Hospital Trauma







As Coleen Wicks walked into the clinic on that summer’s day, she had no idea she was destined to play an important part in a story that would never ever be fully told.  But then, that’s always the lot of the background player - the role they play is never really understood, never really appreciated.  The plain truth is, as I saw her come into the reception area and walk towards the changing rooms, it was her height and build that told me she was perfect for my need.


I put down the way out of date magazine back on the seat and followed her, making sure I wasn’t seen as she walked through a plain white door.  I had identified it at previous visits as the Nurse’s changing room - the perfect place to make my preparations for that day.


I looked from side to side and slipped in, making sure I did not make a sound.  There was Coleen, standing in front of her locker, hanging her red leather jacket up inside as she took out a starched white nurses’ dress and hung it on the door.  Silently, I turned the lock and took the damp cloth out of the plastic bag it had been safely sealed in.


The poor girl had no chance - when I grabbed her from behind and clamped the cloth over her nose and mouth, all she could do was open her eyes wide in fear and try to struggle free.  My grip was too strong, however, as I held her firmly, the chemicals soaked into the cloth working their sweet magic as her eyes slowly lost focus and then closed.


Once I knew she was under, I laid her gently on the floor and rolled her over pulling her hands behind her back and binding her crossed wrists with thin rope.  I made sure she was not going to be hurt, keeping it over the cuffs of her red woollen jumper, and also when I tied her ankles making sure it went over the cuffs of her jeans.  I worked quickly, quietly, efficiently, until she was bound at her legs, waist and arms.


Opening her mouth, I popped a wad of cloth with a small dose of the same drug inside, and then covered her mouth with medical tape, before placing her in a linen basket and covering her with sheets.  By the time she came round, my job would be done and I would have left with what I came for.


Satisfied that she would be kept out of the way, I returned to her locker and looked at the dress - it was perfect, just the right size for me, as I started to strip off and adopt my persona for the day...




Much of the morning was spent assisting the doctor as he poked and prodded his various charges.  I found it a little nauseating, but I was waiting for two very special people to emerge.  They had been due to come at two, but thanks to a combination of sheer underhanded skulduggery, and a well placed phone invitation to lunch for the doctor, their appointment had been moved to one while the doctor was out.  Of course they were not to know that - and why should they?


Come twelve fifty, they both walked into the reception area.  I was standing there, with my nurse’s cap pinned in place and a surgical mask over my mouth - I had used the excuse that I had a slight blemish, and the doctor had been vain enough to believe me.


“Ah, Miss Renton,” I said as I looked up at the new arrival, “We have been expecting you.  If you would take a seat, I’ll inform the doctor that you are here.”


I watched them as they sat down.  Angelica Renton was the older of the two girls, and the one who had made the appointment.  She crossed her legs as she sat down, the brown leather of her trousers creaking slightly as she did so and the cuffs rising to show her short boots.  The matching leather jacket was slightly open at the collar, showing the round  neck of the top she was wearing underneath.  As she moved her head around, her bob cut brown hair moved as if it was a soft cloth on her head.


Then there was her sister Veronica.  She was a little taller, and wearing a white scoop necked top with a light brown shrug top tied around her breasts.  The arms of her top came to just below her elbows, while her beasts were easily visible under the tight material.  Her black linen skirt came to just above her knees as she sat down and placed her large brown clutch bag on her lap.  He brown hair was longer, falling over her shoulders as it covered her face on one side.  Cute - really cute.


I left them for a few minutes as I went into the room I had prepared earlier.  It had “Isolation Room” printed on the large glass panel, but I did not let that bother me.  For one thing, it had a lockable door, and I had the only key from the reception desk.  For another, I had planned to tell them one of several little white lies.


I double checked I had everything and then walked quietly back into the reception area, putting on two pairs of latex gloves as I did so.  “Miss Renton,” I said quietly as Angelica turned her head, “If you would come with me, the doctor will see you in the Isolation Room today.”


“The Isolation Room,” her sister said, “Why there?”


“Regretfully, his office is been worked on,” I said with a smile that was hidden by the mask, “he hopes you understand.”


“It’s all right, Sis,” Angelica said as she stood up, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  She came towards me and walked down the corridor, allowing me to follow behind her as her clothing creaked slightly with each movement.


“If you would step inside,” I said as I opened the door, “the doctor will attend to you.”  She smiled as she walked in, and I followed, closing the door behind me.


“Hey where is heemmddsmsmmmdfmg,” Angelica called out as I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, before clamping a wad of cotton soaked in chloroform over her mouth and nose.  Oh she struggled, she struggled mightily, but I was stronger and held her as I allowed the sweet smelling narcotic to do its wonderful job on my helpless little captive.


