The Family Night In







They could hear the fireworks outside, see the flashes and bangs through the windows as the television played in the background, and the two girls gasped at the sights – but their gasps were muted as their mother and grandmother looked over, trying to find some way to help them…



4 pm


“What are you doing Lily,” Mandy said as she called up the stairs.


“Playing with Lil-Lil,” the young girl called back, “when will tea be ready?”


“Soon,” Mandy said with a smile as she went to the kitchen, and put the oven on.  She was in her mid sixties, but with her shoulder length ash blonde hair she looked younger and liked to dress that way as well.  Her black top fitted tightly, with a deep V-necked front to show her chest, a short red skirt, dark tights and knee length boots.  The boots were made of a purple fabric, with a paler band at her ankles and over her foot to give the impression she was wearing heels and tights.


Walking to the freezer, she took out some fish fingers and chips, putting them on trays and then into the warm oven before she turned and smiled at Lily.  The ten year old was wearing a white short sleeved top over a matching long sleeved vest, and two scarves round her neck, a purple one over a brown tiger print one.  A pair of purple leggings, and short taupe leather boots with a bow on the top of the shoe competed her outfit, with her black hair in two pigtails.


“Can Lil-Lil have a drink,” she said as she held up her doll, who was dressed just like her, with her own straight boots.


“Of course – sit down and I’ll pour her some milk,” Mandy said as Lily sat at the kitchen table, watching as her grandmother poured some milk into a glass and handed it to her, before watching Lily give her doll a drink and then take one herself.


“When does Ally get home Gran?”


“In an hour or so, and Mummy will be back at seven,” Mandy said as she heard he front door bell.  “You wait there, I’ll see who this is…”


Lily nodded as she heard her grandmother walk to the door, open it and say “Can I…” 


“Maybe it’s a present Lil-Lil,” she said to her doll, before Mandy came back in – with four women.  They were very smartly dressed, in dark jackets and skirts, tights, and heels, with white blouses under the jackets, black gloves on their hands, and dark glasses – but Lily gasped when she saw the pistol in the hand of the blonde woman.


“You must be Lily,” she said with a smile, “don’t worry – my friends and I need to talk to your mummy about something, and we need you and your granny to do something for us.”


“And what’s that,” Lily said quietly.


“Eat your tea first,” the dark skinned redhead said as the timer on the oven went off.  “Let me help you Mandy.”


As she took her grandmother to the oven, Lily whispered “who are you?”


“Well, my name is Blondie,” the woman said as she sat down, “Red is with your grandmother, and this is Black and Brown.  Who is this?”


“This is my baby, Lil-Lil,” Lily said quietly, “why do you need my mummy to do something?”


“Oh don’t worry about that – I like her outfit, just like yours?”


“Lil-Lil likes to dress like me…”


“Well, Lily, once you’ve had your tea, I need to make sure you can’t let your mummy or your sister know what is going on, and your granny will be the same later as well.  I think Lil-Lil needs to be the same as well, so while you have your tea, I’ll get Lil-Lil ready.  I promise, it won’t hurt her, all right?”


Lily slowly nodded as Mandy put a plate of fish fingers and chips in front of her, and sat at the table before she said “you’re not going to hurt us?”


“Not if you so what we say,” Blondie said with a smile as Black opened a bag she was carrying, and handed Blondie several lengths of thin cord.  “Is Lil-Lil ready?”


“Be brave Lil-Lil,” Lily said as she cut a piece of fish finger, watching as Blondie used one of the lengths od cord to tie the doll’s wrists together in front of her, and then tie her arms to her sides with two bands.  “So she can’t move her arms or hands?”


“That’s right,” Blondie said with a smile as Lily held her doll, and then kissed her forehead before she started to eat some chips.  As she did so, more cords were used to tie Lil-Lil’s ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, above the cuffs of the boots.


“You’re going to do that to my granddaughter,” Mandy whispered as she looked at Brown.  The woman nodded, and said in an American accent “that’s right darling – all of you will be like that eventually, even Ally.”


“Oh god…”


“It’s all right, Gran – Lil-Lil looks happy,” Lily said as she took a drink from her glass.  She can stay with me.”


“Well, we also want to make sure Lil-Lil can’t spoil the surprise by calling out,” Blondie said as she carefully removed the purple scarf from the doll’s neck, and then tied it round her head so that her mouth was covered.


“Are you…  Are you going to use both scarves?”


