Bunnies in Blankets



Roberta lay quite still, listening to the sounds of the birds in the garden that were coming through the open window.  The cool spring air was passing over her face, and bringing some relief to her hot flushed cheeks.  Looking from side to side, she could see the scattered objects from the flat she shared with Annette around the floor, and on the coffee table was the note that had been left when their visitors had departed.  She dearly wanted to get up off the floor and call someone, anyone, to talk to them, but there were one or two things stopping that happening.


One was the blanket that was tightly wrapped around her, making it difficult for her to move anywhere, much less sit up.  Another was the silver grey duct tape wrapped around that blanket, holding it and her in a cocooned roll.  The third thing was the strips of that same tape over her mouth, keeping the cloth in and silencing her.  If only she had been able to call out, then maybe Annette would still be there.






“A Vicars and Bunnies party?  I know it’s Easter, but that’s one of the most sill suggestions for a theme I’ve ever heard?”


“So you’re up for it then?”


“Of course I am – when does it take place?”


Roberta looked again at the invite that had arrived in the post.  “Saturday from 4 o’clock until late.  So, what are you going to go as?”


“Oh come on,” Annette said as she dried her blonde hair, “Do you think I could really go as a vicar?”


“I guess not – so bunnies it is then.  I presume you’re not thinking of actually wearing a rabbit costume?”


“Nah – Playboy Bunnies are more our style, don’t you think?”


Roberta nodded her head, running her fingers through her mass of curly red hair as she did so.  “I can find some cotton wool, and the rest is easy enough.”


“All right then – let’s start getting things together, and I’ll tell Joe we’ll be coming.



By the late afternoon on the Saturday, Roberta had made two sets of bunny ears by fixing cardboard shapes to two headbands, and painting them pink and white.  Annette, meanwhile, had sewn two lumps of cotton wool to the lower back of two black swimsuits, and made false cuffs out of stiff white card.


Annette was ready for this party, as she had experienced a very tough week at work.  She was the secretary to a partner in a legal firm that was caught up in a very messy class action, and the paperwork had been monumental.  In her mind, a party was just the thing to help her to wind down, especially as she had had to work that day.


Returning to the flat the two girls shared, Annette went in and called out as she closed the door behind her.


“Bobby?  Sorry I’m late – are you there?”


“In the living room – come and tell me how I look!”


Annette went in, and was stunned by the sight of Roberta standing there in costume.  Her tight fitting swimsuit showed off her natural curves, and she was adding to the effect by wearing fishnet stockings and black high heels.


“Wow – you are so going to get lucky tonight dressed like that.  Where’s my costume?”


“In your room – hurry up and get changed and we’ll get going.”


“I just need a shower first – be with you as soon as possible.”


Annette went into her bedroom, stripped out of the business suit she was wearing and headed for the shower.  While she was getting cleaned, she heard the doorbell ring and Roberta calling out “Don’t worry – I’ll get it.”  As a result, she wasn’t surprised to hear a whispered conversation as she stepped out of the shower and towelled herself off.


Heading to her room, she called out “Be with you in a couple of minutes, Bobbie”, and when she didn’t get an answer assumed her flatmate hadn’t heard her.


Five minutes later, Annette placed her bunny ears on her head, and checked out her costume in her mirror.  “Very nice,” she thought to herself as she left the room.


“Roberta, are you about ready to – what the hell?”


Roberta stared up at Annette from her seat in a chair, but said nothing.  She had to convey with her eyes the terror she was feeling, given she had been gagged with strips of silver duct tape.  Her wrists had been taped together in front of her, and her ankles tightly taped together.


Also in the room were two men dressed as paramedics, in green tops and trousers, and also in the room was a stretcher with blankets neatly folded on it.  Both men had medical masks over their lower faces, and were wearing dark glasses.


“Good evening, Ms Partridge”, the taller of the two masked men said.  “I’m afraid we have to prevent you or your flatmate going to anything tonight.  We have some business we need to carry out at the office of your employers, and you’re going to help us to do it.


If you scream, your friend here will be hurt, so please don’t try and raise the alarm.”


Roberta looked up at Annette and tried to tell her to do as they said, but all that could be heard was “pls, net, d t”.


“What do you want me to do?”


“Exactly what we tell you.  If you do, your friend here and you will be unharmed, apart from the fact you will be unable to move unless we tell you.  Do you understand?”


Annette slowly and silently nodded, and Roberta visibly relaxed.


“Good – now, Ms Partridge, you will come with us while your friend stays here.  I need you to lie down on this stretcher, and cross your hands on your front.  Please do that now.”


Roberta watched as Annette walked slowly over to the stretcher, and with some difficulty sat down and then lay fully stretched on it.  As she did so, the other masked man took a roll of duct tape, and taking one wrist he taped it to the side of the stretcher.  Repeating that on the other side, he then crossed and taped her ankles together.


