Auld Lang Syne




She could hear the fireworks going off in the street outside, and people laughing and calling out greetings to each other, but no matter how loud she tried to shout no-one seemed to hear her.   The two other women in the house were unable to raise more than a muffled grunt between them, but as she was the least mobile of the three she felt it was up to them to try and get help, some way or another. 


“Bessie, Joan, Happy New…..”


Bessie had opened the door to her and after a moment where it looked as if she was trying to decide what to do, opened the door to let Kerry in.  She took off her denim jacket, let it drop on the floor and walked into the front room of the house, hoping there would be a drink waiting for her.


Instead, Joan was sat in a chair, her hands behind her head, and three masked people in overalls were standing beside her.  Joan whispered “I’m sorry,” as she walked in as well and put her own hands behind her head.


“Copy your friends,” one of the men said, “or else you will come to regret it.  Your party plans have been cancelled – we decided to gatecrash the house instead.  I must say, you look uncommonly underdressed for the weather…”


Kerry was standing there in a sleeveless grey woollen top, denim micro shorts which looked more like a pair of knickers than a pair of trousers, grey tights and black tight knee length leather boots with cuffs at the top.


“What’s going on,” she said, and Bessie replied “They arrived just a little while ago……”  Bessie was dressed in a red velvet blouse, black leather skirt and heels, as she was pushed on the couch by one of the masked men.  Joan was wearing a white denim blouse, long brown corduroy skirt and brown denim waistcoat, with brown ankle boots peeking out from under the hem.


“So long as you three do as you’re told,” The man standing behind Joan said, “then we’ll all get along just fine.  Are you going to co-operate?”


“Not a chance,” Kerry said as she lunged at the nearest of the three masked men.  He grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her round and pressed the arm against her back, causing her to cry out in pain.


“We’ve got a fighter here – I think we need to start with her boys.  Do you agree?”


“You two take care of things down here,” the man behind Joan said as he took her by the arm and led her out of the room.  “This lady and I are going to do the tour of the house.  Try not to hurt her or the other one.”


“Lie down on your stomach,” the man said as he pushed Kerry down.  Joan put her hands to her mouth as the masked man straddled Kerry, pulled her arms behind her back and manoeuvred them so that her elbows were resting in the palm of the opposite hand, with his knee against both her forearms.


“Hand me some rope,” he called out, and the third intruder opened the rucksack in his hand, took put several lengths of white cord and threw them at his partner.  Catching them with one hand, he shook one out, doubled it over and started to tie Kerry’s wrists to her elbow, making sure the rope was cinched between the two arms.  He then repeated this on the other side, and taking a third length he tied her forearms together where he had been kneeling.


“Get up and shut up,” he said as he helped Kerry to her feet, and sat her down where Joan had been sitting.  He then took a further length of rope; crossed Kerry’s booted ankles and lashed them together, before tying her legs together above and below her knees.



“I’m so sorry Kerry,” Bessie kept saying as she sat on the couch, watching her friend being bound.  “Your turn now,” the second man said as he pulled Bessie’s hands behind her back and lashed her crossed wrists together with rope.




In an upstairs bedroom, Joan was watching as the leader of the gang rummaged trough the drawers in her bedroom, emptying the contents out and taking any valuables he could find.  “Why are you doing this to us?” he sobbed as he emptied the contents of another drawer onto the bed.


“Your lucky night,” the masked man replied as he rummaged through the pile of panties that he had placed on the bed.  “We were looking for somewhere to rob, and your house fitted the bill.  The real bad luck was for your friend when she knocked on the door – no way could she have seen we were here.  For a moment I thought your sister was going to scream at her to run, but she must love you more than her.”


“That’s a little unfair – she loves Kerry as much as me, but she was also more scared than me.”


“Nevertheless, you’re going to miss whatever party you were planning no attending.  A pity, but I guess we can keep you entertained until midnight.”


Joan sat thinking over what he was saying, and a look of horror started to spread over your face.  “No, please,” she stammered out, “don’t do that to us….”


“Not that – I was thinking more a game of statues and silence.”


“What do you mean by that?”


“You’ll see,” he said as he pocketed a number of pairs of knickers into his boiler suit.  “Let’s move on to the next room.”




Bessie winced as the white rope cut deeper into the velvet fabric of her blouse, as the masked intruder pulled it tightly around her arms and chest above her breasts.  Her wrists were crossed and tied behind her back, and her elbows pulled together until they almost touched.  Now the rope was being passed above and below her breasts, causing indentations in her blouse but more distressingly for her pulling her arms tighter and tighter into her side.  Kerry watched from the opposite chair as the man tied the ropes behind Bessie’s back, pulling her wrists up in the process, then threw several lengths over to his colleague.


The third man knelt in front of Bessie, crossed her ankles and started to wrap a doubled length of rope around them.  “Please, don’t hurt me,” she cried as her ankles were pulled together and the ropes passed between her legs to hold them more tightly together.   As he passed more rope around her claves, she started to cry when the cords dug into the bare flesh of her legs.


“Stop hurting her,” Kerry screamed, and she started to kick her own bound legs out at the masked man.  His companion walked round, pulled Kerry’s head back by her blonde hair, and whispered “Don’t do that” into her ear.


