She smiled at the kids in their fancy dress as she handed the sweets out, and then refilled the bucket on the front porch before she closed the front door.  Her daughter would be home soon, and she wanted privacy for both of them for the rest of the night.


As she looked at herself in the mirror, she had to admit she looked good.  Her blonde hair was pulled back, and she wore a crisp white blouse with the top few buttons open to show a little of her chest.  Faded blue jeans, with the legs tucked into a pair of thigh high purple leather boots, and a chunky necklace round her neck.


“Perfect,” she said quietly to herself as she looked in the mirror, noticing the shadows as she did so.  It was going to be a very special night…


The sound of something dropping in the kitchen made her turn her head.  “Kitty, if you have knocked over another bottle,” she said to herself as she walked into the large open area – and then stopped as she smelt the leather of the glove covering the hand which clamped over her mouth.


“Looks like Mummy found us.”  It was a young voice, male, but as the light went on she saw an older man standing in front of her, wearing a black balaclava that only allowed his eyes and thin lips to be seen.


“Well, you’re the idiot who knocked the knife onto the floor,” he said as he picked up a carving knife and waved it in front of her face.  “Little one not home yet?”  As she shook her head, he smiled and said “good – be a good girl, and keep your trap shit, understand?”


She slowly nodded, not wanting to show what she was feeling about her situation, as the hand was taken away and she felt whoever had hand gagged her pulling her hands behind her back.  She merely looked at the man in front of her, measuring him up, assessing him as she felt the rope pulling her wrists together, her hands palm to pam as the cords were wrapped around and between them.


Gotta admit, you’re a looker,” the masked man said as she felt more rope been passed around her arms.  The gasp escaped her lips as her elbows were drawn together, forcing her chest out as a button on her blouse popped open.  She could feel them almost touching as whoever was binding her took the rope between her arms as well, and then reached round, squeezing her chest as she bit her lower lip.  She was determined not to show anything – not yet…


“Hey – hands off until we’re ready,” the man said as the hands were taken away – but she then saw the rope that was passed round her and pulled tight under her chest, forcing her arms against her back as it was wrapped round, above and below, framing her chest as the blouse was pulled even tighter…


“If its money you want, I have some,” she finally said, “I can give you it if you just…”


“Hush, lady,” the man said quietly as the ropes were pulled tighter still, and then she felt the bands  been forced together behind her back, before it was taken under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  It was tight, but she could handle it…


“Now can I have some fun?”


She wondered who it was behind her, as the masked man said “sure – go on, let her feel it.”  As she glanced down, she was aware of another rope going round her waist, but because her chest had been forced up and put, she could not see what he was doing, although she could feel the gloved hands knotting the rope at her belly.


Her questions were soon answered, however, as a hand was taken between her legs, and she felt the rope pressing on her a sit was pulled tightly up, and then secured to the rope round her elbows.  As she twisted round, she could feel it rubbing on the denim, and in that moment, she knew what was likely to happen.


“Walk into the front room, bitch,” the man said as he waved the carving knife at her, and she nodded, turning and looking at the man behind her.  He was dressed in the same way – dark jumper, trousers, shoes, the leather gloves, the black balaclava – and he grinned as he took her arm and made her walk, the rope rubbing on her with each step as she struggled not to show what effect that was having on her…


As they walked into the large main room, the younger man walked over and checked the drapes were pulled, while she was forced to sit on a chair, watching as the older man took another length of cord out of a bag that had been dropped on the floor, and knelt down, forcing her ankles together as the rope went around and between her legs.  She studied carefully what he was doing, before he tied the rope off, and then did the same to her legs below her knees.


She could feel his hand stroking the leather as he bound her, and as she glanced down she could see the bulge in his pants.  Clearly, he was going to make her do something…


“Right,” he said as he cinched the leg binding, and looked at her, “what are we going to…”  The sound of a door opening caught his attention, as a strip of tape was pressed over her mouth, and she could only watch as a young female voice said “Mum, I’m home, where are…”


She looked at her daughter as she came in, her long brown hair over the shoulders of her denim jacket, as she looked at her mother and processed what was happening.


“I see the kid is here,” the older man said as his partner took her arm and dragged her into the room, “let’s not have any trouble right?”




