Sitting at the bar in the nightclub, nursing his drink, he looked round at the other people sitting there.  It was typical – young bucks on the town, bored executives, the sort of people with nothing to do, and all night and all the money in the world to do it in.  Normally, he had ideas and plans as to what he would do with them, but this was his night off.


He was casually dressed, but the style and cut suggested he was not wanting for money – the shirt was Egyptian cotton, open at the collar, the suit from Saville Row, the shoes Italian leather and hand made.  He was an expert in his field of work, and he knew it.


Looking to the side, his eye was caught by the woman sitting a few stools down, looking at the television set.  She appeared to be in her late forties or early fifties, a hint of grey in her styled blonde hair, and she certainly had a body worth admiring.  A loose fitting black silk blouse, a long skirt with a bohemian print in brown on cream, and long brown leather boots.


She turned her head and looked at him, smiling before she turned back to look at the screen.  There was something about her, an air of aloofness, of rank, of superiority…  It attracted him, and he stood up, walking over to sit next to her on the stool.


She turned and looked at him again, as he said “good evening – are you here alone?”  Nodding, she replied “yes – yes, I am.  Have we met before?”


“Not that I am aware of – you have a very distinctive accent.  Do you come from Eastern Europe?”


“Originally – but I have lived in this country for many years,” she said with a smile.


“And would it be impolite to ask your name?”


“Anna – and yours?”


“Charles – would it be forward of me to offer to buy you a drink?”  She shook her head, as he signalled to the barman.  “Another whisky - and for you?”


“Vodka Martini,” Anna said, smiling as the drinks were brought over.  “So, Charles, what brings you to this bar on this evening?”


“Nothing in particular, I just like the atmosphere here – and the company,” he said as he sipped his drink.  “And you?”


“I needed to leave the apartment for a short while,” Anna replied.  “I was preparing for a visit, and felt some time away once I had finished was an idea.”


“Oh – a family member?”


Anna nodded as she said “but she is not due for a while.”  Looking at Charles, she smiled again and said “has anyone told you that you are a very attractive man?”


“Not recently – and has anyone told you you are a beautiful woman?”


Anna laughed as she looked at him.  “It has been a while, but that is not important right now.  Tell me what else you are thinking.”


Her eyes seemed to look into him, see the inner him, but Charles shrugged it off as he said “I was thinking how you would react if I suggested we go someplace else.”  He then shook himself and laughed as he said “that sounds so corny…”


“I don’t know, it sounds kind of cute,” Anna said as she looked at him.  “Well, my place is only a few minutes away, if you are interested…”





As she closed the door and turned on the lights, Charles looked at the room, the leather seats, the old style furniture.


“You have a very nice apartment,” he said as he looked round, and then opened his eyes wide as Anna took his head in her hands and kissed him, before he responded in kind.


As she let go, he smiled and said “that was nice.  Would you like to do it again?”


“I would,” Anna said quietly as he put her arms round her, and kissed her, his tongue stroking over her lips as she responded, and then allowed her lips to part as they explored each other’s mouth.  His hands gently stroked her back as they did so, as hers did on him, before he said “so what shall we do now?”


“Will you indulge me?”


“In what way,” Charles said as she felt her hand on the bulge in his pants.


“I like to be – secure – when making love, if you know what I mean.”


Nodding, he said “I may do.  In what way?”


“Let me show you,” she said before she kissed him again, this time squeezing his bottom as he reached round and unfastened her skirt, allowing it drop on the floor before he felt her unfasten his shirt.  Looking into his eyes, she said “come with me,” taking him by the hand before he was led into the bedroom.


In the centre of the room was a large four poster bed, Anna smiling as she walked over.  He could see now the boots went over her knees, and she was wearing a black thong.


“Let me undress you,” she said quietly as she slipped his jacket down his arms, letting it fall to the floor before she kissed him again, Charles offering no resistance as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him as well.  She then moved her lips down his chest, Charles letting out a soft moan before she unfastened his trousers and pulled them down, as well as his boxer shorts, as he stepped out of his shoes.


“A fine specimen,” she said quietly as she ran her hand over his chest, “do you want to make love to me?”  He silently nodded, as she said “then I must be secure.  Open the top drawer.”


Charles walked over and opened the drawer, taking out several lengths of red rope and a roll of red tape.  Anan nodded as he walked back over, and then lay on her back on the bed, putting her hands above her head as she said “tie my wrists to the top posters.”


“Kinky,” Charles said quietly, not revealing how much he enjoyed doing that to those he visited as he took one length of rope and tied it round her left wrist then secured it to the first poster so that her arm was outstretched.  He repeated that on her right wrist, Anna smiling and nodding as he leaned over and kissed her again.


“Now my ankles – leave the boots on, I like the sound it makes, I like the way it feels.”


“Yes, I will,” he said quietly, feeling as if he was in a fog as he secured her ankles to the bottom posters, her legs spread wide as he looked at her.  With trembling fingers, he unfastened her blouse, hearing the soft squeak as Anna moved her legs, and revealing her perfectly formed chest.


“Listen carefully,” she whispered in her strange, seductive accent, “cut my thong away, put them in my mouth, and tape it over.  Then – do what you want to do?”  She watched as he took a pair of scissors, cutting through the sides of her thong and then rolling it up, then slowly opening her mouth as he placed it inside.  She closed her lips together as he tore a strip from the roll of red tape, and pressed it firmly over her lips, silencing her before his lips encircled her nipples, and he began to suck gently on them, kissing and playing with her as she slowly started to twist around.


