It Happened on a Starry Night







“Well, we thought we were going to have a quiet Christmas – guess we were wrong?”


“’fraid not Boss,” the Desk sergeant said as he stood at the reception, “We had four callouts with different stories for Christmas Eve.”


“Okay – which was the first reported?”


“My, you are a big boy.”


Mavis smiled as she looked at the tall man standing in her living room, as she stood in her office party outfit.  The forty year old was a little tipsy, having enjoyed a few glasses of wine, but the unexpected visitor had been there when she had returned to her home.   She was wearing a crimson coat over a short white dress, the dress having a lace over dress with a white slip underneath, and knee length red leather boots with a black heel.  Her long black hair hung loose, and her nails gleamed with the red nail polish.


“Why thank you,” he said with a smile, “now, what am I going to do with you?”  He was casually dressed, but Mavis could see some of her silver in a black bag.


“Oh I don’t know,” she giggled as she stood against the wall, her hands pressed against it in mock terror, “What are you going to do?”


“Well, why don’t you take your coat off first?  It is nice and warm in here…”


Smiling, she allowed her coat to slip down, revealing her bare arms as she saw him draw some cord from a pocket.  “Oh my – and what are you going to do with that?”


“Turn round and I’ll show you.”  He twirled a finger and smiled, watching as Mavis turned slowly and looked over her shoulder while he crossed her wrists behind her back, and wrapped the cord round them, pulling them firmly together.


“Oh my,” she giggled, “you’re tying me up?”


“That’s the idea,” he said quietly as he took the rope between her arms to tighten the binding, “like it?”


“It’s different – so now what, you put me over your shoulder and carry me to my bedroom?”


“Well, since you asked so nicely…”  Mavis was taken by surprise as he turned her round and lifted her over her shoulder, calling out “hey!” as she kicked her legs up and down.


“Now stop that,” he said quietly as he slapped her bottom, behave yourself.”


“Or what – you’ll keep me quiet?”


“I’m going to anyway,” he said as he walked her up the stairs, Mavis laughing as they went into her bedroom, and she saw her clothes scattered on the floor.  She also saw a bag of ropes, as she was dropped onto her back on the bed, watching as h collected a second length of rope and started to bind her ankles tightly together.


“And what are you going to do to me once I am helpless?  Ravish me?”


“I just need to make sure you stay out of the way and give me a chance to get away,” he said with a smile as he pulled the rope tight between her legs, Mavis giggling again as he tied it off, and then passed a longer length of rope around her legs below her knees.


“Oh – am I not attractive?”


“Yes you are – and you are also slightly drunk, and I do not wish to take advantage of that.”


“Says the man who is stealing my valuables,” Mavis laughed out loud as she felt his fingers stroking her legs as he tied them together.  Twisting them round, she offered no resistance as he rolled her onto her side, and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her wrists as she sighed.


“Now then – open your mouth for me.”


“Why – whtssthsss,” Mavis sighed as he rolled one of her scarves up and pulled it between her lips, tying to round her head as she tasted the silk on her tongue.


“I think you should stay there now,” he said with a smile as he stroked her hair away from her face, and kissed her forehead.”




As he leaned over she lifted her head and kissed him on the lips.  Mhrrechrsmhss,” she mumbled as her eyes slowly closed…



“Her sister found her this morning – some silver and jewels taken, but she was unhurt.”


“Thank heaven for small – oh dear lord, THEY were in the area last night?”


“Apparently – the Wosser girls had them as guests.”




Alex fell to the floor, holding her arm up and laughing as she said “I yield, I yield!”  The blonde was wearing a black and purple floral print minidress with a low cut round neck, purple tights and knee length black stiletto heeled leather boots. 


Zoe smiled as she stood over her twin sister, the plastic sword in her hands.  She was in a black cap sleeved dress, also with purple tights and black boots, and said quietly “Good – so you will cook supper?”


“Well, there may be a slight delay, ladies.”


“What the…”  Alex looked past her sister to see ow identically dressed men standing there, in black from head to foot – literally, with the balaclavas that covered their heads.  The other striking thing was that one stood a good foot taller than the other.  As Zoe turned round, she dropped the sword as she whispered “oh my god…”


“Good evening ladies – I am Mister Tall, and this is my friend Mister Small, and I regret to say we are here to rob you – not of your Christmas gifts, but of other things.”




“Not here to hurt you,” Mister Small said as he helped Alex to stand up, “but we must ensure you are comfortable restrained, and unable to assist us.  As you are twin sisters, I think this needs something – different.  Please, go into your front room.”


The two girls nodded as they walked in, Mister Tall moving a coffee table before he said “please, sit back to back on the floor, and put your arms around your twin behind you.”


As Zoe sat and put her arms behind her, she watched Mister Small open a bag, taking out two lengths of rope and handing one to his partner as she saw Alex’s hands in front of her.  He smiled – a nice smile -  she knelt down and tied her twin sister’s wrists together in front of her stomach, feeling Alex press against her back as she felt the rope around her own wrists, drawing them together as well.


