“So do you believe the legends?  About the old house?”


Toni looked up the pathway to the wooden patio and the screen door, the dim light showing through the shutters that covered the front windows.


“I’ll tell you what I do believe,” she said to Christina as they sat in the car, “I believe it is a very rich woman who lives alone there, I believe she has a lot of jewellery and other things, and I believe we are going to relieve her of all of these things.  Got it?”


Christina nodded as she looked again at the house, then looked at the pistol she was holding in her gloved hand.  Her brown leather bomber jacket was zipped up tight to keep out the late October night air, and her legs were encased in a comfortable pair of jeans, the leather boots covering them up to her knees in the same shade as her jacket.


Toni checked the contents of the holdall in her lap, then pulled the cords tight as she adjusted the collar of her denim jacket, the neck of her black sweater visible underneath.  “Ready,” she said as she opened the car door and stepped out, Christina doing the same on the other side before they slammed the doors shut and ran around the side of the building.


It was not the first time they had done something like this - in fact, they were wanted in five local counties for doing this.  They would break in through the back door of a house belonging to an old woman, threaten her, tie her up and gag her, and then ransack the house, before getting clean away.  It was a simple model, and it worked well.  Toni was also wearing a pair of black leggings and knee length fabric boots, which made a soft sound as they knelt by the kitchen door, Toni keeping watch as Christina forced the lock with a penknife.


As they went in and closed the door behind them, they saw that the kitchen was outfitted like an old farmhouse, with a big iron range at one side and bunches of herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling.  There was a large iron pot bubbling softly away on the stove, and they could see lights off the corridor that led from the room.


“Hoods down,” Toni said as they pulled the black ski masks down over their heads, and walked quickly down to the light, pausing for a moment before they threw the door open and burst in.  “Don’t move an inch, lady,” Christina screamed at the woman who looked up at them from the comfort of her armchair.


She was in her mid-fifties, and looked good for her age, her brown hair cut around her head with a tinge of grey at the edges and the roots.  She was wearing a brown suede waistcoat over a mustard coloured jumper, a brown skirt that came down over her knees, and long burgundy leather boots.


“I have no intention of moving at all,” she said calmly as she looked at the two masked girls in front of her, “may I ask why you have entered my house?”


“We want your money, we want your jewels, and we want you to shut the fuck up,” Toni said as she walked over and pushed a wad of cloth into the older woman’s mouth, her protests muffled as she took a length of white cloth from her bag and wrapped it several times around her head, pulling it between her teeth before she tied it off behind her head.  She then pulled the woman’s arms behind her back and started to bind her wrist tightly together with coarse rope, keeping them palm to palm as she passed the rope around and between her arms.


“All we need you to do,” Christina said as she knelt in front of her and began to tie her booted ankles together, “is to keep quiet, keep still and not get in our way.  Do you think you can do that, old timer?”


Ldtmr,” the woman said, an eyebrow raised as Toni pushed her forward and began to bind her  arms to her side, the rope stretching above and below her chest as the rope tightened and stretched her vest and jumper over her breasts.  hwlddufnkmm?”


“Doesn’t matter,” Christina replied as she wrapped more rope around the woman’s legs, drawing her skirt in and pulling it up as she tied them together, “You just stay sitting there and don’t try anything.”  The old woman nodded as she was pushed back into the chair, watching the two young girls as they ransacked the room.


“Let’s look upstairs,” Toni said, but before they went they forced their captive to lie face down on the long couch, and pulled her ankles back, tying them to her chest ropes.  “Don’t move,” Christina said as they left the room, not noticing the grin that grew on her face as they ran up the stairs.


The first few rooms proved profitable, as the two girls found various sets of jewellery stashed in hiding places, but it was the locked door that they came to that caught their attention the most.  “I wonder what she keeps in here,” Toni said as Christina started to work on the lock with her knife, smiling a few minutes later as they heard the door lock click.


The door opened into a dark bedroom, but as they walked in they could clearly hear muffled sounds coming from one corner of the room.  “Find the light switch,” Christina said, and Toni started to fumble along the walls, finally saying “got it” as the room was illuminated by a single bare light bulb.


There was a bed in the corner of the room, and lying on the bed was a young dark skinned girl, looking at them with wide eyes over the leather pad that covered her mouth.  She was wearing a red vest top, cropped to show her midriff, and a red snakeskin skirt that barely covered her crotch.  Her arms and leg were spread apart, and she was held to the bed with iron chains that ran from the cuffs on her wrists and ankles to the top and bottom of the bed.


“HLPMMMM” she called out as she tried to pull on the chains.  “What the fuck have we walked into,” Toni said as Christina looked at the cuffs, and started to work on them with a nail file.


“Get that thing off her face first,” Toni said, so Christina lifted the girl’s head, holding her slicked back dark hair out of the way as she fiddled with the straps, and eventually eased a rubber bung out of her mouth as she started to cough.


“Than... Thank you,” she said in a southern accent, “She’s had me tied up here for three days now.  How did you find out about me?”


“We didn’t,” Toni said as Christina returned to fiddling with the wrist cuffs, eventually freeing her and allowing her to sit up.  “What’s your name?”


“They...  They call me Spatch,” she said as she rubbed her wrists and looked at both of them.  “I don’t know how to thank you.”


don’t,” Toni said as Christina freed Spatch’s ankles, “Just get the hell out of here and don’t tell anyone who freed you.”


“What have you done to her?”


“She’s tied up and gagged downstairs,” Christina said quietly, “and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut up about it as well.”


Spatch nodded and said “Good - so you’re robbing her?  Have you found her safe yet?”


Christina and Toni looked at each other, before Toni said “Her safe?”