Anna could feel the ecstasy building as he did this, and groaned softly, anticipating all that was to come as she squirmed in response to his kiss, his touch, his attentions…


As he moved between her legs, Charles was also taking note of other things.  The fine jewellery on display, her expensive clothes…  Perhaps, once he had finished, there would be the chance to practice his trade as well…  He looked into her eyes, her deep purple eyes that seemed to pull him into her, and nodded as he moved down, kissing her chest, her belly, her mound…


The juices were sweet, and her groans increased dramatically, as his tongue and his lips played her, enticed her, brought her closer and closer to the edge – and then she threw her head back as he entered her, gripping him tightly inside as he started to rock to and fro.


For his part, Charles was lost in the actions, his one focus on making sure he brought her to a climax at the right time, in the right way, enjoying every sweet second as he moved in and out, feeling the pleasure and the pressure in himself as he did so.  It was beautiful, wonderful, and Anna responded by moving with him, looking into his own eyes as she did so…


The fire and the passion was growing in both of them, until finally Charles threw his head back and cried out, Anna offering the muted response as she closed her eyes and they both came to a climax, his seed entering her body as she shook in response.  It was pure, unadulterated pleasure, as Charles gave all he had, and then sighed.


“You were magnificent, my dear Anna,” he said quietly, “it is such a pity that…”  He opened his eyes, and suddenly stopped talking as he looked at Anna.  He face was suddenly older – much older, with folds of flesh and grey patches, and her hair was thinned, totally grey.  She still had the same purple eyes, but as he pushed himself back on the bed she was not just older in the face, her whole body seemed to have aged fifty or more years, as she looked up at him, the smile clear under the tape.


“Oh my god…  What are you…?  What have I…?”  Charles jumped off the bed, horrified at the sight – and then shook as the Taser hit him in the back, collapsing to the ground as the young girl stood behind him, wearing a white blouse under a traditional dress, white socks and black shoes.


“I see you have brought another guest, babushka,” she said as she looked at Anna, “will he play with me as well?”


Anna slowly nodded as the girl removed the tape from her mouth, and then the thong.  “When I am done,” she croaked, “untie me and we can prepare him.”





Charles slowly opened his eyes, wondering what had happened as he looked up at the ceiling, and then tried to move.  Only he could not – his arms were secured to his sides, and as he looked down he saw the leather belts holding his arms in place around his waist, stomach and chest.  More belts held his legs together, as he realised he was naked – and lying on the four poster bed.




He turned his head to see the young girl standing there, blonde hair in pigtails, swinging from side to side as she said “Babushka is just coming.  I like you – I’ll call you David.”


“My name is Charles,” he tried to say – but something was preventing his lips from moving, as he saw Anna walk slowly to the bed.  She wore a black silk dressing gown, but she was…


“The word is old – but do not worry, we can soon fix that,” she said with a smile as she reached out, her gnarled and spotted hand gently starting to massage his cock as he looked over.  “I think you said more than enough earlier, young man, so I made sure you stayed nice and quiet for this part.  Thank you for agreeing to come home with me.”


He looked between them, the hag and the young girl, wondering what was going on, why was he like this – and why could he not stop himself from responding to the caress of her hand, as he became more aroused.  Shaking his head, he hoped he could be understood.


“I knew who you were, young man – I have been hearing of your exploits.  You thought you would rob me, did you not?”  Charles shook his head slightly, unable to stop himself getting harder as Anna smiled.  “Well, you did rob some acquaintances, so consider this your reward.”


“NO!”  He screamed in his mind as she leaned over and started to kiss his enlarged member, and then out her lips on the end before she drew it in.  She could not be serious, she was not going to…”


“I do like watching babushka at work,” the girl said, “and then I get to play with you afterwards.”  As his own arousal increased with Anna’s kisses, his own revulsion and horror grew, wondering what was going to happen to him, and why the little girl said she was going to play with him…


He could not help himself as Anna continued to kiss, to suck, her rough tongue wrapping around it in her mouth as she played with him, and he closed his eyes, unable to give voice to his fears and panic as the throbbing grew stronger and stronger and stronger…


And when it came, he could only close his eyes as she sucked even harder, taking every bit of his cum into her.  It was only when he opened her eyes that he saw what was happening as she sucked him dry – that her hair was lightening and filling out, her body become younger and more supple, her chest filling out, her face smoothing out…


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  The cry was mute, as she sucked the last of his seed – and then she continued to suck, as he felt more draining out of him, as if he was sucking the life out of him – and the belts felt looser, as if he was shrinking, Anna’s head growing larger and larger as she looked at him, and he seemed to be getting closer and closer to her lips…


“Can I play with him now Babushka?”


Anna nodded as she looked at the young girl, and then at Charles.  “You can indeed,” she said as she stood up, Charles unable to comprehend what was happening as the girl seemed to be able to take him in one hand, and carry him away, along the corridor, and into a room with a large doll’s house.


As he watched, she picked up a small pair of trousers and a shirt, and he could feel them putting them on him – but how was that possible?  She then opened the front of the doll’s house, and sat him on a chair.  His eyes darted to the side as he saw two other dolls – a red haired male doll and a black haired female one, both in casual clothes.


And then his mind screamed again as he saw their eyes move and look at him, as the little girl said “my babushka gives me wonderful dolls to play with – I want to be like her when I grow up…”







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