I held her until she gave a soft moan and I felt her body starting to relax, her eyelids fluttering before they eventually closed.  With one movement, I lifted her onto the bed and stretched her out, before unzipping her jacket and slowly easing her arms out of the leather.


Her boots were next, followed by her pants.  I smiled as I realised she had nothing on underneath except for a pair of small black briefs and some boot socks.  Taking the socks off, I balled one of them up and gently pushed it into her mouth, enjoying the sound of her breathing changing as I placed her ankles together and tightly bound them with soft white rope.


Lifting her into a seated position, I removed her top and revealed the matching black bra that covered her pert little chest.  I allowed myself another smile as I rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back, tying them together side by side with several loops of rope before I cinched the coils by passing it between her arms.


I still needed to silence her more, so I picked up a white scarf with black polka dots, folded it into a band and pulled it tightly over her nose and mouth, forcing the sock back as I passed it round her head and tied it at the base of her neck, taking care not to trap her hair underneath.  I then folded a brown scarf into a thicker band and tied it tightly over the spotted gag, further muffling her low moans as I secured that in place as well.


Looking at her as I rolled her onto her side, I could not resist the temptation to kiss her forehead before I stood up and soaked a second cloth with the sweet chloroform.  There was another person that had to be taken care of, so I left Angelica sleeping and walked quietly out of the room and towards the reception area.


Veronica was still there, flipping through the same magazine I had been reading earlier and not paying much attention to what was happening.  I smiled under the mask as I walked up behind her, relishing the prospect of what was about to happen.


“Is that you Angie,” she said without looking up - all the better for me as I grabbed her left arm with my left hand and slapped the cloth in my right hand over her nose and mouth.  The poor girl did not know what to do as her eyes opened wide - well, I know one did, as her hair had fallen over the other one as she extended her hands out, her bracelets rattling slightly as she did so.


Shhh, breathe deeply,” I whispered into her ear, “I’m a nurse and I’m here to help you.”  I held the cloth firmly in place, not allowing her any chance of escape as she tried to call out.  That only meant she breathed in the fumes more quickly, so that within five minutes she was a limp rag in my arms as I carried her back to the isolation room.


Her sister was still asleep, so I laid Veronica down and moved Angelica so that she was kneeling on the floor, her head resting on the bed as I started to undress her sister.  I started with her shoes, slipping them off and placing them to the side before I pulled her pantyhose down and rolled it into a wad.  As I had done with her sister’s sock, so I pushed the gusset of the hose into Veronica’s mouth, tying the legs around her head to keep it in place.



Slipping her skirt down, I smiled at the side of her white bikini briefs, before reaching up and untying the ends of the shrug that were nestled under her breasts.  Veronica gave a small moan as I brushed against her, which made me smile as I slipped her arms out of the top, and then sat her up to remove the short sleeved t-shirt she was wearing under it.


So there she lay, in her white bra and briefs, as I rolled her onto her back and crossed her wrists behind her back, securing them tightly together with more rope.  As I crossed he rankle sand tied them together, I heard a moan, and looking to the side I saw that Angelica had started to come round, her eyes slipping in and out of focus as she raised her head.


“Stay calm and do not panic,” I said as I rolled a black scarf into a band and pulled that over her sister’s face, lifting her hair out of the way and to the side as I secured the ends tightly together at the base of her neck.  A second white scarf, this time with blue polka dots, was then pulled tightly over the top of that, as Angelica mumbled “Whhtssgnngnng?”


“Be still, be calm,” I said as I left Veronica on the bed and held Angelica’s shoulders.  “You and your sister are going to be in here for a little while, and then you are going to be going on a very special trip.


MMm,mmm - NNNNNN” Angelica screamed as she came to and realised she was bound and gagged.  I put my hand over her well gagged mouth and said “Unless you wish to sleep again, do not say a word or try to escape.  I promise you this will not be an unpleasant experience.”


I leaned over and kissed her on the head as I said this, watching Veronica as she slowly started to come to and tried to raise herself on one arm, her elbows bent as she tired to pull her hands free.


“Hush now, both of you,” I said with a smile as I paused at the door, “I will be just outside.”  Pulling the door to, I watched as Veronica rolled over and stared into her sister’s gagged face, eyes wide as I dialled a number.


“Penny?  It’s Lily - Inform Madame that I have the Renton girls for pickup at the surgery.


“Twenty minutes?  I will be waiting,” I say as I end the call and look at my two captives.  “Now then,” I say as I smile at them under the mask, “How shall we pass the time, hmm?”






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