The Human League was playing on the speakers when I saw her walk into the bar, and as I looked at her I knew she was something special.  Her blonde hair was pulled back, and she was wearing a tight white top, wrapped round her body and emphasising her ample chest with the deep front.  Her legs were encased in the tightest caramel coloured leather pants, themselves tucked into over the knee high heeled suede boots of the same colour.


She was wearing large black glasses as well, but her look was not that of a secretary, it was that of a woman looking for excitement, adventure.  A woman I felt I could talk to, as she sat at the bar and ordered a drink.


I watched for a few minutes as she sipped her cocktail, and when it had gone down enough I waved the bartender over, and told him to replenish her drink.  He was more than happy to oblige, and as she asked who had bought it he indicated me.  She looked over, smiled, and nodded as I raised my glass.




I was patient, and waited for a while, before she came over and offered to buy me a drink as well.  So I allowed her to buy me one, and we sat, talking to each other as the rest of the bar came and went.  As we talked, I looked into her eyes, and saw her smile as she listened.


So she invited me back to her flat for a drink – how could I refuse?  We walked along, as she pointed out some of the local ‘sights’ and then opened the front door of the house.  It was an old Georgian terrace, and we climbed the stairs to the third floor, entering into a large open plan flat.


She smiled as she closed the door, and offered to take my jacket – which as I gave it to her, she placed on the coat rack, and then walked up to me, looking into my eyes as she gently pressed her lips to mine.  They tasted of strawberries, as I returned the favour, and held her as we continued to kiss.


As our lips parted, I asked if she wanted to go anywhere, and she smiled as she led me to her bedroom.  As we went in, I was surprised to see some lengths of rope coiled on a seat – but then she said I could do whatever she want, so long as she knew I had made love to her.


I pulled her close to me and we kissed again, my tongue gently entering her mouth and playing with hers as we walked towards the bed, my hands caressing her bottom as we did so.  Eventually, she moved and looked at me, as I asked her to lie down and put her hands together in prayer.


She watched as I took one of the ropes, doubled it over, and then began to wrap it round her wrists, hearing her sighs as I wrapped the cords round several times, then separated the ends and passed them between her arms to make it even tighter.  She smiled, and asked if I had done this before – me answering with a nod before I gently pulled her arms over her head, and secured her wrists to the iron headboard.  She giggled and wriggled round – and then we kissed again, our tongues entwining as I straddled her on the bed, and began to use my hands to massage her chest.


I then moved down to gently kiss her neck, as she closed her eyes and sighed again.  Moving down her body, I asked her if she wanted me to continue, and she slowly nodded as I slipped off the bed, returning with two more lengths of rope.  I tied each end round her ankle, and then pulled them apart, securing each ankle to the corner of the bottom of the bed so that her legs were spread open.


She giggled again, complimenting me on my rope work as I moved back up to remove her glasses, folding them neatly and placing them on the bedside table.  Kissing her again, I reached behind her back and unfastened the top, allowing me to open it up and reveal the strapless bra underneath.


Her moaning increased as I kissed her neck and chest, and then I knelt between her legs, looking at her as my hands pressed gently on her breasts, my long finger sinking into the flesh as she arched her back and sighed again – a different sigh this time, a deep one of enjoyment and encouragement.  So I continued with this, smiling as I massaged her chest and felt her nipples becoming harder, more prominent, and more sensitive.


As her moans grew louder, I looked at her and asked if there was anything she wanted to help her enjoyment.  She nodded and whispered to use some panties, and some tape in the bathroom.  Smiling, I went to her drawer set and found a pair of silk panties, folding them into a pad as I walked over and kissed her again.  Parting our lips, she opened her mouth and allowed me to push the panties in, making sure they were behind her teeth as I went to the small room, and returned with a roll of white tape.  She closed her lips, and sighed again as I pressed the tape firmly down over them, the material stretching and forming to the contours of her lips and chin before I kissed them again.


Her moans become even deeper as I pulled the bra gently down, and then started to kiss her breasts, my tongue running over her nipples as I encircled them with my lips and sucked gently.  She screamed in delight and arched her back as I did this, one side at a time, while with my fingers I unfastened her leather trousers and pulled the zip down.


She nodded as I looked at her, and ran my fingers over her firm nipples before easing her pants down – not too far, but enough to allow me to pull her panties down as well, and run one finger up her slit, feeling the dampness as she shivered and groaned.  I stopped for a moment to lick my finger, before I kissed her belly, moving slowly down her body before kissing her mound, and then her clit, the petals of her passage parting like a flower opening in the early morning sun.


She pushed her crotch up as I kissed her again and again, and licked as well, tasting her juices as I used it to enter her and touch her in a way most sensitive and sensual.  I knew this by the way she groaned and raised her head to look at me, and nodded as I kissed and licked her more and more.  I could have used my tongue alone to take her into an orgasm of ecstasy – and I could tell she was getting close – but I wanted to do something else.


I moved back u, using my fingers to continue to tease her to the edge as I kissed her breasts again – and this time she was beginning to shake, and I could tell from her ragged breathing she was getting close, so, so close…


She mumbled something and looked at me, nodding and panting through her nose, so I sucked harder on her nipples as my fingers went deep inside her, and played with her.   She threw her head back and groaned loudly, as I tasted her milk and felt her grip my fingers.  But I kept moving them in and out and kissing her, before she literally screamed into her gag, her eyes closed as the orgasm came over her.


