Twinkle Belles






“And the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day...”


Imogen looked at her three friends and smiled – this was going to be a very special night, as they were headed to a works party where she knew the man of her dreams would be waiting for her.  She just knew it.


She had even bought a new dress for the occasion – black velvet, the skirt coming half way down her thighs, round neck and long sleeves, complimented by sheer black hose and a pair of three inch heel pumps.  Her blonde hair flowed down her back as she poured herself another drink.


Her sister Jocasta was also wearing a black dress, although in her case it was a black pinafore dress with a leather belt round her waist, and underneath a long sleeved black top with a red floral print on it.  The chain round her neck had a silver heart locket and ring hanging from it.


Avena had long dark hair, like Jocasta, but was wearing a dark pink smock dress with dark tights and heels.  Sayle, her other friend, was wearing a white blouse with a long thin scarf tied loosely round her neck.  The scarf was black with a red floral print, and made of chiffon, while her short black skirt was linen.  Like the others, she was wearing dark tights and heels


“All right you three,” Imogen said as both Avena and Sayle took another drink from their glasses, “we need to get going in a few minutes.”


“Well, I need to head upstairs first,” Jocasta said as she got slowly to her feet, and headed to the stairs.  Reaching the top, she headed to the bathroom, while she could hear the music playing downstairs.


As she came out of the toilet, Jocasta was about to head down the stairs when she heard a noise in her bedroom. 


“Imogen – you in there,” she said as she walked over, and slowly pushed the door open, looking into the room and the darkness or see what had caused the noise.  Then she heard it again, and as she stepped inside she said “Imogen?”




Before she could do anything, Jocasta felt a large gloved hand as it was clamped over her mouth, and she tried to break free from the grip – only to yelp in pain as her wrists were held together behind her back.


“You ready?”


Jocasta was ready to scream, but she saw the blurred shape in front of her, and before she had the chance when the hand was removed a cloth was pushed into her mouth – a cloth she realised was a pair of her own knickers, before she heard a harsh rasping sound and her wrists were forced together behind her back.


“Whtsgnnnn,” she tried to say before something was pressed down over her mouth, pulling on her skin as it kept her lips closed together.  They had intruders, but why?  And what were they after?


She was pushed down onto her bed, and she felt another plastic strip holding her ankles together, the rasping sound short and sharp, before her ankles were pulled back and secured to her wrists with another plastic tie. 


“What we going to do with her now,” she heard a second person say.


“We need to take care of the others – keep her here for now, and then we can make her more suitable for the occasion.”


“Whtsgnnnnnmmmmmmm,” Jocasta said as a sweet smelling cloth was pressed over her nose, and she suddenly felt very tired, very sleepy, her eyelids slowly closing...




“Where’s that sister of mine got to,” Imogen said as she stood at the foot of the stairs.


“Probably passed out on her bed – she’s had quite a bit already,” Avena said as she raised her jamjar.


“Well, I’m going down the road first,” Imogen said as she looked at them, “can you two stay sober until I get back?”


“Of course we can,” Sayle said as she sat on the couch, “what could possibly go wrong?”


“Don’t say that,” Imogen laughed as she went out of the door.  The two friends poured themselves another drink – and then stared at the two masked men who suddenly appeared in the doorway.


“Hello ladies,” one of them said as he pointed a gun at them, his leather gloved hand holding it firmly, “just do as we say, and you’ll have a real fun time.”


“Where’s Jocasta?”


“Sleeping,” the other man said, “and unless you two want to be the same do what we say.  You,” he said as he looked at Sayle, “take that scarf off and make a pad with it.”




“Just do it,” he said quietly, Sayle nodding as she removed her long scarf and folded it as she had been ordered.


“Now, your friend is going to open her mouth, and you’re going to push that into it, understand?”


“No, please...”


“Quiet, little one,” the first man said, “do it.”


“I’m sorry,” Sayle whispered as she pushed her scarf into Avena’s mouth, her friend trying not to choke on it as the soft silk went in.


“Now,” the man said as he handed Avena a pair of panties, “these go into your friend’s mouth.”


“It’s all right, Avena, just do it,” Sayle said as her friend folded the panties into a wad and pushed them into Sayle’s mouth.  She tasted the silk on her tongue, and something else – as she realised they were dirty.


“Now then, let’s get you both wrapped up shall we?  Hands behind your backs, girlies.”


The two friends looked at each other as the second man took lengths of what looked like rope from the bag – and then they both realised it wasn’t rope, but tinsel.  Avena winced as it was tied tightly round her wrists, holding them firmly together as the material tickled on her skin.


Sayle was more worried, but not about the way her wrists were held firmly together.  Her real concern was that Avena may discover her secret, and as she felt the fronds with her fingers and tried not to sigh.


“Sit down, back to back, both of you.”


The two girls managed to sit on the floor, feeling each other’s hands as the man then used more tinsel to bind their waists to each other.  He then crossed Avena’s ankles and used the tinsel to secure them, smiling as she struggled.


When he moved round to Sayle, he looked at her as he crossed her ankles, and then said “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”


Sayle looked at him, and slowly nodded, seeing his smile as he nodded in reply, and bound her ankles even more tightly together, as well as he legs below her knees, making her sigh as he did so.


“Okay – keep them even more quiet.”


Sayle’s eyes widened as she looked at the roll of red tape, and then she felt the back of Avena’s head against hers as the man wrapped the tape round both of them, covering their mouths as they sat there.


“Maybe we can bring the kid down now...”


“What the hell’s going on here?”


“Ah, the guest of honour,” the man said as he took Imogen by the arm, “kneel on the floor, hands on your head.”


“Who are you?  Why have you done this to them?  And where’s my sister?”


“All in good time,” the second man said as he looked at Imogen, “open your mouth.”


“No I will nommmgddd,” Imogen said as the man pushed a folded pair of dirty panties into her mouth, and then wrapped the red tape round her head to keep them in place.  Her eyes widened even more when she saw what the first man was unravelling, before he pulled her arms down and her wrists behind her back, using the red tape to secure them tightly together.


“just sit still,” the man said as the green electrical wire was passed round her arms and chest, the lights hanging from them as her arms were pulled into her sides, and the wire taken above and below her chest.  He tied the bands behind her, and then made her stretch out her legs, a second strand of fairy lights used to secure her legs together below her legs and then her ankles.


Her two friends could only watch as he tied them off, and then said “sit still – or we plug them in.”


Imogen nodded slowly as the men looked round, and then made their way out of the room.  The acrid taste on her tongue was slowly easing, but as she looked at Avena and Sayle in their tinsel bonds she wondered what else was going to happen.




All three looked to the door as they carried Jocasta in, depositing her on the couch as she wriggled round, the red tape on her mouth as well.  She looked at the other three, and mumbled “hshhtt” as the men emptied their purses into their bags, and then left – but not before one of them made a phone call.


“Hey – those presents you wanted wrapped up?


“All ready for collection – you’d better hurry.”


As they walked out, the girls started struggling, wondering what he meant – and then they looked in the doorway...









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