Wrapping Things Up






 “How much longer are you going to be upstairs?”


“Give me ten minutes – I’ve one more room to look through.”


Pete looked at his watch and let out a sigh of exasperation.  In his mind, Dave and he had already spent too long in this house, looking to see what they could steal and get away quickly with.  He never liked staying for more than an hour if he could help it, but whoever lived here had a lot of things worth taking.


From the looks of the photos in the main room, this was a house share, with pictures of four young women around the room.  As a result, they all had jewellery to look at, drawers to search – all of which took time he felt they did not have.  He looked at his watch again, before calling up “Get a move on – we don’t know how much longer we have got!”


“Relax, will you,” Dave said as he looked over the upstairs balcony.  “It’s two o’clock on the last but one day before Christmas – they are all going to be out doing their last minute shopping.  We have plenty of time.”


“I hope so,” Pete mumbled as he went back into the main room and started to fasten up the small rucksack he had put the money he had found in.  As he looked into the centre, he found himself thanking his lucky stars again he had not needed to use what was sitting in there.


The sound of footsteps on the stairs told him his partner was coming back down, and he grabbed the bag, throwing it over his shoulder as Dave looked into the room.


“Shall we?” he said, but as the two men walked into the corridor they got the fright of their lives, as the front door opened and a women in her early thirties walked in.  She turned and closed the door, mumbling something about “bloody buses,” before turning round.


Her surprise was just as great – seeing two complete strangers in her house, carrying bags and looking at her as if she was the last person they wanted to see.  “What the hell...” she said quietly before Pete ran forward and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her towards the door to the front room.


“Get in there and close the curtains,” he said to Dave, “and then put one of the chairs from the dining table in the centre of the room.”  As his partner ran off, Pete put his hand over the woman’s mouth, saying “Not a word out of you, if you know what’s good for you.”  The woman looked up at him and nodded as he frog marched her into the room.


Dave had put a simple wooden chair on a rug in the centre of the room, with a high back consisting of a number of vertical slacks.  “Take this,” Pete said as he let go of the woman and tossed his rucksack to his partner, “and get the roll out of the bag.  You – just do exactly as we tell you, all right?”


“Mmmm” the woman said as Pete walked her over to the chair.  “Sit down and shut up,” he said as he let go of her and watched as she sat down.  She was small – maybe five foot four if that – with short black hair that was starting to grey at the temples.  Her light purple hooded top covered a grey round neck t-shirt, which matched her leggings.  Her lower legs were encased in a pair of dark purple suede boots with two inch heels.


“Who are you,” she said as she watched Dave take a large roll of silver duct tape out of the bag.  “None of your business,” Pete said quietly, “just put your arms down the side of the chair and don’t move.”  She did as she was asked, watching as Dave tore the end of the roll loose and started to tape her wrist to the back support.


“We just need to stop you from raising the alarm for a while,” Pete said as she felt her arm been taped tightly to the wood.  “Bad luck for all of us, I suppose.”  He caught the roll of tape as it was tossed over to him, and started to tape her other wrist to the chair.


“Please, I won’t say anything, just don’t do this to me,” she said as she watched the silver covering her purple jacket sleeve.  Pete didn’t reply, but instead pulled her leg against the chair and started to tap her angle to the front.


“That’ll ruin these boots,” she pleaded as the tape clung to the soft leather and wood, securing her leg in place.  “You can claim it back on the insurance,” Pete said as he looked up, “just like everything else we’ve taken.”  He tossed the roll back to Dave, who started to tape her other ankle against the opposite wooden leg.


“Look, just go – I’m not going anywhere,” she said as she looked at the two men standing in front of her.  Her anxiety only increased as she watched Pete tear a strip of tape off the roll and hold it in both his hands.


“Time to...” he started to say, when the sound of the front door opening came into the room.  “Shit,” Dave said as Pete roughly stuck the tape over his captive’s lips, making her squeal as the two men quickly walked to stand either side of the door.