She slowly nodded as she looked at her daughter – under the denim jacket was a black striped top, cropped so that her belly was visible, and like her she was wearing denim jeans and thigh high boots – grey leather ones in her case.  All she could do was watch as the younger man took her daughter’s wrists behind her back, and started to bind them tightly together as well.


“Now that you’re here, the party can really get started,” the older man sneered as she watched.  Once her wrists were bound, the younger masked man then took more rope, and as she watched she knew that the elbows were been secured now, the top stretching, her jacket forced to the side.


Nest were the ropes around her arms and upper body, securing her even more as she just looked over at her mother, and at the two men.  “Are they going to rob us,” she said quietly as the younger man tied the ropes off, and then tied another rope round her waist, this time letting the rope drop to the floor before he walked round and knelt in front of her.


She shook her head as he put his hand between her daughter’s legs, but she was powerless to stop him, only able to nod as she heard “oh my god” when he pulled the rope up, pressing on the young woman at her crotch as he tied the rope around the chest binding, between her breasts, making it even tighter there.


“Mum – what is he doing,” she whispered, but she could only shake her head as the daughter was made to sit down, groaning as she watched the young man bind her ankles and her legs, the leather squeaking as her legs rubbed together.


“Right then – time for some fun,” the older man said as he pulled her off the couch, making her kneel as her daughter had tape pressed over her lips, and then was made to kneel facing her.  They looked at each other, trying no tot move as the felt the hands pressing down on their chests, massaging and groping them as lips kissed their necks and shoulders.


“Surely they wouldn’t…” she thought to herself, and then she realised her body was responding to the rough assault on her breasts.  She tried to fight the sensations, and then she saw her daughter’s eyes open wide, nodding as she realised she was feeling the same way.  But it was too soon, they had to hold on…


“You’re going to tell me where all your money and valuables are, aren’t you,” the older man whispered into her ear, and as she slowly nodded a groan escaped from under her taped lips.


Her daughter was also wriggling round, trying to process the sensations running through her, as the younger man said “maybe we should have some fun as well?”


“I was thinking the same thing,” the older man said as the two women were turned side to side, and then the men stood in front of them, smiling as they slowly unzipped their pants, letting the drop, followed by their boxer shorts.


Hghhddnnn,” her daughter said as she looked at her, and then they both looked at the men.  She looked back over, and then nodded to her, to show she should do what they asked, as the men stepped forward, taking hold of their heads and making them press their gagged lips onto their engorged cocks.


As she rubbed her mouth over it, she was aware of the throbbing, and saw a tear run down her daughter’s cheek as she had to do the same to the younger man.


Plssslthmmhtlkthrr,” she mumbled, the older man nodding as he pulled the tape away from her lips.  “Listen,” she said quietly as she looked over, “I know you are scared, but do as they say, and I will as well.  We can discuss this later, all right?”


Her daughter looked back and nodded, as the tape was pulled from her mouth, and their heads taken in the gloved hands again.  She looked up at the older man, and then kissed his cock, down the shaft and then on the tip before she parted her lips, and took it in, then pushed it out with a soft pop.


“You do kid,” the younger man said, her daughter looking over and then doing the same, before they each took the member of the man in front of them into their mouths.  She nodded as she started to work on him, sucking gently as her lips formed a seal, her tongue wrapped round the slightly salty organ and played with it.  It was not the first time she had had to do this, but under these circumstances…


The throbbing was on her tongue from the moment she started, but it intensified as she felt it grow, pressing her tongue down as she kissed and sucked.  Glancing to the side, she could see her daughter was been forced to do the same, and hoped she could cope.


If she could, then their turn would come…


The grip on her head tightened as she heard the older man pant and groan, so she continued to bring him in, sucking harder as she bobbed her head to and fro, the throbbing steadily growing, as she knew the time was coming closer…




“Oh that feels so good…”


It was the younger man saying that, and she was glad her daughter was doing what she had to do.  She knew there was no choice, and this could be so much worse.  As she twisted round the ropes rubbed even more on her – especially between her legs, as she felt the fire start to build there as well…


She could feel the tip touching the back of her throat now, but she kept bringing him further and further on.   It was necessary, if things were to go the way she wanted them to…




She glanced over as her daughter’s eyes opened wide, and she knew what was happening.  She watched as she was forced to swallow – and then her own turn came, the hot stream hitting the back of her throat as she was forced to take all his cum.  It was not pleasant, but she knew what would happen…


“That was good,” the older man said as he finally pulled out, taking a sponge ball from the bag and rubbing it over her face before he pulled back on her hair, making her open her mouth as the ball was pushed in behind her teeth.  She could taste him on her, as she closed her lips over it, and then a fresh strip of white micropore tape was pressed over her lips.


