Man Eaters








“All right then mum – have we got the ingredients ready yet for the fillings?”


Agnes Dvorak nodded as she checked the items on the table against her list.  “It’s a pity we could not get one particular ingredient,” she said as she looked at her daughter, who was washing her hands by the stove, “but I am sure we can manage somehow.”


Katya nodded as she picked up a towel, dried her hands and turned around.  The twenty five year old was wearing a white apron with a pattern of coloured splodges on it, over a peach coloured long sleeved top, a fawn coloured skirt, and knee length dark leather boots.  By contrast, her fifty year old mother was wearing a brown and white leopard skin top, with a low neckline and fringed cap sleeves, over a pair of black trousers and sandals.  Her apron had the words “piknik maker” in orange with a design of ants and frogs approaching a blanket with food on it.


“All right then,” Agnes said as she looked at the table, “why don’t we...”


“Put your hands in the air, and keep perfectly still.”


Both women turned and looked at the man who had just spoken – one of two who were standing in the doorway of the kitchen.  Both of the young men were wearing denim jackets and jeans, with black leather gloves on their hands.  The one who had spoken as pointing a pistol at Agnes and Katya, while the other carried a large holdall in his hands.


“And who, may I ask, are you?”


“None of your business lady – we told you to put your hands in the air – why haven’t you?”


The two women looked at each other and slowly raised their hands as the other man looked at them.


“Nice – mummy and daughter.  We’re going to have some fun here,” he said with a giggle.


“Fun later, work first,” the armed man said.  “We’re going to rob you, and you both need to do exactly what we tell you to do – then we can all be happy, all right?”


“Do we have a choice,” Katya said as she looked at them.


“Not really no – right then, I want you lovely ladies to hug each other.”


“I beg your pardon?”


He looked at Agnes, and said “Hug each other – we’re going to tie your wrists together, before we make you both really comfortable.”


“I don’t think we have a choice,” Katy said as she put her arms round her mother’s body, Agnes doing the same as the young man put the bag down, opened it and pulled two lengths of cord from the top.


“Well, I think we may have to postpone the baking for some time,” Agnes said as she felt one of the intruders binding her wrists together behind her daughters back, Katya’s arms pressing on her side as she felt an equal pressure in the small of her own back.


“Hey I got an idea – use their apron strings to keep their wrists in place as well.”


“Good thinking bro,” the armed intruder said as Katya felt the apron strings loosen, and then tighten again as Agnes’ wrists were forced against her back.


“Right ladies,” the man said as he slapped Katya’s bottom, making her yelp before she glared at him, “walk into the front room, and we’ll get you both properly secured.”


“And how are we meant to walk in?”


“One step at a time,” the other man said as he slapped Agnes' bottom.


“Come on Mum – we’ll manage this somehow,” Katya said as they started to shuffle to the side, the two men laughing as they made their way slowly into the corridor, and then down into the large front room, Katya taking care not to stand on her mother’s toes.


As they stood in the centre of the room, they watched as a much longer length of rope was pulled out of the bag, the two men then using it to force them together as it was wrapped tightly round their upper bodies and arms.


“What are we going to do about this,” Katya whispered as she looked at her mother, their chests pressed against each other as the ropes were tightened further.


“Patience, Katya,” Agnes said quietly, grunting as the ropes were tightened once more, “we have no choice in what happens at the moment...”


“We need both of you to be quiet,” one of the men said as the two women were forced to kneel down, “so be quiet.”


“All right, there is no need to be so forceful about it,” Katya said as she heard a squeaking sound, before she felt her ankles been forced together as one of the men bound them with cord.


Agnes could feel her ankles been secured as well, before both women felt the men binding their legs, their gloved hands stroking their legs and making them wriggle round as their chests rubbed against each other.


Katya looked at her mother; an unasked question passing between them as Agnes slowly shook her head from side to side and tried to regulate her breathing.


“You’re a couple of real beautiful women, you know that don’t you,” the man said as he looked at them.  “Now, open your mouths.”


“Why should weddhtthmmgdd,” Agnes said as she felt a cloth pushed into her mouth, Katya looking at her with her eyes wide open as she closed her lips over it, and felt something being pressed down on her lips, pulling slightly at her skin and effectively keeping her quiet.  She watched as a folded handkerchief was then pushed into her daughter’s mouth, and then the white tape as it was pressed down over Katya’s lips.


“All right,” the man who had been holding the gun said as he looked at the other intruder, “guard them, make sure they don’t try and escape.  I’m going to search the house.”


The two women looked at him as he left the room, and then at their guard as he watched over both of them.  There was the unasked question between both of them again, this time Agnes nodding as Katya started to close her eyes and moan.