She then watched as he crossed her ankles, the rope pulled tightly round them as he passed it around and between her legs, and smiled as she said “you’re actually quite gentle.”


“Well, I am a Gentleman,” Mister Small said with a smile as he tied the rope off, and then handed one of two more lengths to his partner before he started to bind her legs together below her knees.


“Alex, are you all right?”


“I think so – it’s a strange feeling, being like this, and yet – unafraid?”


“Then we are doing our job correctly,” Mister Tall said behind her as he tied the rope off around Alex’s legs, and then stood up.  “Mister Small, is you will search upstairs, I will finish here.”


“Of course,” the smaller man said as he walked off, Alex and Zoe looking to the side as the other masked intruder tied their arms together where they crossed, and then passed more rope around their waists, pulling them together, before securing their wrists to their twin’s knees.


“Now, with regret, I must ensure you are quiet,” he said as he held a sponge ball in each gloved hand, “open wide.”


“Talk to you later,” Alex giggled as she allowed him to push the ball into her mouth, Zoe doing the same before he tore a wide strip of white tape from a roll, and firmly pressed it over their mouths so that their lips were visible underneath.  The two girls watched as he made his way round the room, twisting round before the smaller of the two men returned.


“We must depart now,” Mister Tall said with a smile, “the Gentlemen Robbers bid you adieu – may we never meet again…”


“A neighbour checked to see why their door was open an hour later.”  The sergeant looked at the reports on the desk, before saying “then there was the owner of Retro Times…”


“Well, that was a nice carol service,” Audrey said as she took her leather jacket off and hung it on the coat rack.  She looked over and smiled at her flatmate as she brushed some raindrops from the skirt of her dress and said “I guess so.” 


“Oh lighten up Carol, it’s Christmas.”  Audrey looked at her friend, the black dress coming to her knees, the natural hose, the black shores with the kitten heels, and her chestnut brown hair shining…




“Oh, sorry – let me get the wine and glasses,” she said as she walked to the kitchen.  Her long sleeved grey jumper had a deep cut neckline, showing some of her chest, while the legs of her legs were tucked into red cowboy boots.  Looking in the refrigerator, she drew out the bottle of Chardonnay, and found two glasses, before she walked into the front room and said “right – this will…”


“Put the glasses and the bottle on the table, and stand with your hands on your head.”


“Audrey, please,” Carol whispered as she stood there, looking at the knife at her throat as the masked man held her round her waist.  Audrey slowly nodded, putting them down as she said “all right – just don’t hurt her.”


“I won’t if you do as I say.  Got any duct tape?”


“In…  In the cupboard.”


“Get it – and no calling anyone.”


Audrey slowly nodded as she looked at Carol, and walked out of the room, returning with two rolls of the silver tape.  The man smiled as he said “good – right, put one down, and then you are going to tape your friend up.”


“What,” Carol said, and then she gasped as the blade was placed against her throat.


“Carol – let me do what he says,” Audrey said quietly, her friend nodding as the man whispered “turn round and face me, hands behind your back.”  As she did so, Audrey tore the end of the roll free, and then pressed it against Carol’s left wrists before she started to wind the tape round both limbs, forcing them together.


“Just stay calm, breath in and out,” she whispered as Carol felt the tape around her arms, “we’re probably both going to end up like this, so let’s go through it together.”


“All right,” the man said as she tore the tape free, “now round her waist, then her arms and chest.  I want to see three nice bands.”


“What are you going to do when I’ve finished,” Audrey said over Carol’s shoulder as she wound the tape round her waist, Carol feeling her hands on her as the tape forced her own wrists against her back, and then seeing her chest forced out as the tape was wound round her below her breasts.  It felt strange – but it also felt strange as Audrey’s hands stroked over her body, especially when she started to wind it round her above her chest and over her upper arms.  It felt – nice…


“How are you doing,” Audrey whispered into her ear as she finished the last band.


“I’ll cope, I think,” Carol whispered as she twisted her upper body round, feeling the tape as it held her arms firm – but also how her dress was now stretched over her breasts…


“Sit down,” the man said as he motioned with his knife, Carol sitting on one side of the seat as Audrey looked at him.  “Tape her ankles and legs.”


“Well, you may as well get comfortable,” Audrey said, smiling weakly as she knelt down and put her friend’s ankles together.  He felt the shudder as she held Carol’s ankles, and looked up to say “are you all right?”


“Yes – you’d better do as he says,” Carol whispered as she taped her ankles together, and then secured her legs, above and below her knees, noticing the smile on Carol’s lips as her hands stroked her legs.


“You’re not ticklish are you?”


Carol blushed and shook her head as the man checked her bindings.  “Good,” he said as he looked at Audrey, “sit next to her, and tape your own legs together.”


