Repeat Appointments – Valentines







February 14th

8 am


Nadia smiled as she walked along the street, her hair covered by a blue scarf with white dots, and wearing a blue denim blouse over a white t-shirt, a long blue skirt and short black ankle boots.  She had received the message last night, telling her to be at the corner by eight am, and something had told her it was going to be a very different day.


She was lucky – she had no lectures, and she had told her housemates she would be out for the whole day, in case anyone called.  So as she looked round, and stopped at the corner of the road, she wondered what was going to happen.  Nobody was in sight, and the only vehicle around was a grey transit van parked nearby.


“Don’t say a word, lady, and you won’t get hurt – don’t look round, just nod if you understand.”


She felt the pressure on her side as she heard the man beside her, and as she simply nodded she tried to contain the excitement inside.  “Good – walk slowly towards the van, and don’t do anything that could attract attention.”


“Where are you taking me,” Nadia whispered as she stopped by the side of the van, and the mystery man opened the side door.


“Get in and sit down,” he said quietly, as she carefully stepped up and got in, sitting herself down on a cushion that was placed on the floor.  She stopped and looked at the man now – her age, short dark hair, wearing dark glasses – as he grabbed a length of brown rope and tied her wrists together in front of her, before using a second length to fix her arms to her sides, and her wrists to that band.


“What are you going to do to me,” she whispered again as he secured her ankles together, and then picked up a roll of black tape.  “That’s for me to know and you to find out – now close your lips.”


“You promise you will not hurt me?”


“That is the furthest thing from my mind Nadia,” he said with a smile as he leaned forward and pressed his lips gently onto hers, before tearing off several strips of the black tape and pressing them over her mouth and jaw, the young Muslin woman looking at him as he stroked her cheek, and then went to the front of the van.


“Okay, Tom,” she thought to herself as the van moved off, “I hope you have something really special planned for today…”


As the van moved along, she twisted her arms and wrists round, satisfied he had done his usual efficient job of making sure she could not move, and yet was both comfortable and properly attired.  Over the last few months, they had had some real fun together, but when he said he was planning something very special for today, kidnapping her had not even occurred to her.


Of course, it should have done, their games were so much fun…


Eventually, the van stopped and Nadia looked to the door as Tom opened it.  Smiling, he got in and lifted her up, Nadia resting her head on his chest as she saw she was in a forest somewhere, a log cabin in the clearing as he walked towards it.  As he walked in, she saw there was a large central room, with a kitchen to the rear.  Sitting her gently on the couch, he said “welcome to our little home from home for today.  I hope you like it?”


“eeddd,” Nadia said as she looked round and nodded.  Smiling, Tom leaned over and gently peeled the tape away from her mouth, then release her wrists from the chest ropes before handing her a bottle of water.


“Thank you,” she said after she had taken a long drink, “so did you bring the bag as well?”


“I did – when you’re ready, you can go and change into your next outfit, and I can make sure you stay where I want you to stay while I prepare some lunch.”


“So what do you have planned for today?”


“Wait and see,” Tom said with a smile as he started to untie her, “wait and see…”



10.30 am


Nadia came back into the front room, Tom smiling as he saw the outfit she had changed into.  She was wearing a pale peach coloured top, with a long pale blue skirt that had a black embroidered hem and side, and white socks.  She had also changed her scarf, a blue hijab now covering her head and hair, and wrapped round her neck.


“So what are you going to do now,” she said as she watched Tom switch on the television.


“Got a film I thought we could both watch,” he said with a smile, “once I have you secured and able to enjoy the film in silence.”


“Okay – and how are you going to do that?”


“Turn round and put your hands behind your back,” he said as he picked up a long length of pale blue cloth.  She smiled as she felt him put her wrists together, and then the soft sensual pleasure as he wrapped the cloth round her wrists, pulling hem gently together even as they were firmly bound, and then the binding cinched so that she could not move them apart.  As she sat herself back, she watched as he knelt down and used a second length of cloth to bind her ankles tightly together.


“You are a very naughty boy,” Nadia said with a smile as he stood up, and she tucked her legs under herself on the chair, “now what?”


“Well, now we make sure you enjoy as quietly as possible,” Tom said as he folded a clean white cloth.  “Open wide.”


“Just what are we going to be watching,” Nadia said with a smile.


“You’ll find out soon,” he said as he gently pushed the cloth into her mouth, making sure it went behind her teeth.  AS she felt it pushing her tongue down to the floor of her mouth, she closed her lips and smiled as he folded a long white cloth, and pulled it tightly round her head, covering her jaw, mouth and nose as he secured the ends at the base of her neck, and then sat down next to her.