“Lorna, are you in the front room,” they heard another female voice say as the door closed and footsteps echoed off the floor.  A few moments later, a tall, brown haired woman walked in, wearing a tan leather bomber jacket, over the knee wader leather boots of the same colour, and tan leather gloves.


“I finished work early to collect the last of my presents, and I...” she said as she removed her gloves, but her voice trailed off as she saw her housemate sitting in the chair, taped in place and her eyes wide as she called out “gtotfhrndclpls.”


“Lorna?  What the fuck happened to you?” the new arrival said as she walked closer, watching Lorna as she tried to free herself and called out again “frfks, dna, GTTTTT!”



Her warning fell on deaf ears, however, as Pete walked forward and pushed the woman face down on the long couch, twisting her arm behind her back as he said “Just shut the hell up.  What’s your name?”


“Who the fuck are you?”


“I’m the man twisting your arm behind your back,” Pete said as he lulled her arm further up, making her cry out in pain.  “I’ll ask again, what’s your name?”


“DIANA,” she screamed out, “Stop hurting me!”


“Then do as you’re told,” Pete said as he sat himself on her back, ignoring the heels of her boots as she kicked him in the back.  “Dave, toss me another roll from the back, and then finish securing our first guest to the chair.”


“NPLSSSSS”, Paula screamed out as Dave opened the rucksack, threw a silver roll over to Pete and then tore free the tape from the first roll, sticking it to the sleeve of her jacket above the elbow and winding it around her upper body and the back of the chair.


“Now, unless you want me to shut your flaming mouth now,” Pete said as he showed Diana the roll of silver tape, “do exactly what I tell you.  Otherwise, I will strip you naked and wrap you from head to toe in this, all right?”


“What happened to getting out of here,” Dave said as he smoothed the tape down behind the back of the chair, before kneeling down and starting to tape her legs to the seat of the chair.


“That was before they walked in,” Pete said as he stood up and looked at Diana.  “Now we need to make sure we can get away.  You – take that jacket off and don’t get off that couch to do it.”


Slowly, without looking up, Diana unzipped her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders, revealing a short brown petticoat dress with a wide tan leather belt around her waist.  Pete pulled it down her arms and threw it on the floor, before saying “Hands behind your back and stay still.”


“Are you all right, love,” she said as she looked over at Laura as the last length of tape was smoothed down.  Dave tore two more strips of tape off, smoothing them over his captive’s lips and further muffling her sounds, so she simply looked at Diana as the tape was wound around her crossed wrists, holding them tightly together.


“Need some help,” he said as he walked over to join Pete.  “Yeah – get those ankles of her secured, and make sure you cross them.  That way she won’t be able to even try and walk when we finish here.”


“You’ll ruin the leather,” Diana screamed as she felt her ankles been crossed and heard the squeak as her ankles rubbed together.  “What did I say to you when you raised that point,” Pete said as he looked over at Laura, who rolled her eyes as she said “clmnsrns”


“Shit,” was her only response as she felt her ankles been tightly bound together, as the tape pulled at the bare skin of her wrists.  She swore even more when Pete stuck the tape to her elbow and started to wind it around her upper body, lifting her stomach up as he passed the role underneath.  As this was happening, Dave pulled her legs up and started to tape her legs together just below her knees, the leather squeaking as her legs rubbed together.


“Msrrdn,” Laura moaned as she watched her friend been turned over, and her legs been taped together above the cuffs of her boots, sticking to the grey tights she was wearing as she glared at Pete.


“Do you get off on taping women up,” she snarled as she watched Pete tear a long strip of silver tape off the roll.  “Actually,” he said as he leaned over her, “I do.”  He pressed the tape firmly over her lips, following with strip after strip until her lower face looked like a silver band.  “Bstrd,” Diana mumbled as her legs were dropped down on the couch and the two intruders gathered up their bags.


“Right then,” Pete said as he hoisted his bag onto his shoulder, “let’s get out of here.”  He walked over and opened the door, only to say “oh” as he saw a blonde haired girl standing in the doorway, her head looking down into her bag.


