At Madame’s Invitation







The Farm


Tracy looked up as Natalya Kosolov walked into the monitor room – accompanied by a tall brunette, who spoke in a voice like honey as she said “are the rooms prepared in the way requested?”


“They are Madame,” Tracy said as she looked at two monitors, “everything is properly located.  When can we expect them to arrive?”


“Between three and five this afternoon,” Natalya said as she looked at the screens.  “Ensure they are dealt with modestly, and with full accord to their feelings.”


“Of course Boss,” Tracy said with a smile.


“Good – give the order Natalya…”



Stanley Park, Burnley


“Why one earth are we here, mother,” Anya asked as she walked alongside the older woman.  It was a cold day, and she was wearing a long red sleeveless coat which buttoned up the front, her white sleeved blouse visible on her arms, and dark jeans.  She wore a pair of black leather boots laced up the front, and was grateful that at least the long black scarf wrapped over her head and neck kept the chill out.


“Oh stop complaining,” her mother said with a smile, “we needed to get out of the house for a while, before the others arrive, and this is the perfect place to come.”  She wore a pink patterned scarf as a hijab, a black leather jacket covering her pink jumper, and a flowing purple skirt that covered her knees, showing her brown strapped boots.


The skirt was being blown by the wind, as she smiled and opened her arms wide.  “It’s a wonderful day, Anya – enjoy it!”


“I’ll enjoy it all the more with some coffee inside me,” she said as she looked at the café, “do you want a cup?”


“Yeah go on,” her mother said with a smile as they walked in, Anya going to the counter and ordering two coffees.  The girl behind the counter was new, and they exchanged a few pleasant words before she carried the coffee over.


“Nice coffee,” her mother said as she took a sip.  Anya nodded, and then stood up.


“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing – just need to go to the toilet,” she said as she looked round.  The café was empty save for the blonde, wearing a blue tabard over a white jumper, behind the counter.  Anya walked over to the toilet door, and locked the door behind herself.


“Don’t make a sound, don’t make a move.”


Anya stared straight ahead as she felt the disc pressing on her back, and said “who is this?”


“Not important for now – take your top coat off, slowly, and hold it to the side.”


Realising she had no choice, Anya slowly unbuttoned the coat and slipped it off, holding it before someone took it, and then her arms were pulled behind her back, as rope was used to bind her wrists tightly together.


“What are you doing,” she said as she felt the rope tighten around her arms.


“Kidnapping you – and your mother, so don’t worry,” the voice – a female one – said as the rope was pulled tighter, and then she saw a band of rope been passed around her body, pulled sharply below her chest as her arms were forced into the sides of her torso.


She felt the ropes grow tighter and tighter, before her coat was put back on over her trussed arms and body, and she was turned round – in time to have a strip of brown sticking plaster pressed firmly over her mouth by the gloved hands of the woman.  She was dressed in black, with a pair of sunglasses on, and smiled as she opened the door, and said “come with me…”



“Thank you,” the older woman said as she sipped her fresh coffee, wondering what was keeping Anya.  The café was still empty, as she sipped some more coffee- and then blinked.


“Is everything all right,” the girl said as she came round.


“I…  I suddenly…”


“Oh dear,” the blonde haired girl said as she stood behind her, “you look tired.  Let me help you to rest somewhere.


“What are you doing,” she mumbled as she felt her hands been taken behind her back, and something used to secure them together.


“Just relax,” the girl said as she pressed something over her mouth, and then helped her to stand, walking her through the back of the café.  As they did so, she heard a whimpering sound, and through her blurred vision she saw a second blonde haired girl sitting on the floor, her hands behind her back and something covering her mouth.


“Whhrrwegnn,” she mumbled as she was helped into a van – and then she heard Anya say “Mffrrrr.”


She was sat down next to her daughter, as rope was used to secure her ankles together, and then her legs over her skirt.  Anya’s legs were secured at her ankles and below her knees, her eyes wide over the plaster as the van doors closed, and they moved off…





Saadha opened her handbag to search for the keys to her flat, as the light wind blew down the street.  She had been at the library all morning, completing her assignment, and was looking forward to a quiet afternoon.


Her purple great coat kept her warm, covering the light blue jumper and jeans she was wearing.  The legs were ticked into a pair of knee length black leather boots, and a blue scarf loosely covered her head and neck.


“There they are,” she finally said as she found the keyring, and unlocked the door, letting herself in and not noticing as the door was held open behind her.  She walked to the left hand side, and let herself in, closing the flat door behind herself.


Putting her handbag down, she was about to head into the main room when she heard the knock on the door.  “Just a minute,” she said as she turned and opened the door – and then walked back in, raising her hands as the dark skinned girl walked in, the gun aimed at Saadha.


