyes widened as Miss Brown took a sponge out of the bag, and compressed it in her hand as she walked back over.  “You need to be quiet for this,” she said quietly, “open your mouth.”


“No – no you are not putting that in my mouth,” Erin said as she clamped her mouth shut.


“Erin, please...”


“Do not worry – this is not an impossible problem,” Miss Brown said as she placed her gloved hand on Erin’s chest, and started to massage her breasts as she wriggled round.


The ropes sitting tightly over her chest were already irritating and arousing the young woman in equal measures – but now, as the hand groped her, she could feel the strangest of feelings running through her body, as she squirmed and tried to get away.


It was useless, however, as the hand kept working, until she finally opened her mouth and gasped – then felt the sponge on her tongue as it was pushed into her mouth and behind her teeth, and then the gloved hand was pressed over her mouth as the groping continued.


“You’re going to keep that in your mouth, aren’t you,” Miss Brown whispered, Erin nodding as her mother watched the intruder pant a kiss on her daughter’s neck.  Taking her hand away, she walked to the bag and took out a roll of white tape, tearing the end loose before she wrapped it tightly round Erin’s head, sealing the sponge into place in her mouth as her mother watched.


“Now then,” Miss Blonde said as she dialled a number, “talk to your husband.”


Janna looked at Erin, Miss Brown, tearing the tape free and smoothing it against her cheek before she put her gloved hands on Erin’s shoulders.  Nodding, she took the phone and breathed in deeply.


“Robert?  It’s Janna.  Please, listen very carefully to what I’m going to say.


“There are two women here with me and Erin.  They are armed, and they have tied Erin up and gagged her.  I have the feeling my turn will come soon.  They say they will not hurt us so long as you do as  they say.


“No – do not call the police,” Janna said as she looked at the two women.  “If you raise the alarm, they say they will hurt us.  Please...”


“Hang on,” she said as she looked at Miss Blonde.  “He wants to talk to you.”


Taking the handset, Miss Blonde said “Listen very carefully.  Your wife is not lying – we are holding her and your daughter hostage.  Do as we say and everyone gets to meet later.  Don’t and...”


She nodded to Miss Brown, who squeezed hard on Erin’s shoulders, making her squeal as Janna took the handset back and said “Robert, please – they mean business!”


She listened for a moment, and then said “They want you to go now and open the rear entrance to the building.  Please, Robert, just do as they say.”


She handed the phone back to Miss Blonde, saying “he’s going there now.”  As Miss Blonde listened, she wondered what was happening, before the intruder said “Good – let us know when it is done.”


She nodded to Miss Brown, who gently massaged Erin’s shoulders before taking the handset, and then ripping the telephone free of the wall socket.  Coming back, she smiled as Miss Blonde said “very good – both of you, stand up and face each other.”


“Are you... Are you all right, Erin?”


Her daughter nodded as she watched both the intruders tale a length of rope, and then Miss Blonde walked behind her mother, taking Janna’s hands behind her back before crossing her wrists, and starting to bind them together.


As this was happening, Janna watched as Miss Brown tied her length of rope around Erin’s waist, knotting it just below her belly button and then letting the lengths of rope drop to the floor.  She could feel the rope around her wrists as it was wrapped around and between her arms, and then tied off out of reach of her fingers, before a long length was passed around her own arms and body, pulled slowly to force her arms to her body below her chest.


As the rope went above and below her mother’s chest, Erin could not help but watch as the front of her dress was stretched over her breasts, unaware of the fact Miss Brown had knelt behind her, and her hand had been place between  her legs.  She became very aware of that as the rope was pulled up and back, pressing on her crotch through the leggings as the rope was secured to the ropes around her chest.

Hmgddd,” she mumbled as she tried to move, and felt the increased pressure on her mound, exciting and frightening her at the same time as Miss Brown made her sit down. 


Janna could only watch this happening as the bands of rope pressed on her own chest, rubbing on the bare flesh between them where the dress opened up as Miss Blonde tightened them in the same way as those on Erin were cinched.


“Please, don’t hurt us,” she whispered as Miss Brown arranged Erin’s legs, making her sit in the Lotus position with her ankles under each knee.  As she was helped to kneel down, she watched as Miss Brown secured Erin’s ankles to her knees, taking the rope around and between her legs as she did so.


She was dimly aware of her own ankles been crossed and tied together as she watched Erin close her eyes, moaning as the ropes were secured. 


For her part, Erin had no idea what was happening, the ropes ribbing on her chest and between her legs as they were made tighter and tighter.  This was different, as she began to feel flushed, and felt a dampness between her legs where the ropes were rubbing on her body.  She didn’t know whether to give in and enjoy them, or try to fight them – and then Miss Brown tied a length of rope between her breasts, tightening the bands even more before she played the rope out and tied it round her calves to further secure her legs together.


“Open your mouth.”


Janna looked over her shoulder, seeing the band of rope around her ankles and the second band below her knees, and then nodded as she allowed Miss Blonde to push a sponge into her mouth.  She could feel it expanding, pressing her tongue out as it filled and muffled any noise she was making.


That was only added to as she heard a ripping sound, and then the tugging on her cheek as the end of the roll of white tape was pressed against it, and then the tape was wrapped tightly round her head, trapping her hair against the back of her neck as it pressed on her lips and head.


“Now then,” Miss Blonde said as she tore the tape off and smoothed it against the encircling band, “how shall we pass the time?”


Pllsslfslnn,” Janna said, but she then stiffened as she felt the gloved hands embracing and massaging her chest, looking at Erin as she too was groped, fighting and wriggling to try and stop her while at the same time suddenly feeling the effects of the gentle assault on her own body...





Janna opened her eyes as she stopped shaking, looking at the clock and then the two women as they stood up, Miss Blonde answering a call on her cell phone.


“Well, your husband has been most cooperative,” she said, “so we’ll be going soon.  But first, a little present to say thank you for being so cooperative.”


Whttdumnn,” Erin mumbled, and then she shivered as she felt something being pushed under the crotch rope – and then felt it as she heard the low buzzing.


Hgdnnn,” Janna said as Miss Blonde lifted her dress, and pushed a vibrator into her hose, making sure it sat against her crotch before Janna was helped to lie on her stomach, and her legs pulled back, her ankles secured to her chest ropes.


Erin looked at her mother, her eyes wide open over the tape band as she saw Janna struggle, and start to pant through her nose as they both felt the pleasure increase.


They never noticed their two captors slip out of the house, as their bodies shook, and they screamed into their gags...





“NHRRRRRR,” Janna called out as she heard her husband, and then saw him run in, looking at them as two police officers followed him.


“Oh god, are you all right?”


Janna nodded and then shook again as yet another orgasm swept over her, Erin crying as the same thing happened to her.  She was just thankful her father and they were safe, as the police cut the tape from their heads, and eased the soaking wet sponges from their mouths.


“They told me they’d hurt you if we raised the alarm – did they?”


“No,” Erin panted, “they must have just left us here.  Please, get us free...”







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