“It’s a comedy, actually,” Tom said as he started the player.




“Relax,” he said as he put his arm round her shoulders, Nadia leaning over as she felt the cloth start to absorb the saliva in her mouth, and rested her head on his shoulder, “I really do think you are going to like this…”


Nadia looked at him as he smiled, then shrugged her shoulders as she settled down to watch the film with him.  As she watched, she had to admit it was funny – even if some of the humour was perhaps a little close to the edge.


As the film finished, Tom looked at her and said” want to watch another film?”




“This,” he said as he held up Young Frankenstein, Nadia nodding as he put that on to play…



1.30 pm


“Where did you get this chicken,” Nadia said as she sat on the couch.  After the film Tom had untied her, removed her gag, and prepared a cold lunch while she had visited somewhere.


“A local deli,” Tom said with a smile, “so how have you enjoyed your day as my captive so far?”


“I’m loving it – but you haven’t forgotten about my one request have you?”


“To be left as if I have kidnapped you for an hour?  I haven’t forgotten,” Tom said with a smile, “once you have finished, go and get changed into the next outfit, and I’ll get things ready.  And you’re happy with what happens after that?”


“I change and you bind me to take me home?”  Nadia nodded and smiled as she got up and went into the bedroom.  When she returned, she was wearing a pale blue jumper with a long grey skirt, the bottom half of which had a blue and white chintz pattern.  She had replaced the blue scarf with a gold scarf tied over her hair, covered by a light purple shawl that covered her head and shoulders.


“All right,” Tom said with a smile as he stood behind a blue wooden chair, “sit down, and let your arms fall by your sides.”  Nadia smiled as she sat down, and felt him fold her arms behind her back.  He then took a length of white rope and began to bind her wrists to her forearms, Nadia smiling as she felt her forearms been drawn together.


“You’ll never get away with this,” she said in a mocking voice as Tom cinched the binding.  She then watched as he walked round and picked up a long length of white rope, then walked behind her and started to use it to bind her upper arms, wrapping the rope around them and then passing it round her body above and below her chest.  As it tightened and she felt her arms being locked in place, Nadia wriggled a little, unsure of how she still felt when the bands of rope were pressing down on her chest.


On the whole, she liked it, but it was still different…


She then sighed as Tom secured the rope behind her back, and then passed the ends over her left shoulder, carefully feeding them through the band of rope below her chest and then pulling it back up and over her other shoulder.  That did feel different – but very nicely different as she wriggled round.


Tom then collected another length of rope and knelt down in front of her, Nadia watching as he bound her ankles together and then pulled them back under the chair seat, taking the ropes and securing them to her arms as well.  Her skirt was pulled under the seat as well, covering her legs as Tom folded a fresh white cloth and put it in front of her mouth.


“Do you have to?”


Nadia already knew the answer to this, as she opened her mouth and allowed him to push the clean cloth in, and then tied a folded pale blue silk oblong tightly round her head, pressing down on her lips as he secured the ends together at the base of his head.


“Close your eyes…”


Nadia nodded as she closed her eyes, and then felt the pressure as Tom used a folded dark green scarf as a blindfold, making sure it cut all of her sight off as he secured the ends with a triple knot as well.  “Now you just sit there and listen to the music,” she heard him say, and then she felt his lips on her forehead before he walked off.


It was a new feeling, unable to see – a step of trust she had wanted to make for some time as she wriggled round on the chair.  But it was a good feeling – she knew she was safe, and she was not going to be hurt.   As she moved round, the ropes also rubbed on her, and with the protection of the hijab and her top it wasn’t too – arousing.  But she could not deny some of the feelings she was having, and she prayed she would be forgiven for it.


Time almost seemed to stand still for her, as she hummed along to the music, wondering how long she would be there for…


4 pm


Nadia shivered as she felt the hands on her shoulders, and the gentle kiss on her cheek.  “I’m going to untie you,” she heard Tom say, “and I want you to put on the next outfit before I secure you to take home.”


As she nodded, she could feel him releasing and untying her ankles, and she stretched her legs out as he removed the blindfold.  As she looked down, she was surprised to see some sweat stains on her top.


“Yeah,” she said as the scarf and cloth were removed, “I need to get changed.”  As soon as her hands were free, she stood up and made her way to the inner room, carefully removing her scarves, skirt and top and then sitting on the bed.


Once she had regained her composure, she picked up the long grey skirt and pulled it up, tightening it with the ties and then sitting down to put on the long black boots, the skirt covering them as she stood up.  She then pulled the blue sweatshirt on, making sure she was covered, and then picked up the purple hijab, using it to again cover her head and shoulders as the scarf hung over the front of the sweatshirt.