“Hello,” the red headed stranger said, “please, take your coat off, and do exactly what I say.  Do not scream, do not try to raise the alarm.”


“All right,” Saadha said quietly, “what do you want?”


“You will see – go into the main room, and lie face down on the couch.”


Saadha nodded as she slowly walked in, lying on the brown fabric cushions as the intruder followed.  She was dressed in black – roll neck sweater, jeans, short boots and leather jacket.  She also carried a small bag, which she placed on the coffee table, and opened before she took out a length of silk rope.


“Put your hands behind your back,” she said as she looked at Saadha, the young woman nodding as she complied.  “What are you doing,” she said as the woman crossed her wrists and started to secure them together.


“Well, we’re going to take a little trip,” the intruder said as she wrapped the rope around and between Saadha’s wrists, “to meet your mother and sisters.”


“a trip?  Where?  Why?”


“All will be explained,” the woman said as she tied the rope off, “for now, sit up and open your mouth.”


Saadha managed to roll over and sit up, searching for the knot and the rope ends with no luck, only to see the dark skinned intruder holding a sponge ball in her gloved hand.


“Open wide Saadha.”


“Must you?”


“I must, I must – now open wide.”


As she complied, Saadha felt the sponge expand behind her teeth, pressing her tongue down and filling the space as she closed her lips.  The intruder then peeled the backing paper from a long strip of clear tape, and carefully smoothed it over Saadha’s lips.  She was then helped to stand up, and her coat fastened over her, before she was walked out of the flat, onto the street, and into the passenger seat of the car outside.


As the dark glasses went on, Saadha mumbled, wondering what was happening as the car moved off…




The Farm


“Here we are.”


Saadha was stopped, and the glasses removed as well as her coat, as she blinked and looked round the room.  It was furnished, with a double bed and chairs – but it was the woman lying on the bed who looked up and said “Seedde?”


“Nyeee?”  Her sister was lying on her stomach on the bed, her legs now bound and her ankles tied to the ropes round her chest – ropes which were now been tied tightly round Saadha’s arms and chest, before she was made to walk over and lie next to her sister.




“Needeee,” Anya said as the dark skinned woman bound Saadha’s ankles and legs, then pulled her ankles back and tied them to the chest ropes.


“For your information,” their captor said as she looked at them, “you are currently facing Mecca, should you wish to conduct your prayers.  Your mother will join you in a short while.”




“Whrrrudnntthhss,” the older woman said as she struggled in the chair.


“All will be explained soon,” the deep voiced brunette said as she closed the door…





“Oh Happy Day, Oh Happpyy DAYYYY!”


Leila smiled as she crossed the campus.  Lectures were over for the week, and she had a long weekend ahead of doing nothing except spending time with her boyfriend – and having fun doing that...


She didn’t even flinch as she was pulled sideways into a van, just saying “couldn’t you wait until…”


“Hello Leila – please, do not resist.”


She looked at the two dark clad women, and then felt her own arms been pulled behind her.  She was wearing a dark leather and cloth jacket over a beige mini dress, white tights and black felt over the knee boots – but the feel of rope as it was used to secure her wrists together, hands palm to palm, was very familiar.


What was new was as more rope was used to draw her arms together, round her elbows, as she shook her head, the black hijab remaining in place.


“We are taking you for a little stay,” one of the woman said as the other took from a bag a sponge, “now, open your mouth.”


“Whthhmmm” Leila said as the sponge was pushed into her mouth, and then as she closed her lips white tape pressed firmly over her lips.  She was helped to sit down, more rope used to secure her legs at her ankles and her knees, as the van moved off…



The Farm




Leila looked at her sisters as she was carried into the room, and then the ropes and gag removed as Tracy watched.  “We are going to release you,” she said to Anya and Saadha, “then bring your mother in so you can eat, drink and change after your evening devotions.  All four of you will stay here while we arrange for your father to do a task for us – be calm, and you will be released unharmed when the task is completed.”


Leila nodded as the tape was removed from her mouth, watching as her sisters were untied, and their gags removed before they were helped to sit up.  “Remain here,” Tracy said as the women left, the door closed and locked behind them.


“Oh my god,” Anya said as the sisters hugged each other, “we’ve been kidnapped.”


“It looks that way,” Leila said, “so keep calm.  I don’t think they intend to hurt or harm us, merely – keep us.”




They all turned and looked at their mother as she came in, two black clad woman laying some prayer mats with care on the floor before they left.  “I have heard why we are here,” she said quietly as she hugged and kissed each of them on the forehead, “we must remain calm and united in this.  Apparently, we will be in separate rooms later, but for now we will be fed, and – the mats are facing Mecca.”


The three younger women nodded as they turned and knelt down…




“Good evening – I trust my staff have treated you with due courtesy?”


