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We're always open to taking part in a link exchange with sites that cater to similar tastes, so that a link is added here in return to you linking to us.  If you run a site, and are interested in linking, then send an e-mail to with the following information for your site (Ours is included for illustration) -


Site - KP Presents

Description - a story site for tales of Ordinary Women in Peril with a mainly PG-13 rating.  Stories by KP, as well as Mordaca, Gillian B, Rayron D'Olier and others can be found here, with something for most tastes.

Link -


Bondage Beacon

An impressive collection of links for your perusal.





My DeviantArt Page

Think of it as an area where I post previews of new stories, and full text for older stories, for other people.  Also has a set of artwork that I have marked as favourites by other members of the DeviantArt community

My Flickr Page

For those with Yahoo/Flickr accounts, and who were wondering what happened to the art I used to have on the old site, this might give you a clue...



British Bound Damsels

The Yahoo portal for a good site


A group dedicated the damsel in comics and cartoons

Captioned Bound Babes

Every picture tells a story in this collection

Pop's Inn

Dedicated to the beauty of the art - tell them I sent you

Pop's Olde Style

The sister group, dedicated to the vintage beauty of the art - tell them I sent you

Still Addicted to Heroines

The name says it all... 

Vice Patrol

One of the largest collections of Detective Magazine covers out there




Adventure Bound Comix Blog

Check regularly for news of updates and other surprises

Jeb's Adventure Bound

A truly exceptional story site, updated on Fridays

Van's Fiction

I actually thought this site had shut down, but well worth a visit.

Freddie's Tales

a collection of stories from Freddie Clegg spanning traditional DID fiction (much featuring the ruthless Clegg and his gang), Steam Punk and some humour too.

Girl Detectives In Trouble!!

The online home for Deanna and Tracey, The Snowden Snoops, and other tales of young detectives in peril.

Stories of Tie-up Games

For those with long (very long) memories, this is where Canuck's board is hosted now.  For others, an eclectic collection of real and fictional stories - JennyGagged has some stories here.

Davey's Stories

A blog for Davey to tell his tales of girls captured and held, possibly for further sale....

Tied and True Tales

Not a dream, not a hoax - the legendary site hosted by Mason is being slowly restored by Gromet of Gromet's Plaza...

Mandy's Stories

Amanda Lu's Wordpress page for her stories...

Dominated by DNA

Skybird's current story, with ties to my own work

Skybird's Old Stories

The site for Skybird's old stories...



Lost One Zero

Another of my favourite artists

BondoFox's Furries in Bondage

BondoFox is a friend from the Yahoo community, and if you are into furries this site is worth a visit.

Greco's Girls

Osvaldo Greco is an artist best known for his rubber/wetsuit girls, but he also has an amazing gallery of art for your enjoyment


Suicide's site for clips and drawings of cartoon DiD

Western Civilization

The place for discussion of DiD in cartoon and media.



Desolation Angel's Damsels in Distress

a blog featuring videos of classic damsels in distress from the old movies, serials and TV shows.

Bev's Knotty Silk Scarf Club

Home for Thomas Silk and Bev, one of the finest scarf appreciation and bondage sites in existence...

Red's Realm

Want a fine collection of samples from the web and links? Look no further...

Transformed in Bondage

Joyce Alexander's site for photo sets and clips of damsels in distress.

Booted Babes

If ladies in boots is your thing, try here...

Sleepy Comics

One of the finest collection of peril/bondage/KO scans from comics in the world.

Comic Book Bondage Cover of The Day

I swear, you will go to this site, hit the archives and spend hours here.  A fantastic resource and historical collection.

The Greyman Report.

One of the oldest bloggers out there, with a focus on a wide range of styles of movie and written tales.

Captain Kidnap

The good captain has been kind enough to link to my page, so I am returning the favour - I think you will like what he does.


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