Checking herself in the mirror, she smiled as she came back in to see Tom holding a large roll of black tape.  “Ready,” he said with a smile, but Nadia’s response took him by surprise, as she walked over and put her arms round his neck, pulling his head down as she started to kiss him.


“Wow,” he said a few minutes later, “what was that for?”


“For being a real gentleman,” Nadia said, “so what are you going to do?”


“Arms folded behind your back please,” Tom said as he held the roll of tape up, Nadia nodding as she did what her boyfriend had asked.  She heard him behind her, heard the end of the tape as it was torn free from the roll, and then the pressure as it was wound around her forearms, from wrist to wrist, so that it looked as if she had a sheath over her arms.


He then picked up her handbag from where it had been on the floor, and put it over her left shoulder, before he tore the tape free again and wrapped it around her upper arms and body, making two bands again above and below her chest, and at the same time holding the strap of her handbag and the front of her hijab to her body as well.


As she wriggled round, Tom tore the tape free and smoothed it down, and then helped her to sit down, Nadia watching as he wrapped the tape around her skirt to hold her upper legs together, and again below her knees, then finally around her ankles.


“These are new boots you know,” Nadia said as she watched.


“Don’t worry – I checked, and this tape will not damage the leather,” Tom said as he smoothed the tape down, and then stood up.  “So, time to be quit again.  Lips together please.”


“Will you kiss me first?”


Tom nodded as he leaned down and they kissed, their mouths opening slightly as they shared their love.  Nadia blushed as she broke contact, and put her lips together, watching as Tom taped over her mouth to keep her quiet.


“Fnkkkuuu,” she said as he walked out of the room for a few minutes, wriggling round as the tape bands crinkled and moved with her, before he came back in and lifted her up, carrying her out of the cabin and gently sitting her down on the cushion.  He kissed her on the forehead again, and then went out, closing the door as Nadia listened for a few minutes…


She then heard him getting into the front of the van and the vehicle move off, moving herself round as she wondered where they were going now.



7 pm


As Tom opened the side of the van and go tin, Nadia could see it was getting dark outside, but she was looking at her boyfriend as he smiled and said “I have dinner reservations, but I thought you might like to get changed first.  So if you come with me, you can change in the ladies first.”


She nodded as he cut through the bands of tape and removed them, then peeled the tape away from her mouth before handing her a moist tissue to wipe away any residue.  “how do I look,” she said finally as they got out of the van.


“Well, I’m biased, but you look beautiful,” Tom said as he handed her a bag, “I’ll be waiting in the bar area.”




7.30 pm


As Tom looked over, he smiled as he saw Nadia walk in, her dark purple hijab somehow making her even more beautiful as she walked over, the scarf falling over her shoulders and down the back of her crimson long sleeved top.  This was matched with a long flowing skirt in purple and white, as well as her black boots.


“I like this place,” she said as she sat down, and he handed her a lemonade, “what do they serve here?”


“Indonesian food – I think you’ll like what they have to offer, especially for tonight,” Tom said with a smile as a waitress walked off.


“Your table is ready sir – if you will follow me…”


“Shall we,” Tom said as he stood up and held their drinks, Nadia nodding in agreement as they followed her in.




10 pm


“Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight,” Tom said as he pulled up outside Nadia’s house, and looked at her sitting next to him.


“I have,” she said with a smile, “but I have an idea of how you can make it a perfect ending.”


“Oh – and what’s that?”


She leaned over and whispered into his ear, Tom smiling as he said “very well then – I’ll take you in, and then come to collect your bags, agreed?”


“Agreed,” Nadia said as she turned and put her hands behind her back, watching over her shoulder as Tom took a length of white cloth with a yellow pattern, and lightly secured her wrists together.  He then took a second strip, and as Nadia opened her mouth he used it as a simple cleave gag, pulling back the corners of her mouth as he wrapped it around her head and tied the ends together in a little bow.


“Come on then,” he said as he fished her keys from her bag, and opened the door to the van, looking both ways to ensure nobody was watching before he quickly walked her to her front door, unlocked and opened it, and then walked her up to her bedroom.


As she sat on the bed, she watched as he took a third strip of cloth and secure her ankles together, then nodded as he left her alone in the room.  She wriggled round, more for show than anything, before he came back in and placed her bag on the bedroom floor.


“Now are you sure this is what you want,” he said, Nadia nodding slowly as he sat next to her, and started to kiss her neck, his lips making her shiver as she started to kiss his head with her lips, softly moaning in appreciation and understanding as his kisses moved over and around her.  She felt safe and secure in his arms, as he looked at her, and then kissed her throat before helping her to lie down on the bed…









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