I looked at her, smiling as she shook, and then kissed her neck, sucking hard before I let go for a moment, opened my mouth – and drove my elongated canines deep into her jugular vein, the hot blood flowing into me as I drank.  She opened her eyes wide as she realised what was happening, but it was too late – only at the point of ecstasy for her was it possible for me to drink fully, take what I needed from her to feed my own drive.  Not just the sexual one – and I was close to a climax myself anyway – but the very thing I needed to live. 


I had given her true satisfaction – and now she was giving me satisfaction as well, as she groaned again and then fell onto the bed.  I did not take all her blood – and contrary to what you may have heard, she would not turn into a vampire.  But she would remember this night for a long, long time.


As I withdrew, I sighed as I felt my teeth retract, and looked at her, before I removed the ropes and peeled the tape from her mouth, before taking the panties from her mouth.  She would sleep until the morning, and awake believing it was all a vivid dream.


As I left the bedroom, however, I was surprised to see a black haired Japanese woman standing there, wearing a black leather jacket over a white top and a tight pink knee length skirt.  A large white scarf with a black pattern hung loosely round her neck, and her pencil thin legs were enclosed in a pair of knee length black leather boots.


She looked at me, and asked what I was doing in her flat.  Obviously she was the flatmate of my entertainment for the night, and at any other time I would have said so.  But I was in the mood for a little fun, so I used one of the skills my people are rightly credited with – looking at her, and watching as I quietly whispered that I had just satisfied her flatmate, and now it was her turn.


She looked at me, and blinked.  Then she blinked again, and asked me to repeat what I had said.  Walking forward, I said I was going to satisfy her, and asked her to take her jacket off.  Without realising she was doing it, she slipped her leather jacket off, letting it fall to the floor as she tilted her head to one side.  I walked round her, moving her hair to the side as I gently kissed her neck, and removed her scarf, whispering into the ear that she should take her top off as well.


As I watched, she nodded and put her hands on the bottom of her top, lifting it up and over her head and letting it drop to the floor as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders.


I said she was going to whatever I said, and she nodded as I took her long scarf, and moved her arms behind her back, using the scarf to secure them together at her elbows.  I knotted the ends between her arms, and then took them down her arms, using them to bind her wrists together as well before I walked in front of her, and placed my lips on hers.  She responded, pressing her lips against mine as well as I ran my hands down her arms.


As we parted, she looked at me and smiled as she walked to another door, waiting as I opened it and then walking into a different bedroom.  Looking at me, she closed her eyes and opened her lips a little again, allowing me to use my tongue with hers as we moved together.  Parting again, I pulled the zip down on her skirt and let that fall to the floor, leaving her in her panties, bra and boots.


She walked over to the wardrobe and opened it, motioning for me to look in as I saw the long scarves.  Taking two out, I tied them round her upper body, above and below her chest as her arms were forced against her back, then using two stockings to cinch those bands tighter against her.  She sighed and nodded as the cups of her bra slipped down, and she looked at me.


I took hold of more scarves, and walked her to the bed, sitting her down as I wrapped one of them around her thighs and tied them together.  Her legs below her knees were next, and then her ankles, before I heled her to lie down as she wriggled round, and then I kissed her breasts as she rolled onto her back, pushing down with her feet and arching her whole body as I did so.


It was clear her body was responding to this, so I continued, sucking and feeing her move as I did so.   I stopped for a moment and looked at her, and then pushed a folded scarf into her mouth, the edges sticking out from her lips as she nodded and then pushed her body against mine.


I was sated in terms of my hunger, but this was pure enjoyment, as I moved my body down and pulled her panties down as well, using my tongue and lips to take her to her own personal edge.  Her moans increased as I did so, and I felt my own climax coming as well, her juices so sweet to taste as I licked them and pressed my lips against her.


Her moans depend as she moved against me, and I was groaning as well, as she moved with me, and I used my hand to massage my chest while my lips and tongue worked her clit, her sweet spots, her mound of pleasure and her passage to fulfilment.


And then she closed her eyes, arched her back and screamed as she came, and I came as well, the two of us doing so in unison.  As I lifted my head up, I felt my teeth again, and she saw them, my eyes, and nodded as she said “pllssskssmmm.”


As I did so, her hot blood flowed into me as well, and it tasted so wonderful.  I felt as good as she sighed, and then I looked at her as her eyes glazed over, and she fell asleep.


Laying her on the bed, I decided to leave her bound, given her flatmate would wake up and find her.  Instead, I went to the bedroom as I felt my teeth, and brushed them, making sure they were as clean as could be before I left.


As I walked to the door, I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror.  I had spent a good night, and as I stood and admired myself, I certainly looked younger.  It was definitely true that my knee length dress was a tighter fit, and my high heeled pumps were adding that extra height.  The age lines had also smoothed out, and I looked like a woman of thirty again.


Not bad for a woman of one hundred and eighty, even if I said so myself, as I slipped out and walked quickly away – the sun would be up soon, and while not fatal to us, it was not the best time to be out…







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