“All right, all right – stop pulling my hair,” she called through gritted teeth, and she felt her head being pushed forward as the last rope was tied around Bessie’s legs above her knees.  The two men stood in the centre of the room, looking at the two women they had just bound, and started laughing.


“One hour to midnight – hope you ladies have a happy new year,” one of them sneered as they listened to the sounds from upstairs.




“All right, it’s time.  Lie down on the bed.”


Joan looked at the man as she sat on the single bed in Bessie’s room.  They had been through every room upstairs, and the masked man was carrying a small holdall filled with jewellery and money.  Now she was wondering exactly what he was going to do.


“Please, just leave us alone and go.  We’re still virgins, please don’t…..”


“Lady, I said lie down on the bed, not take your clothes off.  I need to make sure that, like the other two downstairs, you cannot raise the alarm, so shut up, lie down and put your hands behind your back.”


Slowly, Joan lay flat on the bed and placed her hands behind her back.  She looked over her shoulder and watched as the man took them, crossed them in the small of the back, and started to tie them together by wrapping rope around the cuffs of her blouse.  As he cinched the rope between her wrists, she winced slightly, then didn’t resist as he took her by the arm and sat her back up.


“Just sit still,” he said as he pulled a length of rope around her arms and chest below her breasts, pulling tightly so that the waistcoat and blouse were tightened around her chest, and started to wrap the rope above and below her breasts.  He then passed the rope around her shoulder, down and through the ropes below her breasts, then over the other shoulder, pulling tightly so that her breasts stood out against the cloth.


“That should hold you,” he said as Joan tested how much movement she had.  “Now I need to make sure you won’t be able to call for help.”


“And how do you intend to do that?”  She asked as she tried to stare him out.


“Like this,” he replied as he held a pair of waded of panties in front of her mouth.  Joan clamped her mouth shut and tried to turn her head away, but he grabbed her by the nose and held it until she had to open her mouth to breath.  As he stuffed the last of the cloth in, she tried to spit it out, but he clamped his hand over her mouth as he took a roll of sliver duct tape from his pocket.




Both Kerry and Bessie looked up as Joan was led back into the front room by the third gang member.  They had watched the other two removing the batteries from their mobile phones and disconnecting the telephone connection, and were wondering how the alarm could be raised, hoping that Joan would be in a position to help.  When they saw the sliver tape over her mouth, however, they realised they were in real trouble.


“Joan?”  Bessie asked as she was helped off the vouch and sat on the floor.  Joan looked at her sister and nodded as she was sat down, and her ankles bound together with rope before more was tied around her legs over the corduroy skirt, pulled tightly so that she was unable to move her legs.  Bessie tucked her own legs under herself as best she could, and watched as Joan was laid out on the couch, with a pillow under her head.


“Gag her,” the leader said a she threw a pair of panties and the roll of tape to one of the other two, then walked over and knelt next to Kerry.  “I heard you gave me friends some trouble – we can’t have that can we?”  He said as the third gang member joined him.  “Get her on her stomach on the floor.”


Kerry fought like mad as she was pushed onto the floor, and her bound ankles pulled so far behind her legs that they almost rested flat against her calves.  Taking a length of rope, the leader wrapped it around her ankle bindings, then pulled it tightly around the ropes holding her forearms together so that Kerry was held in a hogtie so strict she could barely breath.


She could hear Bessie moaning and the sound of tape ripping, but before she could call out a pair of panties was thrust into her mouth, and she felt rather than saw the tape smoothed over her own cheeks.  She screamed in frustration as the man gathered their equipment, turned the light off and silently slipped out, only leaving the radio on to drown any screams the women might make.




The turn of the year had been and gone, while Kerry had been trying like mad to find a way to free herself.  The hogtie, however, was so tight the only movement she could make was from side to side as she rolled around.  Both Mary and Bessie were quiet and still, too scared to move or try to free themselves.


The only sounds that came with any sort of regularity in the room was the squeak of leather or corduroy, as Kerry tried desperately to move her legs, or Joan shuffled on the floor, or Bessie turned in her prone position on the couch.  Suddenly Kerry decided to do something about their position.


“Grls… GRLS!!” she shouted through the cloth and tape.  “Tr t mv, pls.”


Joan looked at her friend, and then stirred herself enough to sit up and shuffle over to where Kerry was lying.  Manoeuvring herself so that her hands were next to Kerry’s mouth, she started to rub with her fingers against the tape as the sounds of laughter and fireworks from outside carried on.


Bessie had actually fallen asleep, the tear stains from her eyes showing as they glistened on the sliver covering over her mouth, as Joan finally managed to ease the tape away from Kerry’s mouth enough to pull out the cloth.


“Phuagh – that’s better.  Listen, Joan – I know this might hurt, but try to get over onto your side and I’ll see if I can get your wrists free with my mouth, all right.”


“ll rght,” Joan replied as she rocked from side to side until she fell over on her side, then squirmed round to allow Kerry to get to the ropes around her wrists.  The blonde haired woman squirmed forward, the leather of her boots creaking as she moved her legs, then began to pick at the knot holding Joan’s wrists against the chest ropes with her teeth.





Bessie felt the tugging on her jaw, and opened her eyes to see Joan kneeling beside her, gently stroking her hair and peeling the tape away from her mouth.  In the dim light, she could make out Kelly stretching her legs out and rubbing her bare arms.


“It’s all right,” Joan whispered, “The police are on their way.  Happy new year, sis.”