“What’s up, Diana, your boyfriend planning something else again,” she said as she looked up, only to see Pete standing there blocking the doorway.  “Oh shit,” she said as she turned to run, only for Pete to grab her arm and pull her back into the room.


“Not another bloody housemate,” Dave said as the two women screamed into their gags.  “How many more are going to be coming home anyway?”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” the girl said as she looked at the two men.  She was wearing a white blouse and a short black linen skirt, fishnet stockings and a pair of black patent leather heels.  Pete looked her up and down before saying “Busy time at the restaurant, Karen?”


“How the hell do you know my name is Karen,” she said as she looked at him, before looking down at the breast pocket of her blouse and seeing the name tag attached to it.  “Oh,” she said quietly, “that would do it.  I guess you are robbing us?”


“No, we thought we would make a few tapes,” Pete said.  “Of course we’re bloody robbing you, but it seems we just can’t get out of this place without running into another one of you.”


“So, I guess I’m going to be taped up as well?”


“Nshtshrlk,” Diana mumbled through her gag as the two men forced Karen to kneel on the floor.  Laura was looking down on her lap, a tear slowly trickling down her cheek.


“I’m not going to fight you,” Karen said quietly as she felt her arms been held behind her back, “just get on with it.”


Pete and Dave looked at each other, before she heard the ripping sound and felt the adhesive sticking to her wrists as they were taped together side by side.  She winced as the tape was torn off and smoothed into place, and then gasped as she shoulders were pulled back, mainly because Pete had started to tape her elbows together behind her back.


“What the hell are you doing,” she said as she heard the squeak of Diana’s boots while she wriggled on the couch.  “Moving fast and making you secure,” Pete said as he started to take the roll of tape around her upper body, trapping her arms against her back as it went under her breasts.


As this was happening, Dave was taping her ankles together, again side by side, making sure in her case that the tape went over her feet as well as her legs.  “Look,” Karen said as she was lowered to the floor, and a pillow from the couch placed under her head, “Just leave me like this and go.  I promise I won’t raise the alarm for half an hour.”


“Can’t take that chance,” Pete said as he rolled the girl over and brushed her hair away from her face.  She heard the ripping sound again and felt her legs been drawn together as the pressure grew just below her knees, telling her they were been secured together there as well.


On the couch, Diana had rolled over onto her side, the skirt of her dress riding up to reveal her crotch slightly.  She watched as Karen’s legs were taped together, twisting her own round again to see if she could get loose, but to no avail – all she got was more squeaking as her boots rubbed against each other.


Karen looked into Pete’s eyes as he tore a strip of tape off.  “You get off on this, you little pervert, don’t you?” she said as she saw the gleam in his eyes.


“I guess I do,” he said as he leaned over and kissed her lips, before covering them in several strips of silver.  “Ftsmsh,” Karen mumbled as she was turned over onto her stomach, while Pete said “I want to try something special for you.”


“SHT,” she screamed as her legs were pulled back, and she felt yet more tape been stuck to her ankles.  To her great surprise, she felt her stomach been lifted by Dave, and looking over her shoulder she saw Pete take the roll of tape from her legs, down under her stomach, and back up again, making several passes until she found she could not move her legs up at all – only down the small amount her position would allow her.  She rolled over onto her side, looking at both Diana and Laura as they stared back at her.


“Right then,” Pete said as he stood up, “Do you think we can now get the hell out of here?”


“What the fuck is happening here?”


“You have got to be kidding me,” Dave said as the two men turned round.  A tall, afro-Caribbean girl was standing in the doorway, her hair braided into tight cornrows and several shopping bags in her hands.  She was wearing blue jeans, with black Ugg boots covering her feet and lower legs, and a striped roll necked sweater.


She looked at the two men, dropped her bags and turned to run, but Pete caught her before she had taken more than six steps and dragged her back into the front room, to the screams of the other three captive girls.


“Christ, I just wanted to sneak my presents in,” she said as Dave picked up the bags and looked inside.  “Which one of these is this for,” he said as he drew out a cardboard box and held it in front of the new arrival, showing her the long, slim pink cylindrical object that was inside.  Her skin reddened as she looked round the room and blushed slightly.


