Silent Night 2018 – Part 3







December 22nd
With apologies to Paul McCartney


We’re back to back
Here on the floor
Our wrists are tied
And that’s not all

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

The little pups
Don’t know what’s wrong
They see the ropes
And snuggle down

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

My little sister tries to speak
Myhwrstsrthd, teddtmyfhht
Plshhlpmm, hlpm, hm, hm

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

The Christmas lights
They tied round us
Are glowing bright
But we can’t move

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

We sit cross legged, our thighs tied tight
And our wrists tied to them…

Smnnhlp, whchnntmf
thfreefhss, sutthnnhr
pllshhlpp, ghtssfhrrr

Big bro twists round
Behind my back
But it’s no good
And we’re all stuck

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

The silver tape
Over our mouths
The twinkling lights
And we’re all stuck

Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night
Sitting tape gagged for a Silent Night

Oh, Silent Night


December 23rd


There had to be a way to stop them – even though Sammy was fourteen, and Brett thirteen, the fine art of them sleeping in on Christmas morning was still a mystery to them, and they loved to wake up in the small hours – and wake me and my wife Melissa up as well!


So this year I warned them – if they did that, I would do something to make sure they allowed the two of us to sleep later.  They looked at each other and swore they would stay in their rooms this time – but I wasn’t sure, and so I prepared.


And sure enough, at 1.30 in the morning on Christmas Day, I heard them downstairs, so I slipped out of bed as quietly as I could and walked down.  Sammy has short cut blonde hair, and was wearing a pair of light blue pyjamas with a pattern of circles and symbols in the circles.  As for Brett, his pyjamas were a darker blue, with orange trim and coloured pictures of wooden cars.


So I stood in the doorway, until Brett turned and looked at me and said “oh – yeah.  What are you going to do now Pops?”


I smiled, and said “go to the toilet.”  I then looked at Sammy and said “those two wooden folding chairs at the side – set them up, back to back, in front of the tree, and then sit in one.”


She looked at me, wondering what I was going to do, but she put the chairs down and sat in one as I said “do you need to go to the toilet?”


“No Pops – why?”  Her eyes then opened wide as I opened a drawer in the bureau, and tool out a roll of red PVC tape. 


“Because you are going to stay there,” I said with a smile as I ripped the end free from the roll, “put your hands together in front of you.”  She looked at me, and then smiled as I taped her wrists tightly together, and then secured her ankles in the same way as Brett came back in.


“You’re taping us up?”


“I’m wrapping a special Christmas present for your Mom,” I said as I tore the tape free and pressed it down behind Sammy’s legs.  “Sit down in the free chair, and put your hands together.”


As I taped her brother up, Sammy turned her head and said “I told you we would be in trouble.”


“You told me?  This was YOUR idea,” Brett answered as I taped his ankles together, and then stood up, putting the tape down as I said “stay there.”  Going back to the bureau, I opened a door, and took out our spare set of tree lights.  I used those to tie them together, around the chairs and their stomachs, so that they would have a little difficulty in getting out from there.


Especially when I plugged them in and they raised their wrists above the glowing bulbs.


“Just a couple more things,” I said as I popped a red Santa hat with white trim on Brett’s head, and a purple one on Sammy’s, before I picked up the roll of tape again.



“No, Pops, you wouldn’t…”


“Oh yes I would – to stop you two waking your Mom,” I said as I tore strips of the red tape off and pressed them onto Sammy’s mouth, covering the lower half of her face as she grunted “Ghhsswhdsrrffht.”


Ghswhdddhh,” Brett answered after I had taped over his mouth as well, the two of them looking at me as I said “I’ll turn the television on low – see you later in the morning.”





As it was, I was woken at nine by Melissa, with a cup of coffee as she said “Merry Christmas – and I love the gift you gave me.”


“Which one?”


“The silent night – I’ll get them free in a while, but they fell asleep…”


December 24th


“Take the parents upstairs – I’ll take care of the kiddies.”


Stephen, Andrea, Philip and Ellie watched as two of the four masked men took their mother and father by the arms and marched them out of the front room, while the other two looked at them.  They had come into the house twenty minutes earlier, and told them they were been held hostage while their dad did something for them – and now the question was, what were they going to do to them?”


“What are you going to do to us,” Stephen asked angrily.  All four of them were dressed in black – Stephen wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, Andrea a black vest top and leggings, her black socks with white polka dots visible.


“Stop you raising the alarm,” one of the men said, “you guys ever see The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?”


“The what,” Ellie said quietly.  She also had a black vest top on, and denim shorts with black tights over her legs.  Philip was just looking at the, in his black t-shirt and blue jeans.


“Well, this is a robbery, so we’re going to make sure you can’t move and you stay together,” the man said as he took from a bag a roll of lime green PVC tape.  “So let’s get started – all of you, hands out in front of you, wrists together.”


“But I don’t want to be tied up,” Philip said quietly.  “I want my mummy.”


