Interrupted Celebrations






"Gong Xi Fa Cai Mother, no I'm fine, yes it's not the same with out me at home; I miss the food. Don't worry, I'm going out with friends in a while to see the Chinatown here. I'll call Father later. Bye." I clicked off my Skype and shut down my laptop. It was my first year abroad and first Chinese New Year without my parents. Having lived with them for ages, I definitely felt like a fish out of water at this festive time of the year. London is international alright, but it just isn't what Singapore is.


"Ding Dong," Gee those British friends of mine are early. I gingerly made my way down the stairs--I still wasn't so confident walking in pantyhose, or what they called tights over here. "Hey, you people are..."  my sentence was cut off as masked men pushed me back inside and one of them wrapped his arm around me and covered my jaw. "Mmmmpph!" I screamed repeatedly but upon seeing the gun pointed at me, I stopped. "Good, move or scream again, you'll end your life right now."


"Hey, boss, this isn't the girl," I heard the man holding me mutter with a thick accent. Scottish? Welsh? I still couldn't get a hang of the various accents.


"No you silly idiot, this has to be a flat mate." The leader turned back to me. "Ok girl, my pal is going to remove his hand. Any screaming or sudden moves, you'll get Mr. Bullet in you. Got it?" Still shocked with the sudden intrusion, I barely nodded and the hands were removed. "Wha..." I started.


"Shuddaup. Where's Miss Jenkins?" Catherine? They were looking her?


"She's....out," I stammered. "I don't know when she'll be back." That was a bit of a lie, she should be coming back shortly. Run Cath! Get the police!


"Ok, hands on your head, up to your room," he waved the gun. This can't be happening, I thought as I was marched back up. Not during Chinese New Year. I my room, the second man closed the blinds--it wasn't really needed, no one could see us through the window while the leader spun me around. "Ok, strip."


"WHAT?!" I cried, not believing the command.


"You speak English, Chinese girl? Take off your clothes, and lower you voice!" With the gun ever so near me, I turned almost as pink as my lipstick as I unbuttoned my Chinese floral Cheongsam. As it dropped to the ground, I shivered not only from the cold--my room's heating wasn't that great and the embarrassment. "Nice bra," the leader commented. "Your tights," he gestured and I laddered them as they were removed. Please, I don't want to go naked..."Turn around face down down on the bed."




"Shut up and do so!" I did with my breasts being squashed as a result. "Ow!" I cried as I felt something coarse, mostly definitely rope, binding my hands together.


"Search her drawers," he ordered his comrade. My drawers? What for? Oh please don't take my precious jewellery..."Hey boss, she's a 32B, not bad." Freak, I thought, checking my bra size. "No, silly, the other item." Second later, I was told to open my mouth. "What....mmmmpph!" Something cloth-like was jammed into my mouth and immediately after, something icky was pasted over my lips. "Aw, it's just your knickers darling." "Mmmmmpph!!!" I nearly choked upon hearing that.


They both flipped me up and rope this time was wrapped below my boobs and pinning me arms together. I could only make grunts through the panty gag as I watched them weave an intricate amount of rope over my breasts, pushing them out. "Nice bra we gave her, should we remove her own?"


"No silly, we're not here for fetish work. Do her ankles and give her the usual. Hurry up." I gave more muttered wails through the gag as he bound my ankles then bend my legs and drew a rope connecting my wrists bonds to the ankle bonds.


"Mmmmm..." "Why, never been hogtied before?" He spanked my red panty covered bum. "This should help you," he said, wrapping a length of thread above my panties then yanking a length across my crotch and my anal region. "Mmm!" I cried then started to moan with the strange feeling down there.


"Ok, that should hold her. Let's get ready for our real target." They both left and I heard them shift something against my door. I immediately tried to get up but the hogtie definitely restricted all my movements. I arched my fingers and tried to pick at the knots, but they were too tight. "Mmmm...." I wailed again as the sensation down there rode through out my body. What the hell was this?


Suddenly, I heard muffled cries from outside--they must have captured Cathy!


"Mmm...." I yelled, both from the sensation and the hope someone else might hear. The scuffles outside gradually ceased--what were they doing with Cathy? Was she being held for ransom? I didn't remember her saying her family was rich. I rolled down from my bed--ouch--and tried to rub the my wrist bonds against the bed frame. Still the bonds would not give way. Just as another wave of that sensation came, the second man came in. "Enjoying the please of the crotch rope dear?" he cooed.


"We've got what we came for. Let me help you try to relax more." He moved over to my desk then extracted my ipod. "Oooh, Chinese songs. Well, you might want to hear them since you'll be here for some time." He plugged the ear pieces in my ears and tucked the iPod between my boobs. "Zaijin".


I spent the next hour rolling on the floor and moaning from the tingling of the crotch rope, with Chinese New Year songs blaring in my ear. It must have been the blaring of the songs because I failed to notice the door literally bursting open. A kind British policemen knelt down and ever so slowly, the ropes were cut off, the crotch rope last. "," I gasped. "Don't worry, Miss, we're sending teams to find her."



It would be only the day after that Cathy would be found, trussed up and crotched rope exactly in the same manner as I was. Luckily, Chinese New Year in London was celebrated long after by the Chinese community, so we made up for our lost time. But late one night, I googled the term "crotch rope" and wondered if I could tie one around myself one day?









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