“I’m done with been nice about this,” Pete said as he pulled the girl’s hands behind her back.  “Dave, start at her ankles and just tape her legs together.”


“How far?”


“Up to her knees – but get those bloody ugly things off her feet first.”


Dave got onto his knees, and lifting her leg up as he pulled off the black fur lined boot off from her foot, setting it to one side and repeating the process on the other side.  Picking up the roll of tape, he tore the end free again, stuck it to the bottom of her jean leg and started to wind the tape round, forcing her legs together and overlapping each pass as he took the tape slowly up her legs.


For his part, Pete forced the young girl’s arms behind her back and taped her wrists tightly together, taking the roll around her waist and forcing them to be stuck to the small of her  back.  He then took the tape up her upper body, again overlapping each band as her chest went from the multicoloured top to a sheet of silver.


“Are you three all right,” the girl said as she felt her body been secured, noting the way all three nodded when their eyes told a very different tale.  “Sit her down,” Pete eventually said as the two men picked her up and sat her below the window, facing Laura in her chair and Karen’s back.


“Cover her mouth up and let’s get the fuck out of here,” Pete said as he picked up the bags.  Dave knelt in front of her  and said “Do you want me to take your glasses off?”


“Yes please,” she said as Dave reached up and removed the horn rimmed spectacles from her face, folding the legs neatly and placing them by her side.  He then tore off a strip of tape, said “sorry about this” and stuck it over her lips, the silver contrasting with her own dark skin.  Two more strips followed, before he stood up and walked behind Pete out of the room, leaving the four girls alone as they closed the door.


They sat or lay in silence, looking at each other and wondering who was going to make the first move.  The last girl looked down her body, twisting her legs from side to side and trying to move her arms up and down, but to little avail.  The binding had been so fast she had barely been given a chance to react, but now the fear of her situation was beginning to take hold, as she looked down and saw a damp stain appearing on her crotch.  “Sht,” she mumbled as she listened to the creak of the tape blanket that enveloped her legs, and tried to work the tape free that had been pressed over her lips.


Karen was rolling over from side to side, the sweat pouring down the side of her face as she tried to find some way to release her legs from the fixed position they had been left in.  She was starting to hurt, her legs cramping, and the sound of her feet rubbing against each other as she moved them up and down was driving her insane.  All she wanted was some release, but she could not even call out her agony with the tape covering her mouth.


Diana was still trying to twist her legs free from the bands that held them tightly together, the squeaking of her boots now a dull annoyance as opposed to the irritant it had been at first.  Her arms stung under her shoulders from the sweat, and she could feel the tape pulling even more at her bare wrists, but she could not seem to get any sort of give out of the tape.


As for Laura – Laura was sitting very quietly, racking to and fro as much as she could and moving her arms up and down the back of the chair.  The other eventually stopped their struggles and looked at her, wondering what she was doing, but it was Karen who realised that Laura’s right arm was slowly disappearing into her sleeve, as she managed to move forward more and more.  Imperceptibly so, but it was there as her shoulder started to rise and fell as well.


“Whtrudng,” she called out as Laura turned her head to look at her.  The older woman smiled as she leaned forward one more time, bringing her right arm up through the silver bands and out of her sleeve as it hung loosely by the side.


“Bldehl,” was Diana’s response as Laura reached up and very gingerly pulled the layers of tape away from her mouth.  As the tape hung by the side of her mouth, she looked over at the coloured flatmate sitting on the floor and said “Are you all right, Olive?”


“Ys, lre” the young girl mumbled as she watched Laura reach over and pull her jacket round as much as she could, before reaching into the pocket.  “Those two may have known how to use a roll of tape,” she said as she fumbled around in the pocket, “but they forgot to do a simple search.”


Karen started to laugh as she watched Laura take a mobile phone out, switch it on and press three keys.  “Stupid bastards,” she said as she listened to the phone.  “Hello, Emergency services?  We need police please – we’ve been robbed and left tied up...”




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