“Yeah - she has a big old iron safe in the basement.  I think she keeps her money and papers in it.  I bet you’d find something you liked in there.”


“We’ve got enough,” Christina said as she looked at her partner, “Let’s just get her out of here and go ourselves.”


“No - I want a look at this safe,” Toni said with a smile, “You get her out of here, and then join me down there.”  She turned and ran to the door, Christina watching as Spatch stood up.


“What do you think she will find down there,” Christina said without turning round.  She heard Spatch say “Her destiny” before a hand was clamped firmly over her mouth, and she felt something wrap around her waist, constricting her, making it difficult for her to breath as she slipped into unconsciousness...




From her position on the couch, the older woman saw Toni make her way down the stairs and towards the cellar.  The smile on her lips grew larger as she relaxed, confident in what was about to happen.




Turning on the light, Toni slowly walked down the wooden staircase.  There it was, standing in the corner of the large room, a large iron safe with an old fashioned dial on the front.  She walked over to it, and saw to her delight that the dial was a ruse - there was a numeric keypad and a green panel to the side, indicating it used an electronic lock.


“Thing is,” Toni said to herself, “What is the code?  I’ll need to go and ask her.”




She turned to see Spatch standing at the foot of the stairs, smiling at her with her hands clasped in front.


“How do you know?  And where’s my partner?”


“She’s taking care of my captor - the ropes apparently worked loose.  Trust me - try it and see.”


“I thought we told you to get out of here.”


“You did - but there is something I need in there  before I can fully escape.”


Toni looked at Spatch, her red snakeskin skirt covering her legs to her knees.  “All right, let’s see if you’re telling the truth,” she said as she turned to the safe, and punched in the code.  To her great surprise, the lock clicked and the door swung silently open.


“Thanks,” she said as she turned to look at Spatch, who smiled as she watched.  For a moment, Toni could have sworn she saw the red skirt move, but she shrugged her shoulders as she turned back and took several bundles of bank notes from the contents of the safe.


“You were right about the money,” she said without turning her back, “What was it you wanted from in here.”


“The picture at the back in the frame,” Spatch said, a slight lisp in her voice as Toni reached in and pulled out the frame.  It showed two girls, in blue gingham dresses as they hugged each other.  One was like a younger image of the woman they had bound and gagged earlier, while the other...


“Is this your mother or grandmother,” Toni said as she turned round, looking at Spatch.


“No,” Spatch said with a smile as she raised her body up, “It is a picture of me and my mistress’s mother.  Do I not look beautiful in it?”


Toni could not speak, she was so taken back by Spatch.  Her red snakeskin skirt had grown to floor level - beyond in fact, covering her legs as Spatch swayed from side to side, the waist part now making a v to emphasise her belly.  Her eyes had changed as well, becoming more almond shaped as a tongue flicked in and out from her red lips.


“What the hell are you,” Toni said quietly as Spatch moved silently forward, smiling as the lower half of her body moved sinuously around Toni and hugged her close.


“Me?  I am the pet of my mistress, and you have hurt her,” Spatch said quietly as she tightened her body round Toni, making her gasp as she slowly slipped into a deep sleep, “and you will have to pay for that.”


She watched as Toni slumped to one side, then scooped her up in her arms as she slowly slid along the ground and made her way up the stairs.  The older woman watched as Toni was laid on a seat, and then Spatch moved over, removing the gag from her mouth.


“Are you all right, mistress,” she said as she broke the ropes with her bare hands.


“I am now, Spatch,” the woman said quietly, “Thank you.  Where is the other one?”


“I have left her in my chamber - they thought you were my captor.  I hope I have not displeased you.”


“No, you have done well - and you shall be rewarded,” the woman said as she stood up.  “Come - help me to prepare both of them...”



Christina slowly opened her eyes, and said “Whtppnd,” before she realised something was preventing her from talking.  Her whole body ached, and her arms felt as if they were being pulled from their sockets.


As she slowly looked round, she realised why.  She was in some sort of cellar, and her arms were raised above her, manacled together and held with chains to a hook high up in the wall.  She could see her jacket and top had been removed, but as she looked down she realised she was in her bra and panties, her waist held to the wall by an iron band that was fastened round it, while her legs were spread wide and secured to a thick piece of wood by leather cuffs.


Looking to her side, she saw Toni was in the same position, and that a red ball was held in her mouth by some sort of harness that was fitted round her head.  From the ache in her jaw, Christina figured something similar was in her mouth as well, as a line of drool fell on the floor.


“Ah good - you’re awake.”


Christina turned her head to see the older woman standing there, but she was now wearing a black leather catsuit, with leather boots that came up to her thighs.  Beside her was Spatch, and Christina screamed into her back as she saw the lower part of her body, the red snakeskin glistening as she moved her tail.



krsseee,” she heard Toni say, and she turned her head to see her partner looking at her, eyes wide in fear.


“I do hope you now realise the gravity of your mistake,” the woman said as she walked to the safe, opening it and taking out a black leather bag.  “But before we decide what we are going to do with you, Spatch and I think that we deserve a little fun.  Don’t we Spatch?”


“Yes Mistress,” Spatch said as she slid over and stood in front of Christina, “You were very kind to me earlier, releasing me so that I could complete my cycle.  Such a beauty you did not see the discarded skin in the corner.  But now,” she said as she stroked her dark hand down Christina’s cheek, “I can show you just how grateful I am.”


Christina squirmed as Spatch’s tail stroked up and down the inside of her thigh, and then felt the touch of her lips on her bare neck.  “And I am very grateful,” she said into her ear as Christina closed her eyes, her muffled screams lost in the night...







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