Leila and the others looked over at the tall, auburn haired woman, he eyes covered by a black mask, her voice deep and rich.  “I take it you are the one who – invited us,” her mother said as she put the plate down on the trolley.


“I am indeed – as my associate said, we wish you husband to do some work for us, so for tonight you will remain our guests.  My staff will shortly bring you s set of suitable night-time attire – with regret, we need to ensure you stay quiet in your rooms, but if you stay clam it is merely an inconvenience.”


“And we will not be harmed?”


“And you will not be harmed,” she said as the door to the room opened, one black clad woman taking the trolley of food and drink as the other laid out four black clothes bags.  “They will return shortly to begin the process of making you secure.  Please, change.”


The women left as the door was closed, the four of them looking at each other before their mother said “we have no choice,” opening the bag with her name on it and then starting to remove her hijab.  Leila looked at her sisters, and then they followed suit…






“I admit, it is tight, but not uncomfortable,” Anya said as the rope was tied and secured round her wrists, behind her back.  She and Saadha were wearing white nightdresses and leggings, with white scarves tied over their heads, while Leila wore a pair of pale blue pyjamas with socks over her feet.  Their mother was wearing a long white gown, and like her daughters a white scarf, but her wrists were already secured behind her back, and ropes above and below her chest held her arms to her sides.


She watched quietly as the two women bound Anya’s and Saadha’s arms to their sides in the same way, winding the rope above and below their chests, while Leila watched.  She was struggling to contain her excitement at the thought of what was going to happen – she knew she was happy to be like this, and to be forced to by women was a new experience…


And it was a new experience to see her mother and sisters also been secured.  As her arms were guided behind her, and the rope encircled and brought them together, the familiar joy began to build, but she tried not to show it…


“Now,” Tracy said as she watched, “Anya and Saadha, you will share this room.  Please, sit on the bed for us.”


Leila and her mother watched as her two sisters sat down, the black clad women knelling and binding their ankles tightly together with the ropes, and then securing their legs below their knees.  They folded the skirts of the nightgowns back as they did this, taking the rope around and between their legs before it was tied off, and the two women helped to lie on the bed, facing each other.


“Put your lips together.”  As they did so, white tape was pressed and smoothed over their mouths, and their legs pulled back before they were loosely tied to their chest ropes.


“Sleep well,” Tracy said as the ropes were pulled snugly round Leila.  She and her mother were escorted out of the room, stopping in the next one as her mother was allowed to lie on the bed.  As Leila watched, her ankles were tied together and to the foot of the bed, before she too was tape gagged, and left to rest as Leila was taken to her room.


“So, what happens to me,” she said as the door was closed.


“Our research indicates you have a certain – desire in these situations,” Tracy said, “would you care to enjoy your evening?”


“What do you have in mind?”


“First, this,” she said as she tied a rope round Leila’s waist, and then passed it between her legs, pulling it up and securing the ends to her wrists.  Leila let out a soft gasp as she sat down, and watched them bind her ankles and legs, before she was helped to lie on her side, her ankles pulled back until the heels of her feet rested on her bottom, and then they were secured – not to her chest ropes as had happened to her sisters, but to the rope between her legs.


“Oh that does feel good,” she sighed as she tried to move, and then saw the folded cloth in the gloved hand. 


“Before we make sure you do not – upset the others, a question.  Would you care for something a little extra?”


Leila thought for a moment, then nodded as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, the tape smoothed over her lips – and a buzzing sound started as she was left alone…





“Are you all right,” Anya said as Leila walked into the room the next morning.


“Fine – just did not sleep too much,” she said as she rubbed her wrists, grateful for the change of nightwear she had been given when she woke up.  She smiled as their mother was brought in, and then a trolley with coffee, juice and pastries.


“Well, at least we were fed and watered,” Saadha said as she took some juice, “I’m stiff, but as they promised, we are unhurt.”



“As if we would ever go back on our word,” Tracy said as she watched on the monitor, and then answered the phone.


“The Farm…


“Yes Madame…


“I understand,” she said as she put the phone down.  “Their father has done as he was asked, and all is well.  They are to be returned.”


“And how?”


“The sedative in the coffee will help…”






“Wha…  What happened?”


Leila slowly opened her eyes.  The last thing she remembered was drinking coffee, talking with her sisters and parents, and then…


And then…


As she sat up and looked round, two things were clear.  The first was that she was still wearing the pyjamas, as were her mother and sisters.


The second was that they were in the family home, a suitcase by the wall.  She got up and walked over, looking in and nodding as she saw their freshly laundered clothes and cleaned boots.


“We…  We’re home?”


“We are mother,” Leila said as she stood up, “and safe.  Let us call Father…”








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