Double Third Festival - Part 2









Warning: Lesbian Theme.


I started crying and shivering. I had been captured several times before, played tie up games when I was younger, but I had never been kidnapped and humiliated like this before.  “Dammit, why me? Why me?” was all I could think as I lay there.


What seemed like hours passed before I heard the door bang. A voice in broken Chinese said they were going to feed me.  I nodded in response, too scared of what they might do to try anything else. I was warned not to cry out as they undid my heavy gag and fed me some tasteless rice porridge, forcing it down me as I tried to keep up.


I was then re-gagged and bound before the thugs left, slamming the door behind them. Clad in the darkness and the cold crawling around my semi-naked body, I suddenly peed into the nappy that they taped around me. Oh gosh, it was embarrassing and disgusting at the same time.


The hours passed, though it seemed more like days rather than hours. Suddenly, the door banged opened again. At least half a dozen men appeared and I was roughly removed from the bed. With lethargy enveloping me, I couldn't resist as they secured my hands with tight metal handcuffs behind my back, wrapped leather straps above and below my bra-less boobs, and chained my ankles. My panel gag was double checked and they restricted my vision with a black hood.


If being strapped to that bed was terrible, forced marched in chains and almost naked was worse. The torture stemmed not only from the fetters but the chaffing of the soggy cloth between my legs. That was partly my fault, but also theirs for treating me like a baby.


I was bindled into some sort of van, and taken for - I don't know, half an hour or so before the vehicle stopped. As I was half dragged outside, I noticed that the weather was much colder than before, and the chilled moisture suddenly stuck to my back. I gave a yelp through my gag as the hood was torn off. "Walk forward, don't look back," was the order in Mandarin.


I did so, the chains clanging against the soft muddy ground as I walked. It was terrible all around me and I stumbled in the mist and mud many times, only to hear the sharp command to "move forward." The more I did so, the more I felt that I was walking like a condemn prisoner, with a firing squad behind me waiting to press their triggers.

Suddenly, the mist cleared and I heard a muffled voice. It was Miaohua right in front of me! She was also restrained, albeit only with her hands behind her back and leather straps around  her breasts and waist. She was only draped in a translucent shawl and had a large piece of tape around her mouth.

Both of us immediately ran towards each other. Just as we did so, I heard shots coming from her direction and screamed out "MMmmmmppgehh!" or "Get Down!"  A split second later, I heard the sound of gunfire from, oh gosh behind me! I immediately fell, dropping down on the ground, my face immediately splattered with mud and cut by the pieces of stones. Then...








It was hours later when I smelt a herbal odour and started to wake up. I nearly jolted upright, thinking I was back in the bed with restraints. I found myself in a hospital room with several faces staring over me. One was in the uniform of the country's elite police investigative force.


 It appeared that I had been kidnapped by some radical faction that opposed "huang" or yellow foreigners and their attempt to invest in the country. Miaohua had been taken to, albeit, "double kidnapped" by another triad group whose was in competition with my kidnappers. Both of us were being traded when the gunfire started.


"You're lucky you were'nt hit at all," the officer summed it up as he looked at me. Another pair of faces appeared, this time my father and mother. The news from them was less rosy. Apparently, my relationship with Miaohua was now public news due to this kidnapping and to save face, my father was declared persona non grata. "I've spent too much time here anyway," he remarked, “and a break is the best thing I can do.” My mother gave me a look which sort of said, "how could you become a lesbian!” I started to open my mouth then thought better of trying to explain. She would never understand...






I sat on the edge of the balcony, watching the last few minutes of the dance below me. A hand came upon my shoulder--it was Miaohua's. After much argument with my mother, I was allowed to spend my last twenty four hours with my Chinese lover before our family had to depart the country.


"It's just so enchanting," I remarked in perfect Mandarin, my hand reaching to hold hers.


"It..." she couldn't find the words to continue. It was worse on Miaohua's part--her father and mother had treated her to several hours of scolding. Both of them were demoted from their present positions and her father suffered a loss of two month's pay. This meeting between us was only possible due to her uncle, who was more liberal in mindset and Miaohua had sought temporary refuge with him.


"Darling, I'm so sorry..." I turned to give a a tight hug, tears filling my eyes.


"I...It's not your fault Lauren. It's...just the world we are in...."


"We're just.." instead of continuing, we both moved into our room, our bodies clinging together like inseparable Siamese twins. With a silent command, she reached forward to unbutton my silky Cheongsam, one of my last since my mother didn't want me to wear any clothes that reminded her of the country we were leaving. Likewise I reached to her Cheongsam and within a few minutes, we were both in our lingerie. Her underwear was no longer that of the foreign French-made kind, possibly due to her "punishment." Nevertheless, she looked so angelic even in beige underwear. We again embraced each other, our kisses covering every part of our faces, neck, breasts and even belly buttons. We knew this was our last time together, as a couple the country, our family and most of the world never liked. But this was us....


We laid in bed, bra-less and our knickers half down our legs and our bodies intertwined. She kissed me on the lips again as we both recollected our times together, even our perilous times when we were captured. "Lauren..." she purred in my ear, "I don't know...but even though it hurts being bound and gagged there's just a, I don't know how to say it, feeling..."


"You mean arousal?" I said, quickly giving a weak translation in Mandarin as I stroke her buttocks.


"Yeah. You do like it right?"


"Uh..." suddenly she sprung up and straddled me with her thighs. My hands were yanked together behind me and suddenly click! I felt the feeling, the familiar feeling of handcuffs around my wrists.


"Miaohua! What the....mmmpphhh!!!" My head was twisted around and something cotton like was stuffed in my mouth. With several fingers holding it in, another piece of cloth like item was wrapped around my jaw.  "Mmmmpphh...."


"Shh, little one, you're mine now. Don't worry Lauren. I know you really like it. And oh, they are clean knickers no? So not to worry."




The End  

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