“Hey – is this turning you on or something,” he said as he knelt beside both of them, “because I got say, the sight of you two like that is kinda exciting.”


Dttuddrtshhss,” Agnes mumbled, her lips moving under the tape as she tried to speak.


“Oh and you both sound so cute as well,” he said as he knelt behind Katya, both women opening their eyes wide as they felt his hands coming between their chests, and Katya felt him start to grope her as his fingers rubbed against Agnes.


Whtduffkurdnn,” Katya said, before she closed her eyes and started to moan.


“Oh yeah, I can tell you are really getting ruined on by this,” he said as his fingers kneaded into her firming flesh, Katya unable to stop the feelings that simple action was generating in her. 


“Kiss your mother.”


She opened her eyes and looked at Agnes, who nodded as they pressed their taped mouths together, Katya feeling behind her just how excited the young man was getting as they watched.  He started to grind against her, whispering into her eat what he wanted to do to her as the two women continued to gag kiss, and Katya could feel a strange sensation inside her.


She groaned at the touch of his hands on her now firm breasts, and took her head to the side of her mother’s neck, rubbing her taped lips on there as Agnes looked at the young man, her eyes wide open.  He reached over and kissed her gagged mouth as his hand went down, and slipped under Katya’s apron, under her skirt, as she closed her eyes and threw her own head back.


She could feel him kissing her neck now as he started to stroke over her crotch, the erection he was feeling getting stronger and throbbing more as he played with her.  She started to move as well, slow sinuous movements as her passion increased, and Agnes joined in, her moans increasing as well as she tried to pull her arms away.


“Oh yes baby, you are hot,” the man said as he kissed Katya again, and then pulled her hose and knickers down, using his fingers to trace around her damp clit.  Katya gasped as she felt this, the tape showing her lips make a small O as her mother looked on, and then she ground her legs together as she felt his lips on her neck, one hand on her breast and her mother’s, the other slowly playing with her damp passage.


“When my friend is done,” he whispered into her ear, “we’re going to have some real fun with both of you, but no reason why you can’t get warmed up now.”


Hmsswwtlrdd,” Katya said, her eyes closing as she felt his finger enter her passage, and she gag kissed her mother again as the new sensations grew ever stronger inside her.


Agnes started to moan as well, as her own arousal continued, aided by the feelings of her own daughter kissing her with her gagged lips, and she started to rub her legs together as best she could.


And as for their captor?  He continued to slowly bring Katya to a climax, her body responding to his touch and his kisses as she groaned and moaned more and more.  Suddenly, he touched her in one particular place, and she threw her head back, screaming into her gag as Agnes did the same.


“There you go, you little slut,” the man said as he felt her grip his finger, “I knew you wanted it JESUS CHRIST!”


His sudden exclamation came as Katya gripped his finger inside her, and he felt as if something was cutting through the flesh, through the bone.  He then felt his hand loosen, and he withdrew it to see the bloody and cum soaked stump where his finger had been.


“Oh my god, he then whispered as he saw Katya look at him, her movements more sinuous than before as her hair seemed to flatten around her head, turning a lusty sheen of brown almost like the head of a cobra.  What was more, the ropes were slackening on her as her legs seemed to merge together, the black sheen of the boots replaced by something more akin to snakeskin.


He stared as both women closed their eyes and then opened them again, their eyes now with slits for pupils, as the ropes fell down from their bodies and they turned slowly to look at him, their faces flattened, their bodies now rippling with the dark snakeskin as they moved from side to side and stared into his eyes.


“Oh no, please no,” he whimpered as the creature that had been Katya moved over the floor towards him, smiling as she embraced him in her body, the coils tightening as choking the life out of him.  The last thing he saw was the other creature, the one who had been the mother, slithering out of the door and towards the bedroom...




“Hey, these women got some serious jewellery,” the other intruder said as he searched through Agnes’ jewel boxes, “you’d think they had better security.  Wonder why no men are here?


“Hey – you listening to me?”


As he turned round, he saw the giant snake that appeared in the doorway, his face blanching as it reared its head and the top flattened.  There was no way for him to avoid the sudden movement forward, as it bit his shoulder, the venom working almost instantly as he felt his life ebb away...





“Well – feel better?”


“Much thanks,” Katya said as she came back into the room, towelling off her hair as she looked at her mother.  “Have you cleaned up?”


“Oh yes – our usual supplier will take the skins, and as for the two men – well, we finally got the secret ingredient for our pies in some abundance.”


“Good – and for dinner tonight?”


“Fresh rump steaks – I hope you’re hungry?”


“I’m ssstarving,” Katya said as her tongue spat out, before it slowly returned from the serpentine form to its usual human form. 







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