“It’s all right Philip – we need to show we’re not scared of them,” Stephen said quietly as he looked at the others, the girls nodding as they all held their wrists out, and one by one they watched as they were taped tightly together. 


“See – it’s not too bad,” Stephen said as Philip twisted his wrists round, the tape crinkling a sit held firm.


“Now to keep you all quiet – all of you, open your mouths.”  As they did so, a folded piece of cloth was pushed into each of their mouths, the man waiting as they closed their lips over it before he used the green tape to cover their mouths as well.


Uhhlhkkfhnneee,” Ellie said as she looked at Andrea.


Hnduushnddfhnee,” Andrea relied, her lips moving under the tape but little sound getting out.


“Hey – look what I found?”


The four children looked at the second man, who had bene searching the room and was now holding up two sets of tree lights.


“Very festive – you two,” he said as he pointed at Stephen and Andrea, “stand back to back, and don’t move.  Use one of those sets to tie the two of them together.”


Hghrrthhtt,” Stephen mumbled as the green flex was wound tightly round both of them, holding the together at their arms and chests, before the second man took the green tape and secured their ankles together as well.  He then left the room for a few minutes, returning with two small white chairs which he set back to back to the side of the two captives.


“Your turn,” the man said as he looked at Ellie and Philip, “go and sit next to your brother and sister.”


As they sat down, they let their wrists fall between their legs as the second set of tree lights was used to secure them both together, while the second man knelt down and taped their ankles to the front legs of the chairs.


“There we go,” he said as he stood up, “comfy?”


Nhthrrhleee,” Ellie said as she twisted round, the tape crinkling but still holding, as their father came into the room, wearing his guard’s uniform.


“Be brave, all of you,” he said as he was escorted out, all four of them looking at him and nodding as the two masked men sat down.




They all then looked to the door as their mother was brought in, wearing red pyjamas and with bands of green tape around her arms, waist, legs and ankles, as well as strips over her mouth.  She looked at them, and said “hrrhhlrhtt” as she was laid on her side on the couch.  The others nodded, as they wondered how much longer they would be silent that night…


December 25th


“It’s Christmas Eve,” Joan shouted out as she and Jane came in from their party.  The thirteen year old twins were in a festive mood, wearing white jumpers with red trim, grey leggings, green chiffon ballet-style skirts and socks.  Joan’s jumper had a red candy cane with white polka dots and a yellow bow on the front, and her socks were white with green trim, while Jane’s jumper had a red sleigh on it, and she was wearing red socks.


Mind you, the first thing they saw was their father, smiling as he said “we need to take the traditional Christmas Eve photo now – do you two want to get ready before your mother and big sister get back?”


“Will we all be the same again,” Jane asked with a smile.


“You will – so, both of you, sit down cross legged, and put your wrists together for me.”


“Okay dad,” Joan said as they sat down, and he stood up, picking up from a side table a ball of red ribbon, a pair of clean ankle socks, some red tape and a pair of scissors.  He knelt down in front of Joan, her sister watching as he used the ribbon o tie her wrists together, and then her ankles as she sat on the floor, the ribbon running from her arms to her legs as well.




“Very much so,” Joan said with a smile as he secured her twin sister’s ankles and wrists in the same way, and then put the ribbon and scissors down.  Picking up the sport socks, he separated and balled each one up, before he said “open wide now.”


Lhkkthss,” Jane said as her father pushed the sock in, making sure it was behind her teeth as she closed her lips over it, and then made sure Joan was quiet in the same way before he picked up the red tape, and covered their mouths with two strips.


“I see the terrors have started already.”


“Indeed they have – all finished with work?”


“I am,” Doreen said as she looked at her sisters.  The eighteen year old was wearing a black Christmas jumper with red trim, jeans and mid-calf black leather boots.  Smiling, she said “so where do you want me this year?”


“Behind Jean,” her father said as she sat in the same way as the twins, watching as her father secured her wrists and ankles with the red ribbon.  “Is the bird in the oven?”


“It is – and everything is ready to start,” her father said with a smile as he tied the ribbon off, and then picked from the table a red bandana, folding it into a pad before he said “and now, I need you to be quiet, if you do not mind?”


“Speak to you later girls,” Doreen said, the twins nodding as the scarf was pushed into her mouth, and then her lips covered with the red tape as well.  She wriggled round and tried talking, as they all heard the front door open and close.


“I just need to go a place,” they heard their mother say as there was the sound of footsteps on the stairs, first up, then down, before their mother came in.  She was wearing a white long sleeved top, black skinny pants and a pair of red slippers, as she sat beside Joan and behind Doreen, crossing her wrists and saying “do your worst?”


“If you insist,” her husband said as he secured her wrists and ankles with the red ribbon, then collected a red silk square and pushed it gently into her mouth.  Joan watched as he then gently kissed her lips, giggling before he covered her mouth with the red tape as well, and then stood up.


“Right – I am going to cook the meal with been disturbed now, you girls enjoy the town time,” he said as he went to the kitchen, the music quietly playing in the background as they looked at each other, and one song began, all of them singing along.











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