Lady Cholmondley’s House









Lady Isadora Cholmondley looked out over the moors, sipping from the bone china cup and savouring the taste of the warm drink inside.  The lights twinkling from the nearby village brought a smile to her ruby red lips – the Cholmondley family had been the lords and ladies of the manor for centuries, and the local townspeople held them in due respect as a result.


The dark haired beauty was wearing a dark jacket with a fur collar, a grey skirt with a lace petticoat underneath, and black cassock style leather boots, her piercing blue eyes staring out as she heard the knock on her door.




 The door was opened by a red haired Chinese woman, wearing a black maid’s coat dress and black kitten heels.  She closed the door, her head bowed in respect as she said “you rang, my lady.”


“I did Mai Li,” Isadora said quietly, “I believe we are going to have visitors tonight.  When they arrive, show then due respect, and ensure they are given refreshments until I join them.”


“As you wish my lady.  Shall I prepare quarters for them as well?”


“I think that will also be necessary – it is very likely they will be staying a while,” Isadora said as Mai Li bowed and walked out, leaving her mistress alone to her thoughts.





“Are you sure this is the right way, Annie?”


“I think so – since the sat nav broke down I had to ask directions at the last garage,” the red haired driver said.  She was in her early twenties, and wearing a white coat over a blue jumper and trousers, the legs of the trousers tucked into knee length straight tan leather boots.


Binky sat back and shook her head, looking out onto the dark road.  She had straw blonde hair, and wore a yellow cardigan over a short sleeved top which had a black and white zig-zag pattern.  The hem sat over the top of her blue jeans, the legs of those sitting in baggy dark brown leather boots.


“How much longer,” the third person in the car said.  Cee-Cee had long light brown hair, her thick woollen jacket over a black t-shirt and printed cotton miniskirt.  Black tights preserved her modesty, and she also wore a pair of long brown suede boots.


“Look – there’s a house up there,” Binky said as she pointed to the lights on the top of a nearby hill, “let’s see if they can point us in the right direction.”


“All right, all right,” Annie said as she turned into a dark, tree lined driveway, making her way slowly up and then cursing as she heard a loud bang.


“What happened,” Binky said as Annie pulled up outside a set of stone stairs.


“I don’t know – I think we ran over something.” Annie said as the three of them got out, and looked at the front tyre on the driver’s side.


“Oh great – how did we get a flat,” Cee-Cee said as she looked round.


“Let me call Green Flag,” Binky said, and then looked at her mobile phone.


“No signal?”


“Nope – you?”


Annie looked at her phone, and shook her head.  “We’ll need to knock and see if they can help,” she said as she walked up the staircase, the other two following and standing behind her as she pulled on a chain.


They waited, stamping their feet and holding themselves in the sudden chill, before the door opened and a red haired Chinese woman looked at them.


“May I help you?”


“I hope so,” Annie said, “we wanted to ask directions, but on the way up here we must have hit something and we have a burst tyre.  Would it be possible to use your telephone to call assistance?”


“Of course,” she said as she opened the door, “if you will come in, I will call the local garage for you, and in the meantime I can arrange some hot drinks for you – it is a cold evening.”


“Yeah – it just got much colder very quickly,” Binky said as she wrapped her arms round herself.  “Come on Annie – we’ll freeze out here.”


“All right – we accept.”


“Excellent – if you will follow me,” the maid said as she stood to one side, and the three women walked in, the maid closing the door before she said “this way.”


“Who lives here,” Cee-Cee said as she looked at the portraits on the oak panelled walls.


“My mistress, Lady Isadora Cholmondley.  I am Mai Li, the housekeeper.  If you will wait in here?”


She opened the door to a library, an oak fire burning in the grate, as she said “I will call the garage, and then bring you some warm drinks.”


“Nice place, big,” Binky said as she looked round, running her finger over the spines of some of the books.


“Yeah – and she lives here alone with – did she say her mistress?”


“That’s what she said,” Annie said as she warmed her hands by the fire.  “Guess she must be Lord of the Manor round here.”


“These are really old,” Cee-Cee said as she looked at the pictures on the wall.  “The most recent looks like it is Victorian.”


The three girls looked at the door as it opened, and Mai Li reappeared, carrying a tray with three mugs on it, steam rising from each of them.


“I have called the garage,” she said as she set the tray down, “but they may be some time.  Until then, please enjoy our hospitality and the drinks.”




“We don’t have a choice,” Binky said, “We accept your gracious offer.”


“Good,” Mai Li said with a smile, “Lady Cholmondley is out at present, but I will inform her on her return if you are still here.”


She left the room and closed the door as the three girls took a mug each.  “Well,” Binky said, “if nothing else, this is excellent hot chocolate.”


“I have to agree with that,” Annie said as she took a deep drink from the mug and set it down.  She looked over to the fire, the orange and red flames flickering in a pattern that made her feel even more relaxed.  She picked up the mug, and took another drink, before she looked at Binky and Cee-Cee.