She looked over as her daughter got the same treatment, before they were forced to lie down by the two men.  She watched as they pulled their pants up, and then her ankles were pulled back, then tied to the rope running between her daughter’s legs.  She looked over, and nodded as her daughter’s ankles were pulled back, and tied to the rope that ran between her legs as well.




She looked over and nodded to show she understood, the two men laughing as they left the room and walked up the stairs.  Waiting until they were put of earshot, she looked at her daughter, and said “Hwwryuhfhhln?”






Her daughter looked at her, and then her eyes widened again as she moved her legs, making the rope rub between her daughter’s legs even more.




Dhthshm,” she mumbled, and as he daughter tried to move her ankles she felt the rubbing between her own legs, and the fire there as well.




Jhstkhppghnn,” she mumble as she started to pull her ankles to and fro, hearing the moan escape from her daughter’s gagged mouth, and then the moan from her own as the favour was returned.  They kept going, looking at each other as she nodded, the heat growing stronger and stronger inside her as they did so, and the dampness growing.


There was no stopping as they twisted round, the soft squeak of the leather of their boots adding to the atmosphere as they slowly started to build up the speed, her daughter nodding as they did so, and the fire grew stronger, seeming to spread to every part of them as it did so.  She knew what she was doing, knew what the effect was going to be, and she wanted that.  More, she wanted her daughter to experience it for the first time.  Not out of fear, but out of a maternal duty.  She was eighteen, it was time for her to discover the truth.


When it came, both women screamed out, their bodies shaking as the orgasm washed over both of them, the fire engulfing them as her daughter looked over, and she saw the eyes turning yellow, the fire almost escaping from them as she nodded.  She knew her daughter was seeing the same thing, as she shook and moved, the ropes bursting from her body as she and her daughter slowly stood up.




“Hey – did you hear that?”


“Guess they got what they wanted,” the older man said as he opened the safe door, and started to tip the jewels form their cases and racks into a bag.  Both men were intent on their search, not seeing the light which was growing brighter from the hallway.


It was the younger man who noticed it first, turning and saying “what the fuck…” before his older companion heard his scream.


“What is…”  He looked at the younger man as he was held in the grip of the daughter, her hand on his throat as they both floated a foot from the floor, her body bright yellow as she turned and looked at him.


“My turn now.”


As he turned round, he saw her there, her eyes glowing as yellow as her body as she tilted her head to one side – and then her fist connected with his stomach, a powerful blow which sent him flying against the wall.  He had no time to recover, however, as she walked forward and hit him twice in the kidneys, and then delivered a devastating upper cut, making him hit the ceiling before he slumped on the floor.


“What…  What are you,” the younger man croaked as he looked over.


“We are woman – hear us roar,” she said as she looked at his eyes slowly closing, before he dropped to the floor.  As he did so, the light faded as her daughter came to the ground, and then looked at her mother.


“What…  What happened to us?”


“In simple terms, my dear?  We are true witches, and this is Samhain – our night.  I was going to tell you tonight, explain your heritage now you are of age – but my plans were changed.”


“But what…”


“Again, in simple terms – there is a branch of true magic called Tantric magic, where power is gained from a sexual act – or stopping a sexual act before the climax.  In our case, if the act reaches a climax…”


“We gain power,” he daughter whispered as she looked at the two masked men.  “But when they recover, they will tell others…”


“No – no they won’t,” she said as she quietly pressed her hand to their foreheads, the hand glowing for a moment as she did so.  “Their memories of the last few hours have been wiped.  I will call someone, have them – removed.”


“This…  This has happened to you before, hasn’t it?”


She smiled as she said “a story for another day.  You go, shower, change, I’ll get the garbage collected and then order some food.  I am starving…”







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