“Only if you think Lil-Lil is brave enough to be blindfolded – do you think she is?”


Lily thought for a moment, then nodded as Blondie used the leopard print scarf to blindfold Lil-Lil, and then made sure she was left where Lily was able to eat and watch her.


“So you are going to do this to me?”


“Oh yes,” Blondie said with a smile, “and don’t worry – it’s like a game, and Lil-Lil will be with you all the way…”




5.30 pm


“Granny!  I’m home!”


Ally looked round as she hung her coat on the rack, before she heard Mandy say “can you come into the front room Ally – we have visitors.”


“Sure – who is it,” she said as she came in – and then stood still as she tried to process what she was seeing.  Her grandmother was sitting in an armchair, hr hands behind her back, and there were three women in dark jackets and skirts, looking at her through dark glasses.


But it was her little sister that caught the twelve year old’s attention.  Lily was sitting on one end of the couch, her leopard print scarf tied over her eyes and her purple one over her mouth.  Her wrists were tied together in front of her with rope, and there were two bands of rope around her chest and arms, holding them to her sides.  Another band of rope held her ankles together, and one more her legs below her knees, with her wrists tied down to that, and her doll lay across her arms, looking just like her.




“It’s al right Ally,” Mandy said quietly as she twisted round, “these ladies want to talk to your mother, and I think we’re part of the reasons she will do it.  Isn’t that right?”


“That’s right,” Ally heard a woman say behind her as a gloved hand was placed on her shoulder.  “So I need you to be very quiet, and then we’ll so to you what we did to your sister,  Are you all right Lily?”


Hhhmhllrht,” Lily mumbled through the scarf as she nodded her head.


“But – why…”  She looked at the brown haired woman, who smiled and said “just do as we say Ally.”


Mandy watched as Blondie guided Ally’s hands behind her back, and then started to tie them together with cords.  She had her brown hair cut in a pixie cut, and was wearing a knee length dress, with a blue and brown rustic pattern, short sleeves and a square neckline.  Her legs were covered in brown leggings, and her feet in a pair of mid-calf brown leather boots.


The young girl looked round as her wrists were secured, and then a longer length of rope passed round her body, pulling her arms into her sides as it went around her waist and stomach.  “Are they robbing us, Granny,” she said quietly as h felt the ropes getting tighter and tighter.


“I don’t know – but they haven’t hurt us, and I don’t think they will hurt you if you keep calm,” Mandy said as she watched Blondie bind Ally, and then direct her to sit at the other end of the couch.


“Okay – it doesn’t hurt, but it is tight,” Ally said, Lily turning her head and nodding as she said “chnnhhshhnw?”


“Of course you can,” Blondie said as she untied the leopard scarf, Lily looking over and saying “Hlllhhshsss” through the pink scarf as Lil-Lil also had her eyes uncovered.


As she looked down, Brown was starting to bind her ankles tightly together with rope, as a loud bang sounded outside the window, all three family members looking out.


“Ah – the firework displays appear to have started.  I think there may be extra ones as well.”


“Why,” Mandy said as she wriggled round.


“It’s Diwali this weekend as well,” Black said as Ally felt her legs been secured together.  “Lots of extra celebrations.”


“I wanted to watch the film tonight as well,” Ally said with a sigh as she twisted her legs round, and looked at Lily.


“Oh that might be arranged – but for now, I need you to be quiet,” Blondie said as she looked at Lily.  “May you sister borrow your scarf?”


Lily nodded as the blonde woman picked up the leopard print scarf, and tied it tightly over Ally’s mouth, the ends hanging down the back of her neck.


“Ghhshmmlhkuhnhw,” she mumbled, feeling the cloth move on her lips as she giggled, and Lily joined in.


“So what happens now,” Mandy said as she looked at Blondie.  The woman looked at her watch, and said “well, let’s get you ready now…”  Mandy watched as Brown took more rope from a bag, and started to prepare herself…




7 pm

“I’m home!”


Rhea hung her leather jacket up, hearing the sound of the television in the front room, and looked in the mirror, brushing some lint from her short sleeved white blouse.  She was also wearing a short black skirt and stockings, with knee length black patent leather boots.


“I said I’m home,” she said as she walked into the front room, and then stared at her daughters as they both said “hhhllhhmhmmee.”


“Good evening Rhea – my name is Blondie, and as you can see, we have your family hostage.  We need you to do something for our employer, and in return, we give all of you a very special family night at home.”