“Hey,” she heard herself say in a sleepy voice, “Are you two all right?”


She watched as they both fell asleep, her own eyes growing heavier until her head fell to the side...





Binky slowly tried to open her eyes – she felt strange, her arms and legs stiff, and there was a taste in her mouth like cotton wool, as well as an itch round her mouth.


As she opened her eyes, she found she was lying on a bed, in a very well furnished bedroom – but as she raised her head to look down, she saw that she was naked, and some sort of red rope was holding her legs apart, running from her ankles to the lower posts of the bed.


Looking up, she could see her wrists were pulled apart above her head, and held in place in the same way.


Whdddthstmm,” she heard herself say, as something pulled on the skin round her mouth.  With a start, she realised she had been tape gagged, and that taste of cloth in her mouth was because she had cloth in her mouth.


She was dimly aware of someone else in the room, and as she looked over she saw a raven haired woman walk towards her, wearing a long black dress with wide sleeves.


“Don’t be afraid,” she said as she stroked Binky’s cheek, the sound of her voice making her strangely calm.  Binky was transfixed by her piercing blue eyes, as she felt the soft touch of her fingers on her body, and the touch of the ruby red lips on her body, making her shiver as they moved over her stomach, her chest, her neck.


“Such beauty deserves to last forever,” she heard the other woman say, before she opened her eyes and screamed at the bite, her eyes slowly rolling up to the back of her head as Lady Isadora drank her full....




Whrmme?  Hdddthstmm?  SMBDRRHPMMM!”


Cee-Cee was struggling on what appeared to be a hospital table, her wrists and arms strapped to the side with thick leather belts, her ankles and legs secured in the same way as well.  She had been stripped to her underwear, and a leather panel strapped over her mouth, the bung on the other side sitting in her mouth.


She suddenly felt herself been lifted upon the bed, as she saw Mai Li standing in front of her – but she was very differently attired.  She now wore a black leather mini dress, an open panel showing the top of her chest and the high collar studded to look like a necklace.  She had a pair of black fishnet stockings on, as well as a pair of black PVC over the knee boots with three inch stiletto heels.


“Ah, good, you are awake,” she said as she walked over, and stroked Cee-Cee’s cheek with her hand, “I hoped you would be.”




“Your friends?  Oh they are quite safe,” Mai Li said as she stroked her legs, “my attention is focused solely on you, my dear young lady.”


Wht....  Whtdumnnn?”


“Oh I think you know,” the Asian woman said as she kissed Cee-Cee on the shoulders, and then stroked her hands down her sides.  “If you give me pleasure, I will give you pleasure in return.  If not – well, I still will have pleasure, but you...”


Hmgddd,” the girl said as she tried to wriggle free, while her captor slowly pulled her bra down and started to kiss her nipples.  This was becoming a living nightmare, as she felt the gentle suction on her breasts, and she was unable to stop herself from responding to the kiss as she wriggled round.


“Ah, I see you are responding,” Mai Li said as she made her way up to the side of Cee-Cee’s neck, and kissed that, before she unbuckled the gag and removed it.




“It will be my pleasure,” she said as she kissed Cee-Cee, easing her tongue into the young woman’s mouth as their lips moved against each other.  Nobody had ever done this to her before, and she responded, the feeling stirring in her new and exhilarating.


“Did you like that?”


Cee-Cee nodded as she closed her eyes, and then opened them again to see the red in Mai Li’s eyes, and her canine teeth, elongated as she hissed and bit her neck.  She gasped as she felt exhilaration and pleasure in the pain, Mai Li stroking her crotch as she began to suck the blood from her...



Annie looked round from the chair she was sat in, wondering what was going on.  She had woken to find herself in a red gown, with gold sandals, and securely taped to the chair, her wrists to the sides, and her ankles to the front legs.  A pad of tape covered her mouth.


She could hear the footsteps behind her, and she looked straight ahead, wondering what was happening as Isadora Cholmondley looked at her. 


“Well, now, what have you to say for yourself, my dear young lady?”


Annie mumbled something as Lady Cholmondley reached down and pulled the tape away.


“You were saying?”


Annie licked her lips, and looked up at Isadora, before she said “thank you Mistress.  I trust the gift I brought was acceptable?”


“More than acceptable, my child,” Isadora said as Annie broke the tape and stood up, “Our servant is enjoying her new playmate, and I have already began to turn yours.”


“May I go to be with her?”


“Soon,” Isadora said as she kissed Annie.  “How many years have you served me now?”


“Fifty years Mistress – ever since we met at the concert.  And I have loved every moment.”


“Then go and enjoy your meal,” Isadora said, smiling as Annie seemed to float out of the room.  She had survived so long by being careful – and with two new friends devoted to her and Annie, they would feast for many months to come...











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