“Where are we going?” Annette asked.


“We’re going to take a little ride to your offices, and see what we can find there.  Forgive me, but it will be necessary for us to blindfold you so that we can drive without attracting attention.  Please, close your eyes.”


Annette looked over at Roberta, who sat mutely looking on.  Closing her eyes, she heard the sound of tape being ripped and then the stickiness of the tape as it was placed over her eyes.


“Now it is necessary to gag you, and then we will make sure both you and your flatmate are comfortable.”


Again Annette heard the rip of tape, and as Roberta watched she was gagged with three strips.  A blanket was then placed over Annette, and a second blanket laid out diagonally on the floor of the room.


“Now, let’s take care of you,” the masked man said, and he helped Roberta to her feet.


“You’re dressed as a bunny, so do some bunny hops over there please.”


Looking at the man in surprise, Roberta took a series of short hosp until she was standing in front of the blanket.  The two men then helped Roberta to lie down on the floor, with her feet towards one corner and her head the diagonally opposite one.


“Now, let’s get you wrapped up nice and snug,” the man said, and he took the corner of the blanket and tucked it between her feet above the tape binding.  He then took the edge of the blanket, wrapped it tightly over Roberta and tucked it in under her.  Taking the other side, he again wrapped it over and tucked the blanket under her.


Roberta felt strangely comfortable in this arrangement, thinking that with a little movement she would be able to get out of her wrapping after they left.  To her horror, however, she saw the other man taking a roll of duct tape and wrapping it around her ankles, then her lower legs and her upper legs.


Sitting Roberta up, the first man held her as tape was also wrapped around her waist and chest, keeping the blanket snug around her.  Laying her back down again, the men placed a seat cushion under her head.


“You just stay still now, and someone will be sure to come and find you later.”


Roberta watched as the men opened the door, picked up the stretcher with Annette struggling to get free on it, and walked out of the door.





An hour and a half had passed since then, and Roberta was beginning to feel as if she was in a sauna.  The tape around the blanket holding her body in place wasn’t giving an inch, and she would have murdered someone for a drink. 


In fact, she would have cried out with joy if anyone could have heard her, but so far the tape was not….. No, she was sure she felt the tape give a little around her mouth.  In fact, now that she thought of it, her wrists were feeling a little less tight at this point.


Roberta tried moving her wrists, and to her great surprise she felt the tape give a little.  Reasoning that if she kept moving it might give more, Roberta began to slowly move her wrists around in a circular motion.




At the same time, Annette was finding herself in an equally sticky situation.  After a journey of an indeterminate time, she had been lifted into – well, somewhere.  The tape holding her wrists to the stretcher had been cut, and she had been placed in a seating position.


As she felt her wrists been taped to something, the gag had been removed from her mouth and one of the men said “In your office, where do you keep your case files?”


“In the filing cabinet, but the drawers are lkd…”  As Annette had tried to reply, she had felt more sticky tape been placed over her mouth, and as her chest and packed was been taped to something she realised that drawers were been unlocked.


The tape had then been taken off her eyes, and after she allowed them to adjust to the dim light she had realised that she was back in her office.  Her wrists were taped down to an office chair, and her body taped to the back of the seat.  The two fake ambulance men were searching through the files, and eventually retrieved one in particular.


Placing the file in their bags, they left the office and locked the door behind them.  Annette sat still for a few minutes, and then began to wriggle round and attempt to free her arms.




Beatrice was having a bit more success, as she had managed to free her wrists from the tape holding them together.  Taking a moment to catch her breath, she began to wriggle her chest, and slowly the blanket began to slide down her body.


After some time, she had managed to wriggle her upper body free from the constraints of the blanket, and she reached up with her arms and tore the tape away from her lips.  Freeing herself from the remaining bonds, Roberta stood unsteadily and made her way to the telephone.



Annette had also managed to make her way to a telephone, and with some difficulty had set the speakerphone on.  She reached with her fingers, and dialled 999.


“Hello, emergency services, how can I help you?”


“Hlp m, Im tid p.”


“I’m sorry caller, I cannot understand you.  Which service do you require?"


“I cnt spk – thrs a gg on m mth?”


“Caller, is there something stopping you speaking?”




“All right caller, stay on the line, and we’ll find out where you are.  Is there anyone else in the room with you?”


Annette tried to communicate with the operator, and a short while later heard the sound of a door breaking down and saw two policemen enter her office.


“It’s all right, we’re here,” one of the policemen said as he removed the tape from her mouth.”


“My flatmate, she was….”


“Don’t worry – she managed to free herself and called us while you were talking to the operator.  Let’s get you out of there and checked over, shall we?”


Annette nodded, glad that her and Beatrice’s ordeal was over, and they could stop being hot cross bunnies.