Rhea looked at her mother as she struggled in the chair, the bands of rope above and below her chest holding her arms tightly to her sides, and her legs bound as well.  A brown scarf was tied over her mouth in the same way as the girls and the doll.


“Let me – let me speak to them,” Rhea said quietly, Blondie nodding as Red, Black and Brown went behind the captives and untied the gags from their mouths.  “Mum, girls, are you all right?”


“We’re fine – they haven’t hurt us,” Mandy said as Blondie also removed the scarf from over the doll’s mouth.  “Lil-Lil says she’s all right as well Mummy,” Lily said as she leaned down and kissed her doll’s forehead.


“Mum, just do what they say,” Ally said as she wriggled round.


“Brown, will you fetch them a drink and make sure they have one?”


“Of course darlings,” she drawled as Black looked over the captives.


“Red, you come with me and Rhea – we shall conduct our business in her home office.”


“I’ll be back,” Rhea said as the fireworks went off again outside, Lily and Ally watching as Mandy wriggled round.




“Log in, Rhea,” Blondie said as Red opened the laptop up.


“What is it you want me to do,” Rhea said as she looked round from her chair.


“My employer requires some funds from you, and be assured they will be put to good use,” Blondie said, smiling as she looked through the sunglasses.  Rhea nodded as she logged in, and then accessed the financial site of her company.


“Who exactly do you work for?”


“Unimportant – just do as I say,” Blondie said quietly before she gave instructions.  Rhea nodded as she watched the large amount transfer from one account to another, and then closed the laptop.


“And now?”


“And now, put your hands behind your back.”


Rhea nodded as she did so, feeling the rope on her bare wrists as they were forced together, as she said “what are you going to do with us?”


“As we promised – give you a family night in to remember,” Red said as Blondie finished binding her wrists together, and then wrapped a long length of rope around Rhea’s arms and chest, pulling them into her sides as the rope framed her chest, pulling her blouse over it.


“A quiet night in in other words?”


“Well, yes – but you will have the television on, with the film Ally wishes to watch, and the sights outside, to entertain you,” Blondie said as she pulled the ropes tighter, and then secured them together.


“Well, at least we will all be in the same room,” Rhea said as she wriggled round.  “It’s tight, but not uncomfortable…”


“Then we have done out job well,” Red said as Rhea looked at her.   “Are you from London?”


“No comment – come on, let’s rejoin your family.”



As they went back into the main room, Rhea could see Lily taking a drink through a straw from a glass, as Mandy and Ally watched.


“Did you…  Did you do what they asked,” Mandy said quietly.  Rhea nodded as she was sat down in the second armchair, watching Black as she took more ropes and crossed her ankles and started to tie them together.


“When we go, we will turn the lights off,” Blondie said as Rhea watched the woman bind her legs together below her knees as well.  When she had had finished, she stood up and looked at Blondie.


“Lily, let me show you something on Lil-Lil,” she said quietly as she took a roll of white tape from the bag, tore a small strip off in her gloved hands, and then walked over, Lily watching as she gently pressed it over the doll’s mouth.


“Wow – so she can’t speak again?


“That’s right – and I’m going to do the same to you, but I also want to put a sponge ball in your mouth.  Then you really will be like Lil-Lil, all right?”


The girl nodded as she opened her mouth, and felt the yellow sponge ball Blondie put in expand before here was the soft tug on her mouth as it was covered with the white tape.


“Are you all right Sis,” Ally said, Lily nodding before her older sister was gagged in the same way.  The two girls looked out as the sky filled again with light, while Red pushed a compressed ball into Mandy’s mouth, and then pressed the white medical tape firmly over her lips.


“Thank you,” Rhea said as she watched Blondie compress a red sponge ball in her gloved hand.


“For what?”


“For not hurting my family,” Rhea said quietly.


“It was a pleasure to be with you – now open your mouth.”


Rhea felt the ball expand in her mouth, and then nodded as Blondie pressed the tape over her mouth, the four women nodding as they left the room and turned the light off.  She looked at Mandy, who nodded as she tried to get comfortable in the chair, and the fireworks went off.  The two girls looked out of the window and cheered, as she tried to find any way to loosen and untie the knots holding the ropes around her…



9 pm


The auburn haired woman looked up as the four women walked in.  “Ah – you have returned,” she said in her deep, rich voice, “did all go well?”


“It did Madame,” Lily said as she removed her glasses, “the transfer took place, and we put the tracking software in.  We should be able to plug that security leak now, Madame…”







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