“See. We’ll be the same,” Audrey whispered as she sat next to Carol, and removed her boots, revealing her boot socks before she taped her ankles and legs together.  The intruder then took the second roll of tape, and pulled Audrey’s arms behind her back as Carol watched.  It was a sight new to her, as Audrey smiled again at her while her wrists, and then her arms were secured like Audrey’s, her jumper stretching over her chest as this happened.  It was attracting her…”


“Better,” the man said as he finished taping Audrey’s upper arms, and then looked at them both.  Kneeling down, he removed the blonde’s socks, and then said “time to be quiet – open wide.”


“You’re kidding – shruehhlleeyuuhwhldnttt…”  Audrey tried not to retch as one of her socks was pushed into her mouth, and then the tape wound tightly round her head, trapping her hair as her mouth was sealed.  She watched as Carol was gagged in the same way, before they both looked at the man as he walked out.


Carol started to struggle, trying to get free but with little success, as Audrey watched – and then she saw the look in her eye.




Audrey shuffled over looking at Carol as she said “Ulhkkchuttt?”




Audrey nodded as she put her head on Carol’s shoulder and looked up, the other woman wondering what she meant – and then she put her head down, the two pressing their taped lips together and then looking at each other.


A few minutes later, the intruder looked in to see them kissing each other, and slipped out…


“Well, at least they had each other – and a little kinky, you have to admit.”


“Not the kinkiest story of the night though…”


Fiona and Hazel sat next to each other, wondering what was going to happen next as the man looked over them, the gun in his gloved hand.  His two ‘friends’ were searching the rest of the house – and the two women had walked right into it.


Fiona was in her early thirties, with long dark hair, wearing a black leather jacket over a black top, the area above her breasts translucent.  The faded blue jeans were tucked into a pair of over the knee black leather boots.  Hazel was sixty years old, with shorter light brown hair pulled back from her forehead.  Her black blazer covered a black Queen t-shirt, and her faded blue jeans were tucked into knee length black fabric boots with a Nordic pattern on the upper part.


“Right,” the man said as he looked at them, Hazel looking through her glasses, “time to stop you two raising the alarm.  Looking at Fiona, he said “stand up and turn round, hands behind your back.”


“It’s all right dear,” Hazel said as she watched Fiona stand and turn, the man pulling her hands behind her back and using some rope from a bag to secure her wrists together, “I’ll look after you.”


Fiona nodded as she felt the rope forcing her arms together, at her wrists at first, and then at her elbows, pushing her chest up and out.  “Can I…  Can I ask a favour,” she said as she looked at Hazel, sitting in the brown leather armchair.”


“And that is?”


“I want to sit on her lap, so that she can hug me,” she said as she smiled at Hazel, the older woman nodding.  The intruder looked over her shoulder, then started to wrap rope around her arms and chest as he said “Well, it’s an unusual request – I usually only do it for little girls when I need their mothers to keep them calm.  But if you want to sit on your mother’s lap…”


Hazel started to say something, but Fiona shook her head as the ropes rubbed on her, forcing her jacket to the side, before she said “thank you.”


“Don’t thank me yet – sit on the other chair.”  As Fiona sat down, he tied her ankle tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, the rope and leather squeaking as her boots rubbed against each other.


“Thank you,” she said quietly as the man looked at Hazel.  “Right then – put your hands on your head, and your feet on the coffee table.”


“Please, be gentle,” the older woman said as she complied, watching as he wrapped more rope around her ankles, the soft material compressing and even lightening slightly as the cords were pulled tighter around and between her legs.  He tied the ends off, and then secured her legs below her knees as well, Fiona smiling as she watched.


“Okay then,” he said as Hazel lowered her legs, feeling the bands tighten as her feet went on the floor, “jump over here and sit on Mummy’s lap.”


“All right,” Fiona said as she managed to stand up, the ropes rubbing on her as she jumped over and sat gently on Hazel’s lap.  The older woman nodded as she hugged Fiona, the man crossing and binding her wrists tightly together as he said “you must really love your daughter.”


“I do – I’d do anything to protect and care for her,” Hazel said as she looked at Fiona, while her wrists were tied to her own legs, “and I’ll tell her that when I see her.”


The man stopped and looked at the two woman, as Fiona said “I never said this was my mother.”


“And I never said this was my daughter,” Hazel whispered as they looked at each other, and then gently kissed.  The intruder smiled and shook his head, as he said “Well, fair enough – now open your mouths.”


The two women nodded as he pushed a compressed sponge ball into each mouth, and then covered their lips and chins with a wide strip of Micorpore tape, sealing their mouths as they looked at each other, and then Fiona put her head on Hazel’s shoulder, gently nuzzling her neck as the older woman stroked her back…


“Fine – let me guess, her daughter?”


“Oh yes – but she knew anyway.  Still, quite a night – Merry Christmas Sir…”








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